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  1. Happy Birthday! 

  2. To be fair, windspren and honorspren like to stick things together in the PR. So therefore, they have at least some form of Adhesion or spren-equivalent.
  3. How about getting existing Elantrians to make it? I can see each of them carrying a mini Elantris drawing or something to charge them farther away, if that could even work. and simply making at least an outline of the Rao/Ela shape wouldn't take too long. It could be reinforced after the shape is made.
  4. Not a mod, so I don't care. Just thought it'd be funny to respond. fortunately, yours aren't Hemalurgic, otherwise I would bring a mod.
  5. cookies are banned in the "Introduce Yourself" forum!
  6. I don't have the book on me at the moment, but I think in Edgedancer he Invests himself after ensuring that there were no infused gemstones around him or Lift. So either Honorblade users/5 Ideal Radiants have a greater infusion range, or he summoned Stormlight like a Herald of old.
  7. Probably not, since AonDor would still be location-dependent, just not as extremely as shown. Making multiple Elantris cities would only work if they were still within the Aonic sphere of influence, although that might grow larger over time in that scenario.
  8. Pre-city Elantrians would not be Reod Elantrians because the Reod was caused by a flaw in the system. Removing Elantris entirely would mean no amplifier Aon to repair, so no reason for any discoloration.
  9. Technically, there is one seer. Demoux is still alive 300 years later because he joined the Seventeenth Shard. What's interesting is that he is currently in a relationship with with fellow Seventeenth Sharder, Aslydin, who is a Terriswoman. There is a slim but present possibility that they could give birth to an Atium Ferring or Full Feruchemist if they had a child. There is also the possibility that Harmony couldn't or didn't remove the Seer potential from people who were already Seers, meaning that descendants of Seers could become Seers. However, I find this unlikely.
  10. Ironic that you say that, considering Lopen was actually the king of Alethkar. Exactly. although "guiding" to me implies not that the Bondsmiths made up some sort of supreme triarchy, but that they presided over a council of kings or senior Radiants. You know, a "first among equals" kind of deal.
  11. I found this in the Coppermind entry for Nale: Therefore, he can make or summon Stormlight, however that might be his Herald power.
  12. I have always been iffy about calling the Old Magic a magic system. It always seemed like Cultivation (or her representative, the Nightwatcher) directly Investing people, a la the Returned or Harmony healing the Catacendre survivors of physical and genetic conditions. I use this WoB as justification: But back to the topic, it makes sense for another Shard to have taken interest in Roshar. The planet was made by Adonalsium, and it filled the planet with quite a lot of ambient Investiture. Now, most of this was keyed to Honor and Cultivation after the Shattering, which makes sense. Cultivation, as in Adonalsium made the planet and changed it to work, and Honor as in the planet has to be kept in a delicate equilibrium considering the entire Julia Set is based on literal crem and the Highstorms. It operates according to boundaries and rules, even more obviously so than an ordinary planet. But surely some of the ambient Investiture was keyed to another Shard. Also, another Shard could have seen a problem with the former lovers settling a planet together. That nebulous "agreement" between the Shards could have potentially agitated a Shard besides Endowment and Odium. So possibly a Shard influenced the planet enough to send the message that they don't like Honor and Cultivation sharing a world, although that is a bit hypocritical. Of course, any other interested Shards would have backed away when Odium showed up. At that point, he had already killed three Shards, and some others probably knew that.
  13. I'd imagine that a Sleepless could not become an Allomancer immediately from one bead of Lerasium. A Sleepless could make one or a couple Hordelings eat Lerasium, and then breed them to make most or all Hordelings Allomancers, but one Hordeling gaining Allomancy would not automatically grant it to any other. Maybe if a Sleepless lived on Nalthis, then their Hordelings would be born with Breath, but then the Sleepless would have to consolidate that Breath into one Hordeling to Awaken with it. Maybe it could breed Hordelings with the express purpose of making them Drabs, then killing them. That is if Hordelings can use Allomancy at all, or if Endowment would allow Hordelings to be born with Breath. Hemalurgist Sleepless could happen with tiny, needle-sized spikes, however each spike would grant the power or ability to a single Hordeling.
  14. Most likely, Dalinar's successor as ruler of Urithiru would be another Bondsmith. If, somehow, there is no Bondsmith, I see a Radiant council being in charge. This could even be the case when there is a Bondsmith, with the Bondsmith overseeing a group of senior Radiants. However, without a Bondsmith, if there can only be one leader, then the Windrunner leader (Kaladin) might be in charge because of their Protect/Lead attributes. But a council seems more likely.