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  1. That’s my headcanon, at least in terms of a great fanfic idea.
  2. I just wanna say, now that we know we’ll be getting some Lirin POVs, and Brandon’s cryptic ‘child of Tanavast’ WOB, I’m really excited!
  3. The Shard possibilities I like most are Jealousy, Objectivity, and Inspiration.
  4. Wouldn’t Devotion then have that same ability only in her case inspiring love?
  5. The problem with that is that it would presumably go both ways. If Odium’s intent ‘infects’ those of his targets, the same should also be true in reverse.
  6. Ah, gotcha. Sorry about that. Either way though, Green Hoodie put the argument against that better than I did. Something very significant happened to Jasnah during that scene with regards to her progression as a radiant. I am as close to 100% certain of that as it’s possible to get. There’s no way that Brandon would’ve written it like that if he didn’t intend it to be something extremely significant
  7. Did I misunderstand you? Didn’t you mean to say that you thought she was passed her 4th ideal (which can only mean the 5th since that the only one left) because you think we saw her summoning her plate? If that’s not what you were trying to imply, then I apologize for misunderstanding you. But that’s what it sounded like to me.
  8. It is if we would have expected to have said evidence but in fact don’t. But I’ll grant you with that certainly not conclusive one way or the other. My original point was just that the argument you put forward for why you think that it was the fifth ideal rather than the fourth is a nonstarter since Radiants receive their plate at the 4th ideal, not the 5th. Or at least that’s the case with the Windrunners. My guess is that it’s probably the same for all the Orders.
  9. This is Jasnah we’re talking about RShara, what else would we expect from her? Literally the only time in the entire series post-Gavilar’s death when we see her as anything even close to not completely composed and in control is during the Renarin scene. Presumably she knew that upon swearing the ideal she would be able to summon the Plate, and I’m sure throughout her life she’s extensively studied the literature on Shardplate, so she’d have a pretty good idea what to expect.
  10. Radiants gain access to their Plate upon swearing their 4th ideal, not their 5th. So it would make complete sense for us to have seen evidence of Jasnah summoning/dismissing it if she had just sworn her fourth ideal, as I believe that she had. But prior to that moment there is literally zero evidence that she ever had access to her plate, including in at least one situation in which it absolutely could’ve been useful, namely when they were attacked by the Ghostbloods on the ship. So I’m not quite sure why you’re putting this forth as evidence against my theory, when the reality is that if anything it’s completely expected under it.
  11. Wait a minute, how would that work? Elantris is literally a physical city in the shape of an Aon. Is Nightblood supposed to black hole the entire city?
  12. What can I say? Most of my posts there have been going nearly viral lately; I’m building a bit of a reputation. lol.
  13. That’s what? Your fourth time today? Your passion for disagreeing with my theory impresses me. xD. In all seriousness though, I accept that it’s at least possible that you’re correct and her sparing Renarin was actually the impetus for her 5th ideal, even though I absolutely hate that possibility for reasons that I’ve said before.
  14. If they drew it within Elantris, would the city itself count as an Aon?