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  1. I don't understand you all. lol
  2. Here is unfortunately another area were we must disagree on principal. You only notice new people who join your community. No one here can notice the ones that do not. For example, did you know I have been following this sub-forum for almost 6 months now? The best way to get new members is to make it easy to join. However, we have 2 different opinions as to what "easy" is. Here is mine: Here is what I believe yours is: Am I on the right track, or am I interpreting your posts wrong? Here is the thing, when I was creating a character, I was going to make just a normal person, who over the course of me RPing, was going to bond an Honor Spren, and progress through the stages of radiant-ness. However, when I looked at other characters, I saw tons of compounders, radiants 4th ideal, etc. And I didn't know what to do. I ended up making a zinc coupounder, windrunner 1st ideal (i think). However, I gave myself a massive weakness of prohibiting my character from being in just about any combat situation at all. You may say that this is totally fine, but from my perspective, it made it difficult to RP. There are wars happening, fights, arguments... And I have basically told my charecter to stay out of them all... I just didn't know what to do. To summarize, I was overwhelmed by the endless possibilities I had before me, and made some poor decisions because of it. What I think we should do, is try a points system. And try to keep an open mind about it. Players like you who have been doing this for a while may not need to worry about it too much. Perhaps we could even pull some people over from the "new user" sub-forum and ask them to help us design it/analyse it to make sure it makes sense to them. We can ask them if they would rather have a guide, or nothing. I think that will give us a much better idea, and as I did create a character 5ish months ago, people might listen to them more than me. I would like to point out I have experience IRL designing systems to involve and keep new people who may be interested. It is very possible that I am wrong on this case, but I stand by my reasoning for it.
  3. That's why I suggested a republic with a variable-party system. (current parties being the DA, TUBA and GB) Those 3 parties would then not be on equal footing. And the fact of there being an odd number at the moment will force tiebreakers even if they were on an equal footing. I would suggest if we go for a republic, (which is what I think most people voting for "democracy" actually want), that we have 1 Chancellor and 2 Legislatures. The way I see voting working is all three major guilds nominate 1 person for office to represent them. Each minor guild is then allowed to cast a vote for one of those representatives. The person with the most becomes Chancellor. And the other 2 become legislatures. Off the top of my head, how I would imagine the government working is the Chancellor can create laws with some advice from the Legislatures, then every so often they vote on some of those. With each vote counting as 1 vote, between 3 voters, there will always be a tie breaker. The trick will be for the DA and TUBA to agree on something so that GB doesn't always get what they want. This honestly sounds like a TON of fun to me. If you still don't think that would work, I can flesh out the idea more over the next couple days and repost it then. As this is all just off the top of my head, and tuning, tweaking, and brainstorming will all be needed to implement a new system. That is partly why I am saying votes should be per guild. Either per sharder, or per character should work then. It also encourages more guild centered plots and ideas, which I am all for!!
  4. I disagree about the making things worse part, but you make a good case for it not really changing anything.
  5. I was not stating how things are, but an alternative idea for how things could be.
  6. I agree that MTG charecters would not work well in this setting. Many of the powers arn't that far off of what the shards can do... so in a sense, if we wanted a planeswalker in the game, just give them their own singularity. (Waaaiiiit, we should ask Brandon how much investiture is required to form a singularity... has someone asked that?)
  7. Does this mean we can kill members of equal rank to us? : )
  8. What would people think of having differant charecters with differant primary guilds? I admit, I am very much confused by the lack of distinction between an RPers guild, and an RP guild... so that i suppose is relevant. For instance, it doesn't make sense for Guilds to ask for the RPers allegiance if they have 2 charecters in differant guilds... if that would be the case, the RPer would have 50% allegiance to each guild, which would promote spilling guild secrets between charecters... etc. I think this can be fixed purely by differentiating a RP charecter from an RPer. The RPer has no guild. The charecter does. While "being" a character, the RPer then has a guild allegiance. (The allegiance being to which ever guild(s) the charecter is in). I expect some people won't like this idea, as there are many people who don't want change. However, this isnt changing anything. Other than people's mindsets I suppose. This only makes the RPing less confusing in my opinion.
