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  1. plot

    "Is it just me, or is this just a really long hallway?"
  2. plot

    Heather followed, wishing she could see like a normal person.
  3. plot

    "...Good." Heather gave a confused look and turned toward Xino and Star. "So...Can we get this started?"
  4. plot

    "Ember? You good?"
  5. plot

    Heather watched quietly, shoving down the envy.
  6. plot

  7. plot

    Heather followed Star, passing Ember. "I'm sorry." Her voice refused to go louder than a whisper.
  8. plot

    "I could come, if you want me too."
  9. I…don’t know what to say honestly. No amounts of appreciation and agreement can fit inside words. I am speechless, in a good way. Love you so much Shard of Thought! (Wow. That was really cheesy.)
  10. "Hi, do I still exist?" Ruin said.
  11. Hi, could someone explain?
  12. plot

    “Yeah…I guess.”
  13. plot

    “I understand.” Heather stood up giving a weak smile.
  14. plot

    Heather shook her head. Stupid, so stupid… She thought.