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  1. In the Radiant Order Quiz description of Bondsmiths we get this: The Shardcast was wondering how these powers would be different from Bondsmith to Bondsmith. We don't have a lot of examples of this yet, but I think we've seen some examples when it comes to shardblades, not exactly a power, but it is a thing the spren do for their radiant. Wyndle does not like being a sword, so when Lift goes into battle he's a staff. The Stormfather doesn't want to be a summoned into the physical realm at all, but Dalinar is still able to grab what seems to be a piece of the Stormfather and pull him into the physical realm to activate the Oathgate in Oathbringer. I don't know how this will apply to Tension and Adhesion. Maybe the Nightwatcher feels differently about Adhering to things than the Stormfather. We do see how Dalinar can spiritually adhere things like the statue in Thaylen City, he's able to perceive that the pieces were one on a spiritual level, while Kaladin does not seem to be able to sense it on that level. That's an example of powers working differently between the orders than within the order. The Stormfather's Bondsmith can sense things that used to go together, perhaps the Nightwatcher's Bondsmith will be able to sense things that could belong together and form new spiritual connections, more of a growth / encouraging change view of spiritual adhesion.
  2. On the recent Shardcast Old Magic came up and they speculated on why it is called the Old Magic. The theory I really like is that it reminds people of how Ashyn's diseased based magic system works (assuming Brandon sticks with that). In order to use magic on Ashyn you have to be sick with something. They go together you can't get magic without a disease. You can't get a boon without getting a bane. By reminds humans I mean it reminded early refugees of it or like their children / grandchildren who were told stories about Ashyn before knowledge of Ashyn was wiped out.,likely by the end of the first desolation. Here is the original post where I read this theory.
  3. I think Navani is most likely the surprise main character. There are a lot of things she could be involved with. She's been studying the trapped Thrill for a year. She has the prologue in which she sees Gavilar talking to heralds and possessing the black spheres. That could lead to discoveries / advances. The last thing Odium does in book 3 is ask Mr. T to find out what the Alethi know about Urithiru. Navani has been studying Urithiru which, according to Renarin, is a giant fabrial. Fabrial's are Navani's are of expertise. I'm thinking Odium's forces take Urithiru and Navani helps take it back by figuring things out about it. Navani is also still working on getting airships to work. She's discussing how to keep them from flipping over with a scholar in OB. That will pay off at some point in the front 5.
  4. Knight of Writing ... it's an unexpected Brandon autobiography and then in the last chapter he lists a bunch of stuff that happens on Roshar between book 4 and book 6
  5. Storms it's so beautiful ...
  6. LOL Congrats on 10 years! This is a great forum website. The Coppermind is the best media specific wiki I've encountered and Arcanum is a great resource. Really appreciate all the work that's been put in.
  7. Taln seems too nice, self-sacrificing and has endurance beyond even what the other Heralds have. Or so it seems. This being Brandon I am looking for a twist. My theory w/ little evidence: Taln was a double-agent for Odium from the start, then turned on Odium in the last 4,500 years because he loves Ash so much. What do we know about Taln? He wasn't supposed to be a Herald, but then was included. (Stormfather in OB Ch. 38). An odd last minute addition that makes me suspicious. He had a habit of winning really difficult fights and dying in the process (Kalak in WoK Prelude). He makes a good show of it, but this approach guarantees he will die before the last Fused does. The Heralds end a Desolation by killing all the Fused and going back to Braize in a timely manner. Taln is guaranteeing he won't outlast the Fused in Desolation. While having an excuse for dying early and often because he takes on such difficult odds. He was the only Herald that never broke in the past (Stormfather in OB Ch. 38). Maybe that's because he was never tortured like others were. He was their inside guy. I'm thinking Odium's plan was to get the other 9 Heralds (the ones who were supposed to be Heralds.) to quit and humanity to grow complacent and in-fight. After the Knight's Radiants disband Odium is like "OK, go time! Taln, let the Fused loose." But, Taln has had a change of heart because he genuinely loves Ash and refuses. He is then actually tortured for a really long time and eventually break, but holds on long enough to mess with Odium's plans.
  8. The first time a spaceship from another planet lands on a new planet (new to them anyways). We've had what feels like a ton of world hoppers going through the cognitive realm and we've even had a mass planet hop, but people arriving through space in the physical realm feels different
  9. Yeah, I think what's left of Tanavast's cognitive shadow is in there, but kind of sleeping or something. We've seen cognitive shadows get "stapled" to new bodies like the Fused and even that damages them over time. I theorize that his cognitive shadow being absorbed by / stapled to a spren instead of a physical realm body was less than ideal and damaged Tanavast's cognitive shadow. I think once in a while he tells Dalinar to "Unite Them" outside of the visions and goes back to sleep . Or more seriously he isn't capable of much more than that. To me Stormfather is more carrying what's left of Tanavast's CS inside him, he clearly didn't gain any memories or understanding from absorption.He also seems to have his own, extremely grumpy personality and from what little we've seen of Tanavast when he was Honor's vessel they aren't that similar.
