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  1. That makes sense, thanks for your input. @Calderis
  2. So it would be corrupted investiture? (Corrupted in cosmere terms not our meaning)
  3. Is there anything aside from conjecture to support the idea that investitures of different shardic origins can't interact in such a way? The only real case of investitures interacting is with Zahel and fueling his Returnedness with stormlight rather than biochroma. I don't know if that comes close to what you'd be trying to do by compounding the Dor but it at least attempts to illustrate my point. i.e: do we know that it's an issue trying to fuel one investiture with another?
  4. I've hust come back to this and were wondering about ways to enhance my character. I accepted the theory you proposed @I think I am here. where you store some of the door in a nicrosilmind. I then considered that a way you may be able to avoid having to return to Sel may be compounding the Dor in your nicrosilmind. i.e. Storing the door in a nicrosilmind and then burning the metalmind to increase the amount if the Dor. This would require both nicrosil feruchemy and allomancy, but that's a small matter. My question is whether the Dor would actually be able to be compounded. I don't see a reason it shouldn't be able to as you aren't doing anything different to regular compounding. Storing investiture in a piece of metal then burning the metal to amplify the investiture stored there in. So I don't see an obvious reason as to why it wouldn't work, but I welcome your opinion.
  5. The honorblades are basically Honor's god metal, a condensed aspect of his essence in solid form. If an allomancer were to somehow consume an honorblade, or part of one (a hypothetical situation as I'm not sure it'd be possible) would they be able to burn it and achieve an affect from the metal? If so, I find it interesting that perhaps burning part of Tanavast's power, an allomancer would gain access to the surges in some way? I welcome your thoughts on the matter.
  6. We know that humans from the Rosharan system came to Roshar from Ashyn. When they did so, they brought odium with them. They also brought surgebinding, as mentioned in the Aila Stele. But radiants and surgebinders as we saw them are a result of bonding spren of honour and cultivation, where the fused utilise voidbinding by bonding with spren of odium. So basically, would it not make sense that surgebinders on Ashyn were more like the fused in that they use voidlight and voidbinding as granted them by odium? This would then discount concerns about radiants destroying roshar because it's surgebinding granted by powers not prone to deatruction as odium is. I welcome any input.
  7. @Karnatheon @King Taravangian
  8. As Laonin regained consciousness he shot upright, holding his head from the dizzy spell that followed. "You apparently, are an epic. We fought off the bonefists who took those people. You killed quite a few yourself." Then, as Veil approached him, he asked Ishek an odd favour. Nonetheless he agreed, but was shocked to see Veil writhing and convulsing in agony. He positioned Veil on his side to prevent choking on his own saliva, then to Laonin he called "Laonin you stay to try and find those people, I have to get Veil out of here." With that, Ishek tapped a bit of pewter and picked up the skybreaker with ease. He knew of nowhere else but the forge, so he head back and lay Veil onto one of the beds in the building next door. He brewed a pot of coffee and sat nearby the writhing figure, watching him until the fit passed. As he waited Ishek began to refill some of his metalminds, not a crippling amount, but enough to fight if someone tried to attack him now. He sat back, and waited.
  9. @ShardBreaker
  10. Ishek looked upon the battle occuring in the air, two incredibly powerful beings battling for the upperhand. Then Drako fell, and from the flames and lightning he did not rise. Moments later, Thundershriek raced to reach the ground, then mere metres from his goal, fell unconcious. Ishek rushed over to the broken form on the ground and didn't hesitate. He saw how powerful that creature was, and he heard the fear in Laonin's voice when he warned of Thundershriek not giving up the power. So he took the stamp Laonin had shown earlier from a pocket on Thundershrieks clothing and pressed the head against him, willing it to work. The form slowly returned to Laonin, glowing brilliantly in the process. Now that that was done, Ishek called for Aeodin to bring a healing Aon.