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    I like Overwatch, 1984, Animal Farm, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, and The Hunger Games. I also enjoy reading, (Obviously, why else would I be here?) with Oathbringer and Hero of Ages being my two favorite Cosmere books. Nightblood, Szeth, Ruin, and Odium would be my favorite characters.

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    What the hell were you thinking? A voice in the back of her mind said. Those wine bottles were your only ticket to oblivion! Heather looked around in shock, searching for an unbroken bottle of wine. She found a bottle of Horneater wine, with only the top broken off. She downed it, not minding when the jagged pieces slicing her lips. Blood mixed with wine, but the Inquisitor didn't mind. She laid back, letting the drunkenness consume her. Blood poured down her lips and chin, making her kind of like a vampire with spikes protruding through its's eyes. Bliss...
  7. @xinoehp512 We need you on CBST.
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    @xinoehp512 @xinoehp512 @xinoehp512 @xinoehp512 @xinoehp512 @xinoehp512
  9. @xinoehp512 We need you on CBST. Like always. *Sigh*
  10. Thank you!
  11. O...Kay. Apparently I can write depth into my characters and not even realize it.
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  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHADOW! I wish for you all the happiness that Heather will never have! Image result for dark happy birthday gif

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      birthday, BoS!

      (There, now Shard o' Thought's isn't the worst formatted post here :P)

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      Happy birthday, BoS!

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      THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

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