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  1. Those are pretty crisp lines given the methodology you mentioned! Did you paint the solution on or do a stenciled soak of some sort, @rhavek?
  2. More likely that Odium would try to alter all of the systems to eliminate the possibility for any potential threats that might rise up to challenge him, and on Scadrial specifically would try to expand on Sazed's work of changing Feruchemy/Allomancy to break those systems down even further. Not sure if he can achieve that in short order without actually taking up Harmony, but he'd probably eventually win that battle (and all others across the board) by building up his Investiture on the planet over time.
  3. I figured it was something like that, but I don't like to make uninformed assumptions where scientific facts are involved (at least not when I know I'm ignorant on the topic). Makes sense that it would be more efficient too as the mass of antimatter required to destroy is the mass of what you are destroying, where an explosion is an omni-directional event with a lot of energy going to waste (in this context). In Cosmere terms, I'd guess that the energy released would be Investiture, so could be some cool implications there too. If this all stands up then I'd view that ability as the most likely to destroy a Fullborn without trickery, insane luck/Shardic assistance, or destroying a large chunk of the landscape the Fullborn is standing on at the same time. Roshar will need to seriously up its' science game if it will ever produce an individual who figures that little trick out though...
  4. Think Miles' execution: even without any ability to compound metals other than gold, he was able to survive a few volleys from the firing squad due to the F-Gold embedded somewhere in his body that the law wasn't able to find/remove. If Miles could compound almost any single physical attribute in addition to health then he would likely have been able to fight his way free and would never be caught on Scadrial during that age; if he could compound every physical trait and further use Allomancy... Regardless of the relationship between Harmony (the Ruin half) and embedded metal, it stands to reason that if Miles can bury that much metal in himself in the age of Harmony then a Fullborn could also embed at least one strategic set/subset of emergency metalminds completely within their body without too much detriment, which could be used to avoid even powerful Allomancers and escape. A Fullborn could literally regroup at the bottom of the ocean at their leisure if they wanted to, so unless they are completely destroyed in a single blow then there is no way. We know that at least some Shards cannot directly affect an individual to the point of destruction (even if destruction is their Intent, as Ruin's is) and that they must work through the constructs of their Invested worlds/people, and it may be that is how they all are (Nightwatcher??), so maybe not even a Shard could do that job directly. Not sure what affect antimatter would have as I am ignorant there, but going gamma should blast the body apart enough that embedded metal minds would no longer work and dropping a fullborn on a stable black hole would probably kill them the moment their F-Iron filled up. I'd guess that any modern bomb that is capable of vaporizing a body would do the trick too (nuclear, MOAB-esque or otherwise) but the Cosmere is unlikely to see that kind of tech until the end of the Scadrial arc, if then.
  5. *WoB standing right behind me making me look dumb* I just figured if he could hack one type of Investiture then he can hack others. I suppose I really shouldn't shoot from the hip when "betting about anything"...
  6. I'm not sure what the "Stormlight to Breath conversion ratio" is from a raw Investiture perspective, but my guess is that it's entirely plausible that it would not take much Stormlight to satisfy a Returned's weekly need for Investiture and that a modest collection of smaller gems could hold enough Stormlight to get them through the weeping (Edit: upon further thought I remembered small gems lose Stormlight after a time, something even the OP mentioned but that did not register with me until just now ). I wonder if it could also be possible that Vasher/Returned are able to hold Stormlight directly and without leakage, like a Radiant (I'm speculating it would be a virtue of having been Returned if so), and that they may not even need many/any gems to store Investiture for the weeping (though presumably holding too much would make him glow like a Radiant too, so seems less likely). Regardless, Returned can presumably take in Stormlight if Vasher can make use of it to stay alive as BS has stated, but the Nalthin Spirit Web will likely prevent use of Stormlight for any purposes other than feeding Diving Breath (or however that should be phrased) so I don't think Returned would get the strength/speed/healing boons Radiants get while holding Stormlight. Given that, I don't think they would passively burn through Stormlight to feed those boons and, if my logic stands up and Returned can actually hold Stormlight without leakage, then they may be able to hold Stormlight for much longer periods of time than Rosharan Radiants, who are keyed to consume Stormlight directly. I'm sure @Calderis is 100% correct that Vasher keeps stockpiles of Breath and for a multitude of reasons, not least of which would be to keep him alive in a pinch, but if he is off of Nalthis then he has a very strong motivator to avoid using that stockpile for staying alive, else he'd have to occasionally jump back over to Nalthis and find more Breath (which may be happening for all we know). Better to save Breath for sustainable use in Awakening. Edit: I'd bet about anything that Vasher/Returned could also subsist off of Investiture from the Everstorm if they knew how.
