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  1. She's hot, she's smart, she cares deeply about her family. She challenges the status quo. She loves intellectual debate. She's a loner, Dottie, a rebel! ... Also, she's hot.
  2. a distant rumble like thunder could be heard "FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS FORBIDDEN"
  3. The WoBs on Shallan are not trustworthy, Brandon lied to preserve the secret in a lot of those. I do like the idea of "I am terrified" being a Truth, maybe the restatement of a Truth from when she was a kid that reactivated something. Child Truths are probably very simple. I can't find the quote, but I am positive Shallan remarks in a later book that the voice that spoke to Shallan in the "I am terrified" scene didn't sound like Pattern. That was the scene where she first soulcast. Shallan is very good at lightweaving and terrible at soulcasting which seems like a hint that she is getting soulcasting from the deadeye spren and lightweaving from the non-deadeye.
  4. Yeah, Brandon chose the surprise twist over the character development in the case of Amaram. I feel like the "Pure Tones" or music magic was foreshadowed by "The Rhythms" of the Singers, also the name Singers implies it. In The Way of Kings Kabsul shows how the Dawncities made by the Dawnsingers are shaped in accordance with sound (Cymatics). That said eyes did glaze reading the experiments being conducted with the Tones. I didn't find it interesting.
  5. Nice! I don't know exactly what book it's in or if he just said it but I like this by Stephen King:
  6. Love this Shardcast! Slyadin No thank you! I never got a romantic vibe. She is very positive and innocent like Tien. That's their dynamic to me. Unfortunately, I think there is a way this can happen that is the inspiration for what Ishar is attempting. My theory is Siah Aimians, like Axies, were spren who found a way to convert themselves into physical realm beings. Kaladin's Suicidal Ideation I would say it is there at a low level in Way of Kings besides the Honor Chasm. In WoK his constant complaint is that he continues to live while everyone else dies. A big part of that is him trying to redeem himself (in his eyes) for Tien's death by saving others. But he presents it as "everyone else dies, but I keep living" in other words "Why don't I get to die? I hate continuing to live." Kaladin's Fate Since so much of his struggle has been depression, suicidal ideation and struggling not to give up I think a death would be too easy. The more challenging ending of book 5 for him is to have to continue to live and deal with life. Life Before Death, baby! The Lirin's Advocate (hidden for length)
  7. This is great! I'm trying to retranslate the way you describe how the word they chose is actually used most often in German back into English. Ruin in German is like if Brandon had gone with Bankruptcy as the English shard name. Schrulle is like kind of like "quirky", if quirky was almost always meant an insult (sometimes it is). Maybe "hippie dippie". "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" Shard. Ehr is like calling Honor "Hon" or "Hun". In English it is a shortened version of "Honey" when used a term of endearment. Cultivation: "Hi Hon!"
  8. Could be. I would like to see her stick around and become a radiant and then who knows. The other thing that makes it easier on the Fused is that Leshwi and the others have stolen many, many bodies that were not their own over the years and body-less beggars cannot be choosers in the midst of a devastating war to reclaim their homeland. She's probably inhabited bodies of all 4 Singer genders at some point. She stated in RoW that Fused could always come back more than once in prior desolations, the Heralds have to engage the lock by going to Braize in order for the Fused to get permanently (in theory) trapped. On Genderspren: maybe that's what Cusicesh is. They show up once a day and are like "here are all the genders" and rapidly shifts through a ton of people.
  9. Yes in a way. That's good question about progression. To the body she stole the fact that the fact that the body is malen is not a wound or injury that needs to be healed. But, in other cases the mind or spiritweb are more important to progression. Kaladin's scars not healing until he was emotionally ready to let them go being the biggest example. Probably the answer is that it's a body she stole and to the body she stole malen is the default state. The fact it isn't her body creates a disconnect that won't allow for her to change it.
