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  1. Love this! If you made the eyes silver it would be perfect!
  2. When I was looking stuff up on the show last night I did see it was based on a comic which I didn't know.
  3. I just started the first episode and have already spotted the wannabe David and Prof. It's different but still very similar and definitely geared toward an older audience. Came on here specifically looking for this topic! Edited to add: I just finished the first episode and I'm definitely getting Reckoners vibes but not set in a dystopian world. One of my first thoughts was this good be a rated R alternate reality of Megan's with Megan and an Abraham/Cody mix. It's different enough that I don't feel like Brando got ripped off. I like it and will definitely keep watching.
  4. That's amazing! I knew I liked Wayne! Edited to add that I can't believe I missed it!
  5. This was one of my favorite chapters in the whole series! Thanks for bringing it to life!
  6. Hmmm, maybe I'll check it out eventually.... Why do you say that? I just finished Era 2 and Wayne is my favorite character in the Cosmere but I don't get the reference.
  7. I had loved Watership down when I was younger, I remember, but when I watched the preview on Netflix I was like, wow, this looks bad! Haha. I'm always looking for good books for my 10 year old though.
  8. Ever hear of a book called Watership Down? It's like the same thing but with rabbits! They actually just started a series or movie on Netflix about it. Haven't watched it yet though and haven't read the book in a decade at least. All I can picture is the cast of Cats gone feral and turned into Warrior Cats! I'm intrigued... I'll have to add it to my read list on Goodreads.
  9. Stormlight 4 for me too. I'm still not finished with Skyward but will be before Starsights release.
  10. Popped on Brandon's site to double check the title of the second Skyward book. Was pleasantly surprised to see the status bar update! So exciting! Which book are you guys most excited for??
  11. We just started listening to Reckoners on Audible together. He said it was a good choice to fill the void until Starsight comes out! What's Warriors? I don't think I've heard of that one.
  12. That's what's great about Brandon Sanderson. It's pretty much for all ages!! I know he'll eventually read the SA, Mistborn and all the rest when he's a little older. He's already shown interest in the Kaladin and Syl books, as he likes to call them, when I'm listening to them on Alexa or in the car. It's the greatest molding young minds into miniature nerds with only a few books!
  13. No spoilers please! I'm halfway through Skyward myself because I let my 10 year old son read it before me and I think that was a good decision! I'm not even done with it but I think we can all relate to the last line of the the letter! Sorry about the format of the first pic. Couldn't figure out how to rotate it.
  14. @Invocation I'm still not convinced that it was the storm and not the spren/non spren. Since Dalinar gave it a rude gesture it makes me think he saw the thing throw the boulder.
  15. Welcome! As a fairly new Sanderfan myself I find that searching on the Coppermind is the best way to find answers you're looking for. The arcanum is another great place to get direct quotes about things from the man himself! Otherwise just checkout different post on the Shard, just beware of spoilers! What's your favorite book that you've read so far? Who's your favorite character?