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  1. Because it's a means to an end. Escaping the Roshar system. His and the other 8 Heralds primary deal is not wanting to go back to Braize. It's defined and destroyed their lives over the 4,500. Nale is a cognitive shadow and has a harder time than a normal human of escaping a system. Otherwise he could have taken Cultivation's perpendicularity and gone to Sel or Nalthis, somewhere with no vessels or with vessels of a Shard that stands a better chance against Odium. On a long enough timeline Odium will get his forces back to Roshar, and since Nale is functionally immortal he's doomed to eventually fall back into Odium and the Fused clutches. He knows that and wants out. He wants to use Gavilar's idea to warp as far away from Odium as he can. He's willing to take a risk to do that. The thing about Nale is he's a huge hypocrite. He goes on and on about having the proper forms from local authorities and following the law of the land he's in. Then he recruits Szeth who went into foreign lands and murdered the rulers of those lands in their homes. His justification is because Szeth held to his own separate code, but Szeth's oathstone is not the law of the lands he murdered all those people in. Then he gives Szeth Nightblood, an incredibly powerful sentient sword that follows it's own interpretation of what evil is, regardless of what laws it's victims have or have not broken. I'd argue the real reason he sided the Fused is that he doesn't want to be tortured again. Can't beat them join them. The "true rulers" thing is rationalization. The Fused, in their first lives, gave Shinovar to humans so he could go there and be justified in defending humanity from there, but he doesn't want to.
  2. Push kick is a thing. He's a well muscled tall man, the toddler is a toddler. He kicked him. Better than killing the kid for sure.
  3. Moash is at maximum jerk levels when he kills Elhokar. He kicks a toddler out of the way, he jams Elhokar through the eye to make sure he's dead for good, he does the Bridge 4 salute to Kaladin right after. He was also a huge jerk in tWoK. I sympathize with him a bit and I find his chapters more dull than angering in OB. They are like Kaladin's opening chapters in tWoK, but with no Syl. I'm interested in seeing where it goes with Vyre, but I get the hate in general. Guy's a jerk. Sounds like maybe people have taken it too far on here and made it personal in some cases.
  4. Yeah, I agree. They are acting like a bank and it's like a long term savings account that they were to maintain, but they blew the money. If the account holder wanted to withdraw it all at once they'd be screwed.
  5. I think it is more interesting if Gavilar knows he is talking to Heralds. We've seen that Gavilar played things very close to the vest. He didn't tell Navani, Elhokar or Jasnah anything. He probably didn't tell Amaram everything so his ignorance isn't necessarily proof Gavilar's ignorance. I don't know who Gavilar thinks he is talking to otherwise. He knows Braize is where Odium's forces are bottled up and he knows these people have a Connection that can be used to go back and forth. We have seen that the Stormfather is willing to talk about the Oathpact to Dalinar and how the Heralds never left. These two Heralds seem to be looking for a way to leave the system. Maybe Nale is OK with Gavilar bringing back the Fused as long as he is not around. Nale knows it was their planet to begin with and even thinks the Singers are the rightful rulers who he must follow now.
  6. I think it has to be two male heralds and Nale & Kalak were joined at the hip during the feast. They know all about Braize and a Connection to it that can be manipulated. When Jasnah sees the two of them in the hallway there is no one else around and she says "ambassadors from the West". There were only two of them both male and now Navani uses the exact same phrase for two men who know about Braize and how to get there. Szeth also sees the two of them talking to Elhokar "Elhokar, the king's son and heir, sat at the high table, ruling the feast in his father's absence. He was in conversation with two men, a dark-skinned Azish man who had an odd patch of pale looking skin on his cheek and a thinner, Alethi-looking man who kept glancing over his shoulder. " WoK prologue Gavilar knew who they really were, "ambassadors from the West" was a cover story any other ambassadors Gavilar would talk about Braize with would also be a Herald. Ishar is the only one not accounted for, he could be one of them. I wouldn't be surprised if all 9 heralds on Roshar were in the palace at some point that day/night.
