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  1. On the contrary, if most people drew the Taylor, it should take 2 attacks to kill them, and as a Taylor's attack is worth 1, it will take 2 Taylor's to kill 1 person per night. Because of this, there will actually be fewer kills, as to keep their kill-count up, people with the Taylor defence may need to double an attack with someone each day. EDIT: more kills than D1, but I think still few kills overall.
  2. 8220144011121313822511102247252212172512455049155082138214733083735253121276128330334712201714137330178211731330254772. 131415294717707214251330141313142256604725122047411013731239? Well, I think I will try one out as well. There seem to be a lot of number centric (however you spell it) codes...
  3. Woah, that's a pretty serious response you just made there to the paragraph long message... I am concerned...
  4. Regardless to whether or not she is a killer, I would like to congratulate Devotary, on surviving longer relative to the length of the game than the previous 3/4 games. Honestly though, unless she had a really good reason for doing so, it wouldn't make sense for her to attack CadCom, as it would put suspicion on her. I think it likely someone else attacked CadCom hoping his allies would all attack Devotary in retaliation, making it less likely they are going to die. I don't know enough about CadCom's PM networks though to cast suspicion on anyone (Drought may be able to help : ) )... though it makes it more difficult as really anyone who read the thread could have done that... so... I am a bit surprised there were only 3 deaths. This could either be because a ton of people picked the Taylor defense (especially as everyone was talking about how bad of a defense it was during prep), or because there were a lot of Matson picks, and people defended. Though honestly, I would have expected a lot of Matson's to be attacking D1 as whether or not it is successful tells you info about them and their allies. Just came back from seeing some friends in a professional production of Annie the musical. Honestly, I don't even like the show Annie much... But I don't think I have ever had a larger smile on my face after seeing a musical before. it was sooooo good. : ) What is this... High imperial? : P
  5. Heh, I guess I need to make them harder to crack in the future... though in my defence, I wasnt sure how hard to make it, so err-ed on the side of easy. : )
  6. What's the fun in that? : P ... Are you saying that you made a deal with someone so that they would kill you, or wouldn't? It sounds like you are planning on being killed... Which doesn't quite make sense to me... Hmm, I haven't discussed this code with anyone in PMs, but it is 100% crack-able... So let's see if anyone cracks it. : ) "Dcb'a acc sv zofnoc jowckabzowa btsa... Onbcw" It is a pretty standard letter replacement code.
  7. xD it would be pretty great if the above 2 strings were random numbers and letters, and there is actually a code in the response to Araris. If that was the case, I would think the info would be likely on Araris and have something to do with the word "elim". As "elim confirmed" could well be saying "[insert Araris' defense] confirmed". If this is the case, there is no letter "T" or "B" in "elim"... but the final letter is "M". So a code there might be saying that Araris has the Matson defense... Honestly, I wouldn't bet on having cracked a code... ... But it would be funny. : )
  8. Hmm... Iyay inkthay igpay atinlay siay ignificantlysay rderhay otay itewray anthay otay eadray... Kind makes it pointless. : P Hmm, this looks very much like 2 different codes, and they are likely saying the same thing... so if someone knows one of them, it is possible they might be able to work out a partial key to the other... Honestly, I am surprised by how open communication seems. People not resorting to codes and such. For instance, if CadCom knew who was planning on attacking him before PMs were closed, it would make sense to set up a code before hand for a discussion with the person in question. Another strange thing about what CadCom is saying, is they are implying (or outright stating) a lot of power behind them. The thing I find strange about this... Is this is a free for all. If CadCom is telling the truth and has at least 3 other people willing to protect him, That would make his alliance a big threat. And while people may not target CadCom after that statement, they may be inclined to target the people who are thought to be his allies. This statement could either have been made as a bluff to make someone not attack CadCom, or could be serious. But the fact that these messages paint a target on CadCom's allies, makes me think it is partially a bluff. Surely he has power, but I doubt as much as he says. Before I said this, I would bet on some of CadCom's allies getting hit tonight. Now, it is all about whether or not this is a bluff, double bluff, or not at all, so... You are welcome. : )
  9. I was referring to the rest of the game. You evil people could afford to be lynched 1 time due to having the night kill, but the village didnt have that option. So if H=Village and T=Elim: HH - Village wins HT - Elims Win TH - Elims Win TT - Elims Win That would make it a 75% chance for an elim victory. That's what I was refering to.
  10. Yes please! I was hoping to see a dramatic battle of probability at the end of the game. 75% chance that the elims would win, 25% for the village. Maill, why did you switch your vote to Karn, then back to CadCom at the end?
  11. Wow... I completely forgot Maill promised to answer any question I asked truthfully... granted, I wouldn't have trusted that, but I probably would have tried some sort of sidealong question to determine allignment when I suspected him... probably something about knowing who other elims are... : /
  12. Twice? How can someone die twi- ... you know what, I wont ask.
  13. I am not saying anything or anyone is wrong, but after some time away, not thinking about this, amending past ideas I think becomes easier.
  14. Yeah... But that is a good point, as a senator technically has more power than the chancellor... To balance the roles a bit better, it might make sense to switch those, The senator needs a 2/3 majority, but the chancellor needs to be unanimous.