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  1. "It doesn't suit you." You agree and take off the white shirt your are wearing. "And it shows stains in an awful way." Frowning you place the shirt on the table and accept your cloths from Taron. While you start to close the buttons you find yourself watching him, consider to get a set of dark cloths for him and then force yourself to go on. "But that is the reason why they are white. Easy to see if they were washed the right way." Taron takes the cloths you used and dumps them all into a bag in one corner of the room while you continue to dress. He will take them away to be washed before you use them again. Before you slip into your own coat you walk over to the washing basin and wash your hands again. You didn't work, and you know that all handles and door are clean, but it is part of your routine and you already skipped the hand washing after leaving your lab. Be it neccessary or not, you have to wash them. You always wash your hands once you are completely done here, dry them and then dunk them into alcohol and dry them again. And then, finally, a last stop in front of the mirror, to see if everything is sitting the right way. You move your belt buckle a finger to the left, your eyes looking for Sloane in the mirror. It's easier like that, when you can see him, but at the same time don't have to meet his eyes directly and you find yourself speaking. "What did you mean, by it's not your body? Was it altered in any other way as well?" @I think I am here.
  2. Frowning Sagitta slouched her shoulders, and then straightened again. It felt wrong. A curved back made you slow, and she needed to be fast, ready. Someone would attack her, and soon. Realizing the fault in her own thoughts she gave a slight nod and forced herself to loosen her tight muscles. "I'm not a spy." She hissed back, although, maybe she was? She was here, she didn't even know why. It had felt like a good idea but right here and now, it just seemed stupid. "I'm just a foreigner and I'm travelling." It sounded weak, too weak for her liking, but in the end, there was nothing she could do. She had no idea how to do all of this bleding in part, the being harmless part. She only lived because she wasn't harmless, because she was strong, stronger than everybody else. Because people prefered to avoid a fight, instead of risking to loose it. Her hand opened and closed unconciously, as if opening and closing around the handle of a sword. "There should be a waterhold on the western side of the settlement." Switching topics she tried to turn her horse, frowned when it didn't move and tried again. Her mare snorted, as if amused by her skills, but started to trott along a narrow path leading around the different buildings. They had formed some kind of pact these past days, or maybe weeks. The mare would do what Sagitta wanted her to do - sometimes. "How do you know they stole the buildings?" She asked with honest curiosity. It was normal, when you discovered an abandoned building nobody claimed, you used it. But stealing - stealing sounded as if they had taken them by force, as if they had erased what had been here before.
  3. "That, and we need to find these people." Leila tossed one of her scrolls over to him. "They are targetting the next god, I would like to stop them from doing that, and if we can find out some more information, that would be helpful as well." Pensively she looked over at Ku for a moment. "An attack on our part would also give Ku's agents a good chance to replace some of those belonging to the group. We attack them, we stop them, we capture one for questioning and during all of this Ku's agents do their work. If they behave a little differently at first, nobody will notice, thinking it might be due to the attack and that they are simply a little rattled." Looking around she met each god's eyes. "What do you think?" @bees? @EXPERIENCE @kenod @Nathrangking
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Character is aprroved. Character is approved. Please tell me if, you need a detailed rating, then I will add it. Basically you need to spend points on the 2nd idea Skybreaker, the aviar (I suppose a 'normal' one?) and the weapon skill (blowpipe) and some will be substracted for the blindness of one eye, and that he can't use the surge of division. He will end up around a little over 100.
  5. It's awesome!!! I just finished it and it was so good. I really enjoyed watching that one.
  6. Leila didn't react to Balhaan's whispered words, although she noted them and made sure her face stayed the way it was. "Your help would be welcome." She told Caebdar and opened her book again, the thick pages smooth under her fingers. She agrees with Balhaan, but a spy and traitor, they add so much to a good story. Like salt can do wonders for a meal, they can do wonders for a story. And just like salt, you have to be careful to exactly use the right amount. "What is it, that you can do?" @bees?
