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  1. A lot of Brandon I encountered through Audible first, so usually I have the opposite problem. "Really, that's how it's spelled?" Evi is spelled that way, I think, to keep with the Aon-ish naming the Iriali have. Hinting that they were descended from Elantrians (theory not confirmed). Evi, her brother Toh, Iri. Lot of 3 letter words like Aon Dor. I always thought the name of Urithiru was inspired by Uluru the rock formation in Australia that has religious significance to Aboriginal Australian. I assumed it is pronounced Ooo at the start not a You.
  2. Loved it!
  3. Jasnah forever! She's smart, mature and no-nonsense and she is described as very alluring. She is also very funny in a cutting, deadpan way. She loves reading and history. She's great! I was nodding along with Ian when he talked about Hoid's whimsy and darkness. He is also a character who seems to have a lot of regret that we only get glimpses of which is really cool. I am a sucker for characters who did genuinely terrible things and sought to be better (hello Dalinar!).
  4. Gotcha. I agree there is nothing that shoots down your theory. It just seems like Honor and Cultivation did the binding, I don't know why they would need Ishar, a mere human at that point, to help. I think he's the binder because he came up with the Oathpact and enforced it through his oaths and actions. He also forced the Knights Radiant structure upon the nahel-bonding spren and some cultures view those spren as gods. That's enough god-binding that Ishar definitely did to earn the title of god-binder. Cognitive Shadows are imprisoning Cognitive Shadows with the Oathpact. Shards imprisoning Shards makes sense to me. I guess he could have negotiated with Odium and got him to agree to something like Taravangian did, but I don't know why Odium would barter with a human when two Shards were alive on the planet. Odium would have been afraid of a 2 on 1 fight after Ambition fought back and would want an agreement directly with H&C to avoid that. I am contractually obligated to mention Dawnshards in every post . Ishar could have used the binding Dawnshard to bind Odium I guess, why Ishar would be the one and how Dawnshards even work or what exactly they are (object, spren, misc.) is unknown. If Ishar bound Odium through some action then he should be able to release Odium. If Ishar abandoned the Oathpact and as the Stormfather says seeks death, I would think he would release Odium. Maybe he did it with a Dawnshard and needs a Dawnshard to undo it and Tanavast heavily implies the Dawnshards are not available anymore. I also don't like the idea of Honor and Cultivation sitting there "duh, what do we do?" and Ishar coming up with the plan AND the Oathpact AND founded the Knights Radiant. I think Honor and Cultivation put their heads together and figured out a way to trap Odium and Ishar was inspired by that and came up with the Oathpact to trap the Fused. It would be a nice parallel to he Heralds and the Radiants where Honor made the Honorblades which gave the Heralds Surges and the spren were inspired by something Honor did and emulated it.
  5. Depends what whoever came up with the title "Binder of Gods" meant by Gods. Ishar definitely founded the Oathpact which bound the Fused who were referred to as gods. I feel like the Stormfather directly contradicts the idea that any of the Heralds bound Odium. It is clear that Odium thinks the power of Honor itself is binding him because he thinks Dalinar, as the holder of the largest remnant of Honor, has the ability to release him. There is the idea that a Dawnshard can bind any creature. Someone climbed Urithiru and used it for something according to this poem, but Urithiru was built long after the Heralds and the Oathpact.
  6. Maybe he knows that Shallan's a Lightweaver and her order grows in power as they tell powerful truths. They are ambitious and power hungry, they are also after knowledge. They seem to jealously guard knowledge, they wanted Veil to find out what Amaram knew and then they tried to assassinate him. They were after Jasnah at a time when she was traveling to the world's libraries researching the voidbringers and tried to assassinate her multiple times. I think they wanted knowledge from Ash in exchange for Taln's location. They don't seem to have recruited her as a member and Mraize's letter indicates they know the Herald's are crazy now so it wouldn't be wise to rely on a Herald as a member. They probably wanted knowledge from her. I don't know if they are guarding a secret or if they are after something and they don't want anyone else getting to it first, so they sabotage people who know too much.
  7. In Oathbringer Dalinar and Shallan combine powers to create the 3D map and she is able to "paint" a wall with Stormlight to show everyone what the Kholinar looks like presently from the Stormfather's perspective. Is this a perk of being a bondsmith or will other radiant order be capable of combining their powers? Could a bondsmith Connect 2 or more radiants of other orders? Wheel of Time Spoilers: It would open up a world of possibilities, but I'm not sure it works without a bondsmith. It would be really fun either way. We've seen a decent amount of radiants hanging around each other and have not seen much evidence of combos. The only possible example I can think of is in WoK and WoR where Shallan enters the cognitive realm physically. Once to prove a point to Jasnah and the other time to escape assassins on the ship. Both times she is near Jasnah. I'm not considering the OB trip because that was the Oathgate and Sja-Anat's doing. In OB Jasnah says "You can't bring yourself into the realm, as I once assumed you could, but there are things there that can feast upon your mind". Ch. 120. But, Shallan went into it Shadesmar enough that she nearly choked to death on beads. I was thinking she was able to more fully go into Shadesmar those two times because of her proximity to an Elsecaller who are the best at transportation to Shadesmar. Is the idea that she didn't go fully into Shadesmar? She gets back fully to the physical realm rather easily unlike Jasnah. Except Jasnah got back along with Shallan really easily in WoK without a perpendicularity. Maybe neither of them was in the cognitive realm fully? They can't astral project according to this WoB, so it's not their cognitive aspect in Shadesmar while their bodies are in Jasnah's aclove spacing out. Also, in WoR Ch. 7 Pattern says "Now. See." right before the transition, not now go which could imply Shallan's not in the cognitive realm completely. Spent more time disproving this as an example of my main topic than on the main topic . Can anyone think of other examples of radiants combining powers?
