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  1. This is a great question by @Argent. We got this WoB about whether each magic system will reflect the Command - intent relationship between Dawnshards - Adonalsium. He basically says each will, but barely. Which to me is another way of saying they aren't really inherent to each magic system other than that every intentional act magical or not has someone intend to do a thing and then a specific way they go about doing it. I don't think this relationship would be an inherent part of all magic. Adonalsium existed before the Dawnshards, he created them somehow to help him do the coolest stuff he wanted to do. (DS ch. 19) From that we know Adonalsium could create (do magic) without the Dawnshards because he made them somehow. Then the Dawnshards broke off / wandered off from Adonalsium before the Shattering. They were not a part of the investiture that became the 16 Shards. They were used to create the 16 Shards in that they were used to kill Adonalsium and influenced what Shards he split into, but the Dawnshards are inherently useless without the Investiture of the 16, should all magic systems that spawn from Investiture of the 16 have a Dawnshard - Adonalsium relationship? On Nalthis there is a very direct mimicry of the relationship, but that doesn't have to be the case. The Dawnshards and the Shards are separate, the Dawnshards can't do anything on their own. The Shards can do all kinds of things on their own. If the Shards had a Dawnshard they could do what they already do on a whole other level. The Dawnshards are amplifiers of the already existing magic, they aren't a necessary components of that magic.
  2. Asking Brandon not to do side projects is like asking the High Storms not to blow. Even if we got them faster they might not be as good because he'd be burnt out and I think the time working on other projects allows him to experiment and improve aspects of his writing. I think his time spent writing the Wheel of Time, the challenge of writing someone else's established characters and working with Harriet as an editor really helped him as a writer. Not that he wasn't good before, but I think that experience was valuable for him as an artist. I wouldn't want him to finish anyone else's books again, but if he wants to do other stuff that's cool. The OP isn't wrong. I doubt he'll finish the Cosmere saga. With both his Cosmere and non-Comsere works he tends to expand on what he originally thought he'd write. Brandon "I accidently wrote an entire book" Sanderson. MB Era 2 wasn't even going to exist then it was 1 book, then 3, now 4. Skyward is not only a book, but 4 books and here's a ton of novellas. Reckoners is done, maybe a novella, actually I wrote so many novellas it's a full novel. I've limited my expectations to SA 5 and W&W 4 and that feels good. I can't be mad about it, he's the most open and honest major author I know of as far as what he's working on and the progress he's making on it, why he does the things he does.
  3. I agree this will be Szeth watching Shinovar get wrecked and the sea flooding in. I think it will be from Division being used at large scale to wreak the mountains and perhaps the land which will allow the sea to flood in. I don't think there will be another storm that covers everything though. I think we've seen what this one refers to already. The storm that never stops is referring to the Everstorm as in forever, never stopping. Like a mistranslation from a dying person not fully understanding what they are witnessing. I think this reaction of "he has won" is very similar to the Stormfather's reaction after the Everstorm comes at the end of WoR. This most likely refers to the Unmade taking over the palace in Kholinar during OB. There is a dome of gloom that covers the palace.
  4. Yeah, if he covered over the scars on his mouth and wore a uniform they wouldn't connect him by sight at all. It honestly might be an oversight, but there is a plausible reason they wouldn't recognize him.
  5. I think the modern worship of soil and farming is a warped version of the Ashynites original edict to stay in Shinovar and not to go past the mountains. They were given Shinovar and that was where they were meant to stay per Stormfather in OB. Shinovar has earthlike dirt / soil etc. while the rest of Roshar's surface is more rocky due to erosion from Highstorms. Some of the early Humans invaded the rest of Roshar triggering the Desolations which were disastrous. This exact sequence of events has been forgotten, but the values remain: 1) Soil is great, don't go on the stones!! (Stemming from original Stay in Shinovar command and the bad things that happened when the early humans went on the stones) 2) The worst thing you can do is fight. (Stemming from what caused the desolations) 3) The worst punishment, Truthless, is giving someone a weapon and commanding them to leave Shinovar and kill. (A micro version of what humans did to trigger Desolations)
  6. Yeah it's a big theme for his character. HE has to be the one to do it. He tells Szeth "I am the monster who will save this world" at the end of WoK. On the one hand he sees it as a great sacrifice on his part to do these terrible things for the benefit of others on the other he really wants to show the world they were wrong about him being a dummy. He has a lifelong insecurity complex from the doctor telling his mother he might have "diminished capacity". He still occasionally rereads that doctors note from 80(?) years ago to motivate him. He asks for "capacity" specifically on his trip to the Valley. He clearly cares about others or he wouldn't have tried to save the world. He did a great job of keeping all his machinations a secret for many years which meant he couldn't claim credit, kudos to him. But the idea of HIM saving the world and being vindicated for a lifetime of perceived slights is a motivating factor. Like you said he ultimately gives into it.
