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  1. Ok, if we are discussing this publicly, I know of 5 unique names of roles. (One of which is a Super Active) All of them are SE related as well. When I PMed people about sharing names of roles, I was considering lying back to them. However the name I was going to use was "Overclocker" as it is a computer reference, but once I realized the roles are SE themed, I figured this would be a poor roleclaim. I apologize to Crimsn as they have had horrible luck in recent history with dying quite early in these games. However, I think they may be a better lynch target than Fifth at the moment. If Crimsn is actually an elim, this could go far as to clearing players that have had many people roleclaim to them. If anyone has, or knows of a role that's name is not SE themed, you should claim that now! Edit: I always read "Multi-boxer" as comparable to "multi-quoter". But what do I know.
  2. Well, we will see how this goes. : ) Hmm, I don't see a priest or representative for @Mailliw772, so I hope you won't mind me declaring myself as your temporary mortal... accomplice(?) Memoirs of an Everyday Person: Article IV See, each deity seems to want to push for a certain concept or concepts: Alvron - Luck/Chaos Wilson - Intelligence/Understanding Orlok - Control Meta(bard/cog)nition - Honestly I have no idea. Creation or something? Fifth Scholar - Something between Democracy and Anarchy And what about Mailliw? You can get lucky, but what does it matter if you don't realize you are lucky? You can be intelligent, but what good is that intelligence doing for you if you are bored due to said intelligence? What is the point of having control if you can't enjoy said control? The most important thing in life, is being able to use and enjoy what you are given. These are the lessons Mailliw has taught me, and now I consider it my responsibility to share my enlightenment with the rest of you. According to Socrates, the "Supreme Good" for people is the act of pursuing happiness, as happiness is the only thing we strive for for the sake of itself, and not to gain another thing. For example: You don't want to be lucky to be lucky. You want to be lucky so that [insert good thing] happens to you. You don't want control for control's sake, you want it so you can either do or not do actions you do or don't like. The only thing you will strive for, for it's own sake, is happiness. And this is what Mailliw will teach you. As well as other things that may or may not be relevant to this discussion. So join me, and together we will conquer the world! find a way for everyone to get the fullest out of their circumstances!
  3. Though I also don't know if something strange will happen if I target Sapphire... (I don't think it will since I asked the GMs some questions about it, but it might have something to do with Sapphire's main account). If you are adamant, I will try for the sake of it. However, if you are wrong, I will have wasted a turn, and will still not be able to prove I am village.
  4. @Sapphire Elephant The more I think about it, the worse I think voting on you is. I can prove myself to be village over time by using my role effectively, instead of wasting it on you just to save my life.
  5. Hmm, Crimsn's role doesnt follow the naming convention I discussed with one of my (ex-)PM contacts... however it does sound believable enough that there may be multiple naming conventions. Edit: ninjad If CadCom thinks the name sounds good, I will take his word for it for the time being.
  6. Ok, I am happy with that. I know of no others with that role, but given what I know, and the name, I think I can work it out.
  7. Hmm, I am having a really tough time writing this right now. But I will do my best. Most of this will likely be based on D1, as that was when I was most attentive. While I have read what we have of D2, I haven't really processed all of it yet. Elandera -- Getting a general "Eliminator vibe. Was the first vote on Roadwalker. Could possibly be a distancing attempt, but if that was the case, I think she would have removed her vote once a second one was cast on him and he looked in danger of being lynched. Metabardnition -- Calling out Roadwalker for lurking, and placing the fourth vote on him when all other votes had no more than 1. This doesn't seem like a spammer move to me. There was still 10.5 hours in the turn, and only needing 2 votes to tie with Roadwalker is completely doable. Crimsn Chanarach -- While I was feeling off about her towards the beginning of the game, She tried to keep the tie broken in favor of Roadwalker, when the spammers would have wanted it broken towards Guest. Aranduensis -- Looking to prove they have an Eliminator role. This is not something I see a spammer doing as it will come back to bite them while providing little benefit. NotASteelClone --I am felling pretty neutral towards Steel. The Steel/Fifth back and forth was interesting, however I felt Steel responded to the accusations the same way Fifth said village Steel would. Being D2 however, I will need to go back and reread this. I think I am here -- I thought Itiah was suspicious until our PM conversation. I was promised that Saphire would swear allegiance to Wilson to prove Itiah was Saphire. However, this would be a VERY risky promise if Itiah was a spammer. If we hadn't lost