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  1. I haven't read all of the posts on this topic, and I see it's kinda old. But, I want to throw it out there and see if anyone responds... I love Kaladin and the Windrunner oaths--morally, I identify with at least the oaths we know about so far. But, as an asexual, I personally, identify the most with Jasnah. Knowing nothing more about her than is in the published books, I feel the kinship with her character and I can see her general worldview as being similar to my own. Her commitment to her personal goals as a person are very clearly and explicitly exterior to her personal connection to others to the point that other characters see her as something of a machine. Even Navani, her own mother, doesn't know how to deal with her indifference to the social expectations incumbent upon her as a woman. That, I personally identify with very strongly. I am /figuratively/ dying to find out what oaths (or other avenues?) the order of Elsecallers swear to.