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  1. I'll take the spec doc please. Almost asked to be a pinch hitter, but mid August is the last super busy week for me this summer I think. But even after that, i probably shouldnt : (
  2. Also, not sure if the spec doc has been shared yet. I didn't see it, so here it is. Hopefully that works.
  3. I wasn't paying super close attention, but Araris was my one strong read. As village. Well played.
  4. Sorry Sart. I already dont have enough time to do everything I need to IRL.
  5. I'd like to sign up as a spectator please!
  6. Not to speak for Striker/Maill, but they mentioned this in the dead doc. First of all, and most importantly, the Kandra. If they kill a vote manip, the smoker can protect the village. Or if the kandra kills the smoker, they can protect from the vote manip. Second, I've definitely seen misplays from village vote manips. A village smoker can protect from those misplays. Also, I am curious as to why every role has to be useful in combating the opposing faction. Roleless is a role that is not useful, so if you replace roleless with... Smoker... you basically have a slightly better roleless now.
  7. Wow, reading the docs goes way faster when most of the text in one of them you contributed. In all seriousness, I spent my entire lunch break at work today trying to figure out how to make a program in google scripts that would tell what colours the text is in a doc and what percentage of said doc is each colour. I couldn't figure it out though... so if any of you know... Umm, I made it up. : P I don't know if you plan to read the dead doc, but basically, I was rooting for Drake to win... Then he died... So I was rooting for Rath... Then he died... And I needed someone else. I didn't know who to pick, so I picked you and the other HK as the two I would root for. That's basically all there was to it. xD (I also thought Araris was the village HK by the way xD) This was all just from me ctrl-fing my name. I'll have to do a thorough read over the weekend. (I think this is my first and last free weekend of the summer! Yay!) Edit, wow. I didn't realize how long this was. I'm gonna throw a couple spoilers in here to decrease the length. Oh, if you want to get a good laugh at my expense, just ctrl-f Aman/Fifth's names in the dead doc. xD Oh, I also had a theory for a bit that Devotary was the Kandra, Rath was Elim, and I was village. That would have been amazing.
  8. I'd like to sign up! ... As a... um... as... a... well... I... Um... Spectator please. : (
  9. Preface: I'm not good at RP. Now to continue with the post: (xD) Ok, more thoughts to come after reading the other docs. (For those who don't normally read docs, I heard good things about the entertainment quality of the elim one.) Basic preliminary stuff: I absolutely love all of you, and have not meant to sound sharp/snappish/rude/anything to any of you recently. As several of you know from my status updates and comments in discord, I am going through a lot of stuff IRL right now. Spectating these games has been a huge blessing with allowing me to partake in the game without having to commit at all. However, I know this is no excuse for how I have been recently. Therefore, this will be my last game for the next... 1-2 months at the very least. This will hopefully let me focus on my real life and get into a healthier mental state, which will allow me to treat you all with the respect you all deserve. Once summer ends I am hoping I'll have more time, but even then, there is no guarantee. However, this brings me to my second point: @Ventyl, it was an absolute joy to play with you this game. And while I hope to play another game with you where we can interact more closely, if you choose to stay, I believe I can feel comfortable stepping back from these games with you to replace me. (But really, seriously, no pressure : P ) You really impressed me this game, and if you choose to stay, I look forward to seeing you grow as a player. (also, if you read my comments about you in the dead doc, don't take the compliments too personally. : P ) @Fifth Scholar, just so you know, I did an almost 2 page analysis on one of your posts in the dead doc. I already knew you were village at that point... But my conclusion to that analysis was... You're an elim. : P Even after knowing your innocence 100%, beyond the grave, I still elim read you SO HARD xD I want to point out how funny I found it once I realized I publicly called out both Aman and Stick for being elims, and then village read them both in my player analysis. Granted, that day wasn't the best for me mentally. So idk what my conclusions actually would have been. Speaking of that analysis, most of you never saw it. In fact, only 3 players ever saw my analysis that game. Those players were Drake, Aman, and Stick. I trusted Drake 100%, but I made the poor choice to PM all the people I suspected. So I had PMs with Fifth, Aman, and Stick... And probably would have PMed Lum the next turn had I lived. Idk if I am allowed to quote PMs after the game, but hopefully if I am not allowed, it will be accepted in this instance. Because I want to share what I sent to Drake in our PM before I died.: I sent my reads list to Stick and Aman, but nothing else. As I go into detail in the dead doc, I actually PMed Aman a bunch after I sent this PM, and ended up leaving out some valuable AI info about him due to it. @_Stick_ You did really well in our PM. I prize myself in my