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  1. When you open a book for the first time, hear the spine crack slightly and can smell the paper and the glue.
  2. "You too." she replied and mirrored his gesture, lifted her fist. She held it in the air for a moment, and then touched it to his, the gesture carefully calculated to barely avoid causing pain. "Between the two of us, the matter should resolve itself nicely." A grin touched her lips when she allowed herself to picture the peace, the calm that would come afterwards. She could finally head out with Ben without anybody in their way, without the need to worry again about something like a kidnapping or whatever else their enemies came up next. Maybe they could go on a holiday, all of them together. They only had a short time left before the first ones would leave for college, but this year all of them would be on leave together. To the mountains maybe, so that they could climb or go trekking. It would be awesome to walk a longer trail together with everybody. "Let's go." she forced herself to concentrate on the situation at hand again. "Doc's been away for a while, but we can take a look around his office." That could even be better than to outright ask him. Doc could be complicated at times, protected what he knew about the other Radiants. For a moment her own thoughts, her plan chilled her body to the bone. Break into Doc's office and sniff through his documents, maybe even his laptop. She wouldn't have done that even a week ago, but now, now it was neccessary. And that was it. She didn't even feel guilty, knew that she should, that you didn't do it, but she didn't. Mostly she wanted to get started on the real part, the fighting. The finding out about the truth and then see where it would lead them. That was important. Everything was nothing but an inconvenience along the way.
  3. Thank you for thinking of me! Count me in! Do you have a timeline of some sorts when you plan to start and all that?
  4. "Do you think he needs help?" she changed her question and set the basket down inside of the door of the boarding house. "We could follow him, see if there is something we can do to help." Looking again into the direction where the two young men had been running she turned her head, looked down the street. It was empty, but who knew. There were stranger things in this city than two boys running in the same direction. Or being chased by something she couldn't see. But first - "I'm Temeria." she introduced herself. "And while you were passing by, if you're looking for a place to eat one day, make sure you stop by." she winked at him and pointed at the building behind him. "I took it over a little over a month ago and am still starting up."
  5. Sadly no. Morning for me TPBM finished chapter 12 of RoW.
  6. Can you elaborate a little on that? I personally would be completely fine to maybe to that one and the FB plot afterwards. I don't know about the others around here, but I'd be interested to hear what you have in mind.
  7. I'm sorry, I have to bow out. Some things happened that will keep me very busy the next weeks and I fear I won't be able to keep the deadlines.
  8. There was passion in his voice, an intensity she'd never heard before and yet if felt right, was infectious. Because finally, finally someone understood. Finally someone had the courage to accept that they couldn't go on like they did, that they needed to follow their way and not the one someone else had carved for them. "We are." she found herself smiling at him. "Together we are unstoppable." It was a good feeling to hear him admit it loudly, to put all cards on this table, to finally start a plan. Not like James who had been cautious, who had wanted to talk to Doc and think about everything twice, thrice. This was about acting. And while she had never heard that much fire, that much passion in Rob's voice before, it stoked the one burning in her chest. Gave it something to burn with, made it burn higher and higher. "It's not only about the Voidbringers." she added, never looking away from his eyes. Because that was the second fact, the one she had tried to explain to James and Ben, the one they had appeared to hear, but not quite understand. "The problem is on both sides. If that Voidbringer was speaking the truth, then we are as much part of the problem as they are. If it's us attacking them, forcing them out of their hiding place, forcing them to attack us, then it won't be enough to take care of them." She forced herself to open her hands, her next words calmer, more careful. "If we are talking about changing the board, then we need to take a look at both sides. Find out who is lying, or rather what lies they all speak. And then -" she lifted her right hand between them, closed it again. Slowly she placed her left down below, palm facing the sky. "If we want to change the board, we need to keep both figures in sight. Black and white." "We need to ensure we hit the places that prevent a peace from happening. We need to find those who are adding more and more oil to the fire that is this conflict." A hardness crept into her face while speaking, while suggesting to turn their powers on all of them, Radiants and Voidbringers alike. Because a part of her knew that the Voidbringer had spoken the truth, at least in pieces. A conflict with only one side acting was no conflict. It was no ongoing war, no year-long battle. If only one side acted it could be a crusade, a short and bloddy wiping out of whoever the agressors decided to fight. But this wasn't what they were dealing with. This was a war and there were no innocents in a war. So in order to change the board, they needed to make sure this board stopped existing. She had to fight, because nobody else would do it. They had to fight to prevent the others from doing it. They needed them, needed them to build up something new on the ashes. They needed their caution, their compassion for the time after. But when it came to destruction, when it came to wiping the board clean and creating a chance to start anew there was nobody better suited for this task than Shana herself. And with Rob at her back, the two of them fighting together-. Unstoppable. "Or to stay with your picture." She let her right hand move down on her left, opened it, immitating a shockwave spreading out. "We need to make sure we hit the right ones." @I think I am here.
