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  1. Ahh I missed that thanks! The broad sheets always have something interesting going on
  2. Wait... I missed this whole Nazh Threnodite gun thing, please elaborate on this cause that sounds interesting
  3. Not sure if it this has been brought up in here before but haven't seen anything while looking and here we are. In Words of Radiance chapter 30 "Nature Blushing" while Shallan is still traveling to the war camps on the Shattered Plains, she notices a thicket of growth that stands out as unusually lush compared to the surrounding landscape and considering the general climate of the region. She has the group all stop and while shes's in this little thicket she starts to draw. Now, I already thought this little "garden" stood out as odd but then she starts to note all the diverse spren and flora, then has that drawing session where she unknowingly draws a scene with a certain set of sailors (presumably Yalb and the other wreck survivors) and another depicting a woman taking a chisel to a statues face (if you know, you know). Why was Shallan able to draw these scenes which we can reasonably assume were events that were either happening or had recently happened elsewhere on Roshar when she shouldn't have been able to? Was it something to do with the seemingly random and unimportant "garden" in the middle of nowhere? Is that "garden" a significant place or just a random tidbit, because it really jumped out at me. Thoughts?
  4. Well I started with good old mistborn era 1 then from there went through pretty much everything from warbreaker to era 2 to stormlight to secret history and AU and now oddly enough I'm finally doing elantris which I don't know why it took me so long to get around to. Plus rereads here and there to keep it all fresh, and I just picked up a copy of white sands vol. 2
  5. Off daydreaming somewhere in the cosmere.