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  1. Idk, I took issue with Aman's death the same reason I took issue with mine in LG56. After reflecting on the game, I don't think the issue is actually reputation, just circumstance. There is of course an issue with reputation, but as I was killed in that game for the same fundamental reason Aman was killed here, it doesn't make sense reputation is the issue, as... I have none. : ) anyways, I had more to say, but if the conversation is over, I won't post it.
  2. You could always just do RP. : P I've heard legendary rumors about your RP too, but never got to experience much of it. ; )
  3. Oh, I should also apologize to Aman for not trusting you. I was pretty sure you were village, but not 100% (Which I mean, no on should be 100% sure : P ), but between reading you as village, and believing your story as to why/how that happened, I really should have pushed harder against your lynch. I know when I played with Orlok, he was pretty frustrated with his reputation too, as it made it extremely difficult to just play the game for fun, as the elims are always quick to kill him, and the village is quick to lynch him. I had something else to put here, but I forgot it... : )
  4. Good game everyone. My goal for my Hoid claim at the end was basically to just make people do a double take. I hoped, but didn't actually expect to convince anyone I was Hoid. I'm no Aman after all. : ) Stick played a marvelous game, and unfortunately, once we figured out it was role madness, it was a bit easy to clear people. If people had followed my roleclaim, It would have given Stick the game, and I would have been happy with that. I said I destroyed the Atium spike, which Stick of course knew was false, but part of me was hoping she'd play along... I understand not doing so though. Also, Drake, where's your sense of fun? : P I also didn't think the abilities I gave myself were that bad. lol. I don't have a lot more to say off the top of my head... but quick note to Venture: Did I not make it clear enough? I even edited my post to prove it. : P Now to read the docs! : )
  5. It is incredibly true : P Well, I'm no Aman. xD Edit: Oh, and with that I vote to conclude the game as well. (I'll edit in colour once I'm at a computer)
  6. Hmm? Well, the actual wincon, like I mentioned, is to remove Ruin's influence in the Cosmere. Idk what to say about the altering writing thing... You are right. The only thing I can think of as a response is that Hoid deals in information, which is what the writeups are. As for destroying a planet... That doesn't sound Hoidlike to you? I'm pretty sure he litterally says that in SA somewhere... Nope. If the inquisitor dies, only spikes they were spiked with are destroyed. I asked. : ( Yeah, well... Lum told me in our PM she forgot about my role when she posted that. By that time though, I had already decided to roleclaim, so it doesn't matter anyways. Hmm... Well, you'll have to ask Lum about that. I already mentioned, I didn't have to roleclaim. Alternatively, I could hide in a corner and hope to get all of you lynched first to get my win. However, that didn't sound fun to me, so I'm going with this method instead.
  7. Rath technically never denied Soothing a vote off me... But given the state of the game, I think it will be more fun to actually role claim, vs hiding in a corner and hoping to win once Stick is dead. Basically, I am Blind Informant (*cough* Hoid *cough*). Basically, I win if I remove Ruin (Lum (Totally Joe in Denial) ) from the game. This can only happen if 1 of 2 things happen. Village-Hoid Dual win -- Destroy all of the Inquisitor's spikes, and the Inquisitor as well as any convert. Hoid single win ---------- Destroy Scadrial, aka kill everyone via lynch (or at least enter a 1-1-0) To accomplish these, I have three abilities: It takes a unanimous vote to lynch me for me to be lynched. (I can still be killed via NK) Once per cycle, I can manipulate a post that Lum makes during the night turn. N1 -- I had her say there are no secrets. N2 -- Forgot N3 -- Made it look like I only had 1 vote on me. Once per turn, I can target a player and say, assuming they are the Inquisitor, which spike I want to destroy. As I assume the spike Stick charged was Atium, I destroyed her Atium spike, which should basically prevent her converting all together if my guess was correct. I don't receive confirmation if it worked or not, but I am assuming the writeup was trustworthy, and that she never got to use her charged spike. soooo... Does anyone want to try to go for the spike destruction wincon? : ) Stick should have 5 left... D4: 7-1 (5 spikes) -lynch Stick N4: 7-1 (3 spikes) -nk shane D5: 6-1 (2 spikes) -no lynch N5: 6-1 (1 spikes) -kill CadCom D6: 5-1 (0 spikes) -lynch Stick Village + Fura win!!! Edit: Just reread my role PM, and apparently I can manipulate Coop's posts in thread too... But since that never happened, I never had to worry about that. Lol
  8. Wait wait wait, first, where did this "dead Fura" talk come from? I see no dead Fura Also, I don't think this is a loss for the village? Wait, there is a vote minimum... Why was I so convinced there was no vote min... So yeah, Inquizi-win. But again, as there is no dead Fura, it will still end with a village win as long as you... *cough* *cough* I mean we don't mislynch. I mean, Stick has been trying to tell you all game...
  9. CadCom Let's give Stick a chance. : P As for if the game should end today or not, I'd leave that up to Stick.
  10. YAY IM NOT DEAD I thought I was dead for sure. Though granted, I was looking forward to talking in the dead doc a bit. : P Quick double check of the rules... only way to survive lynches is Inquiziboi and Thug... . . . Um, ok yeah. Easy mistake. Especially after submitting 2 actions as a Tineye on... I forget who. : P Good game Stick. You 100% had me fooled.
  11. That's probably wise. But I'm enjoying my time not being dead right now. : P
  12. You are assuming our POE is correct. Is it? Probably. Hence why this lynch is happening. But if we both die, then obviously that is not the case. We are putting a lot of stock in the truthfulness of the writeup, if it is wrong or misleading, then some of our clears are wrong.
  13. I mean... is it really such a bad thing if I survive? : P Just a reminder, if neither Stick nor I am the Inquisitor, then the game technically doesnt end. We just have to hope very hard that there is also a third Lurcher. The convert will get through eventually, and the earlier in the game it is used the better. It would be better (imo) to focus on blocking kills. Protecting CadCom is most important. Assuming Stick is evil we shouldnt have to worry about anyone getting converted. If someone other than Stick is the inquisitor, they will likely convert one of CadCom, Sart, or Shane. There isnt a reliable way to stop this, so again, protect from kills. I think we will need to prevent 2-3 kills to get back on track to win. (I havent done the math.)
  14. oh yes you are correct. Well in that case, I will let those that are not colour blind take over the thread, as I shall be no use orchestrating a tie vote.
  15. Devotary, I dont believe you are taking the convert into account for your lynch math. D3: 8-1(3 lives) lynch I, mislynch N3: 7-1(2 lives) kill, charge iron/atium (2 charged spikes) D4: 6-1(2 lives) lynch I N4: 6-1(1 life) kill, extra life D5: 5-1(2 life) lynch I N5: 5-1(1 life) kill, convert D6: 3-2(1 life) lynch I N6: 3-1 kill D7: 2-1 lynch C N7: 2-1. Kill D8: 1-1. Parity, village wins. ok so it's harder than Devotary makes it look, but we can win if we lynch both Stick and me assuming one of us is the Inquisitor. @Devotary of Spontaneity how come in your math you assume that the inquisitor only has 1 spike and cant charge another? @Sart can you confirm that you definitely protected Rath from an attempted conversion?