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  1. Ummm... the Great Gane. So, I was saying that the bleed should go in the opposite direction. If you have less power, you should be allowed to be smarter, a better fighter, or have more gear. Right now, if you have a really weak power, like say, emotional sense, you aren’t technically powerless, but you still can’t get the excess points. Get me? I was siting the fact that right now, to become a good fighter, all you have to do isn’t rp a trip to Devaan, and then you’re good. If I am misunderstanding something, tell me. Body guards are what I’m think about. The guy can’t fight on his own as he is blind and his left leg is near useless, but there are three of them. Ahhh...
  2. This makes no sense. Why would investiture be able to come into skills, but not vice versa? Skills are much much easier to increase than powers. Why would we allow someone to be able to make themselves an incredibly powerful person, with almost no skill, and then they go learn how to fight, and bam over powered.
  3. Yeah. He was. Would almost every guild in the Alleyverse not liking him count as a quantifiable weakness? If not, I have another weakness for him. Few clarifying questions: 1. Are weaknesses still required? Like, if someone is in the point range, so they don’t need a weakness for their character to be accepted, does the character still need one? 2. Is Walker all right? This is directed purely at Archer. 3. Is it a 200 point scale bringing into account skill, intelligence, powers, and gear, or is it a pair of separate scales, one for powers, and one for the other stuff? I have a suggestion: Two separate scales, one for power, one for skill(I’m going to call it a skill scale, but it includes everything that isn’t powers), with the skill one being able to bleed into the power one, but not vice versa. This helps because it allows characters who are weaker in powers to still hold their own. It doesn’t work in reverse because skill is much easier to increase than powers. I just imagine somebody with 200 power points going and training with one of Nohadon’s characters, and then getting 100 skill points to a total of 300 points. It just doesn’t work. Right now we are pretty much saying, “If you want to be able to hold your own in any form of confrontation, you need to use your power points,” or we end up with the before mentioned circumstance. 4. How are linked NPCs scored? This is in regards to Derak, Walker’s only surviving elite. I am trying to decide whether to link him to Walker in order to stop external editing, or not do so because it might make Walker OP. I also have another character planned, as sort of a shadow Devaan, and I need to know this to make sure he isn’t OP. @Archer
  4. But don't forget to read wheel of time first!
  5. Clyde is the strange child obsessed with Disco.
  6. Suddenly, Breadmunks.
  7. Dusk won't be there, for obvious reasons. Walker will though.
  8. Whenever you watch/read/hear about something you immediately think, 'would that be a good Alleyverse character?'
  9. Does Alleycity have a sideplot dedicated entirely to it?
  10. I'm not having any of my characters die for a while. There are a few characters that I'm not going to be very protective over, becuase I don't have crazy extensive long term plans for them, but most will be alive until era four, assuming there is another small time skip between era 3 and 4. By that time I will have built up a mob, and will be trimming down my character list.