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  1. Thanks for your answer Weltall. I agree that the implication is that she regained control of her powers when the world felt more in her control again, but that also corresponds with her getting back her breath. Without a more direct WOB, I'm not confident. I'm sure you can't give away the Royal locks like you can breath, but I'm not sure they work without a breath either.
  2. My question is basically whether Brandon has made clear whether a royal loses the ability to change their hair color when they have no breath. I know Vivenna couldn't change her hair color during much of the time she was a drab, but she was having lots of other issues at the time. Does a royal need at least one breath to use whatever power they inherited, or do they retain that power to even as a drab, at least to some extent? I searched arcanum and didn't find anything clear.
  3. My question is simple: Brandon has said that Vasher has hacked Stormlight to make it work like breath to sustain him in Roshar. I presume he has a reasonable amount of breath so that he wouldn't die immediately without stormlight, but does he lose breaths every midpeace and weeping since they last long enough that every sphere and gemstone is done unless it's huge? Or does he have huge gems hidden for exactly this reason?
  4. But what does it mean for him to get it? What prevents him from doing that already? What about creatures he controls getting it into their hands would make it so Ruin could, basically, eat it?
  5. Hi guys, I was just thinking about this upon rereading parts of Hero of Ages for a paper I'm writing, but how would Ruin have gotten the atium? Like, was it only his ignorance of where it was that kept it from just taking it into himself once he was freed, and once he found out where it was, was it just Vin's power as Preservation preventing him from doing anything active reflexively that did it? If so, what was the point of the Kolos even attacking for it. The world would have ended anyway, it would just have taken a few months for people to starve, if Vin hadn't killed ruin and Sazed had taken up both powers. Would the Kolos or Kandra under ruin's control taking control of Atium actually have done anything more as long as Vin was preservation? Were the pits protected from Ruin somehow that as long at the atium was in them, Ruin couldn't just like, absorb it into himself? What's going on here?
  6. horror

    Given what Ruin says, is there a suggestion that Kelsier is also short on his spiritual aspect? Like, cognitive shadows no longer have their ties to the physical realm, but are their ties to the spiritual realm fully intact? I guess since hemalurgy works on them (given Kelsier), they still have a spirit web. But not all cognitive shadows even seem to really be the memory of their living self--the shades on Threnody don't seem to have much human memory.
  7. Hi guys, I've been posting off and on for probably about a year in the Q&A section and I have maybe dabbled in other sections, but I don't think I've actually introduced myself. I'm MasterK-Bob. I read all of the Cosmere Novels, Novellas, and short fiction in succession, though not in any particular order from about September of 2017 to February of 2018, and of course, I loved them. I started with Stormlight, WoK, WoR, Edgedancer, Oathbringer, then Warbreaker, then did Mistborn Era 1, then the parts of AU applicable to era 1, or unafiliated (6th and Silence), then Elantris, then the Sel stuff in AU, then Era 2 and the last of the AU stuff. I'm going to do a Cosmere reread starting some time early next year (a lot to read before then), but I think I'm gonna go roughly publication order this time, but keeping the different serieses (how do you pluralize that word?) together. I've got a lot to read before then though (especially a reread of Lightbringer before the Burning White comes out, and a reread of Gods of Blood and Powder, before Blood of Empire comes out). I've also read Reckoners, but nothing else (yet) of Sanderson's non-Cosmere work. Personally, I'm a doctoral student and adjunct professor in World Religion with a special focus on the Hebrew Bible and the more ancient myths that inspired parts of it, especially from ancient Mesopotamia. I'm pleased to meet and interact with you all!
  8. horror

    In Secret History, and alluded to in Era 2, we find that Kelsier held preservation between the death of Leras and the ascension of Vin. He was able to do so because of IRE magical equipment, but he was not able to fully hold it like a living person could have, and so he was much more limited than Vin, just barely able to delay Ruin no matter what he did, while Vin was able, at the cost of her own life, to kill Ati and leave both Preservation and Ruin unheld. Was Kelsier so limited because he no longer a regular living being, but a cognitive shadow, or because he was not grounded in the Physical realm before taking up the shard? Like, if Kelsier had taken up preservation AFTER getting grounded in the physical realm again, could he have fully held it? The Heralds are also incarnate cognitive shadows who were once living humans, but until Oathbringer, every time they died, they reincarnated. When incarnate, could the heralds have taken up a shard fully, or would they have been limited like Kelsier was?