  10. I don't expect Dalinar to be alive as a human after book 5, but it would be such a bummer if Dalinar not only became a servant of Odium against his will, but also was mostly written out of the back half because he's off fighting Harmony. I know he won't be a focus of the back 5 regardless of what happens to him, but still. Also, I don't think a Fused could cause Harmony so much trouble or be worthy of Harmony representing them by a giant red miasma encircling the planet as he does to Wax in BoM. Maybe if he's still connected to Stormfather / largest remnant of Honor it could be a package deal and would help explain why Harmony is like "I don't what this is". Sazed is still pretty cosmere ignorant, but we know from RoW he's talked to most of the Shards. I'm still going with Avatar of Autonomy for Trell. Sazed was very hands on as a god early on helping out the basin humans too much, even he says he regrets it in SoS, and that's something Autonomy would be bothered by. Plus all the Freedom talk from Trell's servants. It seems like there is Dawnshard along those lines of keeping things the same, unchanged or surviving. Hoid was a Dawnshard and he can't eat meat or hurt others, or himself because he once held/was this Dawnshard. I don't know that Kelsier is it. When Rysn became one it was a very noticeable event. If Preservation had a Dawnshard I would think he could handle Ruin better than he did. He invested more in humans than Ruin so Preservation inherently had less power available to use, but Dawnshards are supposed to enhance what can be done with investiture to a crazy degree. I think Kelsier still likes Sazed and wouldn't sabotage him on a large scale by colluding with a hostile Shard or whatever Trell is. Kelsier is probably more self-interested trying to solve his problem of not being able to leave the system because he's a Cognitive Shadow whose investiture traps him there. The Ghostbloods serve as helping him solve that problem while also being his eyes and ears in the Cosmere. At the end of Secret History Kelsier decided he never wanted to be caught off guard by his ignorance of the larger Cosmere machinations again. He accidently set of a series of events that nearly destroyed Scadrial because he didn't know about Ruin and Preservation. I think he's spent the intervening time trying to learn as much as he can about the Cosmere and try to position himself to be a player in it, but he's not quite there yet.
  11. My wacky theory for the nature of Deathrise is that he's an absorbed twin of Lifeforce with separate DNA. This happens occasionally, the surviving twin's blood will have separate DNA from their skin or hair We know from the motivators that Epic powers rely on DNA. Deathrise is the twin DNA that got the power, but is within Lifeforce's body and therefore reliant upon him. Lifeforce doesn't have any powers of his own which is why he is trying to take other people's powers.
  12. They are too long in a way that causes him to cut important character moments. Especially in OB where we don't get Shallans' wedding, Jasnah and Navani reuniting, anything with Szeth in between the battle and him being Navani's bodyguard. I'm saying they aren't long enough because he cut things I would have preferred to read, but they are cut because there is so much other stuff that it's bumping up against the limit of how much they can bind with the normal binding method. To hold more they have to switch binding methods which would increase the price.
  13. What Death Rattle is about alternate Dalinar future events? He sees visions in the Valley of what he would do killing his nephew to assume the throne and burning more kingdoms, but I don't think that's Moeloch showing it to him. There are only two death rattles that mention darkness, the one about it becoming a palace and ruling and one that doesn't mention ruling at all. This is referring to their skin having red in it. I don't see how this supports the original theory of a flood.
  14. I think we can all agree that Shallan's jokes are mostly bad. It's pointed out by Jasnah "You often seem to say the first passably clever thing that enters your mind" (WoK Ch. 29 Errorgance ()) Most of Brandon's funny characters don't work for me (Wayne / Lightsong) or only in small doses (the Lopen). The humor that lands with me is the stuff like Wit and Design where it is more of an odd couple personality clash and less a character trying to make jokes. Shallan is real hit or miss with me. I enjoy when she's reading the deep lore in a giant library or inflitrating the Ghostbloods, less so otherwise. As a lot of people have said she has a serious mental illness and can't just suck it up.
  15. I agree it subtracts more than it adds. Just because her story has twists doesn't mean THIS has to be the final twist. There's a lot of "her story is complicated so my theory is correct" going on. The mom's friend was a Skybreaker and that person influenced her decision to kill Shallan. If the Skybreakers knew about Shallan then Nale knows. Wouldn't Nale come talk to Chana himself and not send a lackey? Wouldn't Nale be aware of his Herald friend and know she's dead? The Heralds promised not to seek each other out, but they break that all the time. Also, if a Herald broke wouldn't the Fused start showing up like they would in a normal desolation? They could take over some Listeners and have the Listeners summon the Everstorm. It seems like a big risk to leave it all up to Ulim to pull off if there were other options.