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  1. please find out if Brandon ever played AirRivals/AceOnline. I feel like theres a bit of each of the 4 classes represented in the book. B gear >>Air Bombing Mode : kinda like a shotgun.... needs to be close to do hella burst damage can OHKO :: that shield popping skill >>Invisibility : M-bot's stealth mode I Gear - Fast and agile single target fighter :: basically everybody >>Hyper Movement : better turning radius :: M-bot's advance turning >>Overbooster : super speed for a short duration but only in a straight line. like a charge or dash M gear - a paladin of sorts but has "scan" ability to reveal invisible b gears and a gears >>Scan : M-bot's scan ability A gear - A flying tank >>Air Siege : Quirk's flying long range artillery. >>Advance Weapon : The only missiles in game that don't really have a turning radius so kinda like destructors. *Each class has 2 . A standard Weapon (like machine guns) and Advance Weapons (like missiles). Gravcaps limit- kinda like cool downs for IG + BG skills TA and BMM >>TA : instantly turns you around >>BMM : instantly retreats a set distance In game there are 2 pools of health. Energy (red) and Shield (blue) you have to burn through the shield to hit energy. Once your energy starts taking damage each hits drains your speed for a bit. :: I parallel it to how you need to divert energy from speed to recharge the shield.
  2. The whole time I was reading skyward I feel like I can relate the "magic system" to game mechanics of SCO/AceOnline/AirRivals. I am soooo excited if any of these titles (which are the same game run by different companies) inspired this book. It is the game that I was most proud to play/been apart of. I will supply some youtube links if it is not against the rules but a quick search for the title names should bring up a variety of vids.
  3. There is no standerdised sothern. Yes y'all came from the contraction of 'you all' but as language do, regardless of rules and guidelines, it changes to fit where it's needed. ie. Lol.'all Anywho beef : not a fan of eland. Did not think vin/eland should have made it past the end of book one. Definitely should have ended mid book two. I didn't care much for Zane but I did like him being there to facilate vin's character growth. Would have been interesting having book three having vin and eland being forced to work together despite bad blood. Potential lightweavers having a high mortality rate. (Including Tien) Pacing of the kolinar job. Holy crap that was a grind. Spook. Just not a fan. I feel like he was just another platform for main characters to rebound off of. (Like Zane). Bands of mourning coming hard and fast when twinborns have not even been decently explored. Before new concepts/magic has been introduced. Kaladin just understanding proper cosmere terms while in shadesmar without any reason. Shallan was at least a scholar. While there are language barriers on roshar, they fit right in when they arrive on shadesmar... As if the language of shadesmar was alethi. Ok maybe cognative realm...but still concepts and culture weren't translated. Sidenote : I think shallans quips stemmed more from a defense mechanism. Something she could do to rebel, to keep pushing forward. A distraction. And in WoR shallan gave adolin the for a witty reply but had to console herself because he didn't have the wit kaladin had.
  4. I always thought that when the storm father said that it was new but old in design. (Or something like that) I thought that the ever storm was then located on braize moved to roshar. Another thought following the previous hypothesis was one that y'all mentioned. The respawn point for the fused is in the ever storm. This solves both the storm father's comment and why they do not go back to damnation. The question is then do the heralds respawn in the ever storm when they "die". What I was hoping to find was clarity on the timeline. If humans destroyed the tranquline halls with surges and escaped to roshar, then how did spren turn on the singers. Unless humans could surgebind without spren in the tranqualine halls? The heralds seemed to be founded on roshar as they were founded to end desolations. Was the desolation something that happened pre roshar? It sounded like the human invasion was the first desolation. I had imagined that honor, odium, and cultivation each had a world. Cultivation being cultivation grew a new sentient beings into existence while humans we're just the chosen species of the dead god adonalsium. The faction of honor (spren because they cannot lie or break their word)vs the faction of odium (humans). Odium's faction being on ashyn and honors on brazie. Odium's went to attack honor there and honor retaliated by coopting some humans and then infecting humans with spren. Somehow during this honor pinned this tresspasser to braize. It's a messy theory but as I have not studied all the Easter eggs or read unplublished works I am quite lost.
  5. @Uvadoc06I think jesrien is dead because of what I think nightblood and the mysterious blade to be. Bear with me. Conjecture : if nightblood was modeled after shard blades then the creators should be aware of other worlds with their unique investiture. Fact: Vasher went to roshar to feed off of stormlight instead of breaths suggest that he is able to take in stormlight. (Does he have a spren or employ an honor blade?). Wob: nightblood is the most invested object in the cosmere. Stupidly over invested. *Paraphrased* Theory 1: nightblood is an amalgimation of all 16 investiture. Something that invested would theoretically obliterate anything it touches. It satifies Brandon's statement that it is the most invested object in the cosmere through sheer variety... given that the mystery blade has not been invested enough to cause awakening. (Would one need to actually reach the 9th heightening to awaken steel or can one substitute other investiture in place of breath) Fact: hamony sees trell as a threat. Q. Is trell a shard - if yes. theory 1. - if no. theory 2 Theory 2: nightblood is corrupted by trell investiture.
  6. I don't think rayse is all emotion but all emotion in excess. Emotions taken to the extreme. When I think passionate people I think of zealots or fanboy; the deeper the passion the deeper the hate for anything other. An overly passionate person will easily draw a battle line and sort people and things into groups. Now if he is passionate about being THE supreme being then being odius is a matter of course. Anything for him or anything he can use is good. Anything other is useless and inconsequential... or dangerous. So what is he passionate about. Passion is the driving force of ambition. So does the fact that he shattered Ambition influence him in anyway, say causing him to be more ambitious. Can you mix and match shards. Say 98% passion and 1% ambition. 0.5% devotion. 0.5% Dominion.