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  1. I was wondering, are you able to later on acquire things like grand bows or warriors lenses through playing or buying the stuff.
  2. granted. You are now the omnipotent god of a colony of ants. I wish for my cooking to have Lift's approval
  3. Granted. You are now a fox. I wish to be the absolute master of the Nightwatcher and she does everything I want her to.
  4. My talent would either be able to come up with the stupidest, most dangerous things imaginable when I’m bored, and then do them (yet somehow be just fine) or more likely, taking absolutely any dare I am given
  5. I just really hope that Maya comes back. It would also be a huge step in getting most spren to trust humans again, since the damage that was caused by past radiants is being fixed now.
  6. I'd like to buy an unlimited pass... oh shoot. That was a lot of napalm.
  7. Yaaaasss! please do that! Please do! I already gave you 2 upvotes I'd like to pre-order this book. All these ideas are brilliant! I like it!
  8. Ha! for that comment I give ANOTHER upvote! Mwahahahahaa!
  9. Jacien starts and looks over at her. "I saw the sign out front and was wondering what sort of jobs you had."
  10. @Mr Mafia I like your character, and don't worry about the length of the backstory. My character has a long backstory, and an extremely detailed weakness. I don't think it sounds very OP, but my opinion doesn't matter that much.
  11. I was at that point just a couple days ago. You score your character based off their abilities in the point index (a link to that can be found near the top of this page in one of @Archer‘s posts) epic powers are a little wierd though. To start rping you just need to go to the alley verse forums under community and choose one, then just start posting in character
  12. Let me think... I don’t think I can afford to make that deal
  13. I’m listening
  14. Jacien walks down the street, and notices the sign. Matalurgy and investiture now hiring. He considers for a moment, then walks in. ”Hi. I saw on your sign that you’re hiring. What sort of jobs do you have.”
  15. sounds great to me. How do I find this Forge thread.