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  1. Thanks for the help! I've passed this on to my friend, and hopefully it will help her out.
  2. Callsign: Peregrine If we're going with the whole initial thing, it would have to be Callsign: Kite. (The bird, not the toy)
  3. My friend is working on a story and is having trouble working out something with one of the characters. The way the story works, the character needs to end up in Greece (or at least somewhere that used to be part of Ancient Greece). The character is currently planned to be American. My friend and I have both tried to figure out how a generally unmotivated college student ends up in Greece, but we're both coming up empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. OB (and general SA) Spoilers:
  5. A man and his wife were walking down the street one day in the Soviet Union. It was either raining or snowing, and the two were debating over which it was. The man said it was rain, while his wife insisted it was snow. They saw a soldier standing at the corner and decided to ask him. The soldier, whose name was Rudolph, replied that it was raining. As the man and his wife walked away, the wife said that she still thought it was snowing. The man replied, "Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear." (It's a little out of season and I did get it from the Internet)
  6. They aren't "raisin" the Allomantic powers of the people giving the spikes their charge...
  7. I just started a thread where this discussion of oatmeal raisin cookies can continue.
  8. Since people have started discussing oatmeal raisin cookies on my introductory thread, I figured I'd go ahead and move the discussion here, as this seems like a better place for it.
  9. Okay. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. I'm not sure if any part (or all) of this theory has been posted before, so sorry if it has. It seems almost certain that, based on Bands of Mourning, Kelsier has a new Physical form. (BoM Epilogue) In Oathbringer, the Fused gain Physical form by bonding with Singers during the Everstorm. I think it likely that something similar is going on with Kell and his Physical form, except instead of the Everstorm, Hemalurgy is used. (Ibid.) My friend and I recently noticed this WoB: I realize that a RAFO could just mean that Brandon doesn't want to say either way just yet, but there is the potential (as far as I am aware) that Spook could still be around. (Mistborn: Secret History Epilogue) It seems that Kelsier enlisted Spook in his quest to get a new Physical form. If so, it could be that the "new string", at least at times, could be Spook. My friend and I are still working out some parts of this theory, so if anyone wants to add something that refines, supports, or even contradicts this theory, please do.
  11. I've been fooled by oatmeal raisin too many times to trust them. Also, I've poked around the Shard for a while before joining, so I know better than to accept cookies from strangers. Of course, I'd think that much is just common sense.
  12. Oh, sorry, I don't like oatmeal raisin cookies. Thanks, though.
  13. Ooh thanks! Is it oatmeal raisin?
  14. Thank you, and I'd have to say that my favorite book is a hard choice. Rithmatist was my first, Mistborn was my first Cosmere, and all of Stormlight Archive was amazing. It's impossible to choose.
  15. I just joined and figured this is as good a place as any for my first post.