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  1. Something in -bringer... Milkbringer? Dairybringer? Also, are you planning to eat her someday?
  2. Ah, good old imgflip memes. One day I shall post too, and all shall tremble beneath my power!
  3. ...I'm retarded Thanks anyway!
  4. I was just looking around and I noticed that there were no easily accessible Writing Excuses transcripts. Would it be some thing feasible to add to Arcanum, maybe as a different category?
  5. Yeah I remember that one, I think Syl is just jealous of him attracting other spren than her or her"cousins". If I recall correctly, he just drew a few of them, not abnormal amounts. By the way, in that scene, aren't there also a ton of windspren?
  6. I can't right now because I'm on kindle, but it is entry 54 in Firefight San Francisco Signing. (I think it's on page 3 or 4 of the events list?) Now that I look back at it though, it doesn't really confirm it, Brandon just says more or less "You are asking the right questions." To expand on @Nellac 's theory, what if every single piece of Plate is one lesser spren? I believe it has been confirmed that spren can manifest just as one continuous piece of metal. Now it makes sense to me why Shardplate shatters, while Blades don't: the bond is probably weaker and lesser spren in general have less Investiture. Also, what do you guys think is the reason for when the connecting pieces shatter, the ones on the end become useless? How does there growing of Plate even work with that in consideration? Do they attract new spren like in fabrials, or do they feed the original ones with enough Investiture so they can manifest as metals again?
  7. Nobody actually reads this, do they?

    1. Spaceferring


      Apparently one person does.


  8. Oh sorry, hadn't read that I didn't mean to steal your theory, sorry again!
  9. That is my point: we know that a Shardblade is one Radiant spren, so I'm basically saying that Shardplate is a multitude of lesser spren that are also affiliated with that order, so you would see some sort of after image after dissmissing Shardplate, which would be the common appearance of the spren in question. Maybe someone should ask Brandon what living Shardplate looks like when one of the pieces explode or if it is in any way different to dead Shardplate upon shattering. In Jasnah's case, I don't think we have seen those spren named on-screen, but I would maybe go with mathspren?
  10. We all know that our favorite depressed Windrunner attracts a bunch of windspren while doing funky shenanigans. We also have this part in Edgedancer when Lift grows a tree and attracts an abnormal amount of lifespren. So then, are lifespren to cultivationspren the same as windspren to honorspren? There's a WoB out there that states that the windspren are relevant to the manifestation of Shardplate for Kaladin, could the same be said for Lift and lifespren? To me it makes sense because I don't think a Radiant spren has enough Investiture to manifest both as Blade and Plate, so they need some similar, lesser spren to form up Shardplate. So then would there be not one, but two types ofspren per Order? One for the Nahel Bond, and the other one attracted by the Knight's Surgebinding? For Lightweavers, my candidate would be creationspren, as we have multiple scenes in which Shallan draws for a while and attracts more creationspren than she had ever seen. A tentative one for Dustbringers would be flamespren, maybe? We haven't seen many of them in action though. For Bondsmiths, I would go with gloryspren, pretty obviously. And then there's that scene after the Battle of Thaylen City, when Jasnah is surrounded by geometric-looking spren. Anyway, this list could probably be extended a while, but I think we should pay attention to sequences where a Radiant attracts a lot of lesser spren, more than usual. Thoughts on my wacky, barely-founded theory?
  11. "No, I was just the first one to travel between planets in the Physical Realm. Everybody else just went to Shadesmar, you know? Seemed more fun the way I did it." Zaphoid cleared his throat and continued. "Of course, my method ended with my getting stranded on some random planet. I crashed my spaceship, so I had to rebuild one from scratch. Surprisingly, it worked: hence Tinkerer of Gods." Zaphoid did not mention that he had invented most of those titles, and decided not to pry upon Folorian's experience with the Nightwatcher.
  12. Zaphoid blinked. He had introduced himself, what, 5 seconds ago? Never mind, he thought. Practice for his grand entrance would always be welcome. He set his foot on a stool, struck a dramatic pose and declared: "I am Zaphoid Beeblerock, monarch of Frogstar B, spacefarer extraordinaire, Tinkerer of Gods, Eater of Cheddar Popcorn. You seem to have quite the fleeting memory, Folorian!" @mathiau
  13. Until now, I've just assumed that Timbre is a starspren. But is it really the case?
  14. With great power comes great responsibility
  15. The late Renoux