  10. LOL Unite all the humanoids of Roshar because that will conteract Odium's MO of sowing conflict / divide and conquer. Unite the splinters of Honor. IMO the "Unite Them" Dalinar keeps hearing is coming from Tanavast's cognitive shadow which the Stormfather absorbed. Tanavast keeps saying Unite Them in the visions and is the most likely candidate for Dalinar hearing them outside of the Visions. Tanavast set up the visions and then merged his mind ghost with a bondsmith spren with instructions to show the visions and seek out new bondsmith's to bond. Bondsmiths are good at piecing things back together as demonstrated by the statue in Thaylen City. That seems to be what the text is pointing towards, but there is probably a twist. Like unite the gas giants, gas giants are sometimes referred to as "failed stars", to form one new star that makes Braize warm enough for habitation, so everyone can move there after Roshar is trashed like Ashyn was.
  11. Maybe, but if 9 of them are getting their brains ripped out and set on fire every day I'm not sure they'd notice.
  12. Taln was a double-agent for Odium from the start, then turned on Odium in the last 4,500 years because he loves Ash so much.
  13. That's a good point, she hasn't been featured on a cover yet. They seem to like having a person on the cover of the book who is not the main flashback character of that particular book. It makes sense the artist get a briefing instead of prose (prose could change before publication anyways). The Chinese covers of Brandon's work are my personal favorites because of the style, even though they are the least coherent to me. The Way of Kings cover is the Tower battle, but is going on with the Heralds(?) on the left side? Why does one on the top left have an eye(?) in their hair? Why is there a castle near the Tower?
  14. That's a great breakdown. The only thing I have to add is that their magic involves the Rhythms which permeate the Cosmere, but are easier to hear on Roshar for an unknown reason. Their magic involves sound and the Listeners gave up using their magical forms, so could not participate, only listen. Singers could participate in their magic system, or sing. Towards the end the Listeners started to use more forms, which led to their doom, but before that you could see Listener combatants chanting together in sync across a whole battlefield, a distance they shouldn't be able to hear each other well even if there wasn't a battle going on. They can hear the Rhythms though and can sync to them. WoB on the Rhythms
  15. That they were used on Ashyn before humans migrated to Roshar really throws me. They seem like they are spren that turned into objects in the physical realm or were part of fabrials. All magic on Roshar involves spren in someway even the old magic is usually a spren modifying people. But these seem to have been on Ashyn before they were on Roshar and we don’t officially know anything about the magic there. Did they originate on Ashyn? Did they come from Roshar to Ashyn? Some humans seemed to know of Roshar if they fled there in hurry during the catastrophe that left their planet’s surface wrecked. Maybe some had visited Roshar before. The Eila Stele makes sound like the Dawnsingers had never encountered humans before the big migration.
  16. Jezrien was definitely in his 30s when he became a Herald. Dalinar also describes him as looking in his 30s when he sees him in a Vision. I don't recall him commenting on Ahu's age, but Ahu looked like crem, so it's hard to tell his age. Maybe he's a young looking 35 or so. Still Shallash can't have been much older than 18 - 20 when she became a Herald otherwise we start running into questions I don't want to know the answers to. "Could 12-year old Jezrien have fathered a child?"
  17. I think it's the sky / the highstorms. Honor adopted the Stormfather as his godspren and rode the storms with him. Stormlight is Honor's investiture and it is released into the physical realm during highstorms. In modern times Vorin prayers are burned in the hope that the smoke will carry them up to the Almighty. He's associated with the sky even now.
  18. I was listening to the Shardcast on the history of Sel ( and they mentioned how the more modern group of people who would become known as the Elantrians first came upon the city already built and empty. Someone built Elantris and something happened to cause it to be devoid of people. There was speculation of a catastrophe or something wiping everybody out ... but what if they just left? We know of a worldhopping civilization that migrates in mass. They are on Roshar during the events of Stormlight Archive and call themselves the Iriali. Their nation on Roshar is called Iri. In Mistborn Secret History we meet a group of worldhopping Elantrians that call themselves the Ire. I don't think these two groups are the same, but I think this is a big hint that one of the previous planets the Iriali were on was Sel and they left in mass from Elantris which is why it was found fully built, but empty. They probably left via the shardpool in the mountains nearby.
