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  1. We've already seen void Spren Bond with people.
  2. This would explain some unanswered questions from the reckoners
  3. Remember it's to the death
  4. When. Even if ruin did say that then he was lying. We know that The Shard odiumIs associated with Passion because of taravangian's ascension. It's specifically stated that he was chosen because of his Passion. Odium as Passion at least make sense Is hate after all is one of the passions. Ruin is not a Passion. I don't see how there could be any connection. If he implied that there was connection then clearly ruin was lying also hes insane so, Even if he was telling the truth we couldn't really trust him.
  5. He is foremost hate but he is all passion. Besides hate kind also bind people together so it doesn't really matter.
  6. Agreed after all love is a Passion and that can form powerful bonds.
  7. But Even if it is hatred. I can't see that excluding it from being a bond based magic system after all what you knowhat unites and binds people more than a common hatred?
  8. What if some form of passion is need to attract or bind the Spren? Would that be a Odium initiation or honor? Surely passion can form bonds similar to oaths.
  9. Its void binding a pure Odium system?
  10. Fifth of the night
  11. The unmade grant forms of power
  12. More evidence that regals are void binding
  13. Those feats come from the nature of cognitive shadows surge binding.
  14. We have already seen what the surge of illumination can do in Shallan lightning isn't one of them.
  15. Illumination dose not produce lightning.