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  1. Well, for teleportation, I think that it is way to common, but again, when I made the teleportation disc, I didn't realize how common a power that was.
  2. When I made Walker, I was actually just making a character that I thought would be good, and I thought, until today, that he was the only steel compounder. I just think that someone with teleportation isn't a problem.
  3. I could be, I guess. Sure. I'm now a Liebrarian, I guess. Cool.
  4. I would like to coin the term Hellbent Syndrome. Yes, Ark is fine with this, I have asked him. It is the position where someone's character starts reasonable, but then continues to become more extreme and just continues becoming more powerful, until nobody can stop them, except Voidus. It happens when new members, or old members, do not fully understand power limits, and/or they propose it and nobody tells them that it is to powerful. This is what I personally feel should not be allowed. I agree with most of what Fox said, but I don't agree with the part about shardblades and Sci Fi tech being subject to community approval. That means that if you have a new character, who is a radiant, you need to ask the entire community if you can have a character. The same thing for Sci-Fi tech. If your a space marine, chances are your going to have a hellgun. If your a pilot from SKyward, your probably going to have a ship. Side thing, if you have a powerful character, they shouldn't be very skilled. I mean, having a skilled character is probably harder than having a bad fighter, but strong, character because, speaking from experience, it is really hard to fight with a combat skilled fighter, because you have to actually think up skilled responses. So, you can have a fairly physically powerful character, but they wouldn't be good fighters. So, I get why everybody being able to go anywhere is annoying, but that doesn't mean that we have to get rid of it. We could limit it, but not make it unallowed. That just blocks a whole sphere of powers, and abilities, and practically, how are you going to stop elantrians from teleporting?
  5. What about the people who have a lot of investiture, but aren't actually good fighters? Like, Dusk. That just seems a little god-moddy, and not very nice. Maybe some form a physical, not metaphysical disaster could occur, that more powerful characters could wait out until the power level rises again.
  6. So, we're planning in here, right?
  7. Zack took off, and moved to intercept the plane. He wished that Eagles were a bit faster. He should get to buying/acquiring an ultimate.
  8. ish..................................................................
  9. Ish.............................................
  10. What guilds did you apply for, that were making fun of each other?
  11. Just saying this: The current power level limits are okay, but they need to be enforced more. On paper it works, but in practice it doesn't. We do need to make sure that people aren't way to overpowered when they start, but we also need to make sure that they don't become gods. Hellbent is the perfect example of going to far. It was, 'oh I can do double chromium, nice', to 'oh a lightweaver, that's not to much' to, 'a cognitive shadow that can possess bodies, and keeps all former investiture, okay' to finally, 'let's make him an elantrian with an infinite stream of division surge, and immune to essence spike, on top of everything else!' What I'm saying is, we don't need to lower power limits, we need to make sure that character don't develop into gods. After the character is made, it is kind of that you can do whatever the heck you want, and nobody will challenge you. If someone is making an incredibly overpowered character, their weaknesses need to increase with it. Another thing that Hellbent shows us how not to do. Not only did he remove his initial weakness, of being physically weak without stormlight, it wasn't replaced! So know we have an incredibly powerful godlike entity, with no weakness. This is exactly what we should not be allowing.
  12. Clyde is the child who spends most fo his time sleeping, but when he wakes up is really loud.
  13. Can't we all be friends?