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  1. The decay form stanza about not walking on rocky river beds and hills makes me think of the Stone Shamans “Don’t walk on stone”
  2. I haven't seen this new WoB commented on in the either this or the SA forum yet, apologies if I missed it. This, like all things Patji, has me a little confused. I assumed Hoid wrote a letter to Patji who is the one that cannot respond. However, this WoB indicates Patji did respond. Who is the one that cannot respond, then? Or did Hoid write it to the Island Patji and the Entity Patji responded. Brandon speaks of them in those terms in this WoB: It does make sense that Patji is responding because of the references to water and dangerous trials. Was Hoid confused and thought the Island itself was an avatar of Autonomy, but then the Avatar is like "Hey, you got my address wrong."? Maybe more like "Please, Mr. Patji is my Island's name. Call me Patji" Or did he Hoid write or speak to a different Avatar that can't respond and Patji was stuck writing Hoid back? My interpretation of this is that Hoid talked to a different Avatar that, for some reason could not respond. And yet the letter writer comments in the Ch. 46 that they are surprised Hoid found them "we thought it well hidden" and in the ch. 43 epigraph above they express surprise at being located. It really does sound like Hoid wrote a letter to a pile of dirt. Or maybe he talked to an Aviar thinking Patji would get the message. The bird can't respond, but Patji can experience what the invested bird is experiencing. I think Autonomy Avatars being separate in body and mind, but the soul is part of the confusion. The writer may mean different things each time they use we or us.
  3. I like how similar Rashek is to Kelsier. Both members of oppressed groups both charismatic and hateful towards to the ruling class. I think TLR wasn’t into religion because he learned through his uncle that Ruin was screwing with the texts and the religion he grew up with was not reliable. He put that plate in the ministry building quoting his uncle saying only engraving in metal can be trusted.
  4. Yeah, it's awful.
  5. So is Odium the Burger King now? Both wear crowns and now Burger King is all “Only I truly understand you” “I care about emotions.” “I’m the only fast food (Shard) that does”
  6. It’s speculation, but there is a WoB saying Honor’s perpendicularity moves and the Highstorms are associated with Honor and full of his investiture. The Highstorms aren’t the perpendicularity but connected.
  7. That’s a connection i never made. Aimian’s probably circumnavigated and mixed with east coasters. As to the origin, there has to be something out there. It keeps being brought up.
  8. Ahhhhh! Weird, I like it. Might be how the species started as well. Little organisms synced up somehow.
  9. It's really interesting that they are worldhoppers and are on other planets. I believe he said in the past that at least one will be in the final mistborn era, but I hadn't thought they would be on a bunch of planets already. Mostly because they have a hard time fitting in as humanoids and their hordelings while can blend in on Roshar, but none of the other planets we've seen have anything like them. They'd really stick out. I assume it is just the way he said it because it is an impromptu answer during a signing, but "settled on Roshar" is an odd way to put it. People usually settle places they came to from somewhere else. I can't imagine the Sleepless are not Roshar natives. Maybe some Sleepless left and made other Sleepless elsewhere and those Sleepless came to Roshar and "settled. How do Sleepless reproduce anyways? Like not a more hoardlings, but a separate hivemind? If they make a ton of hoardlings and then some of them get out of range from the main group do they begin to develop a separate mind?
  10. Can things that aren't thought about enough to have a bead in Shadesmar be soulcast? Like if 1 person theorizes that Dark Matter exists and let's say it does actually exist in the Cosmere, is that enough for them to try and soulcast it?
  11. Yep, and Warbreaker spoiler: Threnody spoilers:
  12. I don’t think a radiant could heal the parshmen. The person being healed has to remember what they lost on some level. They have to still think of themselves as being whole. These Parshmen were never whole. A Shard could fix them we’ve seen they can create life and move planets around. I don’t think Odium used Progression. I think Edgedancers have to become physically graceful because they are moving without friction. Any misstep and they flop all over, as Lyft does. That’s why she goes to her knees and paddles with her arms. Contrast her to the Fused she was chasing in Thaylen Field. The Fused was skating along very efficiently.
  13. Jasnah because I love her and we're getting married! Sazed because he is easy to get along with and drops all kinds of knowledge (even before he became a god).
  14. "Do you think I will ever meet with you when you are feeling well?" ... "Do you really think you will ever be able to negotiate with me from a position of power?" - Odium OB "Why is there so much war? Must we always fight" ... "ODIUM REIGNS" Kaladin & Stomfather tWoK "A dozen candles burned themselves to death on the shelf before me. Each of my breaths made them tremble. To them, I was a behemoth, to frighten and destroy. And yet, if I strayed too close, they could destroy me. My invisible breath, the pulses of life that flowed in and out, could end them freely, while my fingers could not do the same without being repaid with pain. ... Those candle flames were like the lives of men. So fragile. So deadly. Left alone, they lit and warmed. Let run rampant, they would destroy the very things they were meant to illuminate." - Nohadon The Way of Kings
  15. Agreed. They will have been at war for over a year when the novel picks up and the war won't be over by the end because there is another book in the front 5. Has a "daily life in wartime" feel to it.