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  1. wedding

  2. I think it's more like, they still have to be approved in the way that they don't have any remarkably game breaking powers or abilities, and that they aren't like Clyde's crazy birdman character.
  3. No, he's noncombative, and unless that rule was changed in my absence, that means that he's good.
  4. I honestly didn’t think this would need to go anywhere and thought that you just weren’t thinking through the actual weaknesses. I intended these to be major limiting weaknesses. Like, I actually wasn’t piling up a ton of weaknesses that don’t make sense, these weaknesses are actually part of the her character. I mean, yes the Tattered One being scared of pomegranates was half for points and half utterly hilarious, but her sharing the weakness was part of her actual character design. Honestly, if I was scoring these I would but them within point range. If I need to, I could remove the scholarship skill, that was purely for flavor anyway, but I would really like you to bring it up to the moderator staff to see if they agree with me or not. If they don’t then I’d like to put it up for OP character review and vote. Thanks.
  5. I've recently been having several emotional breakdowns traced back to my depression and sense of loneliness. As in everyone I encounter ends up liking other people way more then me. I have three to four actual friends who actually seem to put me first. It's really hard to say this without seeming selfish, but it's just like... nobody seems to like me.
  6. Okay, first things first. Unless the winds are already that high, she wouldn't be able to do anything like that. It's more like, general close range wind, helping her with physical momentum. Basically, this power scales dramatically on circumstance. If she's in a hurricane then she has that power behind her, but if there's barely a breese, then all it could do was speed up her punches and kicks, or correct her knife throw. This is meant to be a minor, but interesting power. Second. I honestly think you are dramatically underscoring the weaknesses.The Tattered One's rushing into things was 10 points alone, and she has that, which I may have failed to expressly mention, but I would assume it to be clear from her mental condition. Additionally, the inability to use guns should be at least 5 points, as that is what it was when the Jackal had a similar weakness. No, I am not reusing old weaknesses, there is actually a long backstory for the Tattered One which explains trauma and why he cannot use guns. The pomegranate thing is part fractured trauma memories, part the fact that he's just utterly insane, but that doesn't truly matter. What matters is that neither of them can go within ten feet of any pomegranate, or anything made out of pomegranate. This is not a hidden fact, if you have heard of either of these people, you are aware of this. It doesn't even have to be truly pomegranate, you just have to convince that it is. May it be pomegranate juice, pomegranate paste, pure pomegranate, or any form of pomegranate. You could ward them off with a pomegranate seed. Then there's her trauma from her years as a slave, which, while still more hidden, is a significant weakness. It's hidden as in, she doesn't talk about it, and the other Dusk loyalists in the Citadel won't talk about it, but if you actually try to learn anything about them, you would discovert his. Shackles, while not her epic weakness, are an effective way to neutralize her, because she's in fact quite dangerous without her abilities. She will stay out of whip range at all costs, and if she is hit she would suffer similar effects to the shackles. Basically these weaknesses are not 'to circumstantial to be counted for points.' In fact, if these weaknesses can't be counted for points, then you should just say, 'Hey, why have weaknesses at all, let's just entirely base them on how many skill or magic points they have!' I mean, seriously, the weakness, 'Rushing into things,' and similar weaknesses, are being scored correctly to my opinion, but keep in mind that those are based entirely on how the characters are RPd. These are hard, fast, rules that I can't simply forget to rp. If someone played a character that was basically a vampire, would you not subtract points for garlic or sunlight?
  7. Butt used the thermonuclear blast to grill them.
  8. The bread creatures then sailed away on the S.S. Bread, helmed by Narrator Woodrack, the Shard of Insanity, and the Radiant Groot.
  9. They ate the police, as they had learned this skill from their time as unicorns.
  10. The bread creatures slunk away as to not be eaten again, rejoining those of them that survived.
  11. And then a thermonuke hit them.
  12. "Hot dog!" The cartoon dog yelled, running away in fear.
  13. The card are made of old people skin.
  14. Gerald the Frankenstein was about to steal human children, before the child made them play Magic the Gathering.