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  2. Bree raised an eyebrow when Kleisha turned to her, wondering if the woman had asked this if if she wasn't paying her, too. Wordlessly she continued to study the other one for a moment, tried to see past the act and the strange wording. Maybe some tailoring had gone wrong, or maybe she was a bit dumb, or and giving Kleisha's reaction most likely she was very, very bright and smart. Giving Kleisha an respectful nod for having looked through the act of playing drunk she then focused completely on the other one. She was good. So good that Bree was sure, that she wouldn't have noticed something off about her act. The subtle differences between reality and act tended to elude her. It was the price she had to pay for being who she was. For being able to think without having to struggle with anger or fear or hate all the time. And Bree liked who she was. "Why don't you tell us your name?" she asked calmly, " and if you're looking for imformation for someoneelse -" she spread her hands and smiled again, this time nearly feeling it. "I'm pretty sure we might be of assistance. You seem to be rather new around here," one hand indicated the place in contrast to the Underground in general. Given the quality of her act the other one had to be experienced. "Maybe we know someone who is able to help you." And maybe that way that could learn something more about that Shadowcastle or Hellomorsels. They sounded stupid enought to be some sort of gang, although you never knew. Still, if they were spreading their influence it couldn't hurt to know about them. Nor did it hurt to learn more about the mysterious she, who seemed to be the real power behind the pawn in front of them. @Mystic Syn @Channelknight Fadran
  3. Bree set her glass down and offered Kleisha a hand in order to seal their deal. When Kleisha spoke again she didn't lower it, suspecting that this would be as obvious as looking over her shoulder. Instead she inclined her head slightly as if she was looking down at her hand, at the gesture that was supposed to occur any second. "No." She mouthed, looking her hair Fall forward to make it harter to see the movement if you weren't sitting in front of her. "I don't know them." She added in a low voice, although she suspected that he would hear her if his hearing had been altered by a professional. Making sure she added some amusement to her tone she then spoke loudly, continuing their earlier conversation. "The only ones I don't like are the houses and their police, nothing unusual to expect on that side. I'm not planning to get into a firefight soon, and if I do, I'll make sure you get an additional bonus." Winking at her she added lightly "I'm looking forward to working with you." Rolling her eyes backwards she made a questioning face, hoping that Kleisha would take the clue and watch for a reaction to find out whether he could hear them or not. It also depended on how good he was but then, it never hurt to keep your eyes open.
  4. Bree frowned. That wasn't exactly the reply she had expected. Nodding at the Barkeeper and making a slight gesture towards her drink she ordered the same one for Kleisha. Keeping silent until it was there she placed somewhere coins on the bar to pay and then turned to the other one. "Are you interested or not?" She asked openly. "If yes, I'm sure we can arrange for a fair payment. If not - then we should change the topic, empty our drinks and go on, looking for other ways to conduct Business." She lifted her glass and raised it slightly towards Kleisha. "Although I have to insist that you answer my first question." Smiling again she sat down as well, making sure her posture stayed relaxed. "Alternatively we talk for a while and postpone all decisions until later."
  5. ============ "Legit." Bree nodded and purse her lips in thought. "So how about a flexile rate?" She proposed and then shrugged. Kleisha should know how she usually made her contracts. "How do you normally handle this?" She asked and picked her drink up again to take another sip. She loved that one. It was just - perfect. And especially tonight it seemed to fit even better. "Or is this your first contact?" She added almost as an afterthought. If it was, it would change the whole board. And even more important, Kleisha hadn't answered her first question. Either she had forgotten, or she was trying to dodge it. Watching her calmly Bree decided to wait. There was no need to hire her if she felt off. The night was young and things would evolve one way or another. @Channelknight Fadran
  6. "I don't need a hitman." Bree made a dismissive handwave. "What I need is someone, who has their eyes on my back during the times that come. It's been awhile since the city has been in that much unrest." She left all smiles away and looked the woman in earnest. "Can you be discreet? I have some customers who would prefer that their names and modifications don't end on the street." She didn't really doubt this, every good Bodyguard knew how to keep their mouth shut, but then this was New Lere. It could easily be some kind of ploy. Better to ask, better not to trust too quickly. But then, you couldn't really trust anybody. "And if you are - then there are only two questions left." She placed her drink down on the bar and lifted two fingers in the air. "What's your name and price?" @Channelknight Fadran