  19. I like the idea of spren being scared off by a ton of the dead spren being there. Might not be related, but Szeth has bonded a high spren, yet it does not show itself to him much at all. I assumed it’s because of nightblood being around, but maybe they don’t like the Shin to see them. Maybe long ago the spren were told to stay away from the humans in Shinovar in the physical realm. Could have been part of keeping the humans in Shinovar. “Hey magic spirits don’t show yourselves to the humans and give them any ideas about what other cool magic things they could find on Roshar.” Or maybe the Spren are weirded out by the ecology being different from the rest of the continent.
  20. Nightblood is so creepy. Like an evil child from movies like The Omen. Except it’s a sword that eats people.
  21. Storms, you're right!
  22. That makes sense, Odium could be referring to his forces the Fused, the Unmade etc. Team effort! There's no "I" in "Murder". The thing is Honor died in the middle of the 4,500 year between the Last Desolation and present day when the Fused were sealed on Braize. Then again it can take a long time for a Shard vessel to die and the Fused's efforts over the course of the desolations may have helped Odium achieve his goal of killing Honor. Odium could be talking to Evi or her spiritual corpse anyways. Right before Dalinar claps he hears Evi say she forgives him. Odium could be like "no you can't forgive him, he and I killed you! Stay mad about it!!" It's not my preferred explanation, but it fits.
  23. Yeah, he seemed surprised and angry when Dalinar did the clap. I think he's surprised because moments earlier he thought he'd won Dalinar over as his champion. Odium was aware of the possibility that Honor can be pieced back together. In OB Ch. 57 Odium tells Dalinar that he can't leave behind the remnants of Honor as he once thought he could "I can already see that going wrong". I think the "we killed you" was directed at Tanavast. The whole Unity thing was Tanavast's idea. He couldn't change what he was, he'd been the vessel of Honor for too long, but he could set it up for someone else to become Unity, an interpretation of Honor that is more useful against Odium who likes to divide people and sow conflict. Tanavast set up the Stormfather to absorb Tanavast's cognitive shadow and his cognitive shadow still has Connection to the remnants of Honor's power because Tanavast was the vessel. Tanavast set it up for a bondsmith to gain connection to Honor's remnants and gave this future person instructions: "unite them" Tanavast tells Dalinar to "unite them" in almost every vision. Odium has seen most if not all the visions. He was lurking in them before he revealed himself to Dalinar. In OB Ch. 109 after Odium breaks into and shreds the vision Dalinar and Venli were in he recreates the vision. Odium is familiar with this vision even though he didn't show up in it previously. He's seen it and likely most or all the others. He's heard Tanavast say "Unite Them" over and over again, so when Dalinar calls himself Unity and creates Honor's perpendicularity Odium sees Tanavast's idea coming to life. He knows Tanavast's cognitive shadow is around because it was absorbed by the Stormfather who is bonded to Dalinar, Tanavast is in there somewhere and Odium yells at him. Who is the "we"? I got nothin'.
  24. There has to be something else out there. Too many in-world myths about there being people living across the sea for it not to pay off in some way. I feel like there is a small hint in Khriss's essay on the Rosharan system in Arcanum Unbounded. "Main continent" implies there is more than one continent and that the other is smaller. I'm not sure if there is actually an Australia out there, but I expect there to be an island or islands that have people living on them. I don't think Hoid's story is literally true, it has a lot of thematic and foreshadowing value. The emperor being dead the whole time = Honor is dead. The Uvara being willing to commit terrible violence to others as long as they could blame it on someone else = Odium's whole "blame me" deal. The Uvara flipping out when they realize they didn't have to kill people after all = Szeth suiciding by Windrunner after Kaladin calls him a coward for following orders.
  25. Theory: Hoid is gathering up magic from all the Shards for some purpose. Odium is of the Shards. He will cut a deal with Rayse to get some of Odium’s magic. Hoid’s Mission He was in Elantris to try and become an Elantrian. He was on Scadrial to get a bead of Lerasium. He was on Roshar to become a Radiant which he has as of OB. There is one more Shard in this system whose magic he needs. Hoid will go to Braize Brandon said “has Hoid been to Braize” is one of the biggest RAFOs In WoK Ch 57 Hoid tells Kaladin his purpose in Roshar was to “chase an old acquaintance, but I spend most of my time hiding from him instead” In WoR Ch. 67 he tells Dalinar he’s willing to “watch this world crumble and burn to get what I need.” He doesn’t want Odium to win, which is why he’s sending all those letters. But he is going to help Odium out in exchange for voidbinding powers to add to his collection. i predict the book 4 epilogue is Hoid on Braize talking to Rayse.