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  1. era 3

    "Oh yeah.... The Kandra. Are you still working for him? And how did you get a shardblade?"
  2. era 3

    "Is your dad still in Alleycity?"
  3. era 3

    "My mom and brother died in a accident. My father became violent in his grief and became an alcoholic. I believe he hated me. I'm a lot like my mom and I guess I reminded him too much of her. When I got my power, I left him." Sam shook her head. "But really! Enough about me. What about you? You said you haven't talked to them in a couple of years?"
  4. era 3

    "I wasn't strong enough to be evil." Sam whispered. "My powers aren't flashy like Bella's. I'm like a nicrobust. I take people's strength in their powers and transfer it to someone else. It only works with women." She finished with a smile.
  5. era 3

    "Epics were people who got random powers with no explanation. They did lots of bad things.... It seemed only bad people got powers....."
  6. era 3

    "I could teach you a few tricks, but enough about me. Your a ferring?"
  7. era 3

    "Haydawn..... That's a fun name." She said, smiling. "Like a lot of people around here, I'm from a different world. I'm an Epic.... though a weak one." She winced at the last part. He doesn't want to hear your weak! "I mean I'm dangerous! I practiced a lot with knives to compensate....." She cleared her throat. "Anyways, I spent most of my time serving other Epics..... Didn't have time to have hobbies." She looked at him. "Though climbing would be a good skill for me to learn. Maybe you could teach me?"
  8. era 3

    Sam leaned against him. They were about the same height which made it a little awkward, but she managed. Sam gazed up at him. His blonde hair, caring smile and sincere eyes all made her want to sit there forever. "You know," she said after awhile, "I still don't know your full name. Or favorite hobbies."
  9. era 3

    "Well, I mean if.... What I meant was... Calamity!" Her face started to burn. She pulled him up as best she could then buried her face in her hands.
  10. era 3

    Sam reached up and grabbed the lip of the roof. With a struggle she pulled herself up and reached a hand towards Nael. "Life will be an adventure with you."
  11. era 3

    Sam tried reaching her foot to the window sill. No luck. Well...... He hasn't tried to kill me all day. Sam thought, crouching down ready to jump. "If you drop me..." She growled. Letting the threat hang in the air. Need to work on my trust skills. Then she jumped grasping for his hand like..... Well...... A woman falling off a building.
  12. era 3

    Sam stood on a shardblade. Not the strangest thing she had done today. "So now what?" She said, looking up. "Do you have two swords or....."
  13. era 3

    Sam looked up at him, holding a magnificent blade, reaching down to her, tears stained eyes inviting. She melted..... Just a little. She reached hesitantly for his hand.