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  1. This thought has been driving me nuts for a while, and I came here to ask this exact question haha. Glad you beat me to it so I could just read all the replys! I guess since there's a WoB saying Allomancy is of Preservation, I'll just accept it and move on, but I was thinking exactly along the lines you were
  2. I agree completely and think the dragons breathe fire is the biggest piece of evidence for Endowment being a dragon holding a shard
  3. soother!! exactly what my friends said I'd be (and I'd probably want to be)
  4. Double luck would be pretty sweet. Like walking around always under the effects of that Harry Potter luck potion. I still think I'd go A-Brass/F-Zinc (if not Bendally/Zinc). The practical uses of that combo are amazing. Not to mention.. all the money making opportunities lol (which, I guess there'd also be a lot of Money making opportunities with double luck too haha) I love thinking of all the combinations!
  5. Oooo, now that's a super fun and potent power! I like it.
  6. As an avid scuba diver, I sure hope so lol
  7. I noticed that as well! He never out right rejected it. Although it does seem like someone would have to "give Odium their pain" to be influenced by him, and I would imagine his champion would have to do the same. So, that may have been the rejection
  8. Brass/Zinc!! Thought about this one for months haha. Be able to quickly plan strategies in battle, or to read people in a second and use soothing. Yeah, I'm good with that haha. Utility in battle, but also super useful in the modern world we live in (I wouldn't go double Zinc because there is a WoB somewhere about zinc compounders potentially getting "stuck in an eternal moment" mentally) Edit: I actually bought and wear a ring made of Zinc just for this reason
  9. We don't currently have anything conclusive. My guess on the issue is: We saw a stoneward use cohesion in a vision. In that vision he had to reach out and touch the side of the mountain, invest it, and then shape a staircase out of it. To me, this is similar to how every time we have seen Shallan use soulcasting, she is holding the object (the cup and the Legendary Stick); while Jasnah we have seen multiple times use soulcasting from a distance. I don't know if it is from a WoB or just speculation on the forums, but I believe the prevailing theory is that Jasnah can soulcast from a distance because of transportation surge. There is a WoB stating that his original idea behind stonewards was "everything is clay in their hands, not just stone and rock, but everything". So, given that WoB and the examples from books I mentioned, I believe that Stonewards can shape absolutely any material that they can lay hands on. Willshapers on the other hand can manipulate a lot of material (I think at least soil and water since they actually have a cohesive force that can be calculated) from a distance, like Jasnah and her soulcasting from a distance. That's my thoughts and impression on the issue given what we (I) currently know
  10. I just started the epilogue of Oathbringer moments ago. This whole read through I noticed the way they talked about the Parshendi rhythms and Timbre's pulses. Those two are the same thing, but the way they're described throughout the series is extremely similar to the way they describe a bronze seeker seeing the pulses of a rioter/soother (and other allomancy, but rioting and soothing specifically have multiple "wavelengths" the different emotions operate at). The same cosmere law of physics seems to be associated with the rhythms as seeker/rioter/soother allomancy, and the rhythms are based on emotion it seems. I defenietly think there is a connection and think the potential "resonance" of the Willshapers is to "shape wills" similar to soothing/rioting
  11. I actually am a Civil engineer and have spent countless hours studying cohesion and tension as forces, and transportation (as a design discipline, although not my focus). My focus is hydraulic, geotechnical, and construction engineering. Probably why I'm so hung up on figuring out what Willshapers can do lol
  12. He had to be touching the side of the mountain, then he could infuse (invest) parts of the mountain away from him, but he had to have his had on the stone to send the stormlight through to make the shapes. That was my take anyway, cause it mentions him laying his hand on the wall face in front of the ledge
  13. First, this is my new favorite thread haha Second, I think the main difference is Willshapers will be able to use the cohesion at a distance and on limited materials compared to Stonewards. A Willshaper could probably effect stone, water, earth, metal, etc. but a Stoneward, with the combination of tension surge, can shape anything. Stonewards just have to touch it but I think could maybe shape all sorts of brittle things like trees and maybe glass, etc. where those things would just snap if a Willshaper tried. My theory anyway.
  14. So I can't find it mentioned or talked about anywhere, but I'm about exactly here in an Oathbringer reread and Evi and Dalinar just got done talking about how Dalinar is changing (getting older). We know already Evi's religion has been described as kinda pagan, kinda vorin. Dalinar is talking about getting older and she says he's changing from one aspect to another. He asks her to clarify and she talks about how they worship"the One", all power is his power, the old magic is "an aspect of the One" (Cultivation/Nightwatcher) who grants some of his power, the Almighty is another aspect, there are many aspects to the One, and people can change between aspects at different times in their lives. Sounds like she (her culture) worships Adonalsium and/or the Shards and could even be the closest thing to a "one true religion" of the Cosmere. I've searched Arcanum, the Coppermind, and good ole Google but haven't found anything about this. Any info would be great Edit: I relistened cause it was 45 min in between hearing and being able to post. I definitely paraphrased and used a wrong word (aspect instead of Avatar), but the overall point is the same.