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  1. He swore an oath to obey Dalinar. If Dalinar tells him to go to jail, he has no choice. If he doesn't obey his spren will die. I'm kinda curious what they're going to do about Nightblood...
  2. Hmm, seems like I missed an entire season of theorizing...
  3. Hmm. That makes sense. My reasoning was that a normal Radiant has two abilities. Jasper still has only two abilities. I see your point, I just wasn't expecting additional points for zinc. It's your call and I will abide by what you decide. I just wanted to point out my thoughts. There's no limit to how many can be active at the same time. It's a fast process. It's as fast as rioting an emotion and flipping a switch. Of course if your looking to tie an emotion to something specific it would require the victim to be actively thinking about it. If the person realizes their emotions are wrong it should take the average person 15-20 minutes to break free. I've been thinking about weaknesses and think I have another one that would make using his powers much harder to use. I think it would make sense for him to need physical contact to lock emotions. With all other uses of adhesion they needed physical contact, so it makes sense. In a battle this would make him kind of useless as he has no fighting skill and most people aren't going to let you touch them. I've been trying to come up with other weaknesses, but want them to make sense to this character and have an impact on him. I don't want weaknesses that sound really bad but are easy to gloss over. I want them to affect him as a person.
  4. There's in-world debate on the matter. I personally believe they all still go to the beyond, but it doesn't seem like we have a definitive answer.
  5. Ruin and Preservation were working together when they made the Scadrians. Corrupting/co-opting investiture is when one investiture changes another investiture's nature or function. It's not just a mixing of different investitures.
  6. @Karger not sure what wiggle room you see in there?
  7. Scholarship average 20; Cooking average 10; projectile weapon training average 45 As you only mentionen the level of his skill with the throwing knives, I went with an average level for both scholarship and cooking. If you want that higher or lower, please tell me, then I can adapt it accordingly. Sum of points for skills: 75 Windrunner 1st ideal 85 (Please keep in mind, that we've established during this era, that you have to check with a mod before having a Radiant speak another oath. You state, that he is close to his second oath, so depending on how soon you want to write him speaking his second oath, it might be neccessary to calculate him as 2nd oath. Otherwise he will have to go through the neccessary development on screen and that may take the whole next era. I don't want to discourage you from rping his development, quite the contrary, but I felt like you should know up front, that we're stricter about Radiant's speaking their oaths than we were when Era 3 started.) Zinc 35 Sum of points for Investiture: 120 (not including Variant abilities) Could you please give me some kind of direction what an extended length of time is for you? Is that minutes, or hours or days? I know you stated that it varies, but I have a hard to judge this ability without some direction what you have in mind. What I feel like it might cause some conflict is the part about "ties emotions to a memory and potentially permanently alter a person" - it's a cool concept, but the moment the other player doesn't agree the ability will either be ignored, or the other one is annoyed because their character is pushed in a direction they didn't want them to go. We already see most player characters react to rioting, by finding a reaons, why they aren't affected (like haveing an aluminum headband in their pocket) and I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same here. You can buy this ability, but please think about it, so that you aren't disappointed when most players don't react as you wish they had. Of course you can always talk to somebody up front, especially when it comes to the permanent effects, that might be a good way to avoid frustration on both sides. Based on the discussion in the other thread, I would like to ask you to change that if possible. It seems like you already have another idea, so I think, that might be better. No Gravitation surge -15 desperate to be liked -5 Sum of points for weaknesses -20 In total: Skills 75 (with cooking included) // Investiture 120 // Weaknesses (-20) = 175 || the special variant skills not included. All in all you are a bit over the 150 points, without your variant skills. So I have to ask you, to either remove some of his skills, or to add some weaknesses. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them any time. @Sorana thanks for your time! I always feel a little bad with how my characters usually cause extra work for the mod team. I went ahead and removed the second variant ability(I liked it a lot but I see why people would see it as a stretch.) Also removed the knife throwing(When I thought about it I couldn't actually picture Jasper using them.) I added a line to his backstory: "He grew to hate his parents for their brutality. His parents were the ones who snapped him into alomancy which has left him with trust issues." Assuming that the victim of his rioting has no prior feelings, isn't actively resisting and is unaware that they are being rioted it can last about 45 minuets. I was a little surprised at his high investiture points as I assumed we would just swap the zinc out for the gravity and not add/subtract points for either. If you decide to add points for the zinc could we subtract more for the missing gravitation? I was hoping the variant ability would be wrapped up with the other points for being a radiant. Depending on what you decide about the investiture points I would like to put him at second oath and then rp him swearing it some time this era. And again, thanks for your time!
  8. Took you long enough! I seriously doubt Lightweavers can do anything besides look into the CR. A mistborn just has to get close enough to touch, so shardbearers wouldn't be too much of a problem(Just watch out for the pointy end!). I feel like leaching would make the illusions pretty worthless. From the little clip we saw it would seem like their power requires close contact with the stone that they wish to manipulate. Also if they could kill from afar, the one in the vision would have done so to the fused.
