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  1. I propose: (I) Before a rule is seconded, it can be amended by other players. After the amendment is proposed, there can be no voting on the initial rule. That amendment goes through the same process a rule would go through. If the amendment passes, the amended rule now gets voted on. If the amendment fails, the previous un-amended rule may now be either amended again, or seconded. Reasoning: This rule will allow further discussion and involvement by players in the process of making fair rules. But... they do have 7 "a"s in their post don't they? 8 a's in fact.?
  2. Hi, I'm Fura and this looks fun. I think I have been told people can still join, and I think @Illwei was trying to exploit me for us to get money and stuff... so yeah... that. Spider monkeys are cute. Joining this game now is difficult, as I've got to read all the rules and make sure I don't break any. Though I think I've used enough a's at this point as well. So, do I make rule proposals now? I'm ready to lose all the Atium I just gained. xD Amend: 206 - Strike, "It is not be allowed to just put them all in a row like "aaaa" in order to prevent someone from benefitting from this rule", and replace with, "Only a's that add meaning to the post are allowed to be added" Introduce: (1) The Lord Ruler may appoint a noble as Senate Secretary. This noble will be in charge of assisting other nobles get rid of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in their laws. If anyone comes to the Secretary with a future proposal, the Secretary is not allowed to propose any idea from that proposal for the duration of the page. A Secretary in violation of this will lose their role, and be fined 5 Atium. Reasoning: Reading through the current laws, there are quite a few instances where slightly altered wording, while having the exact same legal effect, would assist in new players such as myself being able to understand and learn the game quicker. This will make it easier for new players to join. (2) For each spelling error in a law, the house that created said law is fined 1 Atium per error. The Secretary would pay a 3 Atium fine per error for any law they create or assist with. Reasoning: Just motivation to make sure people spell things correctly. (3) All players are allowed to create up to 1 PM per page. They are only allowed to use this PM for the duration of the page. Each PM may have up to 2 players in it, and must include either The Lord Ruler or a proxy The Lord Ruler designates. Reasoning: Being able to talk in PMs will remove random discussions from the thread, making it easier to follow. People will of course be free to continue talking in thread if they prefer that. The Lord Ruler (or representative) also should be party to any private discussions happening to ensure there is no plot of uprising, and to ensure anyone plotting such a thing can be adequately punished. Also PMs are fun. =) (4) Players are allowed to sue other players for damages. If a player breaks either a contract or rule that directly hurts another player financially (Atium) or otherwise. The victim may propose damages and take the offender to court. Each party may choose one member of the court, and agree on a third. TLR may deem any member of the court unsuitably biased, if so, they must be chosen again. Court proceedings can be dismissed at anytime by the person proposing damages. Reasoning: This will both proactively discourage people illegally exploiting others, but also allow victims to recover any losses they may have suffered.
  3. Thanks. That'll force me not to change my mind. xD Edit: Also, is this the same game we were discussing in the LG56 spec/dead doc?
  4. Awww, you had the perfect opportunity to PAFO. : P I've been hearing rumors about this game for almost a year now, and I have been looking forward to this game so much. However, due to finals coming up and becoming more and more busy IRL, I regret I'll have to sign up only for the spec doc. : /
  5. No... I genuinely missed that xD I forgot that the regular lynch is also important. Because you're right, once the elims outnumber the village, they have control of the lynch, and will most likely win at that point. For some reason I had it in my head that the elims only took over the game at a 3/5th Quick tip, there are other options too: Copy/Pasting the quote into the post you are editing. Using quoteation marks Using the quote box, and @ing the person you are quoting. Or anything else you can think of. .You're not bad, but these games do take practice. The only way to get better is to play more. : ) Archivist's question to you was a legitamate response to your post, and is just trying to figure out if you are an elim or not. Orlok's "confession" was a joke. Jokes are NAI. Aaaaand, actually no. There have been games won on the first cycle before. : P I mean, technically proving my role won't prove anything about my alignment... But that's just a technically. : P Targeting someone that died is not proof of being an elim. it's just suspicious. This reads as very weird to me.Saying DeTess's defense is "completely sound"... Unless I'm misunderstanding what Kynedath is talking about, there is no "completely sound" defense barring being the primary force in lynching elims. And now I'm back to school. I really didn't have time to sign up for a 30 person game. Lol
  6. I've PMed DeTess. That's what you're getting out of me. : P DeTess has yet to get online, probably because they're sleeping.
