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  1. The Stormlight books are getting to be a bit too long. He cut or skipped big emotional scenes from Oathbringer like Jasnah and Navani reuniting after Navani spent all of WoR buried in grief over her "death", Shallan's wedding occurs off page and Dalinar / Navani confronting Szeth after the battle isn't shown. Szeth's suddenly her bodyguard after killing her first husband and trying to kill her second husband twice. This seems like the result of trying to cram too much in, he had to omit these because they aren't that plot important, but they are extremely character important. He recycles some big plot arcs quite a bit. Shallan's Oathbringer plot of feeding refugees and it backfiring is a recycled Elantris plot where they the naive noblewoman is ignorant of gangs that control the area of a closed off city under siege/ guard and she gets people hurt / killed by giving away food. It's like he needed a reason for Shallan to be in need of a Hoid pep talk. Taravangian being revealed to be performing human sacrifice is a better done version of Iadon in Elantris. Both were monarchs who seemed kind of stupid and had a hidden chamber where they performed human sacrifice to gain something from supernatural beings. Bridge 4 and Kelsier's crew coming together are very similar to Raodon's "building a community" plot. They all realize they need to do something to make life worth living. Cooking, cleaning taking pride in the small things. Kelsier, Kaladin and Raodon all fake smile and laugh to keep other people's spirits up. Since Bridge 4 is a transplant from Dragonsteel prime the other two are reiterations of Bridge 4 really.
  2. This is one of the "Child of Tanavast" explanations I like. Either Stormfather senses he could be the successor or Kaladin just strongly reminds Stormfather of Tanavast in his personality. Stormfather is kind of dumb and extremely pessimistic, as soon as the Everstorm comes he tries to kill Dalinar with a highstorm. He assumes all is lost and wants to give Dalinar a quick death as courtesy. I don't think the Stormfather consciously thinks anyone will succeed in becoming the next Honor, but he may sense that possibility in Kaladin. That's a great pull on Syl hearing the pure voice! It would make sense for the voice to be Cultivation since she is still alive. There is an outside chance that it's Tanavast either from beyond the grave or the past/all times spiritual realm mumbo-jumbo. The whole first part of what Syl is saying about knowing Kaladin before she knew him is spiritual realm mumbo-jumbo the voice could be too. I think Kaladin is also an obvious choice for Honor. I think he'd be a good Honor + Odium and possibly as good of an Odium as one can expect, especially if Syl and he are still one on the Spiritual level. Shallan thinks of him in an interesting way in OB: If he is Odium's new vessel with a little bit of Honor through being bonded to Syl he might be the best odium vessel we can hope for. Probably still would be a problem as we've seen before the Shard's nature will win out in the long run. I doubt that's where the series is going especially not in book 5, but who knows.
  3. Yeah, a combo of "lost" and at least one group hoarding them. Maybe some radiant orders, aware of the chaos caused at Feverstone Keep, decided not to drop their shards in front of a bunch of soldiers. Instead they stored some away in a cave or abandoned them, sticking the blades in the ground, in a barren area far from civilization and they've since been covered in crem. As to who is hoarding, I think at the very least the Skybreakers collected a bunch. My guess is Nale and other Skybreakers took a bunch of them and he has them in a trove to give out to proto-surgebinders he recruits. Kalak was present at the strike against BAM, Kalak and Nale are still buddies of a sort and hang out once in a while at least, Nale could have been there. He may have helped influence the Skybreakers to secretly not break their oaths and had them grab as many shards as they could for safekeeping. They can fly, so it wouldn't be as hard to go around scooping them up as it would for other orders. That said, I don't think they anywhere near all the missing shards. Nale gave plate and blade to Helaran Davar according to both Helaran (he says tells his father he is a member of the Skybreakers) and the Ghostbloods (who lie, but this seems true). Nale seems in the habit of giving magic swords to new recruits i.e. Szeth and Nightblood. The Honorspren have been caring for as many deadeyes as they could at Lasting Integrity. But in RoW Adolin observes a ton of deadeye standing near the coast outside the fortress and the guard he's talking to is shocked by how many new ones showed up more recently. So many that they've out of room to take anymore in. These are blades no one has bonded. This could be that they are drawn there because of the Recreance "trial" that hadn't started yet. Somehow they sensed it, I dunno. That seems the implication because they are watching the fortress. Alternatively, or perhaps, in concert with this idea, it has been pointed out that Lasting Integrity's location and the Emuli battle front in the physical realm are close to each other. So we've got both Nale and Ishar's forces somewhat near. If one or both has a bunch of blades that they are keeping near their armies the spren would have followed their blade to near Lasting Integrity and then somehow sensed the recreance trial and went there to stare at the fortress. I don't know if it makes a ton of sense for Nale to have a bunch of blades he hasn't given out, yet he keeps them in like a stormwagon he takes with his army so he can keep an eye on them. Maybe he keeps them close by in case he finds someone "blade worthy" to recruit, but he can fly and so can his minions. Nale could send someone to get a blade from a secret trove if he wanted. Heralds be crazy, but it's kind of odd to go to war, take a bunch of magic swords with you, but don't arm your allies with them. Maybe he and his Skybreakers need to stay at the battle front and can't go back for them, yet he still wanted a bunch close by in case he finds new proto-surgebinders so he took them on the road. Ishar could also have a bunch. Ishar may have been at the strike of BAM or otherwise known the recreance was happening and collected a bunch of blades. Again you'd think he'd give them out in war. Especially considering how warlike he has become. He is different from Nale, I don't think he'd have the same hang ups about who gets one.