  7. Hiring a hand. Bree considered the idea and found herself nodding. "Actually I think, I'm interested in hiring you." She wasn't quite sure, why, but having someone to fight on her side wouldn't hurt at all during these times. "What are your specialties?" she inquired and looked the woman up and down, trying to see if they were tailored in an obvious way. They weren't, but that didn't mean anything. Wondering whether she could ask her to give her an example of her skills she let the question stand in the room and decided to answer another one. There was no harm in doing that, she was well known to those that had interest in her skills, her network within the underground large and solid. The moment she started to listen around in earnest she would find out how exactly Bree earned her money. Illegally. But that wasn't exactly something rare around here. "And to answer your earlier question -" she added, ticking that one of the list of questions that had been asked, "I am quite obviously not a fighter." she turned her head a little toward the smuggler. "But as you have rightly guessed, I am definitely interested in aquiring some of your goods." Although she wasn't quite sure which favors he refered to, she didn't really care either. Tailoring people paid well enough that she could easily afford to pay for her supplies. If you were good, there wasn't any issue with money. And she was good. Better than most people would ever get. A thought crossed her mind and she looked over to the pit again, as if something there had suddenly caught her attention, if only for a moment. Another split. One that would do whatever she told it, one that would belong to her completely. It would take more than simply splitting the person, she would have to tailor the brain too. Maybe remove some parts, or maybe find some stupidly loyal person and copy that trait. The idea captured her and she mulled over it, covering her silence by taking another sip of her drink. Maybe she would need to add something else, a fail safe of some sorts. Something that would force them to return to her regularly, apart from the fact that she would hold the original body of course. Packing the idea aside she turned a little and covered the movement by lifting an arm toward the barkeep, ordering a new drink. A newcomer had placed herself close to them, was observing covertly and expertly. She was good, very good. Bree liked people who knew what they were doing, unlike the amateur who didn't even know which drink to order. That one was either the best actress Bree had ever seen, or she was attempting to walk in shoes way to big for her. Maybe she could sell her some tailoring. Something small for the start was probably best. Marking her as a potential customer she considered to grin at the one at the bar, and then discarded the thought. That wasn't how the game was played. They would approach them or they wouldn't. And if they were considering to rob her, well good thing that she was about to hire herself a fighter. @The Unknown Order @Channelknight Fadran @Rushu42 @Mystic Syn
  8. Interesing. Bree tilted her head a little to the side, suspecting, that the one in front of her had no real intention to really talk to her. Not that she cared, but - she smiled again more earnest this time. Everything before a but was a lie. She hated it, when people ignored her, especially after she made the effort to reach out to them. Wamrth spread in her gut as she realized that this was good, finally something interesting, something worth spending her time for. But for now, she kept her posture relaxed and followed the other one's eyes towards the newcomer. Obviously a newcomer. "You ordered the wrong drink." she noted and shook her head, lifting a hand with her own, bright green one. "That one is much better. Slightly sour and a little bit sweet, and you can easily smell it without having to close your eyes afterwards." Stepping towards her, she leaned herself against the bar, turning around so that she could see both of them. "But I think we're not at a point in conversation, where you talk about drinks, aren't we?" she stated and rested one ellbow on the bar. "My name's Bree." she offered her name as was custom. It was better to stick to customs and social rules. It made blending in easier. Brianna, Brianna had been incredibly good at these situations. She had been amazing with people, smiling and convincing them with a few words only. Bree still found it fascinating how much time those around her spent with nothing but politenesses, but in the end she didn't really care. As long as she got to work, so that she could finance her other Tailoring, so long she didn't care if it took some small talk to arrive at her goal. "And don't worry," she added with a wink, "I can tell you a lot about the different drinks down here."