  8. Yeah, interesting how endowment and ambition are mentioned separate in that WoB. Whether intentional or not in the WoB they do seem like external / internal versions of the same idea. Endowment is gifting or giving to others. Ambition giving to yourself, which could be seen as greed, self-improvement, self-empowerment, self-actualization. Ambition + Autonomy be the ultimate self help guru. The drive to become better than we are currently. Whether it is physical, mental, social status, wealth etc. Ambition would want to see that drive reflected in all sentient beings. Shards tend to apply their intents outward more than inward. Ambition might think the Thrill was overall a positive thing because it is influencing people to compete and strengthen themselves.
  9. I take that to mean if they make it to the back five since that is where he says he'll focus on the heralds. I think all or nearly all the Heralds will be gone by the end of SA book 10, but I'd say five or six make it to back five. Nale, Ishar and Battar won't survive the front 5. They've been identified and are very active in conflicts in the present. Nale is on Odium / the Singers side and will need to be dealt with, Ishar is a belligerent warmonger now and he's made threats to Dalinar and the Stormfather told Dalinar that Ishar seeks death. He seems like he's going to be a problem real soon. Battar/Dova is working for the Diagram they are with Odium now and feel like a group that won't survive the front 5. The heralds that have been in the background might be saved for the back five. We'll get Ash and Taln flashbacks in the back five whether they live or die in the front five, but I think they make it through front five. Jezrien, Nale, Ishar, Battar gone, maybe one more to have five in the back five. As far as we know there aren't any other Heralds actively involved in the major conflict right now, but if one more is gonna go I think Chana or Kalak. Brandon confirmed Chana has been on screen, people think she's Liss in WoR prologue. Kalak has definitely been on screen in the WoR prologue. Of the two I'd think Chana would die sooner because she is more of a risk taker as an assassin. Kalak seems to be jumpy and paranoid which could help him survive. He wants to stay out of harms way, he pulls Nale away from Jasnah right before Gavilar's assassination starts. He might make it. We've gotten one Kalak PoV with the Prelude it would be nice to revisit his PoV at some point.
  10. Agreed, it would have been Battar/Dova if anyone.
  11. In WoK Shallan is in her room trying to get the stolen soulcaster to work and she hears noise outside and fears that it's Jasnah. She opens her door and sees an old woman who says she is a maid. Shallan says the maids were told not to clean in Jasnah's rooms and the maid says she didn't know. Shallan tells the maid to go apologize to Jasnah and uses the opportunity to search Jasnah's room since the maid already disturbed things in there. You and your sensible explanations.
  12. Just as one Dova theory is kind of shot down a new one rises from the ashes like a phoenix! This time with even flimsier evidence. I am starting a new thread because I don't now that she's Dova but I think she may appear in OB. Vedel is an odd choice as one of the 4 endpage Heralds in OB. The other three either show up multiple times in OB (Ash, Jezrien) or they are identified and discussed at length (Ishar). I would think Battar would be the choice since she is ID'd and they want 2 male and 2 female heralds. I wonder if Vedel made an appearance incognito. The end page order is Ishar, Ash, Vedel, Jezrien. This also happens to be the order in which these Heralds are heard from in the present in OB. Ishar - Chapter 24 he sends his angry letter as Tezim. Chapter 64 he is positively ID'd as Ishar by the Stormfather. Ash - I-8 Mem she pretends to be a new washerwoman to destroy Mraize's painting. Mraize identifies her and tells her he knows where Taln is. I-8 is after Chapter 87. So after Ishar is heard from and ID'd. Vedel - ???? Only mention of Vedel is Ch. 47 Jasnah is reading Taln's rantings "Vedel will train your surgeons" The interesting thing is that Taravangian ID's Dova as Battar in Ch. 121 pages 1204-1205 in the e-book. This is RIGHT BEFORE: Jezrien - Ch. 121 pages 1205 -1206 Jezrien is killed by Moash. Jezrien does make another appearance in flashback as Ahu in Ch. 88, but he is not ID'd as a herald then. The end page order corresponds to the order the Heralds are ID'd in present day, except for Vedel the Herald with the divine attribute Healing. Unless Dova, the ardent killing people in the Taravangian's secret hospital, is really Vedel and not Battar. Now is this circumstantial? Is this reaching? Of course it is. But I could still be right storm it! If she is not Dova, did she appear in the book another way?
  13. Yeah, I'm waffling back in forth, but that's the simplest answer. Mr. T does lie about a bunch of other stuff in that conversation with Dalinar, but I guess he was hiding that he went to the Nightwatcher and that Gavilar was getting the visions. To lie about Dova doesn't serve that purpose, only reason would be if the Truthwatcher Herald wanted him to lie. If that's the case I hope the original WoB we don't have a photo of saying Pailiah was the old woman in the library is wrong. I don't like having two female Heralds posing as ardents in Karbranth. Spread them out and preserve the mystery for a while longer.
  14. Harmony has the most pure power right now, but can't use it very well and is ignorant about a lot of things in the Cosmere. Nightblood has the potential to surpass a shard since it is growing in power the more investiture it chews up. It also has the problem of not being able to act, it needs a wielder ... for now!
  15. Thank you! I missed it when I was looking for it even with search feature. Ardent comes up a lot . So that must be Dova, given Brandon said there is only 1 herald hanging around Mr. T right now. The passage even mentions she looks like a Herald. Mr. T says Dova is an ardent and he thinks Dova is a herald. I am back on the Pailiah train (choo-choo!) for the reasons stated in this thread. Don’t feel great that we don’t have a photo of what Brandon wrote and Brandon being surprised, maybe he forgot that he let that slip.