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  1. Ey, happy birthday rhapsody!

  2. That's almost cruel. You can't take cosmere away from a Sanderfan. runs away and hides because she also hasn't read Calvin and Hobbes. Also to get back on track: YKYASF when you strike up a random conversation in a shop and by the end have convinced the other person to read mistborn. (The conversation didn't start anywhere even near the topic of books, fantasy or anything else related) YKYAS when random people in a bookstore ask you for help because you were discussing Brandons Books near a pile of them. (Didn't happen to me but to @Sorana but still a funny story) YKYAS when after the Q&A with Brandon a random person comes up to you and starts asking you questions about Brandon. I'm still perplexed as to why she came to me since he was literally there but gladly I could answer all her questions.
  3. Longer answer: He said he has lots of things in his head the problem was getting his hands to reproduce the image in his head the way he imagines them. Often they end up locking quite different and that can be frustrating. I also asked Isaac how much freedom he gets from Brandon for the maps and symbols and so on. A: He gets a lot of freedom with the maps. There were actually times they changed parts of the books to fit the maps. Q: I asked after an example A: They changed around directions in the Kholinar chapters a lot. Q: And the glyphs and other symbols? A: For the glyphs he has a symmetry tool which he played around a lot with. They developed the glyphs later in full from those images they liked For the allomantic symbols he had a couple different ideas which didn't seem to work well. Then he had an idea about a bunch of nails lying around haphazardly and from that image the allomantic symbols evolved. I also talked a bit with Isaac about Germany since he has lived here before. So apparantly he likes our bread and our castles. I also asked Brandon if he had read the new War of the spark novel, especially Davriels Cameo in it. He said he hadn't gotten around to reading it but would like to. But Wizards sent him the part with Davriels Cameo. So without spoilering sth for those who haven't read the novel: He thinks what Davriel does is very typical for him. The way he is described is because he is in disguise but if you could hear his inner voice he would be constantly complaining. I regreted that we didn't get to hear his thoughts. All answers are heavily paraphrased. There are also two more Wobs thanks to @The Forumlurker who posted them in the other thread to the german signings. 1. If a radiant tried to soulcast using stormlight directly from the highstorm what essences could they create? A: Anything. They could create any essence. This is for radiant soulcasters not soulcasting fabrials. 2. Could a windrunner only lash part of something, like only a hand instead of an entire body? A: This is theoretically possible. It’s like how Kelsier can push on a pole and make it spin. This would require a lot of skill however. But yes it is possible
  4. The Kaladin shirt is really cool. @Winds Alight
  5. They are so cool. and they were all really nice!
  6. So we're here. and waiting for them to open up. I have OB, Mistborn FE, Arcanum and Davriel (the Magic Card) with me.
  7. I think he would have been thrilled.
  8. No not really because then he wouldn't have as much time for SA4.
  9. Why didn't you draw some rithmatics? Would have fit with the chalkdrawings @Showman
  10. That's just sad. I mean if you are going to write a character which you didn't make yourself you should look at his background story. Simply to get him right. By the way the Davriel Deck works rather well. Not something you could play in modern or a tournament but it's fun for a couple casual matches. Especcially when after the first match your opponent get's really scared of Davriel's continued damage =)
  11. I'm aware that translating is a hard job especcially for fantasy books with all their made up words. But for me they just read wrong. (not sure how else to describe it) The language after translation doesn't have the same feeling and it doesn't flow the same. But it's ok. I'm glad there are translations for those not as versed in english but for me I'll simply stick to the english versions. =)
  12. I was actually thinking of playing him in a Black/Blue Deck and pairing him up with Raider's Wake for some extra damage and then look for more discard (Digress, Divest, Burgler Rat and Thought Erasure come to mind) and perhaps throw in Thief of Sanity for fun. But I don't think it will be a fun deck to play against like that.
  13. I agree partly. Still think they could have made better use of them than simply letting them get slaughtered. But I don't think the Dothraki would have handled being sent away that well. I meant they pride themselves on their warrior and horseriding skills and here comes the big battle and they are to be sent away. I'd be pissed in their place. So it was probably the best they could think of without making the Dothraki angry. Also I agree with Sorana: I was really disappointed with the episode.
  14. Wow that's awesome. I actually got Davriel in a booster this weekend (fortunatly it was the first one I opened) =) So now I'm going to get that card signed when I see Brandon in Stuttgart and then I need to make a DimirDeck to play him in.
  15. Also telomeres don't prevent cell mutations or cancer. The body has several different mechanism to prevent the replication process going wrong which also is one just one of the hallmarks of cancer. There are in total six hallmarks namely sustaining proliferative signaling, evading growth suppressors, resisting cell death, enabling replicative immortality, inducing angiogenesis, and activating invasion and metastasis. (I bolded the one that has to do with replication.) Mutation safeguards include special proteins that check the DNA after replication, immun system responses to falsely replication cells and many many more. And if you think that our intestinal system renews itself every 36 hours and that except for the cells of the nervous system every part of our body gets renewed each day, week or month (depending on the cells) I would say the system works pretty well. Back to Telomeres. Telomeres are necessary for cell replication, because of its mechanism. Because the protein responsible for replicating the DNA (DNA-Polymerase) needs a bit of DNA strand to attach, this part therefore cannot be replicated. So each replication the DNA strand gets shortened on the 5' end a bit. Telomerases are repetitive nucleotide sequences on that end, that prevent essential DNA information from getting deleted. Essentially some inconsequental part of the DNA gets lost and the cell remains functional. As a secondary function telomeres stabilize the chromosomes. As people age the telomeres become shorter and eventually the important parts of the DNA strand become damaged, which is thought to be one of the reasons for some diseases that come with old age. Research into increasing telomere lenght hopes to prolong health in old age or to even conquer some parts of aging completly. Back to the Cosmere. I therefore believe that bloodmakers would probably have a way to increase their telomere length otherwise their DNA would get damaged rather quickly. They probably can't enlarge them beyond the point they should be at their respective age because of the way health works of the spiritual aspect, which means they will eventually succumb to the effects of old age though they can perhaps heal from many of the assosiated diseases. They probably also age due to other effects (extended exposure to radiation, loss of muscular elasticity, abrasion of carilage etc. etc. etc.) whose effects are so minimal, we don't even realize them until they show visible or tangible results.