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  1. "Hey, that's not true! My doctor told me that I tested positive, which means that I got the good result. *Coughs*" WTWTTSW You're in the middle of stealing a little kid's tricycle.
  2. I wonder, should loopholes that violate the spirit, but not the letter of the law count as something that one can call judgement on? Take, for instance, how I basically temporarily took the oversight powers/responsibility that an Inquisitor is afforded regarding census mistakes, even if I was just a Noble House: Rule 401: ------ Basically, this made it so that I could call for Judgement, but rather than the normal 10 atium penalty that rule 401 has, the High Prelan of the time would lose 25% of their atium due to rule 203. I was then able to pressure the other party into giving me a greater amount of 'bribe' money by utilizing the Compensation Act to give myself the opportunity to receive a portion of the 25% penalty, rather than just the 10 atium that would normally be taken. So, I'm proposing an Amendment to clarify future cases of this nature. Amendment of Rule 401 - The Judicial Act Original Phrase: Proposed Amendment:
  3. "I know there are two things everyone here would like to know. What's the recipe for the pork chops, and why my son didn't show up." WTWTTSW you've just tripped over your dog.
  4. Words of Radiance Original: Translated, and now it sounds vaguely threatening: --------- Alloy of Law Original (spoilers I guess for the original Mistborn series?): Translated (Technically a valid response, I suppose.):
  5. *Pulls out knife* "Through death, I have transcended the mortal coil into the realm of gods. When kill you, I shall take your place as the god of this universe and resurrect the others. Now hold still" WTWTTSW someone walks in on you while you're on the toilet?
  6. Hi! WTWTTSW you've just escaped a burning building?
  7. Oh, this is delightful! Also, is each page it's own mini-round?
  8. There's been a miscount. House Relidan should only have 290. As your previous census listed you as having 354 Atium, and I was paid 64 atium. Do you wish to resolve this matter through money? *Laughs maniacally*
  9. Thank you (sorry Illwei, I forgot to tell you that anyone could have picked up the accusation. ). Though worry not, Doomstick, I shall not hide my post. Why would I? Though, Illwei's also right. They've fixed the problem, so is it truly legal to do so again?
  10. I will accept for thematic purposes. I DROP MY ACCUSATION. And if I am accused of wasting TLR's time, I will ask of you this: Have I wasted TLR's time, or was it Doomstick that wasted TLR's time by calling him in? (I'm a very backstabby person.)
  11. @Illwei Hmmm. Am I a corrupt House, or a truly Noble House? Or maybe something different? It's ironic, how your campaign's platform is "Responsible" and "Trustworthy" when you're actively trying to cover up your mistakes through bribery. If I choose to press charges, I may or may not receive compensation from the Lord Ruler taken from a portion (as according to Rule 405 - the Compensation Act) of the 25% (Around 80 Atium) that you'd lose. If I take your 'payment' I receive 32 atium, you don't lose anything other than that. But as this is a game where there can only be one winner, it's a strategic move to try and take you down by 25% with the possibility of reward, rather than allow you to keep your first place status with a definite reward that's a little less than 10% of what you'd lose. So, here's my say: I want 20% of your current atium, or else I continue to press charges. You don't lose as much as you could have, I receive a fair amount, and we walk away happy. Better decide fast, cause I'll need time to react before TLR arrives.
  12. Thanks! I'm not actually sure, but I combined the 203- The Rule of Census Mistakes with rule 401- The Judicial Act, which allows player to accuse another player for violating a rule. Rule 203: Rule 401: ------
  13. I Call for Judgment on House Relidan for rule 203 - The Rule of Census Mistakes House Aot (SirWolfe) has not been included in the census. I believe I should have 10 atium, after the Withdrawal Act was accepted. (Sorry Illwei)
  14. -The drowned man saved her life. -The flameproof clothing burst into flame. -A blind chicken crosses the road. -What the heck did I write?
  15. "Have I ever told you about the time I ate a bucket cow dung thinking it was chocolate pudding?" WTWTTS When you walk downstairs in the middle of the night for a snack, only to come face-to-face with a burglar?