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  1. @Invocation I'm still not convinced that it was the storm and not the spren/non spren. Since Dalinar gave it a rude gesture it makes me think he saw the thing throw the boulder.
  2. Welcome! As a fairly new Sanderfan myself I find that searching on the Coppermind is the best way to find answers you're looking for. The arcanum is another great place to get direct quotes about things from the man himself! Otherwise just checkout different post on the Shard, just beware of spoilers! What's your favorite book that you've read so far? Who's your favorite character?
  3. This is an interesting point because with the Dalinar flashback we know the initial storm wall had already passed when he went out into the storm. This leads me to believe that the giant glowing figure is the one who threw the boulder at him.
  4. These WoB contradict themselves a bit... My first thought was it was a manifestation of the storm father. I pictured him going for a leisurely stroll with Cultivation! Well, whatever they may be, stormstriders are a pretty cool name and I think we might all be surprised in the end!
  5. In both instances we've quoted above they always refer to them as figures and never question it might be a huge spren....
  6. I'm still not convinced it's a spren. Would a spren be able to manipulate the physical realm enough to throw a boulder? Even if it is a huge one, I wouldn't think size would effect it that much.
  7. When I heard this excerpt I pictured 2 giant two legged creatures lumbering along through the highstorm. Thanks for all the WoB. I guess searching highstorm+glowing figures isn't specific enough, lol. None of the WoB mention spren..... I think they're something we haven't really come across yet, except for excerpts like this. Or they're something we've come across but know by a different name... Edited to add: I know, that's such a specific theory! I'm not great with theories!
  8. @Quantus I don't know... they're depicted as walking on 2 legs and a chasmfiend has a lot more than 2 legs and would either be moving much faster or just being blown around in the storm. Edited to add: The chapter title is in the phrase as well....
  9. It's Chapter 74 Striding the Storm. It's page 875 on my Kindle. "Light came from above, too steady to be lightning. Something was glowing on the plateau. Something that moved. It was hard to see, since water streamed off the side of the plateau above, falling in a sheet before their refuge. He swore he saw an enormous figure walking up there, a glowing inhuman form, followed by another, alien and sleek. Striding the storm. Leg after leg, until the glow passed." It comes after they kill the chasm fiend and dig an alcove into the side of a plateau for shelter from the high storm.
  10. I was listening to Words of Radiance again on Audible and it was the scene where Kaladin and Shallan are in the chasm's during a high storm after falling in. Kaladin talks about seeing giant glowing figures walking across the shattered plains. Are they a type of spren? Is it the Storm Father and a sibling going for a stroll? I can't think of anything that large except for a Thunderclast, and I can't imagine them traveling during a high storm. What are your theories?? I couldn't find anything on here or Arcanum when I tried searching but I know someone else has had to have noticed this!
  11. I love the summaries for the books, especially this one!
  12. Why only a 1000? Why not forever?? Mauh hahaha. I started reading Sanderson about 3 years ago. I'm 32 now. My 10 year old has listened to the audiobooks with me and he seems interested. One of these days I'll get him hooked!
  13. @Kon-Tiki I wonder if the shin are related to the parshendi as well? Mild OB spolier I can't help but wonder if there isn't something there as well....
  14. "You can see the spren," Kaladin pressed, "because of what happened to you in these waters." "Is not part of story," Rock said, eyeing him. "It is....involved. I will say no more of this thing." Page 540 on the Kindle. Chapter 46, Patriots @Weltall The ability may not be universal among the Horneaters but Rock does say that swimming in the ocean was involved. "I'd like to visit," Lopen said. "Go for a dip myself." "Ha! Is death to one not of our people," Rock said. "I could not let you swim.... To sum it up Sigzil said that it's death because the Horneaters kill anyone who tries to swim in the emerald pools. @StrikerEZ When Rock is saying gods he is referring to spren. Kaladin even asks him if he means gods like Syl. He follows Kaladin's gaze as he looks at Syl and says "These are gods," Rock said following Kaladin's gaze. "Yes. Some gods, though, they are more powerful than others. The tana'kai, he sought the strongest among them.... Rock frequently talks about how his people consider spren gods. Edited to add: After re reading the passage, it was definitely Hoid coming from the perpendicularity. I must of mis remembered it. There is still more than meets the eye here. Why would the Unkalaki kill anyone, other than their own, who attempted to swim there. Why is he so vague and secretive when talking about swimming in the ocean?
  15. I have been trying to find the exact quote of it. I'll probably have to dig out the book. I'm pretty sure what I'm talking about was not Hoid coming out of the Perpendicularity.