  7. Thank you for this Shardcast. I was ignorant of a lot of the interpretations of the subtext highlighted in this episode, I appreciated it. I had no real reaction to Jasnah being Ace. Other than "as long as Brandon thinks it fits the character" and "Wait, Wit? Really?!". Their relationship didn't ring true to me. I get her being interested in him in general because he's an ancient entity who has been to many planets and knows a ton of stuff, but as a romantic relationship the idea of anyone romancing Wit felt off even before I got to their chapter. I always viewed Jasnah's great discomfort with marriage as stemming from *gestures at her parents' marriage*. Jasnah respected her parents, but she had to know they were miserable together. Her mother could have pursued her scholarship more fully earlier in her life if she hadn't become queen through marriage and been burdened with helping run a country that's constantly at war. Jasnah doesn't want to end up like her mother, she wants to pursue her career and she can't do that if she is stuck ruling her spouse's kingdom. As was said on the podcast my read on those scenes is not meant to be mutually exclusive to anyone else's.
  8. Brandon has said he's not the right person to finish that series. Their prose are too different. Plus, he's got so many series of his own he needs to work on. WoB hidden for length: I voted Patrick, but only because he's still in his 40's and theoretically has a lot of time to finish the book ... if he really wants to, which he may not and that's OK too. Maybe not OK for his publisher if they paid him a big advance and they never get a book out of it, but I'm OK with it never coming out. I've reached Acceptance.
  9. Yeah, that's basically my take on their structure. Iyatil is an upper echelon member of the Ghostbloods, she's training Mraize to take charge of the Roshar branch office of the company. Mraize calls her his "babsk" which is what Rysn calls her mentor. Mraize runs the meetings and the day to day, if he needs correcting or instruction Iyatil does it privately so as not to undermine Mraize in front of everyone. Iyatil will eventually move on to wherever she is needed next leaving Mraize in charge.
  10. Shameless plug time! I don't know what his ultimate goal is: make himself human, convert all the fused into mortals again, make new heralds etc. I do think Ishar knows what he is attempting has been done before, but not by him.
  11. Yeah, it's like when Nintendo puts characters from a lesser known game into a Smash game. Hoping people will be like "what are they from?" and check it out. "INTRODUCING: Kehvin from Fire Emblem 5!!!"
  12. Kelsier in Fortnite, might leave tonight? Mistborn themed Crypto limited time offer: Coinshot up 1000%
  13. That sounds to me as though Taravangian was losing hope, and some external force helped tilt the scales in his favor. And what external force was that? Bravery, otherwise known as Valor! It did stick out to me when rereading that passage. He describes Bravery like people do when they perceive the true nature of a Shard, giving examples of what it represents and the only Shard that fits is Valor. We've seen this three other times in the Cosmere that I can think of. Dalinar viewing Odium in the spiritual realm: It was hatred. A deep, pulsing hatred with a pressure to turn all things molten. It was the heat of a thousand suns, it was the bliss of every kiss, it was the lives of all men wrapped up in one, defined by everything they felt. Mistborn Secret History: I think it's a good guess that Taravangian was Connecting to or being influenced by Valor in this moment. One thing to keep in mind is that the Shard investiture permeates all of the Cosmere, so the Shard doesn't have to be actively doing anything for some of it to be nearby. Also, Taravangian was partially in Odium's special gold room in the Cognitive realm while at the same time being stabbed to death in the Physical realm by Szeth while encountering the Vessel of a Shard which is mostly in the Spiritual realm. I don't know what my point is , but maybe this weird situation makes it easier for Taravangian to Connect to a Shard that's not in the local system. Or maybe Nightblood has a lot of Valor in him and that's where Taravangian is sensing it from.
  14. Yeah, "Fortnite is still popular?" was my reaction. It is something no one would guess, that's for sure. Of all the things to see him "adapted" in I was not expecting Fortnite. So many fun theme park ideas! I'm thinking glowing, normal Elantris, but once in a while, on a random day, the walls become covered in slime. It's a hotel / theme park too. All in one, so you'll wake up in a hotel room with slime running down all the walls. On Slime Day they confiscate all painkillers as well.
  15. LOL! I was thinking about things like Galaxy's Edge and what kind of specific world I'd want a theme park of. I love Brandon's work, but his most popular works feature either awful, deadly environments or they are just Earth. Imagine a Mistborn Era 1 theme park. Ash everywhere all the time. Terrible. My guess for today's announcement is Settlers of Catan tie-in novel or some similar 3rd-party IP novel.