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  1. Ishek appreciated Ishek's proposal. Efficient, as Ishek liked it. As the skybreaker approached, a sickly blackness where his eye should be, Ishek regarded the man. The eye only drawing his attention for a moment, Ishek was more drawn to the way the man held himself. A fighter, limber and free. In response to the mans inquiry, Ishek waited for Laonin to answer before replying with "What he said, or something." As the man - Amon - stepped from the shadows, Ishek found an explanation to the smell he noticed thanks to his tin mind. Uninterested in what followed, he agreed with Laonin's eventual statement to prepare for fighting. "I'll fill some metalminds" Ishek remarked, then moved off to do so. He didn't really need to store any attributes. His metalminds were filled with hours upon hours of attributes, but a bit mor couldn't hurt. He sat himself down in a comfortable position by the forge proper, and deflated as he filled his metalminds, eyes glazing over and earning a far off look.
  2. Accepting the notes from Laonin Ishek set himself down by a small stool, folio arrayed in front of him, and got to reading. He scrutinised each plan with precision. Architecture wasn't his specialty, military history and tactics took that place, but he had a good pool of architectural treaties in his metalminds. Finally, a task where he actually had some use. He worked quickly and efficiently, scribbling notes in shorthand on the pages borders. The plans were mostly good, Laonin seemed to know his business. There were a few minor corrections he had made, but nothing serious. Ishek couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed, at the first chance he had to actually do somethinh, he proved not needed. He looked up to find Laonin approaching, and in response to his question replied "Not much more than was done. Some minor corrections, but nothing to notable. You do a job well" With that, he grabbed a mug and filled it from the jug of coffee. Cold, annoyingly, but still coffee. He savoured that taste and awaited for more from Laonin. @Ookla the Ring
  3. Eyeing the girl in the corner, a half smile on his face, Ishek watched Laonin struggle with his negotiations with the child. As Laonin turned back to them, Ishek's face returned to it's regular deadpan expression, focussing on Laonin once more. "I know as little as you do, less in fact. I can't help in this regard" @Ookla the Ring
  4. Ishek looked disturbed at the news of inquisitors being present, and felt even more disturbed by the presence of even more powerful hemalurgic constructs. Hide it. Don't let them see your weakness. He had to push that away, he couldn't let that grief consume him once more. For now, all Ishek could do was assist these people, he could not return to those times.
  5. Ishek's face betrayed concern "there is use of Hemalurgy in Alleycity?" He grew even more concerned as he thought of the hemalurgic constructs he had encountered back on Scadrial. "Are there any creatures with spikes through their eyes? Creatures made powerful through hemalurgy?" His voice was tense, as if the worry were straining to break free through his words.
  6. "I know some first aid. RUST if only I'd memorised some medical textbooks." He rushed forward and placed pressure on the wound and, using the sash he wore around his waist as a bandage, compressed his wound to restrict bloodflow. "I don't know much, it could have punctured his gut. We need to take him to the hospital, now."
  7. After a long pause, long enough that it seemed he wasn't going to answer, Ishek replied "I too have experienced loss at the hands of those in power" Ishek hesitated, then seemed to grow hard once again. "But who hasn't? I have my reasons, as do you"
  8. Then the answer to my question, was a yes.
  9. I'd agree that he certainly did that. And either way, even if AonDor were to become usable anywhere, would not the Aons have to change depending on location? Whether or not access to the door is region locked I imagine the particular Aons still require that connection to location.
  10. Would one perhaps be able to use the blue pool that Raoden found in a similar way Vin and Rashek used the Well of Ascension? Using that as an influx of investiture and then attempting to gather the pieces from the cognitive? Or is that pool not at all like the Well?
  11. Well yes, that's basically what I was thinking in the first post. The only thing is, how would one ascend on Sel?
  12. Well as far as I understand, the only thing locking the sellish magics to sel is the fact that the Dor is only in the cognitive realm of sel. I am not aware of any sort of connection issue between the Dor and Sel so I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult. And even so, I would assume a shard powerful enough to handle that.
  13. Do you think this would make Sellish magics no longer region locked? In the spiritual realm location is irrelevant, so presumably an elantrian could draw effective Aons anywhere?
  14. Ishek tailed Laonin in his usual firm and confident gait, eyes always watching for signs of trouble. Ears, honed by tapping tin, reaching out into the orld around him, giving more warning than his eyes ever would. After some time Ishek regarded the short man in front of him. "Why do you do it" he asked, "really".
  15. I'm inclined to agree. Do you think that it would be possible for a shard to power Dor magics with themselves? Allowing part of their investiture to flow through and act as the Dor would, then discipate back into the world and return to their whole?