PMs, causing the game to blow up, and Itiah revealing their plan, there is a good chance I would be targeting Itiah right now. Seventh Saint -- I am not sure. I think I only played one other village/elim game with Fifth, and I killed him before we interacted too much. I know Fifth and Steel have a history, and therefore would not be surprised if one of them was a spammer. However, I feel like Fifth is a little "off" right now, but I don't know why yet. I will be looking much closer into Fifth in a little bit. @Cadmium Compounder -- I keep going back and forth on him. Between banning Devotary or CadCom, I would pick CadCom right now. He went out of his way to claim something to me, which was a very easy claim and it can't be proved. However, having claimed attacking Dev, that would seem contradictory to what I was told (especially since their previous response to me would imply they are sticking by the story they gave to me in PMs). I definitely want to hear more from CadCom, but currently they seem the most suspicious to me. Mailliw772 -- Haven't seen enough of them to have a definitive opinion as to their alignment, however they seem to be playing similarly to their last game where they were village. Gammalv Fiend -- I need to pay more attention to Alv as he has very much slipped under my radar so far this game. I have a couple theories as to his role, which would make him a villager, however they are likely more speculation than fact. |257|-| -- Not a lot to go on, but I think it is a bit strange that in his most recent post, he goes from criticizing Ada to voting on CadCom really quickly. Overall neutral read though. Araris Valerian -- Neutral read. I personally don't agree with his reasoning on Alv, but he is also likely catching up on the thread, so I wont criticize it too much. High Priest of Lord Tekiel - I haven't played with Rae before, however this seems like a Eliminator!Rae to me. Roadwalker was up for the lynch D1, and Rae voted on Guest who was acting suspicious. It would have made much more sense for Spammer!Rae to vote an a player that already had a vote, as at that time there were something like 4 players with 1 vote and Roadwalker with 3. Tiny Wilson -- In past games Maill has given off a strong NAI impression to me, yet this game I am getting a strong Eliminator impression. Also with being the second vote on Guest when it would make more sense to put a second vote on anyone else for a spammer. He also seems to be in contact with just about all of the people on here I am feeling are village, and seems to be decently trusted by most of them, again putting him higher on my list. Of course, he is also the person I most expect to be converted right now... So there is that as well. Adavantos -- I have been getting a general spammer read from them, but they seem to be trusted by Tiny Wilson and Saphire, so I am going to look more closely at Ada as well. As for Xino, Snip, Kidpen, and May I suggest the Only Joe, I have absolutely no clue. It would be nice if some of them wanted to post more.
  8. Ah CadCom, I forgot we had a PM! Have you learned anything, or is it still the same?
  9. I am working on that post currently. : )
  10. As you wish Saphire Elephant
  11. Umm, the impression I am getting from this post is that your guess as to my role is incorrect. However I will humor you if you are adamant. Edit: I'll also check with the GMs what would happen if I vote on you, being an Anon account may be something wierd...
  12. @tiny wilson Sorry to keep pinging you, but I just realized, what you claimed to me does not seem match the writeup for D1. Do you have an explanation for that? Sorry. : /
  13. If you are thinking in general terms, then yes. I haven't thought too hard about what I should/should not say in response to people's votes, this may either help me, or get me lynched... However, as PMs are no longer open: @tiny wilson Hmm, given the circumstances, it was probably rude of me not to elaborate. My role requires I vote on someone. I assume this is enough for you to infer the rest.
  14. Just got back from robotics, I will hopefully respond to my accusations tomorrow when I have more energy, but just to nip this rumor in the bud: I did role claim to you... I even apologized for responding to your claim so late after you claimed to me... I want to point out though, that I never said I would role claim, I was only asking if you WOULD be willing to. I still hadn't made up my mind at that point if I wanted to go down that path this game. (I think I asked a similar question about role(name)claiming to just about all the people I PMed, so they could also check their PMs and verify that is what I was saying. I used similar language with everyone when asking that question.) I even told you Itiah and another player were to be suspected if I was killed last night... I intentionally sent it right before rollover as I didn't want to chance them or me dying if you were an elim. EDIT: Hopefully I am not breaking any rules by editing this in after others have posted. Just wanted to say that I reread my PM with Steel, and while I did respond with my role, I never technically apologized for responding late. To which I would like to apologize to Steel for doing... Granted, I still did it for a reason. : P
  15. Welp, another 12 hour day at robotics for me. Will be back tomorrow to talk about stuff.