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  1. I love this.
  2. Seizethemeansofproductionlight
  3. 1 - When the Sibling tells Navani that "You are not worthy." 2 - When Venli finds her mother, and she hears “Your Words are now accepted.” "Now" being the keyword.
  4. It's possible that Szeth might just think something like "Oh. Nightblood ate Taravangian. Like, literally ate his body. Maybe he's full now."
  5. Ooh, I like all of these ideas. My theory: Intent and Command are different. Intent is the specific method or quality by which one acts, while Command is the overall goal that one tries to reach. I imagine that the Dawnshards are like Duralumin, but where Duralumin supercharges the raw power that one can access, a Dawnshard supercharges the person's control and direct their use of Investiture. -Change: Grow, improve, change, decay, etc. -Connect [The interactions between things]: Interact, feel, attach, gravitational and other physical forces, bind. -Maintain [I think this is the Dawnshard that Hoid had at one point, which would explain his near immortality and inability to harm others]: Care for, heal, protect, continue existing, be stable, survive, be consistent and follow laws of physics. -Begin: This one would be the weird one. This is the Command that would have started everything. At least, that's what I think.
  6. I feel like Adolin's not going to be the one who becomes a Radiant. I'm just imagining something like this: Maya: "L-life..." Adolin: *Nods encouragingly* "You can do it, Maya. I believe in you!" Maya: "Life before death, Strength before weakness, Journey before destination!" Adolin: "Yes! You did it!" *Suddenly, rumbling thunder* Stormfather: "THESE WORDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED" Maya: *Wails despairingly* Adolin: *Shakes fist angrily at the sky* "WHY?" Stormfather: "SHE IS NOT WORTHY. " Adolin: *Glares at the clouds* "Screw you! Can't you see how hard she's been working? Look at all the progress she's made!" Stormfather: "THESE WORDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED." Adolin: "Maya, ignore him. No matter what that guy says, remember: I think you're worthy. You're so much better than who he thinks you are. You deserve this more than anyone else. You deserve this." Stormfather: "THAT DOES NOT MATTER. SHE IS NOT WORTHY, AND THESE WORDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED" Adolin: *Shouting* "Screw you, Stormfather! Even if you don't accept the Words, I do! To me, these words are, and always will be, ACCEPTED!" *Thunder rumbles, and Maya begins to glow with Stormlight* Adolin: "You did it!" *Hops up and down in delight* Maya: *Cheers* Stormfather: "HOW? THIS CANNOT BE!" *Chapter ends*
  7. I think one of the major parts of the Nahel bond is the idea of consent. Both parties have to agree to the bond (the Radiant with Oaths, the spren with choosing to stay with the Radiant). All a Radiant has to do is decide "No. I'm not doing this anymore." and they break their bond. And when it comes to Testament and Shallan, we have to remember that, as a Lightweaver, Shallan's Oath's are truths, and Shallan's general method of coping seems to be denying or rewriting her truth. Testament was one of Shallan's only ways of telling the truth (she confides in Testament, and their bond grew because Shallan would allow herself to be vulnerable with Testament). By saying "I don't want you," "I'm done," and "You never existed," Shallan not only explicitly states that she doesn't want the Bond anymore, but she's also making the decision to return to hiding and ignoring the truth. At least, that's what I think.
  8. Kaladin/Renarin. It's silly, but I feel like those two could make a good pairing.
  9. Me reading the book: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! This felt like a Cosmere-level Sanderlanche. And I honest-to-the-God-Beyond yelped a bit when I read the words "Scadarial" and "Nalathis."
  10. I feel like Raboniel was Sanderson's best antagonist, not because of her strength or intelligence, but because of how heart-wrenchingly human she was. She wasn't pure evil, nor was she pure good. She was a scientist and a leader, one of the most powerful and influential of the Fused. Yet she was also a mother, and she understood the pain of loss. When she realizes that it was Elhokar's Shardblade that was being used to demonstrate the Sibling's barrier to Navani, there’s a palpable feeling of regret, because she knows what it’s like to lose a child and be reminded of it. After she mercy-kills her daughter, Raboniel is said to have cradled the body in her arms, weeping. She was ruthless and without mercy when it came to fighting her enemies, but she also saw the value of collaboration. Unlike the rest of Odium’s forces, Raboniel is driven by a desire to find answers and peace, rather than victory and hatred. She comes to believe that, even though she would have preferred Odium to win the war, she'd be happy as long as the war ended. It helps us to understand why it was that she released her disease even though it would hurt the singers: she didn't care about winning, she just wanted to end the war. It is telling that she reacted to the anti-Voidlight explosion not with rage, but with joy. She saw a way to give her daughter peace, a release from the insanity borne from constant rebirth, a release that Raboniel had been unable to give. And finally, at her own death and saving of Navani, we see courage. The courage to put down one's own goals so that another may succeed. The courage to sacrifice, and the courage to show mercy to the one that betrayed her. Raboniel, in her final moments, chose to be kind instead of cruel. And that, I believe, is what makes her such a compelling antagonist.
  11. It was a beautiful moment, when the reserved, dignified queen went bonkers and hummed more than a Pattern watching the current American president talk to his followers on live television.
  12. I feel like the issue is that Rayse's mind and Odium's Intent had a small disconnect. Odium seems to be the fury of seeing that which shouldn't be, and the passion that leads you to change flawed things for the better. It's very similar to *Dawnshard Spoilers* But Rayse was never about righteous fury. His fury was more focused on destroying anything that might hurt or oppose him, so that he could be the only one. He hated the things that could hurt him or the things that weren't himself. And while he was able to keep himself in check by only going after the Shards that had technically violated the rules, thus appeasing the Intent of his power, his failures told the power that Rayse wasn't the best match. It's similar to one of the epigraphs from Harmony in the book, where Harmony says that on his world, a Shard would always try to find a new Vessel. That's what I think, anyways.
  13. I took a closer look, and you're right. The part that has convinced me was Hoid’s message (through Shallan to Mraize) that he’d beat up Thaidakar. Just like how he beat the hecc out of Kelsier.