  4. theory

    Yeah, I think they are likely descendants of human - Siah offspring. I don't think we know much about them other than Sigzil couldn't resist touching strangers blue-patterned skin and got arrested then Hoid had to bail him out
  5. TL;DR: Siah Aimians were Honorspren that came over to the physical realm like Ishar is trying to do. That's why they are all blue and that's why Aimia was where all the ancient Fabrial's, spren turned into objects came from in the Silver Kingdoms. Axies can change his skin at will is the physical realm, this is a remnant of Spren like Syl changing her appearance in the physical realm. Axies is documenting every possible spren in the physical realm, building a family tree of sorts. Axies has been alive for a loooooong time, spren live theoretically forever. Ishar is trying to convert or "translate" Spren cognitive realm humanoid bodies into physical realm bodies. It's not going well. The Radiant spren type that lasts the longest in the physical realm are the Honorspren. Ishar is insane, but he is not ignorant. He thinks this can be done and he's had some success with Honorspren. I was chatting with @HoidvsVoid about the origins of all the different varieties of humanoids. Some were native like the Singers others came from Ashyn others came from other systems in the cosmere (Iriali) and others are a result of interbreeding between these humanoids. The Siah Aimians (the blue guys like Axies) we don't know a lot about. The Dysian Aimians (Seepless) came from somewhere else, but we don't know much about the blue ones. The two types are both called Aimians because they lived in the same place, but they have little in common. Then I saw a picture of Axies. It's fan art, but it jogged something in me. In my head Axies was a darker blue, but that's just in my head. This color is what I would call Syl Blue or Honorspren blue. Axies fan art vs official Dragonsteel Syl artwork hidden for size: What do we know about Aimian's? Well they were masters of ancient Fabrials, which we learned in RoW are spren transformed into physical realm objects. They were fabrial central of the Silver Kingdoms, in other words they were the "Spren turn into something in the physical realm other than a blade" central. What else do we know about Siah Aimians? Axies can change his skin at will to jot things down. We see Syl constantly change her physical realm appearance in the books. What if this is a remnant of that ability? They can't fully change shape, but they can change things within that shape at will. Axies himself has dedicated his life to seeing every spren in the physical realm and documenting them. Building a family tree kind of. Regardless, this reinforces the Siah Aimian - Spren connection. Axies has been alive a looooooooong time. Spren don't have a natural lifespan, although we do know they can be killed under certain circumstances. Axies wasn't wearing any clothes in his interlude. He comments that this happens a lot, he gets robbed or otherwise loses all his possessions. It's funny, but it could also link back to how spren don't have clothes in the cognitive or physical realm they just change part of their body to look like clothes. Wearing clothes doesn't come naturally to a spren, you'd think Axies would adjust after thousands of years, but maybe it feels unnatural to him. EDIT: Credit to @some punny username on Discord. Axies shadow casts the wrong way which we know is a thing that being's close to Shadesmar do.
  6. Yeah, you shouldn't feel bad for missing it. They are very lightly implied in text, but you'd have to make some leaps to connect it. Herdazians having extremely hard finger nails, like stone or carapace. The Horneaters have super strong jaws, the anatomy is different from humans, allowing them to chomp on the native carapaced creatures, as if they too were native to Roshar or had picked up some traits from humanoids who were. Some things make more sense when you realize what the Horneaters are. Rock says they moved to live on the peaks because every hated them for being too good at fighting. Really it was that they were too Singer for the humans and too human for the Singers. Once the Desolations started neither side trusted them and they had to find an unassailable location to retreat to.
  7. They did long ago. Horneaters are Human-Singer hybrids. Herdazians are as well.
  8. Did Cultivation Encourage Enlightenment? You discussed how critical Glys is to Taravangian's plan working. That means it was also critical to Cultivation's plan working. You mentioned the WoB saying the Truthwatcher spren were the most willing. Were they willing because Cultivation told these two spren to allow Sja-Anat to change them? Or at least the first one that bonded Renarin?
