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  1. gasp you monsteR bUT you've killed everyone else that matters to me! (well, maybe i'm a bit worried for Shallan, too...)
  2. Happy to help, Jebus! I really enjoyed this chapter. It's so interesting to see this exploration of how things could have gone (though admittedly, I am very displeased by Taln's and Renarin's deaths). Eager to see what's next for Jasnah and Ash since right now I'm anxious for their safety. Also, Szeth. EDIT: I still have hope for Ash okay, you can't murderate two Heralds even if you're psycho!Dalinar
  3. Great podcast! I hadn't really thought about Endowment a whole lot before this, so it was quite an interesting listen. Also, I really liked the comparison to the fae since that's exactly where my mind went as well.
  4. Welcome! I was also confused about the same thing you were, until I saw the 'Ash is a Dustbringer/Releaser' theory. I take it your favourite Order is the Willshapers?
  5. Dalinar seems to be headed towards Ascending permanently (Godhood? Shardhood?) but then considering Brandon's propensity for plot twists I would not be surprised if something totally different happens. I also buy into the theory of some of the Radiants taking the place of the Heralds on Braize by the end of cycle 1 to try and hold onto the Oathpact for a little longer (Shallan and Kaladin, specifically). I think Adolin is going to die... I love him, so I really want to be wrong on this, but I feel like Adolin-Shallan-Kaladin mirror Gavilar-Navani-Dalinar in a lot of ways and going by what happened with the latter, Adolin might be headed towards doom. Also, I don't think any more of the flashback characters before their books, since that's already happened with Eshonai, and I don't know how he'd be able to pull that off a second time. MB era 1 spoilers: The Heralds are all probably doomed. And let's be real, those guys need a break.
  6. YES. I didn't know I needed this until now. I could see Iwan Rheon pulling Zane off spectacularly.
  7. I would totally buy this if it was available in print, it's brilliant!
  8. @Pattern @whattheHoid Yeah, that's what I thought too. Especially when you take Navani into consideration - what would be the point in lying to Dalinar when it's likely possible for her to find out herself, whether through getting the answers from the Jah Kaved artifabrians or investigating herself? It seems like it would be too easy to get caught in a lie like that.
  9. When I read that line the first time I thought Tarangian was pretty clearly saying half-shards contained spren that were capable of forming the Nahel bond - I was shocked when I heard this episode and realised other people had a totally different interpretation. While Taravangian clearly isn't the most trustworthy person around, I don't see why he would lie to Dalinar about that. Taravangian tends to mix his lies with truths, like in the end of Oathbringer when Dalinar confronts him and he 'confesses' to his machinations.
  10. This was such an excellent take on Vin and Dalinar. You encapsulated everything I felt and what I think Brandon was going for when he writes these scenes, and I couldn't agree more. Vin might be my favourite character in the cosmere, and while there is a sense of pride in watching her prowess it's also horrific to think about the devastation she's capable of. One of my favourite scenes in The Final Empire was when she went to Kredik Shaw to kill the Lord Ruler and instead of killing Goradel she convinced him to leave, in direct contrast to what Kelsier would have done. A lot of Mistborn era 1 is about finding a 'balance', be that between Preservation and Ruin (as Harmony accomplishes) or in things like morality. Vin's journey in particular fascinated me as she tried to find the balance in protection and destruction, culminating as you said in her destroying to protect. This article ties it all up together beautifully, and was a wonderful read.
  11. I too confused Elias's name with Elend's, especially while reading Reaper (which I just finished yesterday!), haha. It's entirely possible that Elias is partially based on Elend, but I also agree with the people above that when you boil down a story, you can find similarities to practically anything. I think though that most of these similarities are unintentional. If I recall correctly Sabaa Tahir spent six years working on the first book, and when you spend that long on a character I feel like even if you began by basing them slightly on someone else by the end of that process they become their own person. Plus, I don't think I would ever have made that kind of connection between Elias and Elend because of how different their personalities and circumstances are, as well as the settings (like, imagine Elend and Blackcliff) and the way their stories move in completely different directions. It's a very interesting observation, though.
  12. Thank you @The Harlem Worldhoppers! I totally get what you mean... after I finished Oathbringer I was just like "okay so what am i gonna do with my life until book 4?"
  13. You know, that's a very good point. Honestly I think that's what got me hooked. I really book series that are inter-connected in ways and I really like the idea of world-hopping. And what's really interesting is how all the Shards interpret their names (intents? I don't know the right terminology, sorry if this is a blunder) and have some degree of leeway in how they act. Like Preservation isn't just "good", like he was a big fan of the Lord Ruler! That's horrible. There are a lot of other examples but you get my drift.
  14. @Wyndlerunner Thank you for the welcome and the (slightly disturbing) warning. Although that does make me wonder, what would happen if you ingested a hemalurgic spike? Assuming it doesn't pierce you from the inside and it was made of an allomantic metal, could an allomancer burn it? I wonder what that would do. And if it did pierce you, but from the inside of your body... that's interesting to think about. Hmm...