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  1. The Conventical of Seran room where they make new inquisitors?
  2. When you have so many books that you wish you had an Ars Arcanum reference book to combine all the various Cosmere magic systems
  3. Some of them such as Elantris and The Final Empire are on their 2nd or 3rd printings now. Well of Ascension 1st editions are nearly sold out but a 2nd printing was already ordered
  4. UPDATE ALERT - Progress bar status for Stormlight 4 & 5 Outlines now at 25%
  5. lol I already have 3-4+ copies of some books - like the first Mistborn book I have it in the following - Mass Market Paperback UK Paperback Edition Signed Hardcover Leatherbound Signed & Personalized Audible Edition only 2 I don't have that are readily available are US Paperback (has a different cover than the rest) UK 10th Anniversary Hardcover- those nice grey ones without the dustcovers granted some of these were gifts
  6. Most important update to happen today
  7. Welcome to the Shard - i also played FFXIV for several years. I am on Jenova myself, just on a bit of a break the last couple months though myself.
  8. Technically it is the following options Book Quote of Authors Choice Happy Birthday Congratulations then of course if you wanted something specific, in the optional comments at then end you would specify there. It is more of a loophole that he will acknowledge for a more personal request. This was how I got my bless from Hrathen for my 15th wedding anniversary in the Elantris Leatherbound I have.
  9. Lanfear?
  10. Moiraine Damodred
  11. Woo got a response from Brandon on this topic here - well at least he said he will ask his team to look into if it is feasible
  12. that is correct - Renald Fanwar
  13. When you start trying to turn Christmas stories into Cosmere stories - I have this with "Twis the night before Christmas" so far - Anyone else want to contribute
  14. Nope that was after Rand came down from Dragon Mount on his way to the white tower - this guy was the very first PoV in the prologue
  15. Does anyone know if these went out of print or are they just waiting on a reprint, more specifically for Words of Radiance Part 2. The 2 part versions where next on my list to buy but it looks like it is getting very rare to find, even on amazon UK it has a ship time of 1-2 months now. The Way of Kings part 1 and 2, Words of Radiance part 1 still (for now seem available) but it would be a shame if I can't get the entire set like this.