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  1. He would continue trying to defeat the Lord Ruler, as he was the only person stopping Ruin's return. Kelsier's plan of becoming a martyr to create hope couldnt be part of Ruin's plan, as it is to create, not to Ruin. And I believe the person you are thinking of is Yomen. It was mentioned that "curiously" Ruin never managed to spike him.
  2. I am theorizing that Ruin was trying to Hemalurgically spike Kelsier on that final day. He likely died from the hit before the spear touched his blood, or it hit the wrong bindpoint, or any number of things. But it is too specific to discount. And I have read Secret History.
  3. Yes, this is asking me to clarify. And I want people who disagree with it to post, and for them to poke holes in it. Saying "its not a theory" adds nothing to the discussion. I was trying to start a discussion about why Kelsier's death specifically had someone spiked through the chest, and then that same spike used to stab another person. That is Hemalurgy. The only person who would have needed Intent is the rebel who stabbed him, which is easy enough for Ruin to do. As for motivation, Hemalurgically spiking Kelsier would have possibly saved his life, as his organs moved to accommodate the spike, like in the Inquisitor's eye spikes. Kelsier was Ruin's agent on Scadrial.
  4. In no way was it suggested that TLR was the one gaining the Hemalurgic power. TLR was being spiked by the rebels and then into Kelsier. TLR is like the sacrifices, while Kelsier is like the Inquisitor. It is relevant because it has spawned 23 posts and created an interesting discussion. And the whole point of the Cosmere Discussion forum is to discuss irrelevant theories and minutiae about the Cosmere. We dont have to do this. We do it because we want to. We want to discuss this theory.
  5. This is why I love Brandon. He connects us to his characters. I had a similar reaction to the end of Lev Grossmans The Magicians. I was depressed for multiple days.
  6. The spear head doesnt have to leave the body. If it did, when Inquisitors are made, the spike would have killed them before it gained a Hemalurgic charge. And the book clearly had the rebels shove 2 spears right through his body. It gains its Hemalurgic charge as soon as it touches moving blood.
  7. Hmmm, he was flat on the ground from the Lord Rulers hit when he was stabbed. So the head was likely stopped by the ground before leaving his body.
  8. I dont think the head matters. The Inquisitors' eye spikes poked out the back
  9. Why would it have to be relevant to the current or future cosmere? Its relevant to the past in the cosmere. As long as it provides something to think about and consider, it is worth posting.
  10. Could the "Rioting" that Nightblood does cause the person who is stabbing themselves to have Intent? We know it can cause them to do specific things, like stab themselves in the chest rather than other places.
  11. But this is Harmony telling the Kandra things to tell Wax. It was heavily implied that Trellium was unknown to Harmony.
  12. I cant find that WOB in Arcanum, but he definitely had at least one spike at the end of Bands of Mourning. And he didnt have metals as a cognitive shadow, so we have no way of knowing.
  13. So in Shadows of Self, we see a Kandra using a Trellium spike to give herself Allomantic Powers. Harmony says he didnt know this was possible. But this WOB from 2012 says different. Anybody know why?
  14. Whenever Vasher throws Nightblood and someone picks it up, they always end their rampage by stabbing themselves specifically through the chest. Is it possible the aluminum sheath is a Hemalurgic Spike, and thats why Nightblood can't cut it? We also have this WOB
  15. I find it odd how specific Kelsier's death is. The Lord Ruler is pierced through the chest with a spear, basically a long spike, then uses that spear to stab Kelsier. And we know Ruin was able to manipulate people, particularly unstable people like Vin's mother and Gemmel, so it possible that the rebels who stabbed the Lord Ruler were influenced by Ruin to create a Hemalurgic Spike. And the Lord Ruler still had a spike in his chest when he stabbed Kelsier. This isn't really a theory, I would just like to get the ball rolling on a discussion and throw that out there.