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  1. They don’t seem to have sapience and there is no evidence they ever did. I’m sure there are secrets about the blades yet to be revealed over the next 7 books, but I don’t think they are spren. The Heralds themselves are closer to being spren than their blades. (The Heralds aren’t Spren)
  2. Eh, he retroactively addressed it well enough and I don't mean it as a slight. He's human and his ideas evolved as he wrote more. He wrote Elantris before he had the Cosmere firmly established and then he wrote the three Mistborn novels all at once but even with MB era 1 he's had to go back and change things because the events of the books did not fit with the mechanical rules he later established. The Elantris shard pool that helps people kill themselves. Kelsier being able to talk to Sazed in the fight with Marsh Brandon Sanderson Yup, that's it. Moving the well, playing with where Kelsier was, and the physics of moving through perpendicularities between Realms all kind of combined to make what I had planned originally there not work. I tried fudging things so Kelsier could be there, and felt it was dishonest to the rules. So I didn't let him stray far enough from the Well to talk to Sazed there. Peter had thought for years that was Kelsier, I recall, and was sad we couldn't connect them. Sazed talking to Vin and Elend and knowing they are "happy where they are now" when he has no way of knowing that because they are in the beyond where he can't see, so Sazed is straight up lying to Spook. Feruchemy being separate powers. Whether Marsh is alive or dead Hoid's activities during Well of Ascension
  3. That's a good point, Shallan already had the sword as a child around the same time that Jasnah was officially meeting her spren as an adult. It's possible Jasnah started a bond much earlier in life, but it was halted. It happened with Shallan and it may have happened with Szeth.
  4. Maybe Hoid has a grudge against Rayse and Bavadin because they killed his brother
  5. OH SNAP! IM BURNT! I just thought " they are quite happy where they are" meant it couldn't be the Cognitive realm. It's a retcon and I missed it.
  6. Yeah basically 40% of the Cosmere novels aren’t canon for Cosmere mechanical purposes I mentioned Secret History in my post, but I missed that he briefly talked to them when I skimmed the ending before I posted. It's a retcon and that's ok. Shards can’t go to either the beyond or the spiritual realm. Most of their power is in spiritual realm but the vessels can’t directly access it. I guess spiritual corpse is the more likely answer. Not satisfying “Evi’s” forgiveness is the equivalent of a mortician hearing air go past the vocal cords of a cadaver. The real person, the intent, the will, the ability to process new information is gone. Feels much less meaningful.
  7. It has to do with spiritual realm not the cognitive. It’s possible he was hearing from Evi in the spiritual realm. Dalinar at least briefly ascended according to Odium. Mistborm Series spoilers:
  8. “A man stood on a cliff side and watched his homeland fall to dust. The waters surged beneath, so far beneath. And he heard a child crying. They were his own tears.” - WoK ch. 3 epigraph Dalinar sees a crude mock up of Kholinar fall to dust in the final vision, but there is no water and no tears. I think Szeth will witness Shinovar’s destruction in book 5. He might even help cause it. Shinovar is close to the ocean and the surge of Division, which is Szeth’s other surge, can cause things to crumble to dust amongst other things. A repeat of whatever was done to shatter the shattered plains, only worse.
  9. I think the death rattles will recur, or apply to more than one situation in the books. There is one in particular that I think applies to Dalinar, twice. The first applies to the more mundane events dealing with House Kholin and Alethkar; the second deals with his Ascension. "fallen title" = House Kholin; Knights Radiants "The Tower" = Kholin Banner has a tower on it; Urithiru "The Crown" = Essentially replacing Elhokar as king in all but name; Replacing Tanavast as Honor's Vessel "The Spear" = Kaladin; A weapon to defeat Odium, maybe by picking a Champion (Kaladin again?) It could also apply to Kaladin. He is present when Amaran drops the KR cloak at Dalinar's order, he saved Dalinar at the Tower, he saved Elhokar in WoR and he got his Shardspear.
  10. Great catch! Maybe it was a Radiant fortress not necessarily of any particular order and when all the other orders quit the Skybreakers started using it. It could also be that each order had a base in one of the 10 Silver Kingdoms and Selas Tales (where the Purelake is) was the Skybreakers. Although, in the WoK vision where Dalinar talks to a radiant it almost sounds like she's saying the KR all live in Urithiru or Althethela. Maybe only her order lives in Alethela, but that's not how she makes it sound. Maybe the KR had war time fortresses in all the kingdoms, but they trained and lived in Alethela during the breaks between desolations.
  11. That's a good in world justification for it. He's also very Honor-like in that moment, doesn't like the #9. 10 though, that's a great number! Like when the 9 soon-to-be Heralds went to Honor with the idea for the Oathpact and he said they needed to recruit one more person. As we discussed in this other thread 10 is either Honor's magic number or the magic number of the Roshar system. I still don't like that Dalinar counts them in that moment.
  12. Yes, there were 10, one representing each of the 10 surge pairings. He counts the Heralds as Radiants even though technically they are a very different thing. What he's really doing is counting book main flashback characters for each of the 10 SA books which he should have no knowledge of. This is a bit too meta for me. I don't like that he's counting main characters in the middle of this battle. I'd prefer if Brandon hadn't highlighted it and left it unsaid that this is the first time all the book main characters are gathered in the same place at the same time. That way it would be a neat little thing if readers notice it and if not that's fine. It is a little meta and on the nose to call it out.
  13. I thought about Eila Stele, but they won't use a name with two gibberish words that are hard to pronounce. I barely know how to pronounce it and I have the audiobook (which may not be correct). A-La Steal-E
  14. He plays with ten because the magic system predates his arrival. There are ten surges and he has no control over that. The 9-centric nature of Braize reflects the fact that he invested Braize, while he hasn't up to now invested the rest of the system. There are 9 unmade, because those are his own creation. So, here we have a couple of the many WoB's on numbers and shards. Note that some shards do have numbers associated with them, but most don't. This would make sense if Honor is one of the ones that do, and Cultivation is one that doesn't. The number 10 is important to Roshar, but there's a chicken/egg scenario in there. Was it important before Honor arrived? Did Honor choose it because of the connection to ten? The number can be important to both the system and the shard without mutual exclusivity. The second one here is also particularly important, no ambiguity in the response at all, a flat yes with Honor being 10 and Odium being 9 a part of that question. Now I won't pretend that it isn't possible that mistakes were made somewhere, but it seems there is pretty strong evidence for the association of 9 with Odium and 10 with Honor. Yeah, the big WoB you quoted seems to puncture the numbered Shards idea. Honor is using 10 because of the Rosharan system. I think we can assume Braize would be 10 as well if not for Odium's presence. Either he did something specific on Braize or because he is the Void his number is the system # 10 - 1 = 9 The 10 gas giants created by Adonalsium tip it in favor of it being a system thing and not an Honor specific thing. It's possible Honor loves 10 and that's why he wanted to go to Roshar. Unless there were 13 gas giants and Honor turned 3 into the moons (somehow) to get to 10 . That would mean there were 16 planets total in the system originally The moons are parked in an unstable orbit, which is unnatural it's like someone did it intentionally who didn't quite know what they were doing. A recently ascended Tanavast perhaps? This brings up my favorite Word of Peter where he yells at people about their moon gas giant theory. In this he shoots down that Roshar can't be a gas giants at the same time as the moons being gas giants. My loony luna theory is that the moons were gas giants and were changed. He says he expects they were put there artificially.
  15. Oathbringer was also the name of Dalinar's autobiography that he was writing at the end. The rest will also be in world books, although they might not be ones previously mentioned.