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  1. plot

    Heather slowly stopped crying, then fell asleep.
  2. plot

    “Ember…” Heather whispered. “I am so sorry.” The sobbing started up again.
  3. plot

    “Sure.” She whispered.
  4. plot

    Heather sat up, facing away from Ember, but turned around slightly to grab the jar. She undid the lid and lifted up her bloody and tattered tank top, rubbing the gel around her spikes. Her eye spikes were last. When she was done, she laid back down and stared at the ceiling with her spikes.
  5. plot

    “Go…” She croaked. “You can’t help.”
  6. plot

    “WELL THATS IMPOSSIBLE.” The Inquisitor yelled. The lines between physical and emotional suffering were blurred. She just…hurt.
  7. plot

    Heather didn’t make a move for it.
  8. plot

    That made Heather sob harder.
  9. plot

    “No…” She moaned, moving to face away from Ember.
  10. plot

    But Heather kept sobbing, unable to make any cohesive words.
  11. plot

    Heather slowly regained consciousness, and started to panic, but then she realized there was no pain…and Ember was there. And she began to sob.
  12. plot

  13. plot

    @xinoehp512 or @Jaywalk Suddenly, Heather was hit with a wrecking ball of pain. She gasped and sat back, and felt as the water from the shower were like ice cold knives being driven into her wounds. The Inquisitor began to panic, driving up her heart rate and making the blood ooze out faster. But this moment did not last long, as she slowly began to lose consciousness. Oh…my god, I’m…dying… And she finally blacked out. @xinoehp512 and @Jaywalk
  14. plot

  15. “Looks like I’ll need a new Therapist.” BoS said with a sigh.