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  1. *sighs* ok. Taravangian(spelling?). My point was she's willing to take calculated risks.
  2. Consider how much she risked with Dalinar....
  3. It's Moash, I believe. He doesn't have the bridge four patch.
  4. I believe that's Renarin.
  5. I believe that was Yelg-nar(not sure on spelling)
  6. He dyes it for disguise purposes. You can see that the roots of his hair is white.
  7. I totally saw a bird but now I can't unsee the rabbit/fox:-) Maybe it's his favorite animal or something...
  8. I like it:-) I think the short stories might take a beating though.
  9. Yeah me too.
  10. Poor Shai..
  11. It's a cool thought. I'm pretty sure by the end of the cosmere we'll have a complete chart for cosmere magic which will be cool. I can't agree with all the above but it's fun to debate! The two missing forces might be Pushing and Pulling.
  12. Lol. Because none of us have ever gone through an abusive family situation, but heaven knows we've all had our friends murdered so someone could steal something valuable from us when we had already given it to someone else... I get what you're saying but I burst into laughter when I read that:-)
  13. I mean, Honor and Cultivation aren't exactly native to Roshar either. So it would still work:-)
  14. (I'm assuming we're ignoring healing factors) Vin would sneak out at night regardless. I just can't see her waiting around:-) Renarin would practice reading. He would probably enjoy it.