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  1. The main plot gets put on hold sometime after book 5. Considering book 12 was to be the last before Jordan passed and then Brandon looked at the notes and was like “this is way too much plot for one book” and they made 3. Books 6-10 less happens and yet there was SO much left that “needed” to happen. There are a lot of lengthy descriptions of tertiary characters’ clothing and things like that. That said 6 and 10 are the only ones I really didn’t like.
  2. Yeah, given his surprisingly early introduction and the amount of appearances we get from Rayse in OB I would not be shocked if he died at the end of book 5. I expect we will get a lot of him in Book 4. He won’t visit Dalinar anymore but he may still talk to Venli and Mr. T and it’s Venli’s book. Im not sure he can be the big bad for 7 more novels if he is all over them this early. I don’t know what the back 5 will be about if he does die in book 5 though. I’m holding out for an unmet Shard being the big threat after Stormlight. Or a Hoid heel turn.
  3. Emperor's Soul stands on it's own and is fantastic. Don't need any other background for that. Way of Kings is my favorite book of his and The Stormlight Archive series that it is a part of is my favorite.
  4. It depends. If The Boys is a hit people will want their own version to put out. If it flops it might hurt The Reckoners.
  5. That’s true! He does flip out and self-destruct like the people in the story when confronted with it. On the moon story, there is that mural in Urithiru that Shallan found in the room with Cultivation and Honor depicted. This mural shows a blue humanoid floating and embracing a blue disc that seems like the moon. People speculate the blue person is the sibling, but who knows.
  6. I do like that the Emperor being dead mirrors the reveal at the end of tWoK that Honor is dead and has been for a long time.
  7. OK, just throwing this out there, Singers have a gemheart in their ribs/sternum. I assume gemshearts don't rot. Archaeologists need to dig up all those old battle sites from the many Desolations, find those gemhearts. I know they aren't real big, but they are big enough for a radiant spren AND a voidspren to hangout in together when Timbre imprisons Venli's envoy spren inside her gemheart. There are, presumably, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of them buried under the crem.
  8. He shoved the remnants of D&D in the cognitive realm post-splintering. As to not being present for Ambition it seems like killing a Vessel can take a long time. The Stormfather gives the impression that it took years for Honor to die during which he was ranting to the Radiants. That was pre-Everstorm and we’ve only seen Odium manifest directly on Roshar itself with the Everstorm. MB spoiler However he’s killing and splintering, Odium may be able to set it in motion and not have to stick around for the whole process to play out.
  9. I think Sebarial will help bring an industrial revolution, through more mundane means. He has already started. WoR Ch. 40: He's been making incremental progress in engineering and the organizing of labor. He's had a slight setback with the relocation to Urithiru, but I'm sure he'll figure things out. I expect the ideas he and his people are working on combined with Navani's work will lead to a big leap in technology in the back 5. I'm not saying late 1800's or 1900's tech but out of the middle/dark ages.
  10. TL;DR they had a different way of accessing magic on Ashyn unrelated to KR and spren. Before the humans came to Roshar (the planet) they were on Ashyn. The 10 surges represent 10 fundamental forces (Gravity, Light etc.) that can be manipulated via magic in the Rosharan System (Roshar, Ashyn Braize +10 gas giants). The way to access these powers was different on Ashyn than the way humans are doing it on Roshar. Silence Divine spoilers:
  11. The original Vessels would have to have originally been one of the three intelligent species on Yolen at the time of the Shattering: Human, Sho Del or Dragon. Singers were not originally of any Shard because there were not Shards of Adonalsium back then, there was just Adonalsium. They existed pre-shattering. Some Vessels are non-human, all are from Yolen. 3 Intelligent species to choose from: Parshendi existed pre-shattering: Bunch of other WoBs on the making of Roshar:
  12. Yes, 10 is the magic number of the entire system. Braize is 9, I suspect because Odium is "in residence" there or other actively did something to break it. Odium is "The Void", maybe his natural number is -1 and him hanging out on Braize makes it 9. WoB:: The voidbinding chart shows 10 but 2 are "trapped" in the ruby at the center. Maybe they are merged into 1 making it 9. This may be the fuzziness Brandon talks about here:
  13. I think he was definitely, briefly, a Shard vessel. The theory is: Tanavast was the last vessel of Honor. Tanavast died and Honor was splintered to pieces, but Tanavast's cognitive shadow was absorbed by The Stormfather. Tanavast's cognitive shadow is still Connected to the remnants of Honor. Dalinar has bonded the Stormfather and has is now bonded or connected to Tanavast's cognitive shadow. In a 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon way Dalinar is connected to Honor's remnants Dalinar can piece things back together on multiple realmatic levels (like he did with the statue in Thaylen City). Dalinar briefly pieced Honor's remnants back together or enough of it to reform the perpendicularity. I think he is ascending even before he does the clap. Right about here: "They swirled around him in a column of golden light. Beyond it, Odium stumbled back. So small. Dalinar thought. Has he always looked that small?" OB Ch. 119 Dalinar was overwhelmed by the vastness of Odium previously, now he sees Odium's physical representation as a tiny portion of an equal. I wonder if Dalinar, The Stormfather and Tanvast's cognitive shadow will all Ascend together as one Vessel. On the spiritual level Dalinar and the Stormfather are one soul now and some of Tanavast is in the mix somewhere. I'm looking for a twist, I don't think it will be straightforward.
  14. That's a good question. We know they have 9 orders, we don't know that a power is missing. The voidbinding chart has 10 powers.I assume the two orders in the ruby in the middle are combined into one order. It may be less that one is "missing" and more that two are combined into one. KR access their powers through the ideal system (after they bond a spren) which combines two Shards. Honor: Swear oaths and stick to them. Cultivation: You don't get to swear them all at once. There is a progression and only when a person has grown / is "ready" to say the next ideal do they gain more powers. Whatever the Fused are doing is accessed through Odium and may be the reason each order seems to only have one, but the chart shows the powers going to multiple orders. I don't know why 2 Shards = 2 Powers .. 1 Shard = 1 Power (1 Like = 1 Respect) on Roshar. It doesn't seem to work this way in other systems in the Cosmere.
  15. I think he's Bondsmith as well. As for what's up with him appearing Dalinar's dream, there is this idea of a Spiritual Corpse Brandon talks about. Maybe Dalinar is interacting with that. "Even after a long time, there's a record of that spirit web in the spiritual realm." Because Dalinar is connected to Honor's remnants through the Stormfather, Dalinar may be able to interact with these spirit webs. Might be how he hears Evi. I think him having the dream of Gavilar at the end of WoR where a blinding light ends it and Nohadon's dream where there is a blinding light at the start are due to the same thing. I think the light is Honor's power, like how everyone (except Odium) has to shield their eyes when Dalinar is forming Honor's perpendicularity.