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  1. I’m looking for good stormlight quotes to write on a wall. Ideas?
  2. Of the three viewpoints in Warbreaker, which did you like the most?
  3. From the album Lady Valette Renoux

    A drawing of Vin as Valette. It’s not a great drawing, yet I was on a bus when I drew it, so the standards are low.
  4. No matter the hermalurgic properties, I must decline due to being allergic to a main cookie ingrediant. Otherwise, thank you for the book suggestions.
  5. Hello. I’m relatively new to Brandon Sanderson’s books. Just this past week I read the Mistborn Trilogy, and that’s all I’ve read so far. Anyway, since I’ve just finished those books I’m unsure where to head next. Any ideas? (I also have no clue how to use this website, but that’s unrelated)