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  1. era 4

    The Tattered One walked down the streets of the Alley city looking for special someone. Down one street he saw burning corpses, charred remains, scattered limbs, and guts hanging from the wall. Down the other street was a few dead bodies and a Jackal symbol painted in blood on the wall. He went down the first street calling, "Dark Phoenix! Are you there!?" @Ark1002
  2. Dusk rolled his eyes and said, “I said you were naive, not that you were foolish. And the term objects in this context does imply a lack of important, simply that they are in existence. Your obvious attempt at some form of reverse psychology is actually quite amusing, but you clearly don’t believe anything your saying. Of course, useful ideology is both useful and naive, it shows how things should be, which is why it is useful, but then their comes a point when the world cannot be what that ideology would want, but you still attempt to make it so. I cannot personally deal with all my problems, that is simply a fact. A fact that I cannot change. Sending others to do so is the best I can do, before I go off to deal with a tenth of my problems personally. That is why a chain of command exists. So that responsibility can be shared instead of horded. If one being tries to correct every mistake it problem in the world, in the things they are responsible for, it may work at a much smaller scale, when they run maybe one shop, but what happens when they get two? Four? Eight? Sixteen? How could they possibly solve every problem that befalls all of those shops? I run three seperate multi world businesses, run a city with three million citizens, that the Jackal spent a year infiltrating with crime and vice, which still hasn’t fully recovered. You would have me solve every petty theft, every murder? If three or four innocents have to suffer for three million to survive, I am willing to pay that price. I do not enjoy doing so, but I am willing to. If I have to relegate an ultra insulting squirrel to a group of amateurs to try and solve a deadly drug epidemic in my city, I am willing to do so. In addition, there is such a thing called ‘Relegation Based now Merit.’ Ever heard of it?”
  3. “You just ignored everything I said, didn’t you? Essentially, I have been doing this for a very long time, and the scale of things is much out of balance here. Your philosophy of personal responsibility doesn’t work when you deal with objects as large as what I do.”
  4. era 4

    “Well, I can’t go with you, for one I have something else I need to do, and for two, I somehow doubt that walking through a room of Leecher fields is a good idea for me,” The Tattered One said walking away, filling up on investiture on the way out.
  5. era 4

  6. “Are you kidding me? You think foremost scientists don’t make mistakes like that? Also, my only mistake was leaving security on it up to a bunch of incompetents, which has been corrected. In addition, do you seriously think running a business on Roshar right now is a good idea? I personally don’t feel like being dragged into a war with Odium. Scadrial has its own problems. As for the others, Taldian doesn’t use metal on nearly the scale I produce it, and the planets of my origin are customers. Beyond that, administering a city is not ‘easy,’ it is what takes most of my time. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on me to maintain the economy, provide clean water, build housing, import food, even the Webs, wha passes for slums in my city, equate to a standard of living equal to high class Alleycity standards, and you have the gall to say that I am not doing a good job. I said you have no idea of the scale of my responsibilities because you don’t. You are honestly naive enough to think that I am the naive one. How old are you? Did you watch the Seven Day war? The Long War? Did you participate in the Great Game as Hellbent so arrogantly called it? Have you arrived home to find your entire family and everyone you hold dear slaughtered, simply because one man decided to do so? I did.”
  7. Dusk looks at her and says, “You have no idea how large my responsibilities are, do you? I am one of the foremost scientists in the world, run one of the largest business in the world, and administrate a city. On top of that, the Alleyverse has a habit of undergoing horrible catastrophes once a year, that I have to step in to. Beyond that, there’s that Jackle copy cat running around, and Kevin, that rogue Precursor vigilante, and since I’m one step away from running the precursors, I already pay for them and provide man power, it is my responsibility to get them both caught. Unless your business spans many different cities and has a large stake in the well being of all life on this planet, then I don’t think you quite understand the scale of my responsibilities.”
  8. era 4

    The tattered one waved at the man and followed her. @Ark1002 @Grey Knight
  9. “I am Devotion.”
  10. A month later Kevin was creeping across the roof of Al Capone's compound. For some reason there were no guards. He failed to notice a pair of blood stains around the corner. He opened the vent, and slid inside. He dropped to the ground and pulled out his rifle, ready for the Tommy Gun spree that was this gangs style. Instead of a virtual army, he found a slaughter. Six dozens gangsters dead on the ground, throats slit, holes in their suits, bodies mutilated, twisted on the ground at bizarre angels. He looked around for a moment before he saw it. Capone. His head at least. Cut off at the base and nailed to the wall. Above it was the symbol. The Jackal head. Painted in blood. Capone's blood. What the rusting damnations? Sirens. Precursors. Kevin jumped down and ran out of the building, disappearing into the alleys. The girl stood on a building across the street, watching him. Capone was a traitor, one of the last traitors. The Jackal's legacy would not be forgotten. Ronix was the last. He would pay for letting the Jackal die. Her black paper mask on her face, the New Jackal flipped off the building, a swarm of black obsidian shards following her.
  11. 1. I already answered Xineo’s boon. 2. Granted, the gallon of hot chocolate appears filling your skull, replacing your brain, eyes, everything inside your mouth, and nose. If it ever all poors out, you shall die. 3. I wish that this kitten will be able to move.
  12. era 4

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  14. era 4

    @Grey Knight