  7. This recent WoB rules out Autonomy as the direct inspiration for the religion of the Iriali. It may rule out Taldain as one of the previous lands.
  8. "Yes" because we've seen a version of them and "No" because they've been altered from their original form. My wild guess is Unmade. There were 10 Dawnshards and 9 became Unmade. The one that is different from all the rest is the one Odium hasn't altered. Here is a link to the rest of the Dawnshard tagged wobs.
  9. It seems like they used the Heralds Connection to Braize (what makes them go back automatically when they die) to transport something from and back to Braize as a test for larger plans. Likely, getting out of the Roshar system. Happy to learn Gavilar's plan was not as dumb as it seemed after OB (bring back Voidbringers to bring back Heralds) He knew the Heralds were still around and was actively working with them. EDIT: Kalak and Nale knew Szeth was coming for Gavilar, "my lord's own blade" and they didn't help him . It's one thing if they just happened to get an invite and bailed when they saw trouble coming, but they were actively working with Gavilar and they left him to die. I know, they've abandoned mankind for 4,500 years which is a much bigger betrayal and they are all crazy. But, Nale could have easily stopped Szeth and he didn't bother.
  10. Previous worlds: Sel & Nalthis and Yolen or Taldain. Iri similar to Ire the world hopping Elantrian group. Elantrians have metallic silver hair, Iriali have metallic gold hair. Iri, Evi, Toh remind me of Aon Dor and similar Elantrian words. Nalthis because Evi uses weird color metaphors “life will be as white as the Sun at night.” OB Ch. 36 Nonhuman ancestry seems like a Yolen idea and their One split up could be Adonalsium. But, having three autonomous monarchs and the whole split up but still part of one whole is very Autonomy. I’m torn on this one. As to when they migrate, they say they are following a grand design of the One. I think it’s a “we’ll know when it’s time” or “we will be given a sign” kind of thing.
  11. I think Venli makes more sense as a flashback character because she knows a lot more than Eshonai. She was doing secret things with the voidspren Ulim prior to Words of Radiance. I really felt a fondness for Eshonai with her as the POV for the prologue of Oathbringer her easily distracted, day-dreaming, naive explorer personality is endearing. But, she didn't get to explore very much and then she died. I agree with your point that Eshonai flashbacks would be kind of janky plotting. In the first 3 books the flashbacks have revealed secrets about each radiant's past and informed what they are doing in the present. I'm not Brandon, so I don't know what interesting secrets Eshonai might have, but Venli certainly has some and is a main character in the present. Whichever flashback character we get, the good news is the other character will be in the flashbacks a lot. I would prefer Venli's interior monologue though, because I think it would be more revealing.
  12. Seems like he's not going to make the deadline if he is a month behind on word count and hasn't decided what character he wants to write about in the flashbacks.
  13. Venli makes more sense to me and was working with Ulim behind the scenes.
  14. They do call him Odium at times. When Venli first meets the Fused and she begs for her friend to be brought back the leader says “Nothing, not Regrowth, or act of Odium, can bring him back now.” I-6 He does prefer Passion. But if he truly is Passion why does he need people to give him theirs? Moash and a Fused: “I have no passion, only numbness.” “You have given him your pain. He will return it to you, human, when you need it.” Ch. 121 OB He’s the void that sucks in emotion, as the Eila Stele says, but he names himself after the things he sucks in.
  15. The main plot gets put on hold sometime after book 5. Considering book 12 was to be the last before Jordan passed and then Brandon looked at the notes and was like “this is way too much plot for one book” and they made 3. Books 6-10 less happens and yet there was SO much left that “needed” to happen. There are a lot of lengthy descriptions of tertiary characters’ clothing and things like that. That said 6 and 10 are the only ones I really didn’t like.