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  1. This is such a good idea, I'm excited to find out who is closest (probably not me, I'M ALWAYS BAD at guessing)
  2. I think that Sanderson won't put in too many from people that we've already met. I think there will be one re-occurring character and three ones we've already met at most. I'd like to see one from an unknown in jah keved, shinovar and herdaz as it would be cool to know a bit more about those places
  3. I'd be up for a UK meet up, I'm London based so a London pub would be great. I'm 23 if that helps illsmithyourbonds?
  4. The shard of procrastination, the longer you put off using your powers the stronger you would become. Then again it probably hasn't got round to creating people yet so that's not really much of an issue.
  5. I agree with pretty much all the points above (especially BICHOK) but I think, for me, the most helpful thing that I learnt where all the things I already knew. Even if I didn't know that I knew them. Listening to a show where something that they're saying seems really obvious to me is the biggest confidence boost. It's like WOW I'm not completely awful at this writing thing after all.
  6. I like this idea, but I'm not sure I completley agree with it. The fact that there are (at least) two forms of the Dragon makes perfect sense. As for the Dragon being the myhtological origin of the creator, it could be possible, however I think it is made very clear in the books that the creator is responsible for making the world, which is never the reponsibility of the Dragon. This doesn't contradict the idea of there being no beginings or endings so long as he stands outside of the pattern and outside of time itself i.e. he creates all of time at once. I'm not sure if this makes much sense to you but it makes sense in my head.
  7. I hope no one considers this spam, but my heart really went out when I heard this on the new 'do I dare to eat a peach' podcast, made by Dan and Robison Wells. David Farland, an author and mentor to many authors, including Brandon Sanderson, is holding a book bomb today to raise money for his son Ben Wolverton's medical care. His son was in a tragic long-boarding accident on Wednesday the 4th of April, 2013. He suffers from severe brain trauma, a cracked skull, broken pelvis and tail bone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, broken ear drums, road rash, pneumonia, and is currently in a coma. As an author David has no medical insurance. The book bomb is focusing on his novel 'Nightingale', which has great reviews, and 'Million Dollar Outlines' a guide for writing outlines for new authors. You can find out more here as well as the links to buy the books from amazon. As I said, my heart really goes out to this family and I hope that Ben makes a swift recovery. P.S a book bomb is where everyone buys the book on the same day, if you didn't know. Edit: realised this is also on brandon's blog
  8. *jumps up and down* ooh! oh pick me!
  9. Hi! I'll try my best to answer your questions. In my understanding the bridges are indeed symmetrical, with the bridge men turning around to return so that those who were at the back are now at the front, etc. As for different heights I remember a passage where Kaladin describes shorter men padding their shoulders to match the taller bridge men. I'm not sure how much more detail I could give you with out the book in front of me but I hope this was helpful.
  10. My name came from a rather interesting scrabble game where we decided to play with words that didn't actually exist. Mostly because we were bad at scrabble but also because it was fun trying to think up definitions for new found words. The supposed meaning of Branf has been lost in the mists of time but I still quite like the word.
  11. Hahaha! I thought that was hilarious when I signed up and actually sent a message to him congratulating him on the ploy (but also asking for my soul back). He was very nice and said: Anyway welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here!
  12. Ok my first ever first line. Actually that's a lie, I wrote a terrible first chapter to a novel when I was about 13, but this is the first serious attempt, so please be gentle.
  13. To be honest I am too, but I actually quite like that, if the dark one is a something that exists outside of the patern and is infinitly old how is a mere human suposed to understand that? I wouldn't have wanted to finish the series with him becoming understandable, I think it would have cheapened it a little. Agree about Nakomi being a hero of the horn, I think that one of the wise ones told Aviendha that the name Nakomi was very old and she hadn't heard of anyone alive wiith that name, which could back up the theory. Can't find the exact quote, sorry.
  14. Stayed up till 2am just so I could finish it without sleeping! LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT! Such a bittersweet book, so happy but so sad it is over, I'm not sure I'll read any series that affected me like WoT in a long time. Thank you Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson! I totally agree about the Perrin chapters, I was surprised since I he's not my favourite character. I disagree about Mat though, I loved all his chapters as well, but I think I felt a little of what you describe in Towers of Midnight so I understand. Don't really have any complaints apart from 'why is it over?' and 'why don't we have an entire book dedicated to the adventures of Androl?' That guy is awesome! Tempted to go off and re-read the entire series (for like the 5th time) just so I can justify reading aMoL again....
  15. Or your fringe, not only pointless but incredibly dangerous. I also like the idea of using a shard blade to carve a Sunday roast.