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  1. According to the Coppermind page on Grandbows, they are made by attaching an augmenter fabrial to a big bow.
  2. Tehncally speaking, they sort of do. There are metal, city-wide "warp pads". They just don't go out of the city.
  3. Sak shared her power with Vathi because Aviar bonds are relatively weak compared to other bonds, and Dusk made Sak break their bond to bond with Vathi.
  4. Well, we have a POV of It shows that zinc allows the user to think faster. someone tapping zinc could go though scenarios in their head in a fraction of a second.
  5. I feel like this could be interpreted to mean that pulling any location-based investiture to a different location would take extra time. So maybe an Elantrian could pull the Dor across the CR to another planet's subastral, but it will take time. The Elantrian would have the connection, but since the Dor is location-based, it has to move manually.
  6. More Mistborn spoilers
  7. He has a nice mustache, too.
  8. not likely. The spren were mimicking the Honorblades, which are swords. Swords are the natural form of a Shardweapon, because that's what they are mimicking. A Radiant can change the form, but sword is automatic.
  9. Do you mean changing the gemstones to something else or changing the essences the gems create?
  10. Welcome to the Shard! What is your favorite magic system?
  11. We don't even know Dai-gonarthis did cause the Scouring of Aimia. All we have is an in-world source that says he might have been involved with it. But Hessi doesn't even know if Dai-gonarthis is an Unmade.
  12. Granted. You stay up all night and miss school/work for the next three days. Your fish is burnt. I wish I was more creative with my fish wishes.
  13. Granted. Your fish is a large small fish.
  14. Granted, but you can only summon sturgeons. I wish for a large small fish.
  15. Granted. Your fish speaks only Russian. I wish I understood the language of your fish.