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  1. era 3

    Mike nodded and got to his feet. "Sure!" ========= @Nohadon
  2. Amara nodded and picked up her pinnate. It was heavy, but she was used to carrying it. Carefully she climbed on his back. "Thanks for the offer." She groped at his fur, tried to get a grip to hold her on his back.
  3. "I guess." She replied and looked at the leg. Bad, but not too bad. "You're lucky. I don't think the bone was hurt and it's no large wound in general." Applying some poultice to numb the flesh around the wound she waited for a moment before stitching it together. Then she swiped the poultice away and pressed some leaves on the wound to fend of an infection, before wrapping everything. "Anybody of you knows where to go for the census? And do you know how much money we'll get?" @Chasmfiend#1 @Steel Inquisitive
  4. "Thank you, but I could have handled him on my own." Lena watched Ronix for a moment and then smiled. "Doesn't matter anymore. Want some pancakes?"
  5. "My name is Amara. Sit down, let me take a look at that leg." She rummaged through her pinnate, took out some of her supplies. "I am here for the census as well, to finish our earlier conversation." She told Jürgen. "But this city - I never expected something like this. It's huge, but then there's the poverty. I'm not sure what to make of it. Do you know your way around in the woods close by?" @Steel Inquisitive
  6. Althea quietly stepped into the chamber and looked around. Ciera gone and Wes, really Wes? Lusk and Max had left a child in charge? She kept her face neutral as she took a place in their section. If Zokora thought she should listen to this, then she probably should. She wrote a note for Wes, and sent Brashen to hand it over, then leaned back to listen. @I think I am here.
  7. Amara looked at the bears leg. The injury was real, and she wondered how she had missed that. But then animal-like creatures weren't her speciality. "If he needs help, I will se to it." She added in the direction of the guards, grateful for Jürgen's support. Hopefully they would believe, that the two of them could handle a magical bear. @Steel Inquisitive @Chasmfiend#1
  8. Althea shot a look at Hellbent and then switched to Shadesmar. She picked up the child and held it close, it was screaming, then looked up when she heard steps. Zokora. "You should read this." She handed her some sheets and Althea read through them, then sighed. "I understand." Handing the child over to her assistant she soulcast her cloths into something that didn't look like she'd just stepped out of a shower. "Look after him. Take him to my place. Find his parents." Zokora nodded and Althea elsecalled away. With a sigh Zokora left as well, to do as she had been told.
  9. era 3

    "You would?" Mike's eyes shone in delight. "Gladly."
  10. Amara swiftly stepped between the bear and the guards, smiled at them politely. "A good day to you as well." She called out to them, and hoped Jürgen would keep an eye on the bear. You never knew, and she hadn't planed to end up as fodder for some magical creature. "I think you are scaring -" She looked over her shoulder and looked at the bear for a moment. "Him. Let's all calm down." One of the guards pointed his weapon at her. "We need to know why he's here." He said a bit breathlessly. Amara lifted her hands a bit, to indicate she didn't plan to attack him or anything and turned towards the bear. "Why are you here?" @Chasmfiend#1 @Steel Inquisitive
  11. era 3

    Impressed Mike leaned forward. "That's a lot." Grinning sheepishly he admitted. "I never used a gun before. Is it difficult?"
  12. "I am." She nodded. "You as well, I guess? Why did you come here?"
  13. Amara looked over and saw a man march up to her, his eyes on the beggar in front of her. The beggar whirled around, eyed her again and then rushed off. Amara turned towards the stranger and smiled at him. "Thank you, he was looking for some drugs and would have been complicated to argue with. I'm Amara."
  14. We should check her for hidden metal reserves. If she forgot how she came here, maybe she forgot what she can do. I don't know much about Feruchemy though, what you can do, what the limits are. Did you take a look at the corpses. She's an old woman maybe the wounds could offer some clues if she could have done it.