  9. Bree took another sip of her drink, not leaving her spot. She had a very nice view over both, the crowd and the fights. Right now a small, thin guy was beating up a thick, strong looking younger man. The smaller one was obviously tailored. Narrowing her eyes in interest she tried to figure out how and what. His arms, most likely his legs, too. Pensively she pursed her lips and continued to watch, curious to see how it would end and if he'd show something fascinating. Only a few heartbeats later the thin one raised his arms in victory only to be taken down by his opponent as soon as he'd turned his back. Sighing she turned away and took another sip of her drink. The best Tailoring was useless without a brain to use them. It was time to get to business. Using her left hand to flash a signal to those looking for a tailor to sell their wares to, or to teach those that might be interested in her skills. Although especially the last group often didn't knew these. Slowly she wandered through the crowd, kept her eyes open and searched for someone to bridge some time with. Her eyes fell on a brown haired person and she nodded to herself. The posture, the cloths, her was someone who seemed to have enough in their head to warrant a conversation. "Hello." She voiced her greeting with a carefully formed smile, but didn't extend her hand. She disliked to touch strangers. "Having a nice evening?" The question was mostly to offer some start of a conversation, she would watch their reaction and then adapt her behaviour accordingly. Discreetly her left hand repeated her sign and she touched her drink to her lips, careful to keep her posture relaxed. With some luck this would be not only a lucrative, but also an interesting evening. Behind her the body of the thin man was removed from the pit and the next pair was announced. Not even the names of the fighters sounded promising. She suppressed the urge to roll her eyes and pushed the noise to the back of her attention. Later. Maybe she would take another look later. @Channelknight Fadran
  10. "Thank you." Bree shot the young man behind the bar a bright, sweet smile before she reached out for her drink. The green liquid moved in the glass when she lifted it off the counter and with a last, tiny wave to the barkeep she turned around and observed the room. It was filling slowly, with more and more people arriving every minute. She looked for someone interesting enough to venture over and start a conversation to bridge the time until some rich guy appeared - but for now nobody caught her eye. It was the usual mixture these fights attracted. The poor ones that came for the spectacle, the discreet ones whose eyes rarely left the pockets of those attending, the desperate ones who would end up in the middle of it, those that would fight for a few credits, those that would die for nothing. And then there were those like herself. Those that came because they were looking for associates, for people willing to conduct business. There was rarely a better opportunity for a few meetings. Taking a sip of her drink she suppressed a grimace at its strong, harsh taste, the alcohol bitter and fierce in her mouth. As cute as that man was - he obviously had no idea how to mix a decent drink. Looking back she let her eyes glide over his face, wondering whether he had been tailored or not. Probably. His looks were too good, too clean to be natural. And they were boring. There was no real challenge in altering the looks of a person. The eyes, yes, bones were interesting, especially if you added arms. But the skin? That was boring. Turning her attention away from him she walked through the room, looking for a nice spot to wait and observe for a while. Passing a mirror she smiled at herself, carefully corrected the way the edges of her mouth lifted. Smiling was difficult, she rarely got it really right. But she looked amazing today. The smile vanished while she studied her apperance. Sleeveless, the bright green fabric of her shirt hugged her chest and waist in just the right way, without showing too much. She was here to sell her skills, but skills and skills were too different pairs of shoes. Better to make sure nobody got the wrong impression in the first place. Getting rid of drunk individuals usually ended with dirty cloths and she absolutely hated only a few things more than washing her cloths. Especially when you had to hand wash them until the stains had been taken care of. Leaning against a wall she shifted her weight to her left leg, her dark grey, nearly black pants a nice contrast to her bright shirt and the lighter grey of her coat. Most wore a coat down here and so did she, although it wasn't exactly neccessary. Simply better to blend in and be normal. Or at least as normal as everybody else here was. The fighting area had been marked hours ago, separated from the gathering crowd bysome low fences and security personal. She scanned their faces, tried to discern if she knew some of them, then pursed her lips in disappointment. The boy Jake, Jaune, or maybe his name was Jack, was here tonight. He was a soft guy, too soft for her liking. Here it was, the one chance to watch some fun, and he always gave the combatants his "be nice to each other, don't torture, fight honestly" talk. More often than not, nobody listened, but if they did, then they were in for some boring fighting, with only a few nice screams at the end of it. Turning away from the pit she slowly moved through the room, now looking for customers earnestly. Better make use of the time until the battle begun. She had had a few ideas, she would like to try out, especially now with the rumors driving everybody crazy. It was the perfect situation to look for some profit. And she was sure, that there would be some interesting individuals down here tonight.
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  13. "I'm glad to meet you." Shana smiled at her and gestured towards the kitchen. "There's always some in the fridge." "We've got an -" She stopped herself, "a friend of ours loves making cake." That had to be enough for now. Better not to mention the whole radiant topic before she knew what Lissa knew. "Do you also go to school nearby?" She asked instead mostly to say something, wondering why she was the one getting the new people. She was way better with fighting the evil ones, than with polite conversation.
  14. "That was incredible." Shana looked over at James and shook her head. If he could do that to a door - "well at least we won't have to worry about that guy breaking it again." She shrugged and started to turn around, to leave before could start her questioning when another knock sounded through the room. "Did anybody of you leave an ad of some kind outside?" She asked and reached for her weapon before walking over. "Strays welcome - we accept any and all kinds of magic users. Cake and a bed are free." She attempted to joke, to lightenthe mood a little. Ever since Cassie had caught her snd Rob she felt weird standing around like that. As if she didn't belong anymore. Cold wrapped itself around her and she frowned, quickly turned away facing the door. How could something that was so right, feel do wrong at the same time? But she couldn't. She couldn't leave them without protecting, she had to do the hard things, to prevent them from having to them on their own. Forcing a smile on her face she opened door, holing her weapon outof sight of whoever was standing on the other side. "Hello." She offered as some kind of greeting, hoping that this guy would be nice. @HoidWasTaken