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  1. Remember how Hoid was talking to Dalinar in WoK about Adonalsium and ripping a man apart and putting him back together? I don't have the book right now, so I can't find the exact quote, but Hoid mentioned how if you took a man apart and put him back together, he might not be the same. What if that is what Hoid is trying to do? We know that Hoid was a part of the group that had plotted to kill Adonasium because he could have been a Shard, so why would Hoid be rebuilding Adonalsium? Answer: he's not. He's trying to merge all of the shards into something has the power of Adonalsium but is different. Remember Harmony(Sazed)? He holds Ruin and Preservation, but he is totally different from either of them because he is bound by both of their principles. The new Adonalsium could be the same way. I wrote this thing up at like midnight, so if you see errors, feel free to correct me.
  2. Okay, so, worldhopping only works because people have no concept of outer space, so it doesn't exist in the Cognitive World, meaning that worldhoppers can walk from planet to planet. The problem here is that people will eventually make spacecrafts(Mistborn Era 4), meaning that they will discover space, making it exist in the Cognitive World. Do you see the problem? Worldhopping cannot work because the Cosmere will discover the space between planets, making it that much harder for Hoid, the Seventeenth Shard(in-world), and people like Vasher and Vivenna to get around. (If you disagree, please reply and tell me why.)
  3. So I was just thinking about Adonalsium, and how he must have been all powerful, and how the Spiritual Realm has really weird time laws. Then I started thinking about Hoid and how the books seem to show us that he is trying to put Adonalsium back together. Then I thought, "Hmmm, if Adonalsium is all powerful, can he transcend time?" Here's the crackpot theory. Let's say that Hoid(or another person) puts Adonalsium back together. Then Adonalsium transcends time and goes back to the beginning to create all life, gets shattered, gets put back together, etc. So Hoid basically constructs Adonalsium after itself and it's one of those predestination paradoxes from time travel. I know we haven't seen any abilities to go back in time, but this is just one of those random thoughts in my messed-up brain. (I hope you get a laugh!)
  4. Hey. I just had a random thought about nicrosil compounding and how it would be totally broken if you were a worldhopper to Nalthis or Roshar. Think about it. You buy one Breath and put it in your nicrosilmind. then you burn it. You'd get a ton of Breath. Same with Stormlight. You get some, put it in your nicrosilmind, burn, infinite Stormlight. This power is awesome. I know that Compounders are very rare and nicrosil isn't the most common of abilities, but surely over the years there has been a nicrosil compounder. If a nicrosil compounder ever shows up in the cosmere at large, remember, that person should be a really powerful chap. (This is my first real post. Hope you all like my thoughts!)
  5. I want to join!
  6. I'll join! I don't want to have a 0% win rate. I might not post very often because school, though.
  7. Ok, I know I probably look really suspicious right now, but I am just a really bad player. Please believe me.
  8. @randuir, you wanted my reads. Here they are, but I have no idea whether or not I've been faked out. I always lose in Mafia at school. @Steeldancer - Village. I know there are some arguments against them, but I like their reasoning. @Kidpen - Village. I like their reasoning also. Plus, they think I'm village. @Jondesu - Spiked. Steeldancer had good reasoning about why. (I'm sorry, Jondesu. I'm probably wrong.)
  9. Yeah, I realize that now. Drat. Well, as I truly believe there is probably only one Spiked in the Synod, I will clear you. Phattemer. (I better not be wrong about you.)
  10. Personally, I think @Steeldancer is fine, though I don't have the best judgement. (Last time around I thought @Araris Valerian was clear.). Going with my assumption that @Steeldancer is good, I'll go with his precollected data and vote phattemer. About @phattemer's questions, I think there is most likely one spiked.
  11. As I was rereading Words of Radiance, I noticed something odd. In Taln's interlude, one of the people talking mentions that Wit came with them, but on the second day, he hit himself in the head with a rock and ran off. We know that Wit/Hoid has a compulsion to not hurt himself, so how could he hit himself in the head with a rock?
  12. Four villagers down, no Spiked. We are doing terribly.
  13. I just don't really have a ton of suspicions, @randuir. I'll just vote for Snipexe because @Rathmaskal and @Araris Valerian have good reasoning.
  14. Rand, because there was literally no proof. (@Ark1002, I'm a girl.)
  15. Darn it, three villagers down, no Spiked down. This is distressing. I'll just vote with @Steeldancer and go with Rand.