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  1. Granted, but you flunk all your future classes. I wish for discrimination to stop.
  2. Granted, they don’t marry other As, and they only marry the future Fs. I wish for racism to stop.
  3. Granted, but now you don’t have any summer vacation. I wish for a new German teacher.
  4. Granted, but you fail your next English class. I wish for my school to start teaching German.
  5. Granted, but it wears out really quickly. (In .09 seconds) I WISH FOR THIS THREAD TO END! (Not really)
  6. Granted. You get a nice three piece suit. I wish for Depeche Mode to make more good music.
  7. Granted, but it super fast, and your always unable to catch it. I wish for a Raven named Poe.
  8. Granted, but someone gets Ruin’s powers. I wish for a snake.
  9. Granted, but you become illiterate. I wish to die alone.
  10. Granted, but its super expensive. I wish to understand Edgar Allan Poe.
  11. Granted, but you can’t play it anymore. I wish for Nirvana to come back.
  12. Granted, but it’s filled with maggots instead of peanut butter. I wish for my boon to be my bane.
  13. Granted. But your username changes to ButtFaceIdiot. I wish to be able to wish about depressing stuff.
  14. Granted, but they were the cheap kind. I wish too watch Forrest Gump.
  15. Granted, but you get K.O.’ed by Sheik. I wish for death.