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  1. plot

    “Didn’t realize this gin was laced with LSD. Oh well.” She said looking at the empty bottle. And then throwing it with the rest. “What took so long?”
  2. plot

    Heather didn’t respond.
  3. plot

    “I don’t…care.”
  4. plot

    “Sure you are.” BoS downed the rest of the bottle.
  5. plot

    “Then why don’t you go and talk to Mr. Silence about that?” She said sardonically. She popped open a bottle of gin and took a big swig.
  6. School started tomorrow for BoS.
  7. plot

    “Then what are you doing here?” Her voice still aggressive.
  8. first verse

    Entropy was frustrated. Probably because Archer’s posts tended to be too long and complicated, so all she took from it was that it looked like she had thrown the knife. Anyways, back to the story. Entropy decided to roll with it. “I wanted them sedated.” She said to the Captain. Captain…Viseoul? I think…? “And they are extremely tricky. But make sure that the stab victim is taken care of.” He nodded. “And Captain, make sure they are all sedated properly.” He gave his final nod, and told his men what to do. Entropy left the tent, really wanting more sleep.
  9. plot

  10. plot

    “Go away.” Heather sobbed. BoS looked skeptical. “Do you work for Silence?”
  11. plot

    “Who the hell are you?” BoS asked angrily. “Nothing…” Heather replied not bothering to look up from her pillow.
  12. plot

  13. first verse

    Victoria sighed. “I’ve decided to keep that to myself,” she said curtly. “As for leaving, I really don’t want…to force you two out. I ask again, can you please leave.”
  14. first verse

    “You’ll understand soon enough. Anyways, if you and Truth leave, we won’t have to…Make a mess of things.”