  9. Question is in the title: If Sazed Was Killed but his shard(s) were not splintered, would they appear as two, Preservation and Ruin, or one, Harmony?
  10. My question really all comes down to what would happen if a being like Kelsier, circa era 2, was stabbed by Vyre's knife? Would the same thing happen that happened to Jezrien? I think the heralds are preserved by Honor's investiture and they seem to have the perk of automatic incarnation after death, and Kelsier, preserved by Preservation had to get himself a body somehow to return to the Physical Realm, but like, would that knife kill him for good, or would it have no effect since he, you know, doesn't reincarnate anyway, but is just preserved as a cognitive shadow? I couldn't find any WOB directly relating to this.
  11. Aluminum must be a bit different from chromium since burning the tiniest bit of aluminum consumes all metal reserves and amount doesn't matter, and apparently it does for chromium (and duralumin? I guess I misunderstand how duralumin works then. I thought it consumed all of any metal being burned, including itself but with one like, enormous burst of power, I guess I never thought the amount of duralumin mattered.) Also, burning aluminum doesn't seem to affect hemalurgy, since Vin's earring didn't get burned away when the inquisitors made her burn aluminum in Kredik Shaw.
  12. I have a few questions related to aluminum: 1. If a mistborn had a coin in their mouth and they burned aluminum, would the coin get consumed automatically? I think Brandon suggested that mistborn COULD burn a coin anywhere inside their body, but most only knew how to do so once ingested, so where does this fit? 2. Mistborn can burn every metal, including those that are not allomantically efficacious, but those that don't have an allomantic effect make them sick, some probably more than others. If a mistborn burned aluminum after, like, consuming platinum or lead, would that burn away the platinum and make them sick as if they had just experimentally tried to burn it, or would it leave them alone? Or would it burn it away, totally consuming it with no effect?
  13. Absolutely, but I think the spiritual aspect is what determines, once someone has the connection to preservation to be a misting because it is inherited via regular old DNA, which might itself correspond to some cognitive or spiritual reality, but that's not really the point, something about your spirit-web determines which allomantic ability you get, unless you're mistborn. That's what I think Brandon meant--being a misting a genetic, or at least being snappable is, and something about your spirit determines what you are once you snap, again, except for mistborn. I don't know whether the determination is determined at the time of snapping or what, but I kind of thing it's innate given the perfect ratios of the different mistings.
  14. Yes, the selective allomancy genes that allow for Mistings, and not just full mistborn, interfere with the full feruchemist genes. Not the genes for allomancy per se, but the allomancy genes that cause most allomancers to be mistings rather than mistborn. Maybe we need a punnit square of allomancy, though I'm not sure if Brandon has fully worked this out. Maybe there is the possibility of a lack of allomancy genes, or a limiting allomancy gene which doesn't grant allomancy, but says if you have a mistborn gene, you only get one ability, which would then get expressed based on a whole bunch of other things in your genome, then also just dominant allomancy genes that give you misting status if you have one, but don't interfere with Mistborn genes, and then Mistborn genes, which entered the population via Lerasium altering a person, their biology, and their Spirit Web.Then there are feruchemy genes, which we know MUST be recessive, because the Lord Ruler turned all Feruchemists into mistwraiths, and yet the trait survive. The limiting alomancy gene is the thing that didn't exist in the Terris population, and its effect is unknown, but I would suggest that, since it limits mistborn allomancy to one power, the one power thing actually interacts with the feruchemy giving one power. We know the Lord Ruler altered the Skaa so that there would be no Skaa mistings, and prior to that, 1/16 of everybody would be mistings and there would be no mistborn (I think that's right). Perhaps the Lord Ruler eliminated all misting genes from the Skaa and replaced them with limiting allomancy genes, making mistborn ever coming from the skaa much more unlikely, and perhaps renders regular allomancy genes nil to prevent the likelihood even of skaa mistings after interbreeding. I guess the regular allomancy gene could also interefere, but positively, since it is a one power gene, rendering someone with both a twinborn. Call the genes: A=allomancy--a dominant gene giving anyone with it allomancy L=limiting--a partially dominant gene created by the Lord Ruler when he ascended