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  1. I'm sure the inhabitants of secret project 3 Would agree.
  2. Especially given that splintering can often cause problems.
  3. Don't the sleepless call the shattering "the Great Sin?" Or something like that? Doesn't sound like the type to work with a shard. Not sure what you mean about the how dose iriali alining themselves to autonomy make any sense?
  4. If you're right and that means we'll have another confrontation with the stolen father going forward in the next book.
  5. Maybe book 5 ends in a last stand and doom battle, a fight they can't win but force a draw at the cost of Kal's life. Wit did talk about about defeat odium by playing not to win but to force a draw. I thought it refers to the battle of champions but it could go deeper. I wonder if this is connect to the silence above and below the storm from WoK.
  6. Well I would consider that more of an expectation rather than a reworking. Kind of like how we got the new metals in era 2. That said I really wonder what the other 6 are. If they already have plants, animal, machine, light, darkness, Stone, Not sure what else Brandon could add to this, Maybe something to do with time? This whole conversation makes me really want to read secret project one.
  7. Especially given that splintering can often cause problems.
  8. Definetly some reworking going on Still Brandon has said how much he likes the magic system in AoN so some of the core must still be the same. Do you know how Rosite compare to Amberite as for as the mechanics of how the Aethers works? Is there any notable difference?
  9. I wonder if the body part cost will be removed , because of the universal water cost.
  10. I thought that was the opposite of the animals one? The one that allows you to graft animal parts on to you? I think I heard someone mentioned that back in the SP forums.
  11. I wonder if they will lose or have this ability restricted in Cannon . What was the opposite of the stone one we saw in LM?
  12. I wonder what other changes he has made? I heard something about a Aether that could teleport in the original Novel is that right?
  13. Do you know if the water Cost was in the original story?
  14. Yeah but it never said that that the gathering of metal born produces a perpedicularity. I mean the only perpendicularity we saw Was produced by raw investiture. It was near a large gathering of metal born but I don't recall them ever saying that was a factor much less the only factor. It can't be the only factor we have large gatherings of metal born all over the place.
  15. What are you talking about?