  7. Now I'm desperately hoping to see is Szeth and "Azure" square off in Stormlight 4...
  8. I'm pretty sure this type of Awakening requires inorganic materials and a short command to keep Investiture cost down. As such... I'd combine these concepts by Awakening a flying drone that is bionically wired to receive visual signals from the eyes of a mantis shrimp (for range of light spectrum) and an eagle (for distance of vision), audio signals from the ears of a bat (duh), and olfactory signals from the nose of a dog or pig (also duh), and I'd use the words "Augment Me". The hope is that I would be bonded to the drone such that I can control it telepathically and that it doesn't have to "report" and I just get the sensory information in real time. Being able to see through the eyes of a mantis shrimp could open a whole new world of potential colors to exploit for Awakening too (though it could be that this color spectrum is already being used for Awakening and we just don't see it), and all of the other boons are pretty obvious. Hoping for a potential side effect of the drone being able to run off of my Investiture.
  9. I have suspected that the 10th Heightening Color Distortion effect could hint at 2 potential flavors of an Endowment version of Lightweaving: Awakening + controlled Color Distortion = physical puppet show made by projecting specific coloration onto Awakened objects that can actually perform actions Auras shaped directly without need for projecting onto a physical object, to produce insubstantial illusions I'd imagine the first to be more likely (and frankly more practically useful), but both are wild speculation. Not sure how much control would be possible here if this suspicion proves true to any degree, but most of the new Returned are unaware that they can control their physical forms as Vasher does and ignorance regarding Endowment abounds on Nalthis during the Warbreaker era, so who knows...
  10. "Extend my Spirit" The hope is that the Sword's consciousness (and possibly even any investiture it might capture, a la Nightblood) would become interwoven with my own and that it would be inextricably bound to me (excepting via Hemalurgical removal or death, of course). If the sword were to parasitically consume Investiture like Nightblood, then the basic hope is that anyone who took up the sword would be transformed into my puppet while they are holding the blade. It would be extra awesome if any Investiture I can access (Breath only most likely, given spirit webs being keyed to types of Investiture and the fact that I would be from Nalthis if I were in the business of awakening metal objects) that might be consumed by this sword when held by others could be utilized by, or even better yet passed on to, me in some way. It would be the least the sword could do considering the cost of Breath to Awaken it (5th Heightening, here I come!). Any Investiture I can't use directly could still be held by the sword, potentially enhancing its' ability to do what it does over time. I'd have a sword that essentially collected enough Investiture for me to become pseudo-immortal and to power some serious awakening activities, and which would grow stronger in and of itself as we grew older. If the sword does NOT consume Investiture a la Nightblood and I can handle it directly, then I'd hope that it would anticipate my motions and lend some serious strength and speed when deployed at the very least.
  11. There has been quite a bit of "varying Investitures in the same room", but no real "Investiture v Investiture". You get to see a hint of a crossover when Hoid gives Kelsier a beat-down in Secret History . I suppose the presence of the Ire would count too. Nightblood being on Roshar is a definite crossover as well. These are NOT great demonstrations of 2 different Investitures going head to head, though. Also, In terms of potential future battles between the more 'persistent' characters in the Cosmere, let's not forget that Marsh will be in the game for quite a while too and is a Hemalurgically-built pseudo-TLR where abilities are concerned, and so he could be a force to be reckoned with. My money on the first release showing really solid interaction between magic systems is Stormlight 4. Guessing Vasher or Vivenna will use some Awakening at some point, or that 17th Shard members will start making more appearances and flexing their invested muscles.
  12. That is an excellent point, I may do that.
  13. Well stated. Also, Vasher falls into the same boat as Khriss and is potentially more knowledgeable.
  14. True, for the most part. I did personally did get value out of having read Secret History prior to Oathbringer and there is the appearance of the 17th Shard in Oathbringer (or maybe WoR) to consider. Secret History nicely introduces the Cognitive Realm and Oathbringer deals heavily in that, and discussing the 17th Shard would essentially require that they have read almost everything released up until their reveal in SA, as the dependencies are all over the place there.