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  1. @Calderis I think you're probably right. And whilst it is certainly unlikely that any fused would behave in a way to attract a spren, I don't see it as impossible. I always imagined the fused as a people who harboured thousands of years of hatred towards a people group who took from them their entire planet. I saw their insanity as a result of their repeated resurrection. But I never saw them as pure beings of evil. I think it still possible that a fused would be able to change their mind on the matter. Of course they probably couldn't really forgive the humans, but I'm sure they could see that odium may not have their best interest at heart and decide they should help to defeat him.
  2. Yeah the Heralds are definitely able to bond spren, Nale has reached the fifth ideal of the skybreakers. Yeah I'd guess that the biggest issue would be conflicting investitures. That's why I mention sja anat, perhaps she could corupt either the spren with odious investiture (like Glys) or perhaps corrupt the fused with honorous/cultivative investiture, depending on what she can do once she switches sides.
  3. Yes I'm aware that the former singer dies, but how does the cognitive shadow of the ancient singer inhabit the singer? And then depending on how they do this, would it not be possible for a fused who has changed sides (possible surely since sja anat is changing sides) to bond with a spren? I'd be interested to see how their powers are affected. Perhaps they would require some form of corruption to allow the bond to work properly.
  4. Is it possible for one of the fused to bond a radiant spren and become radiant? My main difficulty in answering this question for myself is a lack of underatanding of how the fused take over the body of the singer. When replacing the singer's soul does the fused accompany the gem heart? I originally thought this to be the case as the form of the fused is different, and singer forms are changed by spren in the gemheart. If this is how it indeed works, would not a fused be able to bond a spren as a radiant might? Surely there are ample cracks in their soul for the spren to fill as the more they resurrect the more their soul deteriorates. So surely a spren who hates humanity and wants to help the opposing side could bond a fused. Or perhaps even a fused who changes sides to fight for the humans could bond a radiant spren. Either way I'd like to hear what you all think regarding the possibility of such a bond.
  5. What would happen if a kandra were to burn a lerasium bead? We know that when they consume a body they don't gain their allomantic abilities. But if one were to burn lerasium would their spirit web be changed to make them a mistborn? If this were to be combined with what kandra can already do with their malleable bodies, and their blessings, then I imagine you'd have an incredibly effective assassin.
  6. But can someone with stormlight survive a severing of their central nervous system? I was under the impression that stormlight healed at too slow a rate to heal such a wound.
  7. So quite simply, my question is would a gold compounder be able to survive having their central nervous system severed by a shardblade? We know that gold healing is fundamentally the same as all healing in the cosmere, and so if stormlight can heal a shardblade wound then so can gold feruchemy. But we also know that gold compounders can heal from basically any wound as long as they have access to their metalminds. So would they be able to heal from a normally mortal wound from a shardblade? Or is that a special exception?
  8. What would be the effect of a mistborn burning a piece of metal with hemalurgic charge? I have a few thoughts on what may happen and welcome some more. My theories are as of yet: 1. Nothing new will happen as you have too conflicting magic system interacting. The metal would still be able to produce it's allomantic effects, but the hemalurgic charge would not add anything as the two systems are diametrically opposed. Perhaps the hemalurgic charge could even interfere with the allomancy in some way and lessen it's effectiveness? 2. Burning metal with a hemalurgic charge will recieve an increase of the power stored, similar to compounding. This could take several forms I suppose. The allomancer's allomancy could become more potent (although I doubt that because of point one). It could somehow amplify the hemalurgic charge, fuelling the hemalurgy with allomancy, again as seen in compounding. (I don't like this one as much because I don't really see it working.) 3. The hemalurgic charge is applied to the allomancer. This one is weird but I thought that perhaps burning the charged metal kind of exposed your spirit web and allowed the patch of someone elses spirit web to latch onto yours. This one is really weird and I'm not sure if it would even work. But if it does then that'd be an interesting way to get around stabbing spikes into your body. You would of course still experience the effect of hemalurgy, just without the metal spikes. This may also face issues when it comes to where it attaches to your soul, because it may attach randomly and result in incorrect placement. 4. When burning the hemalurgically charged metal, the fragment of the spirit web stored is released to return to the rest of the soul wherever that may be (likely beyond). So they're my thoughts, I am curious to see what you guys think.
  9. Ishek hesitated. He knew nothing of this man and was not going to gove away information that could jeopardise his new friends. Well, at least not Laonin. "A friend of the owner. These are other friends of the owner. Who are you?" Ishek's voice was terse as always, no point being friendly to the man if he didn't know him.
  10. "I'm no blacksmith" came Ishek's terse reply. "The forger is on some errand, I cannot help you as where to find him" Even if I did Ishek thought to himself I'd hardly tell a stranger. With that Ishek waited for the mans response, hoping more that he'd leave himself and Veil alone, but he knew that was probably not going to happen.
  11. Roused by the sound after wuite some time of silence, Ishek was sonewhat startled by the voice. "In here" he called out, not bothered to move from his position.
  12. That makes sense, thanks for your input. @Calderis
  13. So it would be corrupted investiture? (Corrupted in cosmere terms not our meaning)
  14. Is there anything aside from conjecture to support the idea that investitures of different shardic origins can't interact in such a way? The only real case of investitures interacting is with Zahel and fueling his Returnedness with stormlight rather than biochroma. I don't know if that comes close to what you'd be trying to do by compounding the Dor but it at least attempts to illustrate my point. i.e: do we know that it's an issue trying to fuel one investiture with another?