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  1. That was one of the questions I had in mind when I started this thread xD
  2. Hi guys, I just had a weird thought and hoped someone here knows an answer. What if someone with access to a Shardblade and a large amount of Breath tried to awaken a body part that was "cut off" by a shardblade? Would it work if you had enough Breath and could you awaken or even create a Lifeless out of it? Share your thoughts and comments and dont hold back if I am an idiot by asking such a thing!
  3. It may be a bit late, but I finished the book a couple of hours ago and after thinking about he ending for a while I really liked the ending, especially when David meets his dad in the other Dimension. In my opinion it has a very important role for the plot and the character of David and is very emotional. I cant agree with the ones saying that the ending was rushed or disappointing, because it surprised me in a good way and bested my expectations. I also liked the idea of David becoming an epic before or during the final battle, but the fact that he didnt or did, but to late, made it far more exciting. I really hope that there will be any sort of sequel or side story, because I really want to know what they make of the world after Calamitys defeat. A better explanation of what Calamity exactly is would be great too, that point I can agree on
  4. Thanks for the cookie Its really hard to choose a favorite amongst all these wonderful books, but I guess Way of Kings is the one I loved the most, because it combines very good and interesting characters with a complex but wonderful magic system and a fascinating plot, that also includes ways to interpret it on various levels (moral, society, etc.)
  5. Hello, my name is Schkereini, I am new in this forum, but have been a huge Sanderson fan for years. I started with books like Alcatraz and Steelheart and fell in love with Sandersons books. I have read much of the Cosmere books and really love Stormlight Archive. I am from Germany, so I read most of the books in German, but right now I am trying to catch up in the original language. I hope you can forgive my bad English and welcome me in this community, because I need people who are also huge fans to talk about the books, theories and upcoming content.