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  1. Lol Szeth is a “main” character in this series. He’s mentioned on the back blurrb by the Sleepless in multiple books. I wonder if we should take the Lift, Renarin, Ash, Taln, Jasnah back 5 with a big grain of salt given there are really only 3 of the 6 front 5 flashbacks characters are really main characters.
  2. It is flat they had Dalinar’s wedding up there and Dalinar bonded the Stormfather up there. It just has to start up there. Several surges allow easy travel off the roof. If it’s an actual fight (and not some morality / mind game contest with Mr T picking a baby or something) the champions might break the roof and fall inside fighting through the tower. It may be a realm spanning thing. If Dalinar sticks to fighting himself they could go to different realms during the fight, or that weird pocket dimension Stormfather pulled Kaladin into a couple times.
  3. I don't think either contest of champions outcome, as outlined by the agreement, can happen the way it's laid out because it wouldn't make for a good back 5. Dalinar loses, he becomes a Fused and leads Mr. T's armies to conquer the Cosmere. They ain't going to Sel in book 6 of this series. Renarin's book isn't going to take place on Nalthis. By the end of this 10 book series we'll have gotten closer to that point, but I expect the back 5 conflict to mostly take place in the Rosharan system. Dalinar wins and Odium has to stay on Braize and not influence Roshar for 1,000 years. That's boring. Maybe there will be a new villainous Shard or other antagonist getting involved in the back 5, but even with that I would not think "Odium gets locked away and does not influence events in the back 5" is a thing that will happen.
  4. Why would Rayse want to read his memories? They met 1,000 years ago and he apparently didn’t do it then. Rayse was alive pre-Shattering and has been a god ever since what does he need with some of Wit’s memories? Wit is even surprised Rayse asked him a question at all. The only way Wit could have planned this great subterfuge, a subterfuge where he even needs to pretend to be surprised and scared in his mind even though Odium can’t read his mind, is if he knew in advance that Rayse is dead and there is a new vessel. Which really doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe, just maybe Brandon’s author avatar who is great everything finally made a mistake. As Sazed points out in the epigraphs Wit doesn’t completely understand the Shards. Which is what Frost has been warning him about all along as well. He messed with something he doesn’t understand and it bit him. For once.
  5. Ishar to Radiant Spren:
  6. Brandon says he thinks Taln has been back for a couple months before he shows up at the end of Way of Kings. He hasn't finalized this timeline, but that's what he thinks it's around. It sounds like he broke. Normally the Fused could start showing up after that, but Odium didn't want to do it that way this time. The Everstorm is a way to circumvent the Oathpact so that even if the Fused are defeated this time they can't be sealed on Braize by the Oathpact as long as the Everstorm is still on Roshar.
  7. The flashbacks were the least effective of any of the books so far because they were split between two characters, only one who is still alive and Venli isn't even the main character of this book, probably 3rd in line behind Navani and Kaladin. The last Eshonai flashback was very bittersweet and effective emotionally though. The Venli flashbacks gave us some lore nuggets.
  8. Sixteen-Son-Vallano of Shinovar wore black on the day he checked his notes in the statue garden ...
  9. theory

    I wrote the above theory that Taln was at one point in league with Odium, but isn't anymore. I wrote that because Tanavast told Dalinar that Odium wanted the long break between Desolations so that humanity would forget and turn on each other (WoK Ch. 75). Taln is the key to that. There needed to be a Herald who never broke, but died in nearly every Desolation in order to tempt the other 9 Heralds into quitting. I want to add to that theory based on what we learned in RoW. In RoW we get a glimpse of how great the Heralds were at fighting. Nale takes an arrow through the head shrugs it off and dispatches Szeth easily. Ishar fights 5 windrunners at once and wins. Dalinar is amazed at how great Ishar is at dueling. The Stormfather say Ishar was average at fighting among the Heralds and Taln was by FAR the best. Taln, the greatest fighter among the Heralds had a reputation for dying the most. (WoK Prelude). This could be because he was so self-sacrificing and the greatest, bestest person ever, but it's very convenient because he needed to not survive Desolations in order to tempt the Heralds. The other minor support I'd like to add is that Taln is currently slotted to have the 9th book. 9 being the number of the enemy, the number of Braize, the number of Fused orders, the number of Unmade, the number of Heralds who quit etc. I know in WoK Prime spoiler: I don't have a good idea of the specifics of how the subterfuge worked, but Taln is too perfect and he is crucial to the long break during which Honor died and the KR were (mostly) destroyed. It's more interesting if he helped trick the other Heralds and deeply regretted it due to his love for Ash.
  10. That's very thoughtful of you to do!
  11. According to Brandon it is.
  12. I think vapor showed this. But, here you go:




  13. How about this: Taravangian appoints a baby as champion. It's to the death so it will go until one of them dies and Dalinar won't kill the baby. The baby is significantly younger than Dalinar so he'll die of old age first. This would fulfill the death rattle of a person thinking about killing a baby to save the world and fits into the argument Taravangian and Dalinar had where Taravangian was willing to execute innocent men to protect the kingdom and Dalinar was not. Taravangian is counting on Dalinar not killing the baby. BUT! Ishar almost stole Dalinar's status as Odium's opponent using Bondsmith powers. Dalinar can take the status of champion from the baby, give it to someone else and kill them instead. Either someone else or to himself and he kills himself and it's a draw with Odium stuck in the system. OR Double-switcheroo: Dalinar takes the status of Odium's champion and gives the baby status as Dalinar's champion. Dalinar kills himself baby wins, Taravangian loses.
  14. @ScadrianTank I agree, BAM specializes in Connection and Kelsier can’t leave his system due to Connection. He hopes she can change that. Hopefully Kelsier doesn’t accidentally rip his mind out trying to free himself.
  15. In the chapter where Amaram decides to kill Kaladin’s men and take the shards Amaram mentions how he’s given it a lot thought and decided “Restares is right”. Amaram did the deed, but it was Kalak’s idea and he nudged Amaram in that direction. Will Kaladin remember that detail and confront Kalak or is there not enough time in the final 10 days while he’s playing Freud to Ishar?