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  1. I think the Dawnsingers made the Dawncities pre-Honor and Cultivation using some sound/singing related magic we haven’t fully seen yet. I think it is an Adonalsium thing. Roshar is so different from any other planet and we know from the Frost letter that Adonalsium did a lot of work there. Nothing about Honor & Cultivation makes me think they’d create singing related magic or creatures. I think H&C went to Roshar because there was a vibrant humanoid population there.
  2. Venli won me over because of her spren, Timbre. Timbre is so cute and earnest and Venli protects her from the Fused and Odium over and over again. Venli also expressed some remorse which made me empathize with her. "How can you keep a Voidspren captive?" Timbre pulsed to Victory within her.
  3. I share @WeiryWriters incredulity with the Jezrien “extra dead” designation. Not so much for what was said at the signing, but Ash says “they’ve killed gums somehow” and passes out. Which makes it seem like he’s gone for good. He’s trapped in a gem is a little different. I’m fine with not being in the beyond. I would not mind getting more of him in some form later. What i had thought was the knife yanked out the special investiture that kept them tethered to this cycle. They are Cognitive Shadows and that could take so many different forms, but in some we know of there is a special bit that is keeping them around. A Returned can have 900 million breaths, but if a Shard made a special knife that sucked out their one Divine Breath it’s all over. I thought maybe the knife took out whatever special bit honor gave them that keeps them reincarnating on Braize in the same bodies and the rest of his soul went Beyond. It’s fine that it didn’t. I’m interested to see where it goes. What I think is interesting is that this was the best Odium could come up with. A Shard is plenty powerful enough to destroy a cognitive shadow of it wants normally. Odium can splinter Honor, but he can’t take out the Heralds. I mean, we kind of knew this because the Heralds would have been obliterated a long time ago if Odium could do it. Why, tho? Maybe the Oathpact is doing it. After all the idea was for the Heralds to hang out with the Fused in Odiums’s backyard forever. Honor would have to be confident Odium couldn’t shred their investiture beyond recognition and disperse it. What makes me think it’s not the Oathpact or not just it, is that Honor and Cultivation had no answer for the Fused. From what we know Ishar had the idea for the Oathpact, recruited the others and they went to Honor saying “we’ll take care of it” Seems like there is an agreement between the Shards that keeps them from permanently destroying each other’s all-star team, if you will. Probably part of the larger situation where Honor and Cultivation’s powers are keeping Odium bound to the system “AS ODIUM IS SEALED BY THE POWERS OF HONOR AND CULTIVATION” OB Ch. 38 long post, but your podcast got me thinking which is why I love it!
  4. This struck me as why would someone do this? Why not just kill them? Spiking seems complicated and meticulous and only worth it because you're transferring powers. If it doesn't transfer powers what is the point? How do we define "spike", would an aluminum bullet that gets lodged in the body count? Or does it have to go in and come out of the body?
  5. That's true it doesn't specify what is in the sphere. I just assumed it would be voidlight. These two passages seem to be speaking to each other. If Vyre is sucking in Stormlight then Odium isn't returning Passion to him, it makes more sense if it is Voidlight. It just doesn't sound like Stormlight and the Fused wouldn't be carrying Stormlight spheres, they could have gotten some specifically for Vyre, but the only reason I could see them doing that is if Vyre can't use Voidlight, and that would be really inconvenient.
  6. @Argent On Voidlight, in Moash’s last appearance in OB he gets the Honorblade and is given a sphere of Voidlight which he breathes in and feels “Passion” return to him. He was feeling numb before that because he gave his Passion to Odium. Odium’s servants seem dependent on Odium to feel deeply.
  7. From the text in the OP it seems like he's connected to Kholinar specifically and when he's not there his accent slips even though he's still on Roshar and only a kingdom over. Unless it's an oversight by the author. When the humans came from Ashyn they went to Shinovar, maybe they didn't arrive at Shinovar, but I don't know why he'd be keyed to Kholinar or Alethkar specifically. Not sure if it's connection to the planet itself or the system that controls. Going from one planet to another in the same system might not require it. It's hard to tell because most systems only have one habitable planet so there is no opportunity to go to another planet in the same system. In this WoB Brandon says the Heralds are tied to the system they are in, not the planet. It's not an answer because they are cognitive shadows and not really human anymore. In this WoB he mentions how Heralds are cognitive shadows and that makes it hard for them to travel. Mistborn: SH Spoilers:
  8. Yeah, I assume he meant Iyatil since she tried to kill Amaram with darts later in the novel. Mraize meant that he didn't want Shallan trying to do it because another Ghostblood was assigned to it. Good catch! I think each Herald has Connection to one of the Silver Kingdoms / Dawncities. Taln is the Herald of War and Alethela/Alethkar is the Silver Kingdom of warriors. Kholinar would be Taln's Dawncity, the farther away he gets, the more he loses Connection. It makes sense that they would need to establish connection because dialects and languages can change between desolations. As Heralds announcing a coming desolation it's important that they can communicate with the people. This would probably have to be something that was added after they broke the first time. The Oathpact was meant to be a permanent solution sealing the Fused up forever. They were never meant to come back to Roshar and there would be no need for them to communicate with future generations of Rosharans. Unless the way they were turned into cognitive shadows involved the Dawncities for reasons we don't understand yet and that gives them Connection. No clue, but thanks for pointing this out! There's always another secret in these books!
