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  1. These are great connections! Never thought about El interacting with Moash despite the name connection. It's also interesting how at the end of book 2 Moash was off to join the Diagram and work for Taravangian. That got immediately derailed, but he ended up working for Taravangian eventually anyways. I assume the switch came because Brandon moved Dalinar's book from 5 to 3 making Rayse lose Dalinar earlier than originally outlined and making the Taravangian switch necessary. Moash probably would have been the new Szeth for Taravangian in that alternate version of the story. I agree with your larger point that Moash can realize he's wrong within book 5 and begin to seek to be better. I'm not saying the whole book will take place in 10 days, but a majority of it will. The contest of champions begins at noon 10 days after RoW ended. Part of the agreement is that each side gets to keep whatever land they have control over at that point. It's going to be a mad scramble to capture and keep as much as possible. Since that contest of champions has been mentioned since book 1 and is meant to settle the big Shard conflict of the front 5 I don't think it will happen before Part 4. Brandon likes to surprise, but having the contest in Part 2 would be a bit much. I think Brandon is referring to that in the WoB below. Things they did in 4 that will make Karen's (his continuity editor) job a lot harder in book 5. She's the one that keeps track of timelines, when different peoples POV chapters take place in relation to each, what moon is out in night scenes, where the highstorm and everstorm are in relation to where and when the scene is taking place. If most of the book takes place in 10 days (say through part 4) then that's a hundreds of thousands of words describing events that are happening all over Roshar at nearly the same time which makes it harder to keep it all straight.
  2. I have a hard time seeing what Moash will do to redeem himself with most of book 5 set to take place in 10 days. He could do a Darth Vader redemption where he saves one person's life and dies almost immediately. I don't see a really earned, worked for change happening in 10 days. Granted it will be a very busy 10 days that's described in hundreds of thousands of words. What is his role going to be now that he is blind or will Odium fix that immediately? What was the point of blinding him then? Are we going to get a "Moash learns to live with his disability and has a change of heart along the way" arc over 10 days?
  3. Logic could work too, but I just don't like the name, maybe Logos. Honor is about natural laws, codes of law, bonds, and agreements. When added to another Shard it brings a structure and discipline to it. Honor + Invention could be Science or the Scientific method which is a terrible name, but kind of fits. Yeah I know. Like I said above you can't really encapsulate all that a Shard represents in one word, much less two combined. Honor adds structure and rules to whatever it combines with. Odium didn't want to pick up another Shard because that would change what it's nature and it would be less focused on going around destroying things. Odium will inevitably be mellowed out or diluted by adding back the other attributes that gave it context. That all consuming anger becomes directed toward something more specific when it merges with another Shard.
  4. Yeah, Justice / Vengeance. I see it as that hatred tethered to a code of law, morals, ethics. It will only unleash that hatred under certain circumstances. It's hard to see how each Shards full domain of meaning can be preserved and represented in a new name when they combine. Honor has to do with natural laws of physics as well as societal laws and oaths, but War and Justice don't touch on that at all. Frankly, the shard name Honor doesn't hint at it either.
  5. "War" is a narrow name for a combo of 2 shards. Odium kind of covers Conflict though. Sja-Anat thinks to herself that the power Odium loves conflict and being argued with, while Rayse did not. War is a conflict with a wider scope and more "rules" that may or may not actually be followed. I don't like it for a the Shard name though. I like Justice. You follow the rules, you're fine, you break the rules you get God's righteous anger. Basically Honor, but he'll wreck you if you break your word, the rules, the law etc.
  6. Emperor's Soul is short and great. Warbreaker would be the most relevant novel to read after Stormlight. It has more direct connections to Stormlight than any other and is a stand alone novel.
  7. The weird thing about Rayse dying is how irrelevant he now seems. As Harmony explained to Hoid in the epigraphs, going around killing all the Vessels and splintering the other Shards is as much or more Odium the Shard's idea as it was Rayse's. Odium talks to Travangian after Rayse dies, but before he picks it up. When Taravangian picks it up he sees how Rayse had become "enslaved" by Odium the Shard. Even if Taravangian dies in Book 5 the Shard will still have a mind of it's own unless Cultivation and Honor do something to either splinter it, merge it with another Shard splinter it and merge with the pieces. Voidbinding If H or C or both merge with parts of Odium that would probably alter the magic system and set us up to learn more about voidbinding in the back 5. I think what was mentioned on the podcast might be right voidbinding doesn't really exist yet, but it will. We're being tricked and that voidbinding chart is demonstrating something that doesn't exist as of front 5, but will soon.
  8. You both make good points, the Dilaf example is good pull! Kelsier is capable of feeling guilty, but he is some sociopathic personality markers and takes real glee in killing at times. Dalinar did as well with the Thrill, but clearly felt guilty and was traumatized by what he did at the Rift. Szeth feels guilty already when he is introduced. I believe it's the first thing he says.
  9. This is great. I forgot about his wanting to tell Dalinar something to help him. Only thing I add is how he always exemplified Odium's "blame me" "let me have the pain" M.O. since book 1. In addition, Rayse liked to be worshipped and Taravangian does in his way as well.The chip on his shoulder and insecurity about his potential "diminished capacity" from his difficult birth lend him to being needy in that way. This goes underscores your point on him needing to be THE hero to save everyone, he can't let it be Dalinar. "It is better for one man to sin than for a people to be destroyed" WoK Ch. 71 "He worshipped only one god now. The man he was on that day" RoW I-14 "I must hang all four men." He paused "And I would weep, every night for having done it." OB Ch 28 "Taravangian finally faced something greater than himself: a different version of himself." OB I-5
  10. It doesn't seem to impact everyone who kills a ton of people equally though. It is weird Szeth hears them, seemingly, all the time. Dalinar did a bit before and during his trip to the Valley, the screams of his victims from the fire. He also hears Evi right before he does the clap in Oathbringer. But he doesn't hear them all the time. I'm just saying there are POV characters that have killed a bunch of people and don't hear anything. Szeth's bodycount is high, but it's not thaaaat high for Roshar. Brandon mentions the wider Cosmere, but I can't think of anyone else that has this happen to them. Mistborn spoilers: @LightShaper1 I used to assume Szeth hears the voices because there is an Unmade following him around. Despite what Brandon said in the WoB I think this is a more Roshar-centric thing. One of the Unmade being a spren that helped the dead pass on until Odium got to them makes sense to me. I would say Moelach fits the what you are describing better than Yelig-nar. Seeping into souls at the moment of death.
