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  1. oathbringer

    So many questions, hopefully we begin to see her intent. At least hear about what her plans are. Thanks for all the help and crazy good quotes. I would have never found it on my own. You guys rock!!!
  2. oathbringer

    Goody153 you are the goat.
  3. oathbringer

    So is there any evidence that she has tried to resist odium?
  4. oathbringer

    I just started chapter 55 thanks guys
  5. I'm about half way through Oathbringer. There is one thing that's nagging at me. It seems that the only thing that cultivation has done through out the entire story is be the night watcher and give an edge dancer a neat trick. Wouldn't it have been in cultivation the best interest to keep honor from shattering? Am I giving shards too much credit. Did I miss something along the way? Please help me=noob