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  1. A lot of reasonable answers, but I kind of want it to be a place we haven't seen. Ambition makes sense. Odium and Ambition fought IN SPAAAACE (sorry) near Threnody, but the fight ended elsewhere. In this WoB last year he talks about Ambition not being splintered, but there being a reason it hasn't been picked up by someone new. Might not be related, but could be. Maybe it's in the same system as another Shard and Odium was beat up from the fight, so he didn't stick around to splinter Ambition because he would be vulnerable to attack from this other Shard. After Odium left, the Vessel for this other Shard either didn't want to or wasn't able to pick up Ambition. (HE HAS BEEN HURT BEFORE AND THOSE SCARS DO NOT HEAL.) - Stormfather in OB Ch. 16) Well ACTUALLY, Stormfather ... scars come from wounds that healed, perhaps imperfectly. Maybe some Cosmere physical therapy can break up that scar tissue get Odium's joints moving right again.
  2. I would think the bold and dangerous operation is seizing Urithiru. Odium asked Taravangian what the Alethi know "about this tower" at the end of OB. If they take the Oathgates' central hub they cut the coalition forces off from each other. (Until our heroes discover something new about Urithiru or the Oathgates that lets them get around that in Part 5 ). Of course, they could attack Urithiru by opening an abandoned Oathgate, like the one in Aimia. In OB, Odium orders a Thunderclast to break the Oathgate in Thaylen City. He says they can repair it later if they need to. Even if Aimia's Oathgate it may be repairable.
  3. Great observation! They look like they are guiding each other by clasping hands, putting hands on shoulders. Like they are afraid of losing each other. They came from through the half-moon on the left, that would Ashyn and that does look like fire coming out. I thought it was somebody's absurdly long cloak at first. The ground were they are standing currently is Roshar. Looks like soil and plants of Shinovar. I don't know what to make of the pillar(?) with snakes(?) coming out of it. Reminds me of how little hands come out of the Nightwatcher's head. Oathgate-ish tech is Brandon's current plan for how the migration was done. Not canon yet he hasn't pinned down Ashyn magic, wasn't happy with earlier versions of it. Shadesmar is his backup plan. Interesting that this and the WoB seem to imply that Shinovar already had plants and soil as the first humans arrive. For whatever reason I assumed it was terraformed for them after they arrived. Honor and Cultivation do have future sight, so they could anticipate the need. Or maybe there was communication before the migration. Or I'm making more out of it than is there.
  4. I second #2 (and #1 and #3 ). 1. I want to see the messiness of Dalinar's killing their mother and being a mass murderer. I want Szeth interacting with Jasnah, Adolin, Renarin and Navani to be similarly awkward. He killed Gavilar and tried to kill Dalinar twice! 2. I fear I won't care that much about the Singers. We'll be spending a lot of time with them and I found most of the Moash chapters deadly dull. I think it will be better because I did enjoy the Eshonai prologue and the Venli chapters, but the Moash stuff from his capture through his joining the ladder crew was the weakest part of the book. 3. We won't get much Odium. He was forced to withdraw and can't risk interfering directly as much. Hopefully that only means he won't talk to Dalinar anymore, but will still talk to Venli and maybe Moash. 4. No Sibling. It seems like the Sibling and Urithiru are linked and maybe the Sibling powers it. It seems like Odium is going after Urithiru because he asks Taravangian ("little man") what the humans have figured out about it. I am hoping the Singers take the tower and the heroes retake it with help from the Sibling. I'm hyped for this mysterious entity.
  5. Yes, and the 10 orders of Knights Radiant are similar to the Aes Sedai's Ajahs. Each Order / Ajah is color coded and attracts people with certain personality / character traits. Windrunners (Sapphire Blue) excel at leadership - Blue Ajah is focused on pursuing noble causes and one of their members is most often elected leader of all the Ajah's (Amyrlin Seat). Elsecallers / Brown Ajah are focused on scholarship. Red Ajah hunts down male channelers / modern Skybreakers hunt down proto-radiants. Both are feared and reviled in society. KR are thought to have betrayed humanity long ago. Male Channelers go crazy. Both organizations are headquartered in a giant tower.
  6. Yeah, it's possible there is another way to bond we have not been formally introduced to yet. We only have had the Nahel bond and gemheart methods explained.
  7. The recent Horneater Shardcast talks about how Horneaters could have gemhearts. I'm fairly certain Rock has a gemheart and a spren inside it. It is the simplest explanation for his unusual characteristics. We know other mammals like horses have been come to Roshar and a group of them split off developing the ability to bond spren which make them MUCH bigger and stronger than a normal horse. We don't know if Ryshadium have gemhearts or if they are bonding spren a different way. Rock is incredibly strong. He swings the trunk of a tree at Kaladin during a sparing session. An entire log. How had Rock lifted that thing? ... "Didn't stop you from throwing a tree at my head." WoR Ch. 12 He uses Sadeas' Shardbow without the aid of Shardplate at the end of OB. He can also see spren when most people can't. This implies he has some connection to the cognitive realm. I think having a spren in his gemheart. Not all horneaters can see spren and they aren't all as strong as Rock. This difference may be because not all horneaters have gemhearts, they are distantly descended from a mix of Singers and humans they may not all get that trait. Or maybe horneaters all have one, but the knowledge of how to intentionally bond with a spren has been lost, so most just don't get a spren. Rock may have gotten one by accident. I also think the Horneater caste system based on order of birth makes more sense if, long ago, the Horneaters could change forms. Cook son died? Well have the son that's in Warrior Form shift into Baking Form or whatever. Jobs are not assigned by aptitude because they used to be able to change their aptitude greatly via spren-enabled Forms.
