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  1. horror

    That sounds really cool! I really like the idea of energy being focused at the vertices. I do have a few questions though: -Where does emerald pull the gravity from? Is it siphoning it from the planet or from somewhere else? -Do gems passively absorb whatever corresponding energy is around them, or do they have to actively be charged?
  2. In regards to Lift's spren, I'd image that his patience would d-wyndle... ------------------ Nazh really threw some Shade at Nicki Savage in Mistborn Era 2... ------------------ Renarin's corrupted Truthwatcher spren is described as a shimmering structure of red crystals, but maybe "Glystening(glistening)" would describe it better. ------------------ A conversation between a Kandra couple: 1: Hun - Foor how many decades have we been together? 2: If I am remembering correctly, then it will be TenSoon. 1: Wow. Is there anywhere you want to go for our anniversary? Perhaps the Homeland? 2: OreSeur [Oh, sure]! I love you. 1: I love you too, and I hope I'll be with you Fhor Kood. ------------------
  3. Probably something along the lines of always being able to explain things to others in a way that they understand the topic correctly, even if I myself don't know the topic very well. Do you ever have that moment when a subject that you were struggling to understand suddenly clicks and becomes clear? That would be what my Talent does.
  4. Hero Of Ages
  5. Thank you for following me!

  6. Keep Orielle?
  7. I did that. That's actually how I got into the Cosmere...
  8. Correct. It is JinDo. Sorry about the delay!
  9. 2: The inhabitants of this place are not particularly violent.
  10. No to both. I'll give a second clue after the next guess.
  11. No to all three.
  12. Yay! I suppose I'll pick a place now. 1: This location is never shown directly to the reader, but has been mentioned multiple times in different places.
  13. Shadows For Silence In The Forests Of Hell