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  1. Hey man, it’s been a while.

  2. it's true
  3. @beantheboy12 I told you the Dalinar 20 version would get more upvotes!
  4. Lots of things about prison! I like them all! And, also, how the orders play MarioKart! Windrunner: tries to keep everyone happy at first, but after getting egged on by his spren quickly gets sucked into the competitive spirit. Skybreaker: gets annoyed by the fact that this is a video game, and automatically enforces the rules. Dustbringer: hits every item box possible and gleefully unloads his shells on both fellow competitors and computers. Edgedancer: plays manual drift and is the absolute master of it. Truthwatcher: makes more popcorn to watch this chaos. Lightweaver: Was in a desperate fight with the Willshaper for first, then Lightweaves their screen to include an extra turn to throw them off. Elsecaller: Has it down to a science, with the best character, best car, and automatic drift. They are continually frustrated by the fact they still can’t beat the Willshaper. Willshaper: is storming good at the game. Has explored every last map, knows all the shortcuts, and all the tricks to avoid shells. He uses a different car and character every time, and doesn’t fall for the lightweaver’s trick. Stoneward: stubbornly always uses Mario and the standard kart every single time. Bondsmith: refuses to play, just like monopoly.
  5. I like it!
  6. possibly a guild war

    Jacien walked through the camp, his grey cloak’s hood up. Auri grew at his feet, following on his rounds through the camp. He watched the men, measuring their morale and occasionally using a bit of progression to heal an injury.
  7. giant yeti battle!!!!!!!

    “You’re in the Alleyverse, near fortress eternal.” Jacien said.
  8. Jacien nods. “My name is Jacien Aican, I am a second ideal Edgedancer, but I also have the surge of division. I’m skilled with swords and knives and have some experience with throwing weapons. Silphio recruited me, and I’m not entirely certain which branch it was for. He just came into the Odd Job tavern, and told me if me and a few others could beat him then we would have a job. The others dropped out along the way. I believe the pay was 10 C wage, and I could stay in canton housing.”
  9. That might not work for him, since his power set includes physical enhancement and healing. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  10. Jacien walked into the canton headquarters. He was supposed to have come a while ago, but right after the fight with Silphio to prove himself and whatnot, he had quickly gotten sucked into other business. “Hello.” He said. “I’m here to register with the Canton.”
  11. Jacien got up and walked out. He seriously needed to take care of a few things now that he really should have done before, but three fights puts off stuff.
  12. Ok so a bit of a call back because I was offline for most of spring break (camping is great). So Sun’s rating was 170. I thought about what I could change to make him less powerful but without changing his concept, and I was thinking of changing his intelligence from smart to average, thereby lowering his score to 155. Anyone have any suggestions for something to lower his score by five? Maybe something to add to his weaknesses?
  13. giant yeti battle!!!!!!!

    Jacien, who had been leaning against the wall in a nightwatcher trance, blinked confused. That had been a long one. He hoped he hadn’t missed anything important. Then he saw everybody charging, and figured he should probably join them, sucked in stormlight and charged down with them.
  14. “No. I’m not on a job or anything anymore.”