  8. I never thought of it in those terms, but you are right. Having to get a bane in order to get a boon is like you have to get a disease or other ailment in order to get a magical benefit. As for the Dawnshards, I like the Fabrial idea, something that enhances surges to a dangerous degree. I'm prepared to be pleasantly surprised by what the Dawnshards are. I was thinking the other day about how before Oathbringer we had heard about Parshendi Gods and knew they were of Odium, but we had little indication that they were The Fused. You could make a leap and say "Heralds are treated as gods by some human cultures. Maybe the Parshendi Gods are also reincarnating cognitive shadows?" But there weren't any strong clues to piece that together.
  9. Concerning. He's mentioned not wanting to "Lucas it up" about revisiting the setting of Emperor's Soul and making the original worse. Can he not Martin it up too? It is very selfish of me, but I don't want him to become a hands on TV writer / producer because that could subsume his other work. I guess Stephen King's production never slowed much and he's had a million movies made from his books. Although, I will say the more involved King was in the production of the movie the worse it was usually. He hated The Shining movie and that's the best one.
  10. LOL! I'm hoping for "I accidently wrote a Stormlight Novella last weekend so look for that over the Summer" or something equally insane.
  11. When did Odium first get "trapped" in the Roshar system? It seems like it may not have been long before the Oathpact, which was within a couple decades of the destruction of Ashyn. Like Odium was trapped in the system after Ashyn was ruined, but before the Oathpact. Which was a surprisingly short period of time. It had to have predated the Oathpact because the Stormfather says: I infer from this that what H&C did with Odium is the inspiration for what the Heralds did to the Fused. Odium's Limitations We have this WoB that seems to say that Odium had visited Roshar before and was capable of getting around before the humans migrated. In modern SA, Odium hadn't manifested on Roshar directly until the Everstorm. He influenced indirectly through the Unmade, but it seems like he could not show up directly. He is not exactly shy once the Everstorm comes. He's talking to people early and often. His absence can't be an Oathpact effect because that only traps the Fused and Taln had been back for months before he showed up at the gates of Kholinar. Odium's absence from Roshar itself must be part of his being bound by H&C. Even now he only appears when the Everstorm is very close by. I think most of him is still on Braize (to the extent a Shard can be in a place, spiritual realm blah blah blah) and the Everstorm allows him to stick a hand out to touch Roshar. "That Escalated Quickly" Ashyn Migration to the Oathpact We know that not a lot of time passed between the migration from Ashyn and the first desolation because all the Heralds were born on Ashyn, except maybe Shallash. They did not become Heralds until after they were on Roshar and they became Heralds at around the age they look like they are. Spoilered for length: Shallash is Jezrien's daughter. In the prelude Jezrien is described as looking like he's 30. Let's assume he was young looking for his age (when his looks became locked in) and he's 35 or so. He couldn't have fathered Shallash before he was a teenager, so her upper age limit is very early 20s. Let's say she's 20 when she becomes a Herald. Brandon says it's possible she was not born on Ashyn, but she might have been. If she wasn't born on Ashyn would be born not too long after. That puts the likely gap between the migration and the Oathpact at 20 - 25 years at most. Could Odium Create The Fused While Imprisoned? It seem like Odium became trapped after the Ashyn migration and maybe after he created the Fused. My understanding of the Fused is Odium interacted with their cognitive shadows after the Singers died, but before they went to the beyond. If they died on Roshar and Odium was trapped on Braize it seem like it would be harder to catch these cognitive shadows. Location still matters in the Cognitive Realm. That said Cognitive / Spiritual mumbo jumbo. Maybe Odium could make Fused on Roshar while being trapped on Braize. He did manage to kill Tanavast and splinter Honor while imprisoned. The "We Killed You!" implies it was a team effort, but Tanavast (in Visions) and the Stormfather both credit Odium with the kill. Odium takes credit for it when Dalinar confronts him about it in the OB chapter "Passion". Tsk Tsk Tsk Honor and Cultivation were a little slow to react if they didn't trap Odium until after he helped humans wreck one planet in the system which caused a mass migration to Roshar then likely encouraged humans to attempt to wipe out the Dawnsingers on Roshar, then made some of the dead Dawnsingers immortal bodysnatchers so they could get revenge on the humans.
  12. Stormfather absorbed Tanavast's cognitive shadow after Tanavast died. He's in there somewhere. I agree with the OP that he is the voice saying Unite Them.
  13. Which I feel like we still aren't done learning the significance of. I think this will be Szeth in book 5 looking at Shinovar. It kind of fits Dalinar in the Vision watching a representation of Kolinar get destroyed, but not quite.
  14. Whelan is Brandon's favorite illustrator, if he has availability they'll use him. I searched Arcanum for Whelan and it's a decade worth of Brandon raving about how much he likes him. Odds are good he'll be back!
  15. Dangerous operation will be the Singers trying to take Urithiru. The caverns under Uirithiru will be explored. Arms race, Dawnshards of course! More Herald Killer blades, maybe. Fabrials, Navani has had a year to study the King's Drop, which she connected to Gavilar's black spheres, that are shown in the prologue.