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  1. Unless your girlfriend is helplessly in love with you
  2. I always took it as artistic license, but I like your thought too!
  3. @Karger I hope they've finished the book...
  4. When Ruin and Preservation created the planet, did they also create the cognitive realm area for Scadrial at the same time? Our did it take awhile for it to form? It's a fun thought, an entire planet could have been hidden and unaccessible for a long time.
  5. Yes and no. A shard is like an ocean. Is it big? Yes. Is there a lot of power there? Yes! Bondsmiths are like rivers. Focused. Lots of power. Dalinar would be more like a ocean that's flowing through a river bed. LOTS of power flowing through a limited space. I do believe The Broken One is Honor as he is shattered.
  6. You wouldn't need to explain to much. All you have to say is Dalinar shattered Odium, maybe have a little scene afterwards with Cultivation saying she got some of the power but the rest went somewhere else, all mysterious like:-) The way I imagine this working is an entire shards worth it power bring funneled through a single surge. Honor had lots of power but was too... free? Dalinar could gather all the power but still be limited to a couple of surges.
  7. Brandon has teased that the end of the SA is hinted at in the first two books. Now people have been scrambling to find this sly spoiler. I present you my attempt at being the one who discovers it! From the letter to Hoid from Frost: (talking about Odium.) That's the problem isn't it? There's a shard of hate on the rampage that has to be stopped. A shard of hate which has no context. The obvious solution would be to merge Odium with Honor giving it context. It would dilate Odium significantly but would, in my opinion, still be too much of a Odium to Honor ratio. I have seen theories claiming Dalinar will combine all three shards. I think it would still be too much Odium in the mix. Did someone say Dalinar? Dalinar is by far the most powerful radiant. We were all awed by his stunning feat at the end of Oathbringer. The stormfather was startled, humans/parsh were bewildered, and Odium was terrified. Many people look to this event as a sign that Dalinar will someday Ascend to Honor and defeat Odium, gaining two shards. It seems likely enough. Mistborn spoilers (I really should have wrote this in Cosmere Discussion.) Obviously we need something else for narrative reasons. I propose Dalinar will Ascend to Honor (temporally) and shatter Odium. You might be asking how a glorified bondsmith could shatter anything. Glad you asked! What if Dalinar bonded Odium to ALL the other shards? It would be complete destruction of a shard, something we haven't seen before. There would no longer be sixteen shards but fifteen. Each of the others would gain a sliver of Odium's investiture. The reduced pieces of Odium would find context back with the other shards. This ending would set the stage for a much bigger story. Like cosmere ending levels. And! Mistborn spoilers: What are you awesome people's thoughts?
  8. Series: Mistborn era 1 (once SA is done it'll probably be my favorite.) Book: The Way of Kings.
  9. immortal words

    It was a joke. If Jasnah wanted Kaladin married, she'd marry him herself to make sure nothing goes wrong. But again, it was a joke...
  10. immortal words

    Then again Jasnah has always struck me as a "if you want it done right, you do it yourself" type.
  11. I agree with you. I don't think any of the shards are going to be sources of morality (honor is debatable, but let's not get into that here). A shard of Inspiration would encourage creative ideas while a shard of Guile would encourage cunning ideas. I think both would be different takes on the same shard. Are we in agreement?
  12. Yes, that was the definition I was using. How do you see that gelling with the below statement? (I'm not trying to be difficult... I'm just trying to understand.)
  13. I was using the literal definition of the word. If that's what you've been thinking of it as, I understand why we disagree. Or extreme cunning... We'll find out eventually!
  14. It would be a shard that's encouraging people to be cunning. Guile is just sly intelligence. A shard of Inspiration would be encouraging people to be wise. In my mind it works. If it doesn't for you than I understand.