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  1. game

    ok Buildings 2 @Scion of the Mists @Mr Mafia @luckat @DoomStick
  2. game

    The Reshi Isles are an Innocent Bystander. Red Teams turn again. Inquisitors 2 gamebord link @DoomStick @Scion of the Mists @luckat @Mr Mafia
  3. I believe it took me three days to get through Oathbringer. but I didn't do much else in those days =)
  4. game

    Homeland is a red agent.
  5. game

    ok then it is my turn again: Spreadsheet @Scion of the Mists @DoomStick @Mr Mafia @luckat clue is Evil 1
  6. game

    Tranquiline Halls are Red.
  7. game

    Red teams clue Vorinism 2 gamebord link @Scion of the Mists @DoomStick @Mr Mafia @luckat
  8. game

    well done Blue Team =)
  9. game

    @Mr Mafia Ok I'll add you to the Red Team. Red goes first. First clue is: Underground 3
  10. game

    Hi I'm in again. and would also try being spymaster if nobody objects.
  11. game

    but ambition is a shard and I'm not sure if Returned count as cognitive shadows... I believe they are different. Well anyway. That's just how it goes with assumptions and it is why this game is so much fun =)
  12. game

    OK then let's try Marsh. @Ashertliden @Turtle373
  13. game

    Ok do we try Battar as well or does someone have a better idea?
  14. game

    sure let's do it. Lifeblesser @Ashertliden