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  1. Uh, what if you like hot chocolate and eggnog equally and drink way too much of both? THIS. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL
  2. Count me in! But can't we just live in harmony with whatever eggnog guild rises to power? Both chocolate and eggnog are magical
  3. Seriously, the whole time I was kind of just... afraid lol. Great job both of you!
  4. This is actually the greatest line I have ever read in my life XD
  5. I wholeheartedly agree. Gosh, voting for this is extremely difficult, you all did so good!
  6. Definitely not a waste XD I enjoyed all of these greatly. Besides, who needs homework?
  7. Alright, sounds good @Wyndlerunner. And yes, shanking Amaram is on my to do list. Thanks @I think I am here, I just enjoy turtles. And roleplaying is something I can definitely get behind lol. I will enjoy my stay, thanks
  8. A website full of people who enjoy reading... sign me up please! I like reading, writing, running, sleeping, eating (chocolate mostly), and whatever random thing I decide on that day. My friend on here- shoutout to Wyndlerunner- got me into Sanderson, which was both a blessing and a curse. I love his books, but now I'm being sucked into more fandoms. Oh well, I feel like that is the best way to spend my time XD