  9. It had to be a 3rd party IP he was working with because otherwise he wouldn't have been contractually forbidden to talk about it. Makes sense that it was Magic. I'll read it.
  10. A lot of Brandon I encountered through Audible first, so usually I have the opposite problem. "Really, that's how it's spelled?" Evi is spelled that way, I think, to keep with the Aon-ish naming the Iriali have. Hinting that they were descended from Elantrians (theory not confirmed). Evi, her brother Toh, Iri. Lot of 3 letter words like Aon Dor. I always thought the name of Urithiru was inspired by Uluru the rock formation in Australia that has religious significance to Aboriginal Australian. I assumed it is pronounced Ooo at the start not a You.
  11. Loved it!
  12. Jasnah forever! She's smart, mature and no-nonsense and she is described as very alluring. She is also very funny in a cutting, deadpan way. She loves reading and history. She's great! I was nodding along with Ian when he talked about Hoid's whimsy and darkness. He is also a character who seems to have a lot of regret that we only get glimpses of which is really cool. I am a sucker for characters who did genuinely terrible things and sought to be better (hello Dalinar!).
  13. Gotcha. I agree there is nothing that shoots down your theory. It just seems like Honor and Cultivation did the binding, I don't know why they would need Ishar, a mere human at that point, to help. I think he's the binder because he came up with the Oathpact and enforced it through his oaths and actions. He also forced the Knights Radiant structure upon the nahel-bonding spren and some cultures view those spren as gods. That's enough god-binding that Ishar definitely did to earn the title of god-binder. Cognitive Shadows are imprisoning Cognitive Shadows with the Oathpact. Shards imprisoning Shards makes sense to me. I guess he could have negotiated with Odium and got him to agree to something like Taravangian did, but I don't know why Odium would barter with a human when two Shards were alive on the planet. Odium would have been afraid of a 2 on 1 fight after Ambition fought back and would want an agreement directly with H&C to avoid that. I am contractually obligated to mention Dawnshards in every post . Ishar could have used the binding Dawnshard to bind Odium I guess, why Ishar would be the one and how Dawnshards even work or what exactly they are (object, spren, misc.) is unknown. If Ishar bound Odium through some action then he should be able to release Odium. If Ishar abandoned the Oathpact and as the Stormfather says seeks death, I would think he would release Odium. Maybe he did it with a Dawnshard and needs a Dawnshard to undo it and Tanavast heavily implies the Dawnshards are not available anymore. I also don't like the idea of Honor and Cultivation sitting there "duh, what do we do?" and Ishar coming up with the plan AND the Oathpact AND founded the Knights Radiant. I think Honor and Cultivation put their heads together and figured out a way to trap Odium and Ishar was inspired by that and came up with the Oathpact to trap the Fused. It would be a nice parallel to he Heralds and the Radiants where Honor made the Honorblades which gave the Heralds Surges and the spren were inspired by something Honor did and emulated it.
  14. Depends what whoever came up with the title "Binder of Gods" meant by Gods. Ishar definitely founded the Oathpact which bound the Fused who were referred to as gods. I feel like the Stormfather directly contradicts the idea that any of the Heralds bound Odium. It is clear that Odium thinks the power of Honor itself is binding him because he thinks Dalinar, as the holder of the largest remnant of Honor, has the ability to release him. There is the idea that a Dawnshard can bind any creature. Someone climbed Urithiru and used it for something according to this poem, but Urithiru was built long after the Heralds and the Oathpact.
  15. Maybe he knows that Shallan's a Lightweaver and her order grows in power as they tell powerful truths. They are ambitious and power hungry, they are also after knowledge. They seem to jealously guard knowledge, they wanted Veil to find out what Amaram knew and then they tried to assassinate him. They were after Jasnah at a time when she was traveling to the world's libraries researching the voidbringers and tried to assassinate her multiple times. I think they wanted knowledge from Ash in exchange for Taln's location. They don't seem to have recruited her as a member and Mraize's letter indicates they know the Herald's are crazy now so it wouldn't be wise to rely on a Herald as a member. They probably wanted knowledge from her. I don't know if they are guarding a secret or if they are after something and they don't want anyone else getting to it first, so they sabotage people who know too much.