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  1. @_Stick_ CadCom said he misread his PM and did get the message asking if he was a mistborn. Also, seriously who is roleclaiming to Maill? The subject didnt even come up in our PM... which I think is a first... Did no one learn anything from LG54? Lol. For the kill on Bard, that would be a strange kill for the elims to make, but I dont think it would be strange for the Mistborn depending on their strategy. It could be, they targetted Bard in the Hope's we would suspect someone casting suspicion on Bard. In my PMs, Bard seems to be by far the most suspected person. The only person I PMed (and talked about Bard with) who didnt suspect Bard was Lum. I should also put Stink in that group though, as he didnt give me a real answer about Bard. This site is super buggy on my phone right now. : /
  2. I dont understand what you are saying Maill got wrong. I am pretty sure Maill was specifically asking about the PM from the mists you got. You said you got some anti-Maill stuff.
  3. It's looking like today will be a busy day for me, so I may need to do most of my work tomorrow. But to start out, I am quite suspicious of CadCom. Basically he has made 1 significant post so far. The post starts out with a joke. And while I am willing to let most jokes slide, the subject of this joke is that it is "good" that there is one player that wont vote for him. This just isnt how this community thinks while village. Almost everyone puts the village over their own life, so a joke like this implies something a little out of place. Not a huge deal though. The votecount CadCom posts is one from before he votes. This really isnt a big deal either. But this is a pet peeve of mine. It really bugs me when people dont include their own vote in the vote count, as it spreads misinformation about the lynch. I have made voting decisions in the past based on faulty info from posts like these. Again though, not a huge deal. This last paragraph though, is what I find truly suspicious. First CadCom narrows down the voting options, saying we should only vote on people already with votes. Even though there was 36 hours left in the day at that point and not everyone had checked in yet. Most of the last paragraph, seems like TMI. He is justifying the consolidation of the lynch, even though it has already been mentioned by several people... including himself in his second paragraph. So he is just repeating himself. After that he votes and Randuir and says, "call it a gut feeling". It seems to me the vote on Randuir was a random vote, but CadCom tried to cover up that fact by adding some psuedo-logic and calling it a gut vote. This was 12 hours after the turn started, so a villager should have just cast a random vote and owned up to it. Idk why CadCom is hiding his here. Something else of note, CadCom hasnt posted a significant game related post since Ada called his first post out. Oh, hey Maill, you seem to have beaten me to the punch. CadCom
  4. Correct. D1 I asked the same thing. Here is my list of questions, with Fifth's responses. 1. PAFO. 2. Nope! And who says I’m specifying who gets attacked in the writeup if they survive? 2a. By extension, nope. 3. *head spins* Umm...no, I think. 4a-c. PAFO, PAFO, PAFO. 5. Perhaps. 6. PAFO. 7. PAFO. 8. For the purposes of what? Lurchers? Yes. Hope that was helpful.
  5. No, it was actually the post you mentioned earlier: (for some reason, multi-quote isn't working for me so...) The player list is fully correct. However, it may not contain a comprehensive list of those who are interacting with the game through indirect means. For instance, I can be lynched, even though I’m not in the playerlist (and neither is Elend). He implied he couldn't interact with the game directly. I believe talking to people is a direct influence on the game, hence why I say Fifth is implying Joe cannot speak. That is an interesting idea, however that is exactly why I asked this: Notice my specific wording, in calling Joe a player. Notice Fifth's response, in which he refers to the player I mentioned. The only 2 people mentioned in my post are Fifth and Joe. So Fifth has to be refering to Joe. Next question, can GMs be considered players? By definition, no. Fifth can be lynched, but he as the GM is bipartisan. He tries, not to let his team win, but to make the game as fair and fun as possible. Therefore, GMs cannot be players. Therefore, I am confident Joe is not a GM. He is a player, with a wincon. I personally think if anything, Joe is likely a neutral with an independent wincon. Anyway, with not being able to PM Joe, I am growing more certain that Joe is a red herring, meant to distract us from finding Mistborn/Elims. Edit: I say he is a red herring, and then dedicate an entire post trying to prove it... Making my conclusion less meaningful, as I seem to be going against it. However, after this post, I will be focusing on non-Joe analysis.