  9. It was a single example, I was not saying gold was the only one. I don't think there should be a limit, but I will volunteer to create a points system and post it so no one else has to do the work. (I may need to talk to others and brainstorm though) Again, this should purely be an analysis tool so that we can objectively understand how powerful our charecters are. I have seen several arguements over how "so and so is basically god-like and too strong" or something like that. This would eliminate ALL of that.
  10. I like the concept of a points system, if for no other reason than being able to objectively OOC analyse how powerful your charecter is compared to others. (Especially useful for making new charecters, though not a hard limit of how many point to use) However, I think that creating this is a big task as compounding Zinc, is significantly less dangerous than compounding Gold, so point values may need to be customized for each possibility. (Or someone could make some sort of algorithm, though I would need to brainstorm how that would work)
  11. I just want to make sure everyone knows, a democracy is where each individual gets a vote on every topic and decision. This is the form of government used in Greece. A republic is where people vote for others to make decisions for them. I know some of you already know this, but I was surprised that republic hasn't gotten a single vote. Personally, I think it would be interesting if we treated guilds like modern parties. The great guilds could each nominate someone to run for office, and you could have the other guilds vote on which guilds rep they think will represent them best. The person with most votes gets the office, and perhaps the others become a council to advise, and have minor decision making powers to prevent it from. Becoming a dictatorship. I love (not irl) politics, so this is an AMAZING concept from my perspective!!!
  12. Ok then... Sorry Xino, it sucks to die that way...
  13. I will neither confirm nor deny whether or not Mat has contacted me... However, the fact that I said what I did publicly, and not in a PM, should mean something to you... We know there at least 6 people who defended D3. The elims know the actions of themselves, which will be 3-5 players, which narrows down who could be defending. Factoring in roles that wont be/shouldn't be defending (i.e. Rand/Moiraine) that narrows down how many people should be defending. Factoring in a couple inactive players, everything can be significantly narrowed down. The elims don't need to find Rand right away, it would be better for them to just figure out who the roleless are, and target everyone else. Remember at least 6 people protected last turn. At least 6. It could have been 11 for all we know. You are right, just because they may have been able to manipulate a vote, does not inherently mean they have caught a special role. However, it would be significantly more likely. Do not discount the info they gain from purely knowing that someone did or did not protect on a given night. I am not saying that we shouldn't discuss this, just that in public, I think the elims will get MUCH more benifit out of this discussion than the village. And as Steel said, things are already looking dire for us. Hence why Mat should contact you.
  14. This ring tells the elims who is defending. THAT is what I am concerned about. If they sucsessfully negate someone's vote during the day, that means they aren't defending. That means that they either wanted the ring to fall, or they had a better action to take. Hopefully Moiraine tried to manipulate someones vote as it tells them the same thing... But for several roles, I would rather they go unidentified by both village and elims, Rather than identified by both. I once again disagree about the priority of knowlege of this lynch. No matter what, the elims had no reason to try and target this group, so it would be foolish to do so. They did have reason to target Meta or HH, which js why I was curious about them. But no matter what, HH will say his vote was removed, because otherwise he would be putting a target on his head for an elim. What good does it do to the village to know who got their votes removed? Anyone who didnt protect becomes a target for the elims, and we no longer have Perrin! I want to point out, that what I said about myself is, I believe, different. I pointed out I wanted the ring to fall. This doesn't tell the elims anything about me. Anyway, can we please move away from talking about votes? With the combination of ring 2, and all the lack of potential info to be gained by the village as a whole, and all the potential info being to be gained by the elims, this is a very dangerous conversation to be having. Mat, hopefully you have reached out to Karn by now... You have? Cool, thanks! : ) (Obviously don't respond to that comment, just pointing out Karn should be reached out to.)
  15. Though that is true, if a lot of people do role claim, something like half of them would be lying. The common claims I expect will be roleless or soother/rioter. And while many people may be telling the truth, many others won't be, and telling those groups apart will take time and analysis. In this respect, it could favor the village as, with more people, we are more likely to catch something or have more collective time to dedicate to analysis. I am just playing devils advocate. I understand your concerns and agree with them. But as I havent seen this attempted, it could work better than expected... That is why i'd be for it. (It also would differentiate this game from LG39... Or any other recent LG for that matter.)