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  1. It depends on how well the book was written.
  2. Wow, some really good questions.
  3. My favourite concept album of all time is Alchemy, by dire straits. Alchemy is just their greatest hits, except they changed them, and made them all even more amazing. They were already insanely popular before the album was released, but after, their fan base went insane. Alchemy also includes my favourite version (of the versions they played) of the coolest song ever, the sultans of swing. Romeo and Juliet is another favourite of mine in that album. Edit: I'm not sure this actually counts. Meh.
  4. So, I don't know if they have one here or not, but I decided to make space for people to put custom MTG card designs. Does anyone on here even do the whole "design your own magic the gathering card " thing? The main reason I wanted to create this page was because the create your own magic card thingie seems to wipe the cards monthly. A few cat ones I made. The whole "clowder cost" thing is the spells cost, plus the cost of the number and colour of coloured mana the spell requires.
  5. Actually, now that I've read stormlight, I think Mr Gold could do ruin or odium.
  6. Some Harry Potter ones here.
  7. Search for "sketch show imaginary friends." It's on YouTube.
  8. Well, this was posted in a different topic, but I realised it could do with its own space because it really is funny and perfect. This was what I was reminded of when I was reading Legion.
  9. For anyone who wants to see another depiction of legion in action, there's this.
  10. Airbending just seems so fun.
  11. I'm listening to the soundtrack for the greatest show.
  12. Never done much RP before. Seems fun.
  13. Hm, that's interesting. I felt like skipping a lot of Elantris, but for a different reason. I felt like Raoden was an awesome character. Just a really positive guy. The whole plot was kind of slow, though. A lot of his plots feel really slow to me. Three years in the life of a slave. What should I expect? I'm always thrilled when I get to the end, though, because I've had so much time to get used to the character. I get attached.
  14. Oh, I must have missed that part. I thought Spensa was hearing, and seeing the Krell. Edit: and I thought the sky somehow interfered with mental abilities.
  15. Not sure if this has been done before, but if you could be a bender, which would you be?