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  1. Yeah, but if I realized that, I wouldn't have cared about switching my vote as it didn't change anything. :|
  2. Hmm, I thought Xino and HH were both at 3 votes, and you moved Sart up to 2, meaning he could die with vote manip. So I switched to HH thinking I was putting him at 4 votes. In my defense, it's been an extraordinarily long week, and I still have to pack for my trip overseas this weekend... : /
  3. Just got off work. I'll switch off Striker... idk about who to vote for though. HH or Xino would put a 2 vote distance so... For wagonomics sake,Striker Xino
  4. Well, there hasn't been much discussion today... I've been too busy for my halfway to half-half done analysis sitting on my desktop... All I really remember from it is that I trust Sart more now than I did last cycle. Can't remember why I think that, but I'll go with it for now. I seem to recall having suspicion on Striker. As I will not have access to my computer, and will likely not have time for analysis before rollover, I'll put my vote on him for the sake of having a post less than 6 hours ago. Striker
  5. Believe me, if I had 50 Spanreeds, I'd have sent out 50 PMs by now. : P
  6. Interesting how no one seems to want to be the first post this turn? While I apologize to Fifth for the last minute scramble, and I was in the middle of typing out a retraction when the turn ended, but I believe it to be extremely informative. Quick first thoughts: I think Sart is probably village. No reason for him to attempt to hammer and save Venture. I've liked El all game so far, though this strikes me as a bit defensive and over-explanatory. Elandera looks suspicious, but to give her benefit of the doubt, she didn't vote on Venture until after Sart voted on her. Also, vote manipulation saved Elandera. I'll have actual analysis at some point within (probably) the foreseeable future.
  7. Sorry, really rough day for me. I'm tempted to switch to Elandera, but I'm happy with either Elandera or Venture lynch, and idk the vote count. Also, I dont think j ever said I agreed with Venture. I just think he did a good job at subtly discrediting my initial argument for his lynch. Turn ends in 3 minutes?
  8. Hmm... facinating. Though I'm going to believe HH purely because I dont like the idea of lying about random chance.
  9. Um. Ok. Seems convoluted, but I approve. Lol Edit: @Fifth Scholar @Devotary of Spontaneity @Snipexe (I've learned to tag all GMs when I have a question n : P. ) If Venture and Elandera are tied in votes at the end of this turn, what happens?
  10. This post is... very, very interesting. I'm about 80% sure this post is a tell, but I havent played enough with you to know if it is a village or elim tell. (I'll know after this game I suppose =) ) I must say though, intentional or not, excellent job taking power and momentum away from me going after you. : ) Just had time to reread the thread. What evidence is there of Venture voting on you in retaliation? I think his vote on you is a little strange, but he also said he was third most suspicious of you, and he wasnt going to vote on the first two. This would imply his vote is not in retaliation. Just yours. Edit: Oh, and I already have a village read on Rath. =) Edit again: I dont think Striker and Elandera can both be elims. Same with Rath and Venture.
  11. Well, I expected you to PAFO. That's why I had 2-3 follow ups ready, and why I pinged your co-GMs as well ; ) Didnt you explicitly state in your first post that you were letting Araris off the hook for it? Does "talk(ing) it down" make someone more innocent? Could an elim do this? Why dont you like stab votes? Does the fact that Araris does this every game regardless of allignment change your opinion of him at all? ...why are you removing your vote from Drake? It seems to me you are changing your vote everytime someone challenges you. Also, while the statement, "I'll return before rollover" is something true for many villagers, it is also a common elims do SK that they can vote on a bandwagon. If you hadnt removed your vote, I wouldnt be as concerned. As we are less than 12 hours left in the turn, I think I should formally recognize Venture as the person I am most suspicious of. However, my mind is not necessarily set. Venture
  12. Come now, El. As there is no Jester in the rules, I wouldn't put it past you to be this obvious as a secret Jester. However, I'm beyond 100% confident you are not one of those. Also, with an already existing third faction in the Thief, I find it very unlikely there would be a fourth secret faction (especially with only 15 players total). @Fifth Scholar @Devotary of Spontaneity @Snipexe are there any secret rules? And while I'm at it, where are my PMs? :'( Lastly, I have no idea why I am spending any amount of time thinking about this. But it is what I feel like analyzing, so whatever. : ) Interesting. Why do you feel better about Araris? To quote your previous statement, you said: Emphasis mine. This seems to be saying that while you might normally suspect someone doing what Araris did, you don't because it is Araris. How did this neutral read change to some variant of slight elim and back to at least neutral in between your posts? Also, I know you vote based on instinct. So do I. In fact, I think few people vote purely on analysis. However, I am wondering why you are less suspicious of El. Is it because her erraticity has continued? Just for clarification, you are saying that the purpose of your vote is now a retaliation vote? I encourage you to see LG55's D1 lynch. Backing (or creating) a baseless lynch has happened, and I think it is actually a great way for an elim to look like they are contributing early. In fact, an elim can do just about anything if they pull it off right. First, I disagree that El seems too evil to be evil, and Araris has been strictly NAI so far. I agree that Venture has been interesting this game, but I don't think he has been TWtbaW yet either. However I'll grant you, I rarely grant people the TWtbaW defense. Lastly, a wise man once mentioned that we should be wary of anyone who targets Straw early in a game. Just worth pointing out. Again though, I'll grant you, I can understand finding this: suspicious. However, knowing Straw, I don't think this is particularly AI either. For what it's worth, El's posts don't seem to be asking to be lynched imo. Just my opinion though.