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  1. Aether of Night spoilers:
  2. That's how MeLaan healed Marasi that time in Bands. The real question is what Ulaam's healing concoctions are. Forton's potions, perhaps? Or liquid kandra juice?
  3. That could make sense if Re-Shephir was a Core Aether. The question of who released Midnight Essense would just be a question of who sought her out and bonded a corrupted Midnight Aether. Additionally, this aligns with Aesudan's "Radiants". If Yelig-Nar is some kind of Roseite Core Aether, it could have distributed buds to the Queen's Guard, and to Aesudan and Amaram (assuming the crystal isn't literally Yelig-Nar).
  4. to add to this, the Terris people have begun a project to breed a Full Feruchemist, which reduces the mixing between allomancer and feruchemist bloodlines. I think that we readers have come to overestimate the prevalence of twinborn because we see three in AoL (and Forch later on).
  5. The Sleepless seem to disagree on whether Dalinar is the destroyer. To me, it seems like this could be a misdirection. But even if it holds true, it says nothing about the redeemer.
  6. Still, something would have to happen to make the Oathgates dangerous/inaccessible. Sja-Anat Enlightenment, total destruction, or maybe the Radiants just ended travel through the CR again.
  7. The part that makes the least sense to me is whether God Metals are burnable by anyone in the Cosmere or just any Scadrian. Because the potential to burn metals is not (known to be) a fundamental part of the spark of life, but rather a specific effect of being Connected to Preservation. I understand Lerasium and maybe even Atium and Trellium being burnable by anyone in the Cosmere (since they are consciously incorporated into the Metallic Arts by Shards), but it seems like a leap to say that (for example) Raysium would be burnable by a random Rosharan.
  8. You cannot compound with Hemalurgy anymore (other than Marsh), so useful compounders are stupidly rare. The plot is the main reason they wouldn't work, though (Miles Hundredlives was a gold compounder, so there's pretty much no way we'll ever see a second one born).
  9. We know that many of those gentleman adventurers are phony and just make up or exaggerate their stories. Wax even says of Jak that he at least leaves his manor (implying that others of that type do not). Furthermore, after Wax discovered the Sovereign's Temple, artifacts of the Sovereign began appearing in adventurer stories. People on Scadrial like imagining adventure, but the comfort of the Basin has made them less likely to seek it outside of the Basin.
  10. we knew for a while that Midnight Essence and Re-Shephir are inspired by the way the Night Aether works in Aether of Night, but (SP1) So perhaps since the Night Aether is dubiously canon, Midnight Essence is a convergent manifestation of Investiture. Or perhaps it's directly related to the Aether.
  11. AoN spoilers (obviously) At least in the original draft, most Aethers were not crystals. I think the real question is if an Aetherbound would keep their bond and powers through becoming a Cognitive Shadow and becoming corrupted by Odium, which of course we do not have precedent for yet.
  12. that's a good point, it could be referring to the Shallan's Mother theory (if it's true), in which case, Shallan's actions will have caused the True Desolation. It could then be in the future tense because the ramifications of those actions would not have occurred until after the Synopsis was transcribed (the True Desolation does not begin until the Epilogue, when Taln appears)
  13. I think the Way of Kings synopsis refers to the contest of champions. Kaladin, Szeth, Shallan, or Dalinar will either be a champion or (as others have theorized) disrupt the contest in a way that breaks the deal. Personally, I think Szeth will be either the redeemer or the destroyer, just based on a gut feeling.
  14. Furthermore, since Sixth of the Dusk is at the end of the Cosmere, the planet is probably even further behind in Stormlight/Era 2 (what is generally considered "current" cosmere). Do we know how much FotS tech is given by the Ones Above, anyway?
  15. We do already know (from the most recent spoiler stream) that Brandon plans for Elantris 2 to begin with Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth truthfully announcing the return of Jaddeth because he says Aonic people and Rose Empire people don't really count as "all mankind".