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  1. all eras

    @Blessing of Potency
  2. "Ah, someone with authority. So, he has already confirmed that Waiter was Syndicate Omega, and now I just need you to agree to get em otu if I convice the senate that you had nothing to do with the church attack," Jackal said. @Sorana
  3. "There going to find some way to prove that everything I say, I at least believe is true. If I do, will you agree to get me out, without serving prison time?" Jackal said.
  4. "They haven't said no," Jackal said, "And in a situation that doesn't directly affect them, that is consent. Also, I need you, for now. So, will you get me out, if I convince them that Waiter was Syndicate Omega. Also, confirm that Waiter is Syndicate Omega." @I think I am here.
  5. all eras

    "No, just normal is good," Walker said. @JacobClaessen @Element of Chaos @Blessing of Potency
  6. all eras

    Walker shrugged, "Sounds good," @Element of Chaos @Blessing of Potency @JacobClaessen
  7. all eras

    "Hey Silas," Walker said, before going in, "Hey Mel, come on," @Blessing of Potency @Element of Chaos @JacobClaessen
  8. A dozen Special Incursion Precursors came in to make sure that The Jackal did not escape.
  9. Jackal walked out of view of the rest of the assembly turned on a hyper sonic emitter that would ring into the ears of anyone trying to listen in, causing extreme pain, and said, to Wes, "Two things. One, I need your confirmation that Waiter was in fact Syndicate Omega. Two, I need your promise that GB will get me out of this, if I convince them that Waiter was Syndicate Omega, which seems very likely to me, as doing this normally for GB would be beyond stupid." @I think I am here.
  10. all eras

    Walker showed up next to her, having changed out of his combat gear into his kevlar jacket, kevlar pants, combat boots, chainmail undershirt, black t-shirt, katana dispenser, and collapsable devastator pistols. You know, normal clothes. "Oh. They haven't let you in yet. Thel took Jackal to the senate. After he gives his testimony, therefore putting off a guild war, we take him into custody. Any ways, hello," Walker said, before kissing her, briefly. @Blessing of Potency @Element of Chaos @JacobClaessen
  11. "Alright. Do you have a place where absolutely nobody can here us?" Jackal said, seeking a private place where a pm would be better suited than a thread.
  12. Jackal walked in, with thirty Precursors pointing guns at his back, with Thel walking next to him, ready to cut his head off at the slightest hostile action. "Hello. I am the Jackal. You probably all know me. I will share who was behind the attack, but before I do, I want a private conversation with the GB rep. If you don't let me have this, you can all keep pointing fingers with circumstantial evidence. I'll let you consider," Jackal said. Thel was surprised to say the least. "What? You expect me to let you talk wit the GB rep, alone? You could try to kill him!" Thel said. "I don't have my staff on me, and their GB. They can hold their own long enough to have you come in and attack me. If he says no, you can lock me up. If he says yes, then you can probably still lock me up."