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    To me, the word 'unlimited' in the WoB implies that 1) The total amount of Voidlight accessible is infinite, and 2) The rate at which Voidlight can be used is infinite. Since the WoB says that it is not unlimited, one or both of these is not true. Since the Fused are probably directly connected to Odium, the total amount of Voidlight accessible is practically infinite (any Investiture they use goes directly back to their source, like with Allomancy and Preservation). This would mean that the rate at which they use it is limited. This provides for contrast in limitations between the Fused and KR. The Fused have unlimited Voidlight, but limited rates of use, while the KR have unlimited rate of use (however many Lashings Kaladin wants, for example), but limited amounts (how many spheres are around). Ignoring the special cases of highstorms and Dalinar being epic, this would explain the differences in ability to accelerate and stay aloft we see in OB. Regarding the Larkin's absorption of Voidlight killing a Fused, I don't exactly remember how that scene goes, but I'd guess that the Fused require a certain constant amount of Voidlight to possess a singer body, and the Larkin's rate of drain was greater than the rate of supply, removing all Voidlight long enough to kill it.
  2. I'm fond of 'Storming Colors' personally.
  3. I'd like to be a double bronze Twinborn, with at least the third Heightening. Awakening is the most beautiful of the systems, in that it literally causes you to see the beauty in everything. As for double bronze, I have insomnia, so being able to sleep or not as I choose would be fantastic. Plus there's the synergy as far as sensing magic use. It seems to me that holding Breaths allows you to sense innate Investiture (which is what Breath seems to be), while Allomantic Bronze allows you to sense kinetic Investiture.
  4. Reportedly, all shards, if they happened to be on Scadrial, would be blind to metal. Since this would imply that (as has been stated by others on this forum) the various planets in the Cosmere have various focuses that affect the interaction of a Shard with that planet, I conclude the following: I postulate that all shards, if they happened to be on Scadrial, would have the potential to take a physical aspect in the form of a "god-metal". The effect of burning a god-metal (based upon the two we know of) is to increase the spiritual connection of the burner to the shard whose metal it is, with some interesting side effects. My question is this... If a given shard we know of was on Scadrial, what effects would burning its god-metal produce? Known Shards- metal-effect Preservation- Lerasium- increased ability to use Allomancy, grants mistborn status. Ruin- Atium- increased ability to ruin effectively, limited ability to see and interact with future Speculative: Devotion- Aonaium?- increased power/efficiency of aons drawn, grants Elantrian status Dominion- Skaium?-? Honor- Tanavastium?- increased Surgebinding efficiency, possibly grant all Surges Odium- Rayseum?- increased Voidbinding efficiency, grant all anti-surges (whatever they happen to be) Cultivation- Anyone know cultivation's shardholder?- Increased ability to farm? Endowment- Austreum?- Increased heightening from what ever Breaths you hold? And now we get to the really fun speculation, what happens if you create alloys of the god-metals with each other? Atium+Austreum-Increased heightening, and rip the Breath out of anyone around you? Tanavastium+Rayseum-Universe Implodes? Austreum and Cultivationum should create some really nice effects, the Shardic Intents seem to match up well. Theorize! (I'll put anything interesting up here)