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  1. Here you go!
  2. So I have a podcast with a friend of mine where we rate fictional dads on their parenting skills (niche I know) and I did Dalinar, Gavilar and Lirin just before Rhythm of War came out. I want to go back and re-record because I really dislike Lirin now a lot more than I did before, I was hoping he'd grow a lot in this book but it's clear he still has a long way to go even after his little change of heart at the end. You can try and instill the values and ideals you see as important in your children, but once they are adults you have to accept them as who they are and who they turned out to be. Anything else is just going to hurt them. Besides his relationship with Kaladin I also massively disagree with his stance on pacifism. He needs a way more nuanced understanding of what violence is, its not just physical harm, and I think it's quite childish to put physical violence on a pedastal as the worst possible thing ever that trumps all other considerations including pschological harm/poverty/slavery etc.
  3. Ooh, This is very different from what other people have picked but I do like the ideas. There's not been that much discussion yet where valour, mercy, and whimsy fit in with dawnshards so I'm curious to see what other people think. Might have to come up with my own ideas.
  4. I was telling a friend about the stormlight archive yesterday and I said "So basically God is dead, getting better at magic requires you to grow emotionally as a person, and bonus there's lots of crabs" then I sent her a picture of some of the art which she really liked. Honestly I think the art is a good way to get people interested because its a pretty unique thing for epic fantasy and conveys a lot of the tone of the story/world without you having to put a lot of effort in to explain without spoilers. Then we had a conversation about how Jean Paul Sartre halucinated crabs following him, so I'm pretty sure it will be a memorable conversation for her.
  5. I think it is speculated that they come togetherto form the shardplate of lightweavers, which is why they show up around Shallan so much. Hopefully ROW will reveal this if it is true.
  6. So my friend and I started a podcast back in March, it's not Sanderson related directly but I thought I'd share it on here since the most recent episode covered The Stormlight Archive. It's called We Rate The Dads, and basically we rate Dads. I mean it does what it says on the tin *shrug emoji* It would be really cool to get some feedback, or chat with anyone else who has a podcast. We've been doing this for fun, and really enjoing it, but also we have no idea what we are doing!
  7. I don't remember them actually touching it, though do correct me if I'm wrong I don't have the ability to check the book right now. I thought it was contained inside devices like the little cube and the ship where there was some other metal around it.
  8. Hate to break it to you but you often have water on your skin. You aren't supposed to touch pottasium with your bare hands for this exact reason. Though you wouldn't likely blow up, just get severe burns.
  9. Scion usually means descendent right, so I think that is just a fancy way of saying she is a descendant of Ham not referencing his title.
  10. theory

    To be honest I always assumed the masks on the floor were creation spren mimicing Shalash’s light weaving of a mask. I believe they are the right colour, but they don’t necessarily behave in the right way. Shame spren are supposed to be a mix of red and white petals, so I agree they don’t really make sense for Kalak, and the picture only shows white. Time for me to dive back into the wiki! For Chanarach and Dustbringers I think flamespren match well enough with the picture and the order even if they aren't shown as little humanoids but just sparks/petal shapes.
  11. theory

    So I'm not sure if this is a crazy idea, but looking at the official illustrations of the heralds for spren clues it seems like Talenel is surrounded by exhaustion spren. From the coppermind: "A type of spren that appear around exhausted people. In the Physical Realm, they appear as brown-colored jets of dust shooting up in the air.[9][108] In Shadesmar, they seem indistinct yet also large and birdlike.[107] I know lots of people have suggested pain spren for the stonewards but too me this seems a much better match for the picture whilst still in the same realm. Exhaustion being similar to pain.
  12. This is such a good idea, I'm excited to find out who is closest (probably not me, I'M ALWAYS BAD at guessing)
  13. I think that Sanderson won't put in too many from people that we've already met. I think there will be one re-occurring character and three ones we've already met at most. I'd like to see one from an unknown in jah keved, shinovar and herdaz as it would be cool to know a bit more about those places
  14. I'd be up for a UK meet up, I'm London based so a London pub would be great. I'm 23 if that helps illsmithyourbonds?
  15. The shard of procrastination, the longer you put off using your powers the stronger you would become. Then again it probably hasn't got round to creating people yet so that's not really much of an issue.