  11. The Iriali are a whole thing. It's fun to guess at what the 3 prior planets they were on. My guess is they were originally mostly humans and some dragons (who can shapeshift into humans) from Yolen, Nalthis and Sel. Yolen the first, the other two I'm not sure, leaning towards Sel second. Nalthis Iri's neighbor, Rira are related to the Iriali. Rira split off from Iri politically and genetically most people living there are related at least somewhat to the Iriali. Evi was one such person. This is why the Iriali say Dalinar stole the shardplate, it can be traced back to Iri through Rira. Anyways, Evi says some weird color idioms that make no sense to Dalinar "life will be as white as a sun at night" OB Ch. 36. Much like Zahel's many saying involving color confuse Kaladin "green from the ground" etc. It's not a lot to go on, but she makes color metaphors because people around her growing up did and I think that's because the Iriali spent time on Nalthi and these idioms were passed down. Sel (original Elantrians) 1) The name of their current country is Iri. In Mistborn: SH book we meet worldhoppers from Sel called the Ire. I am not saying these are the same group. However, this is either a deliberate mislead or a hint. I mean, come on! They call themselves a similar thing because the Iriali were on Sel long enough to incorporate the language of Sel and there are still traces of it in modern Iriali culture. 2) Names. A big thing about Sel and Elantris in particular is the Aon Dor and all the Aons. Each Aon is three letters. We don't know many Iriali related names, but we know a few like Iri, Evi her brother Toh. This seems like something the Iriali picked up from spending time on Sel. 3) Empty Elantris. The modern Elantrians from the period the book Elantris takes place in are descended from people who found the city of Elantris fully built and completely empty. They did not build it and don't know who did. Maybe something wiped out everyone living in Elantris without a trace. Or maybe they left in a mass migration that is part of their The Long Trail religion because they were the people we now know of as the Iriali.
  12. theory

    Szeth's current spren has never spoken to him. He sees glimpses of it and can faintly sense it sometimes, but it doesn't talk to him directly. Szeth tells Nightblood that when Szeth was younger he had a voice in his head similar to Nightblood's Was the voice in Szeth's head from years ago actually his current spren? As in he bonded this spren at a low level years ago and it never really left him. Or they never quite bonded, but the spren has kept an eye on Szeth and thinks its OK to resume the bonding process now. That would be the writerly reason not to have them speak directly, Szeth would recognize the voice. In-world you could say it's because the spren doesn't like Nightblood or something, but really it's to keep it a surprise. What's been going on in between then and now? I dunno, but we already had the testament / pattern weirdness we can have a dormant bond restored or the bond was not fully established and the spren has been hanging around Szeth observing.
  13. Brandon does a lot of resurrection or fakeout deaths in Stormlight and I think "does he do this too much?" then I think back to the original Mistborn. Really bad things happen to almost everyone in that original crew by the end. The world is easily the grimmest in environment with the ash mounts constantly spewing and the society is horribly oppressive, par for the course with a lot in the Cosmere (and real life). On the original question I wouldn't categorize Brandon's work as grimdark. Grimlight would work as @Bridge-Four suggested. Pretty much all of this. Most all of Brandon's protagonists are fundamentally good people, some of whom committed war crimes they forgot about, but still decent people being trying to be good to others. Mistborn Era 1 being the one big exception where Kelsier and Vin (in the first book or so) are maybe not the best people. Selfish, misanthropic, narcissistic (less so with Vin). In "Lord Grimdark" Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy:
  14. Adolin's mission might not be as pointless as it seems. Now that Fused can perma-kill spren, other radiant spren may be able to swoop in and bond the former radiants right away and perhaps not lose their oath level. I don't know how that will work, we've not seen another spren come in to bond right away. The Testament - Pattern situation developed years apart and we don't really understand that yet, plus Testament wasn't vaporized forever. You're right the 10-day conceit is a potential problem. Most spren have been adamantly opposed to bonding humans for thousands of years. It's a bit of a stretch for ton of them to change their thousands year old position on bonding within 2 Rosharan weeks. It will "make sense" because they are cognitive realm beings and Adolin/Maya changed their minds, but it may feel too fast. I suspect there will be a lot of "well, that was quick" changes of heart and such with the most of the book likely taking place in 10 days. Kalak was super fun, surprisingly funny. I think he's how Adolin and Shallan will get back to the main group quickly. I think he has his Honorblade. He was "out on patrol" for months when Shallan and Adolin first got into Lasting Integrity. He was probably checking in with Nale and Ishar (the only sane one ) and we know Ishar took his blade back recently and Nale took his back some time ago. If Ishar is correct and one or more Unmade has taken over Shinover, Kalak may have taken his blade back to get it out of there. He has the transportation surge and knows a lot more about how to use that surge than any current radiant. He can probably portal them back to Dalinar. Looking forward to Kalak bumping into a guy who is named after him who he helped enslave, Kaladin. Kalak, as Restares, talked Amaram into taking the plate and blade for himself leading to Kaladin's enslavement. Awkward.