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  1. After rereading the blurbs on both orders, I believe this is probably it. After reading it again, the Willshapers seem much more outwardly focused. My first read through left me with the impression that they were more about self expression then true freedom. Looking at it more closely, however, shows them to be more concerned with others' freedoms. While Dustbringers are about restraining themselves, Willshapers are about freeing others.
  2. Interesting thing I noticed: There seems to be a strong connection between Elsecallers and Dustbringers. It makes sense. Their oaths are similar. What I don't get is why there seems to be a connection between Dustbringers and Willshapers. Dustbringers are about self control. Willshapers are about freedom. I feel like they should be opposites, but that doesn't seem to be the case. (Granted we only have six data points for Dustbringers so far...) Any thoughts on the Dustbringer/Willshaper relationship?
  3. @Danex just a friendly reminder, but Mistborn spoilers need to be in a box in this sub.
  4. It sounded like Rock have her the shards. Does that mean she's the queen of the horneaters? I'm not sure how I'd feel about Rock dodging his responsibilities like that:-)
  5. I'm not gonna lie... Knowing that he knows makes me irrationally angry....:-)
  6. It mainly has to do with the below, but I doubt it was a common occurrence.
  7. I couldn't find any pertinent WoBs on the subject, but I'm not the best at surfing for them. I would think the spren melds with your spirit web to a degree that would allow you two to share a singular Identity as far as the magic is concerned. Maybe it could be a problem early on but by the time you get to third oath it should be safe. (Let me know when you finish your character! That was my favorite part of the Alleyverse:-))
  8. They also have the honorblades so they do have access to soulcasting. Not very much and they would need to trade for more, but they do have a limited capacity to make their own.
  9. Yes, I do believe the three realms have always existed in their current form. I'm pretty sure of that answer (I never state things as fact. Its a flaw of mine:-)).
  10. Ketek of Wrathful Truth?!?? Knights often Wailing? Kind of wrong though...
  11. But it's the Cognitive aspect it the Spiritual aspect behind swapped? Is it both? If they're just swapping the Spiritual aspect, then perhaps some Cognitive corruption could be happening.
  12. @Golstar just a friendly reminder, but you're in the Stormlight section and the Mistborn stuff should be in spoiler boxes.
  13. There's a thread a little ways down talking about the Bondsmiths. What would you like to discuss? I thought the Dustbringers were the most surprising:-)
  14. I'm jealous:-)
  15. Is Taravangian evil? Everything he does is for a "greater good". Not that I totally subscribe to that school of thought. I'm just saying Jasnah probably would have worked with him (so long as her family wouldn't be harmed).