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  1. game

    Herdazian 1 @Scion of the Mists @MistCLOAKed Mountains @Truthless of Shinovar
  2. I agree. Someone once talked to me about this really awesome book they read and wanted to recommend and it took like 20 minutes for me to understand that they were talking about Mistborn some of the German translations sound so bad. Anyway I'm really looking forward to Stuttgart.
  3. game

    Sadees is a red agent. Red teams clue is Hearthstone 1
  4. game

    ok. =) officer 2 @MistCLOAKed Mountains @Truthless of Shinovar @Scion of the Mists
  5. game

    sorry sorry! I didn't have much time for looking at things. so I'm going to do that now. clue will come shortly. I didn't expect things to move on so fast. the last time it took a good bit longer to gather players, etc. ok clue is Math 2 @MistCLOAKed Mountains @Truthless of Shinovar @Scion of the Mists
  6. game

    Hi. Yeah I can be spymaster if no one else wants to. I'm open for any theme
  7. game

    I agree with Well of Ascention. Not too sure about the second one, but Half-Shards is as good a guess as any of mine. Also sorry for the long absence. RL got in the way.
  8. game

    no i would say pass
  9. game

    I agree with Old Magic @Scion of the Mists
  10. game

    I agree Pass
  11. game

    I'd say Calmseer, Leshwi and Beldre since they are the only female characters on there. =)
  12. game

    Oh i mean skeletal of course silly me. so Forgery and skeletal
  13. game

    Sorry I was really busy the last couple of days. I'd say Forgery seems pretty logical. Other than that Bloodsealing uses stamps on the skeletals and Dominion is one of the shards responsible for the magic of Forgery. I'd say Forgery and Bloodsealing, but what do you think @Ashertliden?
  14. game

    looks good
  15. Aaaaaand I lost again! Darn I had such a streak!