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  1. So I've been thinking for a while about this and I came up with this theory: After Gavilar got killed, Jasnah goes away and does her heretic stuff blah blah. Then, at some point, she gets raped. Her Soulcasting powers would show up at that moment and she'd kill the guy somehow. This would explain why Jasnah is so cold to people in general, and also why she didn't hesitate to kill the street thugs in Kharbranth. Also, I remember seeing a quote somewhere where Shallan wonders what was done to her but I can't find it right now. Thoughts?
  2. Ok, thanks!
  3. Are metalminds or Invested objects harder to destroy physically than unInvested ones?
  4. @Ashspren I'd love to but I don't think I will have time to work on roasts... Just put @Ark1002 instead. Sorry!
  5. alleyverse

    @Ookla the Meme-Thief Zaphoid cleared his throat and called out to the person wearing a suit of glowing armor. "Hey, what're you doing there just standing? Get out!" Zaphoid realized that his manners were a bit brutish, but did not rectify himself. "Okay everyone, testing is over! I'll send a message to you tomorrow and you'll see if you're taken. See you guys later!" And with that, Zaphoid pushed himself away from the crowd, directly on top of his shack. He wanted to draw more plans.
  6. alleyverse

    @Ookla the Memelord Zaphoid waved the last contestant on.
  7. alleyverse

    @Ookla the Memelord
  8. alleyverse

    @Ookla the Memelord "Oops, forgot you! Do your turn and be done with it." @Silva sorry too late
  9. alleyverse

    Huh, Zaphoid thought as the unconscious man jumped up andcleared the obstacle course in a matter of seconds by using a clever combination of Feruchemy and harmonium cubes. I'll have to reconsider. @Ookla the Guacless Zaphoid called up the last aspirant, Shifting Shadows. "I believe you're the last person, right?" @Kidpen
  10. alleyverse

    As the unconscious man failed to rise, Zaphoid sighed and asked if someone was willing to drag him somewhere else. It looked as if he wasn't suited for the job. @Ookla the Guacless He overheard Mace's and Tena's conversation and said, "Don't worry. The power of your abilities will not be significant". He smiled inwards. How mysterious I'm acting...
  11. alleyverse

    Zaphoid noticed the young man strolling towards the woman called Tena, and wondered how alien food would taste like.
  12. alleyverse

    Zaphoid was about to carry the woman to the nearest hospital with a nicrosil-enhanced Steelpush, when he saw the others rush toward her and start healing her through Investiture. I'll wait to see how well they get her, and if it gets dangerous, I'll take in. Surprisingly, the woman sat up after a few seconds and Zaphoid let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. "All right. You three, you're in on the team. Next please!" @Ookla the Guacless
  13. alleyverse

    "Congratulations!" Zaphoid told the unconscious person on the floor. "You did very well on your run!" Turning back toward the assembled people, he declared, "And that is how you do not do it." "You there! Your turn!" @Ookla the Ring
  14. alleyverse

    Zaphoid facepalmed as Shifting Shadows Soulcasted a huge bridge. "Can't you wait? I called someone else up. That is a very nice bridge, but please make it disappear. I'll call you up later." @Ookla the Ookla Zaphoid cleared his throat as everyone started clapping. "That was a very nice performance. Let's see who's next! Hmmm... You!" @Ookla the Paragon
  15. alleyverse

    Zaphoid, having decided not to use any Investiture to get there, arrived of course last. "Line up," he said to the half-dozen of the people there. "To show me your ability, you will have to go through this obstacle course, which was designed to let anyone with Investiture and a small amount of brains through. It is harder than it looks, though, but if you pass you are guaranteed a job, but even if you fall or don't get all the way to the end, you'll still have a chance. Remember, this is just to test your abilities. You there, you're first, " he said pointing to the young woman the decidely old-looking person. The obstacle course was a jumble of platforms and moving parts. There was a net on top to prevent Windrunners and Skybreakers to fly above it. There were a few sections that looked as if they were rigged to drop down. She stepped forward and climbed on the platform.