  7. Sagitta squinted her eyes together against the bright sun, coughing when some dust flew into her face again and she couldn't stop herself from inhaling some. Tiska. She had asked around, wandered through this foreign country, for once thankful for the cloths and Price had given her. She didn't look like a Ta'e'iloan anymore, and while her accent hinted at someone from a different country, she used vague answers to divert them. The nomands had been cool, but none of them had tried to attack her, and she herself had tried to keep their contact to a minimum. She was a travel, and when they asked for a reason, she namened the travelling itself. It wasn't the best one, but surprisingly it was something they could understand. So far, whenever she had stopped to buy food or replenish her water supply she had found someone who spoke at least a few words of Tühine, or maybe Cahayan and when she combined that with her alrightish Tühine and her meager Cahayan they had managed to converse. It was warm around here, warmer than she had expected and certainly warmer than anyplace she was used to. The air was dry, not moist, not smelling of raind soon to be come, and the sun was hot and relentless. It suit the nomads, suit the cloths she had seen them wear and when she - Sagitta shook her head, turned her thoughts away from her captivity. She wasn't alone on the street, there were other travellers, people moving towards Tiska and even here she could see the signs of the earthquake, of the terror had passed over these people. One figure drew her eyes and she found herself steering her horse towards him. Or her. Or them. Whatever they were in real. "Tion." She greeted them, keeping her mount at some distance. "I didn't expect to meet you here." @Archer
  8. Leila inclines her head and with a short flick of her fingers dispelled the glowing circle around them. "Take care Balhaan." I don't want to loose another friend. She continued to look at him for another moment and then, changing her form back to her normal shape of a young woman, quickly turned away from him. Dread grasped her heart at the prospect to split up, at the fight awaiting them. "I will return to my other guests. See if I can help there." Come back, please. She walked out of the room, lifted her hand in a silent goodbye. They would do what they had to do. They always had and there was no reason why they should stop now. When she returned, those she had left behind were still there and she sat down in an armchair again. "Excuse me." She apologized mostly because it was polite. "What did I miss, did you decide on any next steps?" @EXPERIENCE @bees? @kenod
  9. ================= His word's are intense, with a little bit of anger hidden beneath them and she gently nudges him to take more, knows that the feeling of her power is soothing and calming him, just as she can pull strength from his. Only when he is finished does she slowly dipp her chin forward, inclines her head in acceptance when she reaches out for his blessing, draws it into her core. A shivver runs through her body and soul when she feels his power deep within her, so different and yet so similar to her own. They are like characters in the same story, created to appeal to different kind of readers, and yet share a chapter, even a whole arch nonetheless. Straightening again she lifts a hand, reaches out into the air next to them and a quill with a long, red feather appears over her palm, hovering in the air. "It's a key." She says in the same serious tone he uses. "If needed, it will lead you to a nexus larger than this one, to a place whose location was forgotten, but that is part of history and fiction alike. Just like the Battle of Kadesh or the city lost beneath the ocean. Humanity no longer has access to this library, but I preserved it, moved it a little to protect it from fire and destruction." She is strongest there, at a place that is part of literature, central piece of so many tales, that inspired creative minds for centuries and that, at the same time is rooted deeply in history as well. "It's my home." She tells him instead, pride making her eyes gleam and her voice strong, "my library, not a small place like this one, but a real library. You can wander the ailes for centuries without ever having seen all of it." Only then does she reach out and extend a hand towards his bow and quiver, gentle closes her fingers around them. She never used a bow before, normally relies on her powers to solve a conflict when it shows up. But nothing about humans killing gods is normal and unusual times call for her to change to adapt, to live up to those she usually writes about. There will be a place for her in this war, one that suits her, as the battlefield suits him. The bow is thrumming with power, the quiver light despite the amount of arrows waiting in there. "I accept your blessing and gift, Balhaan." She switches languages again, her words more than a simple thank you. "I will use them to bring honor to you and your name." The weapons vanish when she reaches out, draws in her essence, the mortal shape she uses vanishing, leaving a goddess of old, as depicted in every story and tale ever since she came to existence. "History will look kindly upon your deeds."
