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  1. Perfect I wasn't thinking about the magic systems too much at first.... I was more focused on the one that wouldn't destroy my way of life. Or my planet for that matter!
  2. As much fun as it would be to have Ruin as god..... I think I'll pass..... A vote for Ruin is a vote for rot! Vote Endowment for peace, liberty, and the pursuit of breath! (I'm counting on you @Ripheus23to find an appropriate poster)
  3. @Ripheus23 I will never think of you the same way.......
  4. I do have to agree with that.... After all doesn't Warbreaker start with someone being tortured for their breath? (I feel like there's a joke just dying to be made...) But then again.... That's people. No matter how good of a shard they get there will still be crime and terrible atrocities committed.
  5. Still better than Cultivation.... At least I'd know that I wouldn't suddenly be "pruned" out of society!
  6. I could be tempted to vote for Devotion.... But we haven't seen how she would lead without Dominion.... So probably stick with Endowment.
  7. If you had to pick a Shard to be the sole shard of your planet.... Who would you pick? (With the assumption that were talking about the shard not the vessel.) I personally would vote for Endowment. Seems like the most chill shard, and least invasive. (Unless she's turning you immortal, which I'm okay with) Preservation might be an option.... But according to Ruin he would freeze everyone in place.... Not ideal. Cultivation would just be scary! You would never know what she's planning for mankind.....
  8. So... Stop me if this has already been talked to death Is there anything stopping a voidspren (such as the messengers) from forming a nahel bond? They seem just like the other radiant spren. Intelligent, strong and have free will. (Big difference being the radiant spren are a mixture of H&C while voidspren are pure Odium.) Is this what voidbinding is?
  9. Same favorites! Except for short story... My favorite was Emperor's Soul.
  10. Welcome! Which book/series is your favorite?
  11. @DiomedesMy main point was that the ardents aren't a military force and are fighting Odium in their own way. Please note, you can be anti-Dalinar and still be anti-Odium. You can be anti-Dalinar and still be pro-radiants. You can be anti-Dalinar and still be pro-honor. Dalinar is a tyrant. As stated in the books. Roshar NEEDS someone to tell him no. Or he'll just keep reaching for more power. Anytime people have given Dalinar a little bit of power, he seizes complete control. I'm hoping Kaladin wrestles Head of the Radiants away from Dalinar. @Calderis that's what I thought Dalinar believed! I couldn't remember if that was a thought I had or was actually in the book.
  12. I'm confused. Are the ardents warriors? I thought they were priests/scholars. As such, what exactly are you thinking they are going to do? As I recall, most of Navani's fabrial scientists are ardents. And they are actively working on the city-fabrial problem. The moment the dawnchant was cracked they began to translate like madmen. (Granted what they found wasn't helpful.) As I see it, they ARE fighting the desolation.
  13. I could see this happening.... But would rather that Brandon used a new plotline instead of recycling WoK.
  14. Tarah.