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  1. What form are parshendi born as? Is there like a "kid" form and they transition to adulthood the first time they pick a form? Are they born as whatever their parents were at their conception? (I don't think that one works at all...) By personality? (Doesn't really work because they shouldn't have lost any forms if that were the case.) Are they born without a form? If they are born with a form then where did the spren come from? Any thoughts?
  2. I think you're missing the point. The exact wording: Is in past tense. It doesn't say anyone who is born in Kharbranth. It very carefully says those who have been born there. The next generation is screwed.
  3. The problem is I really like all the SA characters!
  4. @Honorless spoilers:-) I'll be really disappointed if she doesn't have an audacious plan that had cosmere wide ramifications!
  5. I don't know about plate though:-)
  6. I picked Dalinar. He's the most interesting character I've read in a long time.
  7. Scadrial's CR is still inverted. The ground was made of mist. Our PoV character in the story could walk on it because they were dead. (Can't remember which forum I'm on lol) If you recall Hoid had to use a "boat".
  8. Which is what Wax experienced with the coin I do believe.
  9. (Yes, this is a Necro. I always meant to come back to this thread, but got so busy in August that I never made it:-)) I've come into agreement that there's probably some form of compounding going on with the Bands. I don't think we have all the info on nicrosil yet, but there is probably some funkiness going on there. Now, I still think that Kelsier is far more powerful now than he was during era one. I would like to discuss what people think is the possibility of him having gained feruchemy. And how powerful could he be? Twice as powerful as Elend?
  10. Jasnah is clearly wrong because there's a WoB that implies Lightweavers might be able to travel physically into the CR using their surges. Even if text didn't trump WoB that's a bold statement.
  11. Remains to be seen.
  12. It is Rock's now, I believe.
  13. I usually read the books first and then reread them via audio book while trying to fall asleep. It's very relaxing:-)
  14. Audio is pretty good. Narrators are on point. It can be a little jarring with different voices for the same characters, but once you're used to it, it's a really cool way to "read" the books!
  15. My first thought was KANDRA! But on further thought, the idea of a shard or even a powerful Mistborn bring able to control me is... Unappealing. So Singers I guess. I would be stuck on Roshar (what with needing spren) but that could be okay. Aimians could be cool. Either version. I don't know enough about them yet to say for sure though.