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  1. Elantris was my first. I was taking an english class and we had to pick books to report on. I, being one of the Ten Fools, chose Gulliver's Travels. My sister chose Elantris, really liked it, and gave it to me to read. We conveniently forgot to give it back at the end of the semester. She was 11, I was 13.
  2. You're not wrong.
  3. Nightblood would end the fight too fast. It's bad entertainment.
  4. I got the first WTCC on the first clue. Good job though guys!
  5. That would be pretty cool. Although it would depend on what is being stored, healing ability or the immune system response. It can go either way when you are reading the books. F-gold became a lot more interesting after I learned how healing and the immune system actually work.
  6. I was referring more to natural healing ability. In the excerpt that we got from Silence Divine, the main character noted that he had been getting too much sleep recently. That sounds like his natural health is the only thing keeping him healthy. (Or not, in this case.) Since F-Gold is just storage, you should still be able to use it for healing. Alternatively, get filled metalminds to hospitals or doctors. You may get superpowers when you're sick, but they won't do you much good if you're dead. Also, chronic illness healing! Lots of possibilities when you mix magic diseases and magic health storage.
  7. Cantaloupe Island to me sounds like Wax and Marasi are out doing some sleuthing. Getting information and stuff, probably not fighting anyone. Have a go at this one (since I can't figure out how to add videos): Dragon Rider by Two Steps From Hell
  8. I was reading something in another thread about how unsealed gold metalminds would be very popular on Threnody, and I started thinking about how they would work on Ashyn. From what we know you have to get sick in order to have magic. It seems to me that an unsealed gold metalmind would come in very handy for those who want to get sick quickly. And it would be handy to have around when you are ready to be healthy again as well, since you've already stored your health.
  9. I Mmmmm-raise you a glass for that one
  10. I pledge myself to the Guild of Chocolate!
  11. Iirc, Aon Aon is the basic form for all other Aons, which build off Aon Aon. So the upside down Aon Aon in Aon Rao doesn't need a Chasm line, only the base Aon needs it.
  12. Granted, but you can never pair said Nutella with any other food or it will taste like crem. I wish to be less stressed and worried about school.
  13. Proof: Would you expect anything less of someone that good at language butchering? Theory: Taln's Scar/Red Rip is a large disco party on Yolen visible from other planets.
  14. Proof: Vasher and Hoid are both enigmatic and knowledgeable people with too many names. Theory: Vivenna is Lift's mother and came to Roshar to find her.
  15. A fresh Ookla ariseth from the ground!