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  1. Yeah, that was just a mistype on my part. I meant the precision engineering stuff. I'd like to take intelligence to the next level then Thanks @mathiau !
  2. All right, no cytonic jumping. But could I add a few points in intelligence or reision stuff without going over the cap? Thanks! @Voidus
  3. "Big oof...such a big oof...", the drunk said, imitating the mantra of a Hoed like every time he got confronted. Of course, he didn't know that Elantris had been restored. @Silva
  4. Oh no, he was the first on page 666! Guess that means you won, mate!
  5. Suddenly the whole Stickworld could see how neat being a donut was, and a wave of donut transformations came upon the land. The donutopus, having achieved its clever ploy, proceeded to turn back into a breakdancing octopus and munched on a donut.
  6. Doomed We have to get to green right?
  7. But Dalinar had been vaccinated as a kid, so it was all right.
  8. As is dictated by the Law of Needed Restaurants. Of course, that meant that as long as the stickopus wanted a donut, it would only find sushi joints. This lead to a great deal of insecurity and wavering resolve on the side of the stickopus. Finally, it broke. "I am a donut!"
  9. Guys the moment this post reaches 666 pages we have to stop that would define a winner
  10. all i gotta say to be honest
  11. I shall win for the day, as midnight arrives in but 2 minutes! (nobody's that fast)
  12. A hopelessly drunk man turned toward the debators and proclaimed: "That's a big oof right there." He then focused his mangled remaining concentration on his drink.
  13. Revised era 4 character: @Sorana @Ookla the Maybe-Existent @Voidus
  14. Do we have any info on the size of spheres? I always imagine them as being ping-pong ball size, but it seems that they would be smaller, like marbles or so. Thanks in advance!
  15. Just something that came in my mind a few minutes ago. Was this idea already suggested and/or refuted?