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  1. I am 99% sure I'm going! It's my first book signing so I will probably just observe but feel free to say hi and I will do the same! Would love to meet some local Sanderfans!
  2. Audible has Steelheart on daily deal for $3.95 today! Happy listening!
  3. Seriously, your art needs to go on the Coppermind at least!
  4. This is how I picture Jasnah! Get out of my head! Great work again!
  5. This is the stuff of nightmares! I love it! The detail is amazing! Great work and I'm just a tad jealous of your artistic abilities!
  6. Welcome to the Shard! I forgot about that line! True gold, indeed! Ever notice everyone's favorite quotes from the books are Brandon's simplest? I have to say that I am a huge fan of GRRM and SOI&F were some of my favorite epic fantasies, until I can across The Stormlight Archives. Brandon has quickly accelerated to the top of the list. At this point I'm not hugely optimistic that we'll get anything else out of GRRM. At least not anytime soon. If you're looking for more Brandon try the Mistborn novels and than his collection of novella's in Arcanum Unbounded. Both ar epart of the Cosmere. I also enjoy Jim Butcher. He has a couple fantasy series. Codex Alera and The Dresden files are a few that I have read of his and thoroughly enjoyed! We know Pattern is your favorite but who is your favorite Radiant? I hope you enjoy stalking the page just as much as I do!
  7. @Herowannabe I have been steering clear of any Mistborn threads or forums and just sticking with SA, Warbreaker, and Elantris for that reason.
  8. Elantris is definitely my least favorite book as well. I agree that Hrathen was probably the only character with any kind of real development and the magic system and world building are the best part of the book. I will still read Emperor's Soul and the other novella's in Arcanum Unbound. I'm just glad Elantris wasn't the first Sanderson book I read as I probably wouldn't have continued with any other novels. At least not for a while.
  9. I might go to the Naperville stop. I've never been to a signing before!
  10. Well, that's a bit disappointing. Oh well, can't get everything that we want!
  11. I thought Emperor's Soul was the novella related to Elantris? Does it just take place in the Sel system or am I totally wrong on this?
  12. I actually enjoy the fact that Sanderson doesn't include sex scenes in his books. It can be implied without getting too graphic. I listened to the audio book in the car with my 10 year old and didn't feel the need to shut it off during certain scenes. My son is a pretty advanced reader for his age and has shown interest in reading The Stormlight Archives and I'm totally ok with it! Lack of sex scenes does not make this book any less mature. I think it actually makes it more mature and shows Brandon's skill as a writer. I also don't agree with the fact the Brandon implies that sex is bad. I think he actually implies that sex is sacred and should be treated as such. This is a good moral for any book these days since sex is so readily available during our modern age.
  13. I first came on this thread to voice my opinion that Radiant shardplate is lesser spren. But now I'm leaning both ways. I like @ScarletSabre theory and @Calderis edit. I think that it's a combination of the two now. I like the idea that Radiants can reabsorb the stormlight that makes shardplate as I feel it would take a tremendous amount of it and could drain the user of all their stormlight. We see Kaladin in OB attract hundreds of windspren during a highstorm to help block the wind to get the townspeople to safety. To me, only shardplate would be able to do such a thing. Although we see gloryspren around Dalinar a lot, I think it's more likely that bindspren might be what a bondsmith would use for their plate since they are not an emotion spren. I'm not too versed on the shards but is it possible that the presence of Honor and Cultivation on Roshar are what make Radiant shardplate possible since these are the two shards that are located on Roshar? We see Odium as well but he is more linked with emotion spren and we all know emotions can be finicky. It makes more sense that natural phenomena spren would be more likely to build plate since they are readily available. There is always going to be wind and something that is bound together in the physical realm, for example. I pulled this from Coppermind and thought it goes well with what @Gasper said. This could be why there are not as many plates as blades because these lesser spren weren't damaged by the Nahel bond and are free to go back to the cognitive realm once the plate disintegrates. Shardplate has the ability to use Stormlight to regenerate itself when damaged.[14] If sections of a suit of armor are destroyed or abandoned, they can be regenerated later by using Stormlight from the suit's gemstones. Once the Shardplate regenerates an abandoned piece, the previous piece will crumble to dust.[7] Repairing a heavily-damaged set of Shardplate can be costly as it commonly cracks the gemstones used during the process.[19] Through some unknown method, common spheres can also be used to repair Plate.
  14. I guess I did word that funny. I have read the original Mistborn trilogy, Warbreaker, Elantris, and The Stormlight Archives. I have re read the Stormlight Archives because I also have them on Audible. I still need to read the Wax and Wayne series. Which is next after Emperor's Soul. I just finished Elantris and was left feeling unsatisfied and with too many questions that I hope Emperor's Soul can fix for me. I just don't have a mind for theory craft and would love some pointers! I joined this forum to join in on conversations because Brandon Sanderson has quickly become a favorite author of mine and none of my friends have read anything by him, despite my insistence and shoving his books in their faces. (I wonder why I'm still friends with them at this point ) After being on here for a month or so and joining in on some basic discussions like, who is your favorite character, I've come to the conclusion that I need help if I'm to ever join in on anything other than a poll or basic discussion! Thankfully I have the Coppermind to refer too but would like to do some of the leg work myself.
  15. This is my first post (besides the Introduce Yourself post) that I have done on the 17th Shard. I love coming on here and reading everyone's theories and speculations on the different series and books but I feel so completely overwhelmed that I'm hesitant to join in on any deep discussions. Besides The Stormlight Archives, I haven't re read any of the books yet as I have just recently finished them in the first place. Being a novice of the Cosmere I would love some tips and tricks from those of you who are well versed in the Cosmere. I'd love to join in on some discussions and not look completely ignorant! What are things you look for? Certain words or phrases to take note of? Next up on my list is the second Mistborn trilogy and then I will probably read the other Cosmere novels again. Help me go from 17th Shard stalker to contributor!