  6. @Fifth Scholar, I would like direct confirmation. I am not allowed to PM the player known as: A Joe in the Bush?
  7. Welcome! Have an upvote! On this forum, we like to greet each other by saying the phrase, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours.". Just make sure to say it with lots of emotion in your voice. ; ) What Brandon books have you read so far, and which is your favorite? If you had to pick one magic system/power that you could have from the books, which would it be? Do you like roleplaying and/or games?
  8. Complete mindmeld with Stink. Listen to him. He is smart. I agree with everything HH said except the vote on Araris. I think my posts laid out pretty clear why I think he is lynchworthy.
  9. Bard, what you are forgetting, is a D1 roleclaim would be super risky for Vin. Vin would have results, but only for 1 day. They could fake a second one on Zane, but after that they have nothing. And even doing that would risk exposing Zane. If Lumgol is Vin, we ask her for her results D3 (or a couple trusted villagers ask her that night). She will be caught if Vin. Maill, yeah, I made a couple exaggerations for the purpose of saying that sort of in charecter. xD Araris, people have definitely done stuff this game. Random votes should be easy to move, yet it seems it takes a lot of effort for you to move yours. Lum responded to your question, and while she didnt have definitive answers, she posed ideas and tried to start a conversation. That is something that counters why you put your vote down in the first place. I dont believe I criticized you for voting on her, but for keeping your vote on her after she addressed why you voted on her. Everyone voting on Joe, I genuinely think Joe cant talk in thread. I plan on trying to PM him tonight, and would like it if you all dont mess that up. : P (granted, I am not positive he will respond to PMs eather... ) Why am I so sure he cant speak in the thread? A couple reasons. 1. When I tagged him asking if he was playing, he was in the thread. He was also lurking almost the entire first half of the day. A "are you playing this game" is pretty easy, and Joe historically has not completely avoided posting. So I believe something stopped him. 2. He was a co-gm at one point. If he know some or all of the games secrets, it would make sense to somehow prevent him from spilling them. 3. Name ISNT IN THE PLAYER LIST. What does this mean? Can we even lynch him? Idk. 4. Fifth implied that he couldn't speak. He heavily implied Joe could only interact with us INDIRECTLY. Speaking in thread, would be directly influencing the game. Do you disagree? #4 should be good enough for everyone to remove their votes from Joe. If you want to vote on Joe just to see if he can be lynched... I can understand that. But what if he can be lynched? I suspect he will be a powerful asset, and I dont want him dead.
  10. "Once upon a time there was a Drake that was a Marshall. He participated in a hunt similar to the on we are in now. There were a group of killers(elims) and Zane. 'Surely a group of killers is more dangerous than a single mistborn!', they all said. So they United in the goal of finding the eliminators. One day, they realized they had killed some eliminators, but they had no clue who the mistborn was. Everyone said, 'The elims are still far too dangerous for my liking'. But the brave Drake of Marshals stood against them all, saying, 'if we keep killing elims, the Mistborn will win!'. People wanted to kill him for saying that, but he refused to die. They then started looking for the mistborn. The Marshall of Drakes, having completed his destiny, promptly died. And the mistborn won anyways" xD LG41 is truly an amazing read if anyone feels up for doing it. It is the only LG I have so far truly loved reading after it was over.
