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  1. giant yeti battle!!!!!!!

    Jacien slipped and slid through the yeti army, slashing and slicking yetis, and causing general confusion among their ranks, disrupting the front line and covering the retreat.
  2. X broke many of my knives, destroyed my glassweave cloak, and my tunic, destroyed one of my arm guards, and was only really affected by me blinding her with division. Fun.
  3. Jacien remembered the guy who had come to get him. "Right. We should go now."
  4. Jacien woke up from his trance. It had started as soon as the fight had ended. It was a good thing that it hadn't happened during there fight. Or maybe the fight delayed it. Who knows? He looked around the room, still holding a moderate amount of stormlight. He went around the room healing those that needed it, curing the damage from smoke inhalation and cuts or broken bones. He turned toward Malu, who was pouring a very large mug of something he couldn't recognize. He did his best to avoid alcohol. He'd never had it before, but his natural ADHD would not mix well with the recklessness of being drunk. "I might be able to do something about...That." He said, gesturing toward the smoking hole. @Invocation
  5. Send out the summary of match 3! It was super intense! Also as a tip for everyone, when fighting a dakhor koloss, however much armor you have or how durable you think your equipment is, upgrade it.
  6. @Sunbringer
  7. Jacien was not in a good position. Freedom was in the way of him attacking full on, his armor was damaged, and he was running in stormlight. If he ran out, he would pass out. Come on freedom. Get away from him!
  8. Jacien rushes over toward the bar, breaking off his charge and inhaled sharply, sucking in enough stormlight to last through an extended fight. He charged toward the waiter again.
  9. Jacien was forced to throw himself backward off balance. He could heal her, but only if he got close, which there was no guarantee of. He sheathed his swords- they wouldn’t be useful in this close quarters- and drew a dagger. He sucked in the rest of his stormlight, enough to last him a couple more minutes, and charged again.
  10. “ Johnny! Get me more stormlight!”
  11. Jacien attacked furiously, charging over to the waiter, and rammed his sword into him. He did this over and over, stabbing him repeatedly. This man had come on attacking random people, and was now on top of this poor person. Any reservation he had to killing was lost on him. @Arky-boi
  12. As the waiter started running from him Jacien leaped forward, grabbing for the man’s arm and activating division.