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    I like Overwatch, Portal, Undertale, and The Hunger Games. I also enjoy reading, (Obviously, why else would I be here?) with Oathbringer and Hero of Ages being my two favorite Cosmere books. Nightblood, Szeth, Ruin, and Odium would be my favorite characters.

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  1. ButtPissyJerkFace.
  2. Why? Why can’t I win for once?
  3. How and why? He was once again sent to Azkaban, where he died. Alone.
  4. Wat da frick?
  5. So he was sent to Azkaban.
  6. And he only spoke about stuff important to the plot.
  7. BoS didn’t care.
  8. But he was allergic to schokolade.
  9. The scout came forward, and explained how much easier it was to cut long people’s hair, and they had recruited roughly a thousand short hair people.
  10. And he said boop every time she got poked.
  11. spy thriller

    Sorry, didn’t see your post on the PM after, sorry!
  12. spy thriller

    Okay then! I already added you to the PM, so you can leave or stay if you want to watch. Of course, I only have like, five people.
  13. Granted. But you overdosed on Advil. I wish that my plot in my RP was good.
  14. Granted, your grades are now all Fs, so your parents punish you. Harshly. I wish that my RP would be successful.
  15. And the Green Beans were radioactive.