  9. "It is." she replied and nodded. His stance was defensive and she considered to comment on it, to say something to make him more at ease but the words got stuck in her mouth. This wasn't the Rob she had trained with, the one who had thrown her into the pool of molten stone. She followed him deeper into the backyard, relaxing a little at the quietness of the air around them. It was afternoon, early evening, whatever you called this time of the day and she turned her head away from him, instead looked over the area around them. The pool, with its even surface. The stones in their silent pattern on the ground, the trees and plants. It was her home. "A cycle." she repeated his words and then nodded again. "It is one, I suppose." And he was right. An endless cycle never to be broken, never to be stopped. Frustrated she balled her hands. "Don't you think that there is anything that we can do?" she added, heard how her voice shook, her shoulders tense. "I don't want to go on like this. Fight, die, new roommate, fight, again. And again. And again." Her face twisted and she took another step, a quick, harsh one, then turned to face him. "There won't be peace, don't you think? No matter what this Voidbringer claimed, there won't be peace. Because they aren't looking for peace. He only claimed it, so that we, so that I, had to step back, but there won't be a longterm solution, nothing we can work with, nothing we can do to change this mess." "Because you're right. It's a cycle. An endless cycle full of pain and fighting and more pain and more fighting and another attack and another attack. The teacher, she wasn't looking for peace either. No one is. They all do nothing but see the enemy, but wish, aim for another fight. Because it makes you feel alive. It makes you feel good when you can claim that you fight for the right thing, for the good thing. Why else would some other place actively hunt them? Why else would they actively hunt us?" Breathing heavily she fell silent, her palms hurting where her nails bit into her flesh. "So we need to break it. Change the board. Do something that disturbs all of it in a way that nobody will even want to fight anymore."
  10. I close my eyes for a moment, do nothing but rely on my ears. There, the soft sound of a branch being split in half, of leaves being crushed beneath some weight. I nearly stop breathing when I hear the sounds coming closer, force myself to keep my eyes closed and to do nothing but listen. Listen. My fingers close tightly around the wooden shaft of my spear, sweat running down my neck. I'm hungry. The thought crosses my mind like a lightning bolt, fast and quick, jolting me out of my concentration. I open my eyes, immediatly get distracted by the wood, the leaves moving in the gentle wind, the bird staring at me from a tree over. Nearly hastily I close my eyes again, try to find the sound again, the soft steps. There. Moving to my left. I turn, slowly, open my eyes again but this time I force myself to focus on the sound. Carefully I take a step, try to move as quiet as possible. Then another one, edging towards the sound. I hold my breath when I finally see it, an animal unlike any I ever saw before. It's large, far too large to be hunted with nothing more than a spear, but a spear it is. It's not like I have another choice. My stomach rumbles slightly at the sight of it, at the prospect of food, of something to make my hands stop shaking. And yet I hesitate, unsure how to do this, how to kill. How to lift the spear and throw it? Or maybe stab? It turns its head and stares at me and I throw. I don't know why I hit, or why I even tried, if it was too slow, or if I simply got lucky. But my spear sticks out of its side and it screams, a painful scream that immediatly makes me wish I hadn't done it, I hadn't tried. I could have run away, tried to steal food elsewhere, but this, this is worse, so incredibly worse. And yet I run after it when it finally moves tries to run away, without caring for noise or anything else I run after it, I run and run, my eyes set on the spear, on my only chance to defend myself, to do anything else but die. It's dark when it finally stumbles to the ground, when I pull my spear free and plunge it down again and again and again, until it finally stops moving, warm, red blood running over my hands and cloths. I don't have a knife so I use the tip of my spear to rip some meat out, try to avoid the stench of the pierced intestines, try not to gag at the sight of its lifeless eyes. Instead I stuff the meat into my mouth, force my self to chew and swallow, only to stumble to the side and to vomit on the ground. A slight buzz announces a nearby camera and I somehow I know that all of them will look at me, will see me vomiting after for the first time in - were it days? Hours? I can't even say. And yet I can't bring myself to care again, instead I wipe my mouth, wish for some water to clear it out, and try again, smaller bites this time, trying to ignore the metallic taste on my tongue. It's food. And I will die without it. But then there is no guarantee that I will survive anyway.
  11. I will join as M-Bot. Just had a nice idea how I might structure my entries.
  12. I'm in. I'm not sure yet which character though, I'll add that once I made my mind up.
  13. We could do another round with all characters, not only cosmere ones. And thank you so much, whoever voted for me! I really liked your entry @DramaQueen and to write something without having read the novel must have been incredibly hard! Good job!
  14. Voidus and at least two others are also working on the main plot. Maybe he can offer a short update on their progress. I feel as if having one thread with some plot would help a lot activity wise. @Voidus