  11. First of all, less than 12 hours to go in the day, so we really do need to start consolidating votes now. I will try to edit In a vote count after this post, but i am bad at these things. I encourage someone else to do this as well. After rereading the thread, I dont think Lumgol is the best lynch today. (On mobile, and having some quoting issues) This has already been mentioned, but the vote makes no sense. It isnt a poke, but it also isnt a vote based on info. It seems to be an attempt to kill a completely random player for no reason. This is very anti-village. In response to "Gotta kill somebody today", yeah, we do. But that somebody should always be killed through reasoning. This sets a bad precident for this game. I should have quoted Lum as well, but this is in response to her saying Ark was lynched D1 last game, and should probably be given a D1 pass this one. ...If your vote was 100% without reason, it should take an equal amount of reason to convince you to move your vote. This is slightly more than equal reason. This implies to me you do have another reason you are voting on Ark, but one you havent shared with the thread. I find this post rather offputting. A couple people have said they feel off about Lum's post... I dont agree. Last game iirc, people got caught up in catching the elims, and forgot about Zane for the first half of the game. It would be nice if we dont need someone to pull a Drake Marshall this game. The question you ask is a good one. And one you should ask as a follow up to Lum. You then disagree preemptively with her answer to your question and vote on her. I really dont like that. You have your opinions, sure. But this post reads to me as either a no-reason-vote made likely to get off of Ark, or a vote because you disagree with her opinion. Both of these are anti-village. So I feel safe condemning this post. If I had to guess, i would figure you made this as another no-reason-vote to get off the Ark one. Of course, you could have been voting on Lum to add pressure, but then you probably should have taken your vote off once she responded to your question. Lumgol Araris edit: vote count Rand (3) - CadCom, Lumgol, Ark Lumgol (2) - Araris, Fura CadCom (1) - Adavantos Mailliw (1) - Rand Straw (1) - HH Araris(1) - Fura Joe(2) - Maill, Bard A couple things: I didnt realize Rae had retracted her vote on Araris. I am going to keep mine there though, as I think araris is the right lynch today. I would like to formally denounce the lynch on Joe. It is pretty obvious there are some special rules in place for him. Anyway, what Is the point of killing a known secret before we even know what the secret is?
  12. Just a heads up, I will be around for the next hour or so, then I will be gone until rollover. I may or may not make it back before rollover. I will reread the thread and try to make sure I am happy with my vote before I leave.
  13. Ok, I just checked the writeup for white text. None xD. This is definitely one of the secrets, but it seems kind of... Strange. I don't think I have ever played a game with Rand before that had PMs for any decent length of time. However it is worth noting that that game was a fairly standard game but with breath mechanics. This game has 2 SKs that need to kill the elims. While I don't 100% agree with Rand's idea, his point is good, that if we aren't careful, we will be leading the SKs to victory. If 1 or 2 elims die early, we will have to focus hard on the SKs, as they will be hard to kill. But otherwise, we should definitely be working on both. This is a dangerous thing to do. D1, sure. We can't do a lot to target specific alignments on D1, but once we have a turn of PMs under our belts, I think focusing on one thing at a time will be very doable. It is tough with the day being so long, and the night being so short, but my first thought, is what if we focus the thread toward finding the SK, sharing info on SK suspicions etc, and focus PMs on finding elims? We of course do a bit of both in both places, but I am just talking focus. This means that the Mistborn don't get as much info on who the elims are until after they are dead. The elims get info on the Mistborn, but they don't really care. The suspicions on elims and stuff would then be shared in public once the Mistborn are dead, and then it becomes a typical village/elim game. Edit: Oh, ninja'd by CadCom
  14. Emphasis mine. OK... I just hear DaBackpack and Mikey whispering in my head like a devil and angel while reading these posts... You imply through your retraction of your vote and the bolded sentence, that your vote was comparable to a poke vote? The bolded sentence makes it sound like you never thought it was truly a good reason to vote on Rand in the first place. Forgive me, but this really doesn't sound like a poke vote. It also sounds like a pretty strange reason to poke someone. (poking someone who is promoting less free info, for the sake of making them rephrase their idea in a very NIA way) The italicized sentence above isn't truly correct. Randuir really only rephrased what he said before and added he didn't realize PMs were night only. This is 100% NIA as a villager would do this, as would an elim/Mistborn who doesn't want to get lynched or who misread the rules. Some creative liberties must be granted to your(Maill's) wording of course, but still... Conclusion? Maill, this seems like some serious backpedaling to me.
  15. Is his omission from the player list intentional?