ability to PM, but you completely fooled me. I still suspected you a bit due to what you said in-thread, but I generally trust my PM reads more than my thread ones. Looking back on the PM, you only ever said NAI stuff, but your tone just sounded very village to me. You did really good. Also, @Rathmaskal proved he is a god at village in this game. I analysed a bunch of his posts as well, but he posted tons of AI village content with a village tone. I wanted Rath to be an elim so bad this game. But regardless, I loved watching you get torn to shreds despite how village you were. xD @Amanuensis While congratulating Rath, I really have to call you out as well. Rath had almost less than a 0% chance of being an elim this game (which is why I wanted him to be one). You being able to get him lynched was... incredible? extrordinary? I honestly don't know. So infuriating and facinating to watch at the same time. I'll leave it at that. xD You did some other great stuff this game, like claiming Kandra and such... And while many people might remember that as your big moment this game as it was flashy, getting Rath lynched, I believe, was a much, MUCH more incredible feat. Anyways, after Drake and Rath died, I started rooting for a Hazekiller Final 2... But you had to let me down on that by killing Straw. :'( Anyways, thanks Stick for carrying the HK legacy on with you. And of course, a huge thank you to @StrikerEZ and @Mailliw73. This game was fun to play, and just as fun to spectate (probably more, but only due to my circumstances). I loved being able to talk to you both as well about the game, theories and such as well. It feels so weird to be called out for my analysis... That never happens! xD Death to the Allomancers! Umm, everyone? Well, let's just say that seeing the future isn't just from "Him"
  10. Haha, that was very impressive Elandera! No one said anything about Zombies having lower intelligence! @Kidpen Hint: You can find it in the writeup in question. xD
  11. Yeah, I was being sarcastic due to you saying in thread I was allowed to post. Obviously I wasnt going to post in thread again making that joke... granted, I accept it want funny. : P
  12. Great Job Maill and Straw! Who wins as a refugee? Maill, Straw, and everyone who died as a refugee? Edit: Also, Alv, you never told me I could post! I could have been talking to the players this whole time! : P
  13. “One day, there was a monkey tribe just minding their own business, when they saw a bunch of humans crawl out of the bushes. While normally, they would keep their distance from humans, these ones seemed in dire need of medical attention. As the monkeys ran forward to help, they quickly realized something was wrong. But it was too late. None of the humans apparently thought it worthwhile to warn the monkeys about the zombies. Before they had a chance to run, the zombies quickly took their opportunity snatch as many monkey brains as possible. Few of them were able to escape. Luckily, I, Georgey, scrambled up a tree as soon as possible, and the zombies were unable to follow me. I shouted for the survivors to scramble for the trees, and 8 of us made it. Unfortunately, I made a grave mistake that night. As we all went to sleep high in the trees, I felt a searing pain in my shoulder, and saw a zombie monkey biting me. I jumped to my feet and attempted to scramble away, but it was too late. I too became one of them us them us, and the two of us together quickly converted the rest of the sleeping monkeys. Ravaged by hunger, we set off to find more unsuspecting tree dwellers.” Georgey pushed the makeshift typewriter, to the left, and rolled the paper out. Georgey was your average monkey… perhaps a little more intelligent, but other than that, perfectly average. When he was a year old, he found he could start a fire by scraping some stones against each other, and when he was 3 years, he learned that if he put clay in between sticks, he could build complex structures. Oh, but you should have seen what some of his friends made… His newest invention, a typewriter. He skimmed over the paper. Yes, he would not make the same mistake the humans made with him. After all, he had known for a while that his tribe of monkeys were far more civilized than humans. He would give the humans a proper warning, so that they stood as good of a chance as possible against him. It wouldn’t be easy, but they could do it. He believed in them. A second voice spoke in his head, “NO, THESE MONSTERS MUST BE FIXED. LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO YOU. THEY DESERVE NOTHING.” Georgey set his shoulders, then his hips (being basically a second set of shoulders), and determinedly walked towards the humans. Georgey reached out to hand someone the piece of paper, but then recoiled. He didn’t want to give it to a zombie. He scanned the crowd trying to decipher which were and weren’t zombies. Why did humans all have to look the same??? Why couldn’t they be easy to tell apart like monkeys were?! He screamed so that several heads turned towards him, set the paper down on a log, and ran away as fast as he could. Or at least, as far as he could before the voice came back.
  14. 2 things: 1. I just noticed that @Lumgol and @Mailliw73 were mentioned a grand total of 279 times each in the elim doc. First of all, that's a lot of times... Second, I figured Lum would appreciate that stat. xD 2. The MB doc is still editable. : P
  15. @Fifth Scholar is the master document around by any chance?