rendering anyone with a Mistborn gene merely a Misting and, perhaps, anyone with a normal allomancy gene, a non-allomancer. M=Mistborn--A dominant gene rendering anyone with it a mistborn unless an L gene is also present. F=Feruchemy--a recessive gene rendering anyone with both a full feruchemist, but doing nothing at all unless both genes are present. N=Nil--this gene would have no influence on allomancy or feruchemy. So the combinations would be: AA=Misting with children guaranteed to also have misting genes. AL=Maybe a misting, maybe nothing if L fully suppresses non-mistborn allomantic genes (I think more likely). AM=A Mistborn AF=I think here we get real direct intereference between one-power allomancy and feruchemy. I think this would be a twinborn. AN=A Misting LL=Nothing, but with very low chances of having an allomancer child. LM=A Misting with suppressed Mistborn genes. LF=A Ferring LN=No power, with a lower than average chance of having allomancer children even if the other parent has allomancy genes. MM=A Mistborn, with very high likelihood of Mistborn children, and a guarantee of allomancer Children. I believe that these are the genetically altered genes of a Lerasium Mistborn, though I don't think the double M is the reason Lerasium mistborns are more powerful, rather I think it's the more direct link between their spirit-webs and preservation that came with Lerarium. MF=A Fullborn (which we know must be possible because the Lord Ruler was terrified of the possibility--it was most of the reason for his doing terrible things to his own people, so the M all power element must interact with the F like the A single power element would, but to create a cullborn.) MN=A Mistborn FF=A full feruchemist with guaranteed feruchemist gene carrier children. FN=A feruchemical gene carrier with no powers. NN=nothing. I would suggest that Harmony altered the L gene so that it no longer suppressed the A gene, just limited the M gene so it acted like the A gene, and also limited the F gene the same way, which harmony didn't have a problem with because he was concerned about anyone being too powerful except Spook, whom he had basically appointed ruler. He also might have altered the A gene itself so that it did interfere with the F gene, which allowed for twinborn, prior to this, it might have been possible to have a misting full feruchemist, or perhaps the genes interfered with one another another way, so that either the Allomancy gene or the Feruchemy gene would be selected based on other genes that otherwise did not affect the metallic arts and only would have come into play in this strange situation. With respect to proportion of the population with each gene--prior to the Lord Ruler's ascension, 1/16 of all metalic arts genes in the non-Terris population were A, and all others were N. Within the Terris population, we don't know what percent of the population were Feruchemists, but the F gene seems really common the Terris community is Era 2, so I would say maybe 1/4 of all Terris had an F gene? The Lord Ruler would have transformed all A genes in the skaa population into L genes, and skaa were probably 80-90% of the population, let's settle on 85%? 85/100X 1/16=85/1600, 85/100X15/16=1275/1600, 15/100X1/16=15/1600, 15/100X15/16=225/1600. The final result would be about 5.3% L genes, about .9% A genes, and about 93% N genes. Add to that a negligible maybe 20 MM people at the beginning, whose kids with nobles are almost certain to be mistborn, but then take into account increased skaa fertility and decreased noble fertility to spread the L gene more than the A gene or the M gene. It's basically a big mess. Add in the Terris and it's a bigger mess, and I've probably oversimplified the situation and got a bunch wrong, but I think that something like this is what's happening. It all has to work out so that by the time of the death of the Lord Ruler, everything is back to about 1/16th of the skaa population having A genes. Maybe preservation actually, with the remnants of his consciousness, altered the L genes so they no longer suppressed A, and altered the L and N genes of the skaa so that exactly 1/16th of the unsnapped were altered to have 1 A gene.
  15. Calderas, I think I read the opposite into ideas of the interaction of allomancy and feruchemy genes--not that they interfere with one another, but whatever it is that allows for people to become mistings much more frequently than being a full mistborn was not present in the Terris genepool prior to the final ascension, which is why all feruchemists to that point had been full feruchemists and it was only the interbreeding of the Terris and the portion of the population who had allomancy genes that introduced this selectivity that accompanied allomancy. I didn't think there was system interference between allomancy and feruchemy. Is there a WOB that says it's system interference rather than whatever genes that allow for mistings instead of mistborn?