  10. Her stance relaxes when she feels his power dissipate at her touch and she closes her eyes for a heartbeat, feeling nothing but his strong, fierce prescence and the confidence he easily inspires in her. Contrasting her, he knows exactly what they are getting into. His magic mingles with hers easily and while his words are grave, she knows that he understands, that his impression matches hers and relief floods through her. Despite everything he is still walking forward, never giving up a fight and she takes a little of that confidence for herself, straightens her back. "I spent such a long time watching, writing, only rarely acting on my own, only in exceptional cases trying to influence the course history would take." She turns her hand around, tightens her fingers around his armored ones. "That I am now caught in the middle these events, that I know that we have to act despite the risks - " It was so different compared to when you twitched the story the people would tell afterwards, when you cast a light on the winners, or highlighted the accomplishments of the loosers. She looks at him again, notices the tiredness that hides in the lines of his face, nearly invisible, and yet there. It worries her and she finds herself studying him for a moment, trying to see if something else was amiss. Something else apart from this threat. "I'm not a fighter." She finally continues and then shakes her head at her own words. "That doesn't mean I will stay back. I want to stand by your side, I won't let you fight this war alone. It is important for all of us, important for those that are left, for those in hiding and those we rarely ever meet at all." Her tone softens a little when she looks at the books again. "Even for them who discard us as legends of old, as relicts of a time long past." Her face turns earnest and when she goes on her tone is serious. "I know that I am one of the easier ones for them to remove from this tale. So if you have some - advice how to escape capture, I would be very grateful."
  11. A smile touches her lips at his soft voice and she looks up at him, at his familiar face, her worry soothened by his existence alone. They are few left she trusts as deeply, as thoroughly as she trusts him. "Balhaan." She starts, only to stop again, weaving a quick spell around them to ensure their privacy. Like a snake the words curl in a circular shape on the ground around them, glowing in a soft, yellow. "I am worried how this might end." She finally voices a part of her thoughts, tries to get them in order, so that he can understand. "We are preparing a war against humans and I fear that most don't even stop to consider what this might lead to. Many of us exist because of humanity and human concepts. If we turn against them, we can erase them easily and completely, but if we do that - " her hands makes a sweeping gesture around her, indicating the old tomes. "We don't know what will happen in that case, how many, or even if, some of us will perish." "I know, that we have no choice, that we need to act, or we will be killed one after the other, but we need to ensure that humanity doesn't unite against us. That we don't end up the evil invaders in our own home. Times changed, information and lies alike travel fast, too fast to control, even for me. I will be honest, and I can only ask you to not hold my words against me. I don't trust everybody we assembled, partially because I know close to nothing about them and their previous actions," a frown crossed her face at these dark spots, where usually history was written for her to take a look at, "and yes, that irks me, but also because I know that it is in some of their natures, that it might not even be bad will, but simply the way things are." Reaching out for him, she gently placed a hand on his arm, looked into his eyes. "Let's be careful and consider our steps. Question ideas and try to keep the damage we cause to a minimum. Let's not destroy this world, or a whole civilization."
  12. Leila raised an eyebrow and then left the scroll hanging in front of Ku's face and turned towards Balhaan. "Give us a short moment, please. The scroll is all yours and if someone else would like to have a copy," she snapped a finger and it duplicated itself, "feel free to take one for yourself." Her fingers made another small gesture when she set wards up around the room, made sure she could have an eye on her guests. She doubted any of them was interested enough in poetry to steal one of her books, but you never knew. Better she took some precautions. Walking over to the door she gestured towards Balhaan to come with her and stepped into the hallway. The next room was significantly smaller, containing a selection of old tomes, waiting to be slipped out of their places on the shelves. She leaned against one of the rows and looked down at her hands, her calm demeanour slipping a little. Lines of worry crossed her face while she waited for him to follow her. @Nathrangking