  9. Could you guys could add all my old characters to the new list? Here's my new character (sorry for the long post.... No rush!)
  10. the lost metal

    My uncle was a construction worker. When he retired he still worked on his own house. I imagine it's similar for Wax. He'll still be working on bringing his sister in, but won't be working on other stuff.
  11. That would be great! What do you'll think? Need help figuring out a resonance. What fuel would he use? Stormlight obviously but would he be able to fuel his abilities with zinc? I feel like it should only be Stormlight. Also I apologize for the long posts.... I can get carried away as character creation is my favorite part
  12. My thought is that with a little psychology you could broaden the use of zinc a little bit. Also with the adhesion surge playing into it allowing you to tie emotions to specific thoughts. It would require the victim to actively be thinking about it. And even then you could accidently stick the emotion to the wrong thought. My thought was that he was binding his zinc abilities to the object. Like when a Lightweaver ties an illusion to something. The object would be rioting peoples emotions. I kinda picture him looking for a mentor (not that he would ever admit it). He's had a lot of pain in his life and suddenly has become a Radiant. But I suppose he needs to make a living some how
  13. Hi! I'm back! I'm going to try to be more active again. Probably will try to stay in a smaller thread that I won't fall behind in if I don't check every 30 minuets! (I love you humans) Wanted to see what you guys thought about this character concept. it's a bit weird but it's what I pictured the mixing of these powers would do. The idea is someone forming a bond to a spren that's been hurt badly. Someone that already was a Rioter. Gasper was a Rioter from Scadrial who managed to be in the right place at the right time. [insert cool spren name here], who is an Honorspren, was attacked in the cognitive realm by some hemalurgists who spiked out the gravitation surge from her soul. Close to death and desperate, she bonded the first human she could. Gasper is a worldhopper and knew enough about the Radiants that he noticed the sprens attempts to bond him. Gasper said the words and became a Knight Radiant. His abilities are way different from a normal Windrunner. The nahel bond attached to his Rioter abilities in order to make up for the missing Gravitation surge. He can now do some funky stuff with emotions. He can use the Adhesion surge normally and still can Riot same as always, but now he has a new power with the combination of those two abilities. He can "lock" peoples emotions by rioting an emotion and then using the adhesion surge to bind the persons cognitive aspect(spiritual aspect? I'm not sure if emotions would be a cognitive or spiritual thing). When he locks someone's emotions they are stuck feeling whatever that emotion was until the surge fades away (that can take minuets/hours/days depending on how they felt to start with). As he develops his skills he'll figure out how to do something more devastating. When he learns enough about his abilities he'll be able to lock your emotions towards people/things/memories. The more realistic the emotion the more likely that it'll stick. the longer the artificial emotion stays the more likely that it'll become true. For example: Gasper hates winter. Can't stand it. And yet he has a friend who loves winter. Wanting to change his friends mind, he talks to him about it so that his friend is thinking about winter. Once sure that his friend is in fact thinking about winter Gasper riots the friends hatred of winter and locks it. Since his friend loves winter the binding will only last about ten minuets. During this time his friend will hate winter but won't be sure why. However, it will leave a permanent mark, he'll never love winter quite as much as before (unless he realizes what happened and can take counter actions). Gasper just has to repeat this process often enough for the surge to stick and fully bind his friends emotions. Once fully bound the friend will have a very hard time breaking the bond, though it's not impossible. (note: this would take the better part of a year.) Gasper can also bind emotions to inanimate objects. By doing so the object will emit an emotion to all those nearby. (Imagine a door that actually made you terrified or a statue that automatically made you feel awe.) I don't have the specifics on his personality... He's not an entirely stable person... but I wanted to know what you guys would think about this as a concept before fully flushing out a character. As the consequences of Gasper's abilities would largely be within other characters' heads I would also like to know if you guys would be willing for him to occasionally mess with your characters' minds. It would be up to you guys how much damage he does to your character's well being and mental state. I want to know if you guys would even allow damage to be done or if you would pretend nothing had happened. I don't intend for this character to be OP. If you check my other characters you'll see I prefer interesting over powerful. I would want to further develop this character and his powers but would do so carefully. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm not trying to make a character that would overwhelm/overpower everyone else. Gasper would be the trickster in the background. Playful and dangerous. He won't stab you with a shardblade but he can twist you up until your mind breaks. His morality is questionable. his spren is heavily damaged and isn't entirely an Honorspren anymore. The oaths are mostly the same. He'll have to push through some of his darkness to swear a new oath. I think I would start him close to swearing the second oath, which would probably go something like: "I'll protect the brokenhearted." Thoughts?
  14. Lol. I for one have not watched much figure skating; I was mostly thinking about my attempts at turning with rollerblades. So it's possible they would be equals in that regard. However Mistborn wouldn't have any terrane restrictions. The knights would have to watch for uneven ground and other tripping hazards, while the Mistborn would be soaring above. I'm going to take your silence on my other points as agreement.