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  1. Would stormlight healing etc. Destroy Borg nanoprobes and prevent assimilation? I just had a dream about this and wanted to ask other people's thoughts.
  2. Is the mechanism by which Slatrification occurs like soulcasting, but only sand to water, do we think?
  3. Ohhhh. I'm not sure if this is right. So nicrosil let's you store the power of being a feruchemist (investiture) and duralumin connects someone to that. I'm not sure you need the nicrosil cuz you can already burn the metal as an alomancer, but you might need the connection to it through the duralumin. I'm not sure. I think if it's just unkeyed it might work though since you already have the allomantically ability and just need to access the attribute.
  4. @Frustration what do you mean unsealed?
  5. Vin mentioned she could feel something when she burned Sazed's metalmind but couldn't access it. It wasn't unkeyed though. What time happen if an alomancer burned an unkeyed metalmind? Could they access that attribute like tapping it, but not store it since they weren't a feruchemist themselves, perhaps enhanced like for a compounder, or would they just get the power of the metal? Like, could the alomancer just like deage while actively burning an atium mind, but only as long as they were burning, or would they just get the power of atium?
  6. Do we know whether overmastery making you a more powerful sandmaster was known by the mastrels, and it was sort of a test to see who would push themselves that far while being warned not to, or did Kenton discover its effects? I presume it was just so rarely done, and then only by people who pushed the limits who already had a lot of power?
  7. Okay, so it's clear Metal has specific effects on magic throughout the Cosmere based on Dawnshard and RoW. I was just wondering whether that might be true of all magic focuses. It just so happens that Scadrial was a world where the uses of those effects were the heart of the magic system and directly either using those metals as attribute batteries (Feruchemy and Hemalurgy) or realmatic keys (Allomancy) was the main basis of the magic system. Oaths seem to be realmatic keys on Roshar, as people who swear them get infused with stormlight that wasn't already in the physical realm, so there's a parallel there. It seems hemalurgy removes a spiritual connection to a certain attribute and grafts it somewhere else, and we saw Ishar almost do that to Dalinar and his connection to the Stormfather with spiritual adhesion. Most of that was an aside though. Metal seems to have particular effects on magic on Roshar, especially obvious in fabrials, but probably not limited to them. Do we think color might have effects like that, like for awakening, we know you need color, but maybe they're doing it bluntly, and the specific color drained might allow you to do certain things with less breath if the color matches the effect, which is related to gem colors being necessary for certain things for soulcasters, but with enough stormlight, a real lightweaver or elsecaller can probably soulcast with wrong color gem, it's just far less efficient and takes more soul negotiating? So could color have an effect on magic on Scadrial somehow or on Sel, or could specific crystal lattice structures be better for conducting stormlight for specific things? I'm not sure if these questions are clear, but I'm thinking about a lot.
  8. Brief spoiler for Rhythm of War. Shallan suggests I think in part 2 that she could get herself physically into Shadesmar without using a perpendicularity like Jasnah did in WoR, but she couldn't get back without one, while elsecallers could get back with enough stormlight, or actually a variable amount of stormlight depending on where you are in Shadesmar. I had assumed that getting physically into Shadesmar involved the surge of transportation, and that lightweavers were only particularly good at seeing into Shadesmar to soulcast, though through Kaladin we've seen that other orders can see into Shadesmar. Is Shallan right that other orders, at least lightweavers, could get into Shadesmar physically? If so, does that mean transportation is not involved in getting into Shadesmar, but only in getting out? I think we need to see a little more what that surge does.
  9. I suspect it's even more complicated than that and different healing has different effects (I don't think gold feruchemy does this, no matter how much is stored up but Brandon said it would heal a shardblade wound). I also don't think progression healing would do this. These seem to work in different ways. I don't think there's super clear WoBs though about this.
  10. Link? That's very interesting.
  11. Did the Reshi king, who has been biologically female, but was touchy about being called king and not queen, transform into a biological male after bonding a spren a being able to heal to a (male) spiritual ideal, having apparently previously been trans, or did I just imagine that? Is there another interpretation?
  12. I tried to search WOBS but couldn't find this: does Aluminum Glow in the Scadrial Cognitive Realm Like Other Metals? If you etched a message in aluminum foil, could Harmony, or a being in the cognitive realm read it?
  13. Based on WOBs, we know people not from Nalthis are not Drabs, but if someone not from Nalthis gets one breath and then gives it away, does this still hold true? Is the breath less intertwined with their soul than a Nalthian and this they have about a Nalthian level of soul, or just slightly less, even without a breath, or would having gotten a breath open them up to becoming a drab? I suspect the answer to that is know but I wanted to check to see if everyone agreed.
  14. My head canon, derived from this unsure WOB and the fact that the heightenings aren't exactly plateaus but more a linear progression, is the amount of breaths lost would matter to this. I think rapid ag aging would happen if you go from 5th heightening to drab, but if you dip one breath below 5th heightening, you might agree slightly faster than a normal person at that point to catch up but I don't think it would be noticeably faster.
  15. I suspect this is true, but do we know this for sure? I mean, do we even know for sure what voidbinding is? Is it just surgebinding powered by odious investiture? Is it another system, but there are dark surgebinders, like those that use forms of power? I don't think that's all worked out yet. The magic is interchangeable anyway. Vasher is living on stormlight instead of breath right now. A Nahel bond on Roshar seems to facilitate becoming invested, and I'm not sure a Spren being of Odium at any point would have made that not so. Brandon's said we don't fully understand what the bond with nightblood, or what a bond with a Seon, would do on Roshar, but it would have some effects. I tend to think Voidbinding is what the fused and royals do, but I don't think it's what Renarin does, at least not with progression--it might be what's powering whatever else is going on with him. I don't think intent matters without the Radiants though--Radiants are controlled by needing to keep their oaths, but other magic systems in the Cosmere can work against their shards intent. Certainly, Allomancy can be used to be very ruinous, even if it's not meant to be so, without weakening one iota. I suspect without the oaths to bind them, surgebinders could and were potentially very destructive.