  9. I stand by my stupidity Speaking of ... I refuse to believe Gavilar will come back as a cognitive shadow. I see all the potential foreshadowing, it could be what happens, I just don't think it will. I think we get PoV prologue and spiritual mumbo-jumbo Connection vision of him talking to Dalinar, Navani or both. I don't think Brandon will repeat himself with the Kelsier thing so directly. Guy who wants to save the world and is also an egomaniac gets killed and finds a way to stick around. My interpretation of his "realm of the gods" and immortality talk is he was going to Ascend to become Honor as Dalinar has in his place in a very roundabout way. He was getting Visions from the Stormfather, he probably had begun to bond with the Stormfather. He probably didn't swear the oaths, it's not clear. But, he was deeply connected to the remnants of a god, or beginning to be. He seems to know a LOT more than our main characters about the Cosmere. He understood the old holder of Honor was dead and he had an opportunity.
  10. I really hope the only Gavilar we see in book 5 is his POV in the prologue and spiritual realm him a la Tien in book 4. If Dalinar and or Navani Connect to Gavilar and they have a talk that'd be cool. I don't see Gavilar as a character that needs to come back. Kelsier was a co-main character of a book who died near the end of it. We at least new him. We don't know Gavilar that well, I feel like the prologues will give us most all the we need on who he was and what he was up to. I don't want a Stormlight Secret History with a guy we barely knew hanging out as a ghost off-page for 7 years and then shows up at the end of book 5 as a surprise. There's 900 named characters in this series, one of them can stay dead.
  11. Thanks for the shoutout! To give credit where it's due @Feather mentioned the possibility of Invention being on a spaceship or flotilla of spaceships first in this Shardcast: That's a great thought, Silverlight makes a good name for a spaceship and would be a Brandon-esque "didn't expect that, but it does fit". Plugging my meme
  12. It's totally Mars in my mind. The only thing is the Fused don't have bodies of their own. Their original bodies died and they were free floating spirits in Cognitive Realm when Odium made them a deal, serve me and I'll give you persistent life. They need to bodysnatch from a living Singer on Roshar to get a body and there is no one alive on Braize except the cognitive shadows. The Heralds were still in their bodies when they were "killed" and became cognitive shadows. That's why they keep regrowing the same body instead of having to steal one. I don't think the Fused can do much more than scout Heralds zipping around as ribbons of light like the Pursuer does. The Thunderclasts, however, there is plenty of rock to inhabit. Then again I could be totally wrong and since Odium is on Braize he could just make bodies for the Fused to inhabit on Braize. But if he did that why do they need to bodysnatch on Roshar if they already had bodies on Braize? Maybe the Barrier Storm has something to do with why they have to slip through without a body. That could work. I'm for the more "Unite Them" Singers and Humans live together. Although, if Braize is made more Earth-like I'd rather live on the non-highstorm planet if I was a human (which I totally am ) My prediction for Book 5 is Shinovar gets trashed, removing the only human-friendly ecology. Based on the following Death Rattle. We've seen something similar with Dalinar watching Kholinar get obliterated in the last vision of WoK. But that is of the possible future that Tanavast feared would happen. "It's what I fear will happen. It's what he wants." - WoK CH. 75
  13. Spren would be involved by inhabiting the Singer gemhearts. But, to your point, they aren't doing it through the Nahel bond We don't even know when Honor became aware of the Nahel bond, because he too was surprised by the Knights Radiant. "I was surprised when these orders arrived. I did not teach my Heralds this." RoW Ch. 4 They are manipulating surges, but are they doing the binding part? Not if that means doing it through a Nahel bond. There are other questions. "Honor bound the surges" Does the "binding" in surgebinding refer to what Honor did to the Surges or to the Nahel bond? Does any magical manipulation of the surges on Roshar post-"Honor bound the surges" count as surgebinding? Are the Heralds Surgebinding? Yes. The Heralds relationship with Honor / Honorblades was mimicked by Spren resulting in surgebinders and the radiants. The Heralds aren't doing it through a spren, nor are they using their own Cognitive Shadow investiture to do it like The Fused. They can't do it without the Honorblades. Which era of Singers created these cities? Non-radiant spren and Singers pre-date the Shattering. There is a time pre-Shattering and presumably a little bit post-Shattering where the Singers could have been manipulating surges before Honor showed up and forbid it.
  14. Harmony can't find Invention again after initial contact, implying they are not on a planet. Perhaps on a spaceship flotilla or one giant spaceship. A society with no planet would necessitate a lot of invention and creative use of resources, satisfying the Shard intent. Everyday living under Invention's influence is like this:
  15. I'm fairly sure it is Taldain, the White Sand planet. There is "Dayside" were the sun constantly shines and a "Darkside" where the Sun never shines. The sky is broken. On Ashyn, the floor is lava, quite literally. The ground is broken there, not the sky. The sky is the only place where it is somewhat safe.