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  1. In the guidebook the mist spirit stabs Alendi’s friend when he gets too interested in a black glassy lake. That lake is Ruins perpendicularity, and the Pits are like an offshoot of that, or that’s how I think about it. Just moreninfo for the discussion
  2. On the wiki it’s meantioned that Rashek gave lerasium to the human Kong’s who supported him during his conquests. How do we know that, it’s not cited as a wob and I dont remember any meantion if that in the books! Thanks in advance
  3. Oh awesome! Is the most likely thing that Preservation made the pits as part of his betrayal/imprisonment of Ruin? If the perpendicularities are created by the investitures natural interaction with the planet, isn't it possible that the pits and the wells would still be working and the pits would be about to refill (I could see it being something like harmonium instead of atium though (sazium!)). I'll need to reread that part though and see what I think. Does every shard have one, or is it optional?
  4. I just finished my reread of era 1 (including SH. Can someone explain the logic behind encouraging someone to wait to read SH until they read era 2(I’ve read it all)?) and I don’t exactly understand what the Pits of Hathsin and the Well of Ascension are, or more percicely why they exists. Especially the Pits, because I don’t see why Ruin would want the pits to exist. All Atium ever did(in shardic terms) was dilute/limit Ruin’s influence, it was not something Ruin should of wanted. So I think both locations are the shard’s perpendicularities/shardpools but I don’t get why they’re so different. Why is so much Atium produced compared to Lerasium? My best guess is because the physical part of preservation is more concentrated in the mists maybe— does Ruin have a mist analogue? Do the shards choose how they’re investiture manifests on the planet? Is it sort of just however they fit, or they have some control but not complete? Does anyone have any thoughts on the differences between Ruin and preservation in this regard? Also does anyone know if the pits or the Well is around in era 2? I’m gonna reread that soonish so I’m hazy on the details but I seem to think the pits are supposed to be refilling but idk why I think that! As as an aside, I have such a problem with Sanderson books because I feel like I absorb knowledge from the epigraphs but it doesn’t fit anywhere in my head, so I have a lot of questions about what I think I know. Last question, does anyone have a projected release date or something for the final book in era2?
  5. I think the reason binding an unmade would result in a be a bondsmith is because the unmade (like the stormfather and night watcher) are increadibly powerful and unique spren. I imagine a bond to the Thrill would lead to some very interesting abilities. Honestly I think we’re slightly set up for that, as the Unmade Sja-anat seems to want to leave Odium behind.
  6. I love reading how the characters and events from era1 of mistborn have become mythological! My favorite reaction is when I go “yes that technically is what happened... but honestly you are completely misunderstanding what happened” which is basically how I feel about anything concerning Survivotism. Also, Sazed being a god is amazing and wonderful.
  7. Hoid is definitely a 1 boxer!! Yes!!
  8. If we’re thinking about the same thing, I’ve always thought the, uh, logic why it shouldn’t be shared with us was silly. But I think what we’re thinking about doesn’t really work for this post. I don't know what to think about the post to be honest.
  9. Good, thanks for asking! EDIT: Wow, I didn't even know you could upvote. That's sweet!
  10. Hi, just dropping by to say hello. My name is FRedgli. In real life I go by Freddy and Warbreaker is one of my favorite cosmere novels (a friend bought me a signed copy for my birthday one year!) and when you say FRedgli aloud it almost sounds like you might be trying to say Freddy. Anyhow, how are you doing today?