  7. Ok yeah, that's true.
  8. Just woke up from a much needed nap, but if tied lynches kill both people, we should tie the vote between Pyro and Straw. Also @Orlok Tsubodai I asked for the vote count because I'm color blind. I looked back at my old posts, and still didn't see a vote count.
  9. . . . 0.o You think Joe would count that? Pryo Pyro
  10. Or if I will respond at all Ok then xD I think that's a lot of protections flying around. If there is a high elim count, they probably don't have a bodyguard, and the village might have 1/2. If there is a low elim count, they probably have 1 (or even 2) bodyguards, and the village will probably have one. This all being said, there could be none in the entire game, or lots with lots of bartenders. Joe is a troll so who knows.Hmm, for some reason I thought bleeder attacks couldn't be blocked at all, but apparently that's only on Lord Winsting. I'm getting tired again, but I'm pretty sure the most likely option on this list, assuming you are not an elim, is that Karnage was redirected. The fact you jump straight to assuming he is evil, rather than giving him the benifit of the doubt sounds like a flailing elim. Because Flogs is the main force stopping the SK from winning. Giving him an extra life makes the SK's job harder, as Flogs can't be killed by a random elim/SK hit. Also... hedging... got it. : P What are the chances of lynching flogs on C1? Well, it's the same odds. xD Agreed. Unlikely? It's possible, but it would be rather poor etiquette to buss an active team member on C2. Like, the deciding thing in Straw dying this cycle is Karnage's claim, so for all we know Straw may not have died. If this is a bus, the elims must be desperate. Lol Ah, so the thing I thought was most likely, is impossible. And I'm skimming through these last long posts, as I'm done with reading for a bit, and have to do some more reading for school a bit later today. I'm going to put my vote on Pyro, as I think asking a bartender to kill Straw will be more informative as to the elim team comp. Pryo Edit: I spent a ton of time reading and responding and stuff, and every time I was about to post, I got ninja'd like 20 times. Lol
  11. Ok, I'm mentally exhausted, but my essay was just postponed by 2 more days, so I'm going to procrastinate a bit and do some analysis before the end of the cycle. And the Shard just deleted everything I had... sigh I'm going to look over the 4 main people up for the lynch. It's worth mentioning that the votes are dangerously close, so up to 3 people could die from this lynch if we don't consolidate the votes somewhat. Karnage: Anyways, elim read on Karnage. I voted him as a joke originally, but throughout the turn has done plenty suspicious, I think. TGK: Just ninja'd me with a vote on Pyro. There is a clear progression in TGK's playstyle this game, and I'm kinda liking it. Not voting on him. Ok, I was going to look into Sart and Straw, but I've been working on this for 2 hours, have other stuff to do tonight, and have to get up early, so I'm pulling the plug on this post here. Straw Karnage
  12. I'm not really on. Just trying not to fall behind the thread while working on an essay... But here is something I started writing before I went to homework. Yes, I jumped from Karnage's wagon because of the rush of votes. They died down so idk now. I'd have to look back through the thread as to who voted when. Something I'll do when my essay is done. Did I mention a bad gut read on DeTess? I'm not really thinking about this game right now, but I don't recall saying that? I think I just disagreed with them. I'd have to go back and reread our posts. Because people aren't piling on you a ton? You sound a bit defensive? You do realize there are like 4 other people up for the lynch with you right now, right? Lol Mostly it's the first, like I keep saying. It's something I've seen Drake do a lot, and I've found he is normally right. When no one is defending someone, of if too many people are jumping to them, then they aren't a good lynch. Also, it's D1. No one is going to have perfect reasons. Are we just doing this every game now? Lol
  13. Assuming no one had extra lives remaining, who would win in that case?
  14. Oh, I thought with all the votes we must be seconds away from rollover. xD
  15. Does Pyro have any votes? I'd check but I'm color blind and doing other stuff at the same time. xD