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  1. Lena hastened out again, grabbed the whole bucket with and shoved its contents at the two fighting shades, hoping to get as much of it on the attacker as possible. It would be interesting to see if her theory regarding his acid would prove right, or not. If she was right, then his acid would automatically start to dissolve the sand the moment it touched it. And maybe if they poured enough sand on him, they could force him to use it up without hurting them. @xinoehp512
  2. Lena nodded in agreement. "First the sand, then the silver? We don't have much of that left."
  3. Lena followed her and put on thick gloves and an apron. Which about the extent of cloths she could find. But there was sand. "Grab the sand." she instructed Warder. "He's got this acid covering him. So maybe if throw enough small stuff at him, that will render that useless. If he can't control it, he will use his acid up on the sand and then we can grab him. He had to replenish it, did you see how it returned after he killed the man?"
  4. Attayl flinched back at her tone and quickly got to her feet. It had been only a matter of time, until she was annoying them. Obviously she'd managed by now. It was understandable. She wouldn't have spent time with herself in their place either. "I'll meet you at the dancing hall, later?" she asked, unable to cover the hope in her voice. Maybe at least Nerin would show up. Turning to Brillin she curtisied again, just because she felt like it. She made sure to make the gesture too large, jokingly, if only because that was the only thing she had left. He'd danced with her, she'd never forget about that. It was a smal piece of her dream and she would cherish it. "I wish you a pleasant journey traveler." @ZincAboutIt @I think I am here.
  5. Are we all the same party?
  6. "We need to bury Tish. And yes, we should eat breakfast. I'm hungry as well." Lizanne started to limp back to their camp. "I think we should leave, before scavengers come by and we have to fight them. We don't know where we are, we don't know what's here apart from the eye." "What do you think?" @I think I am here. @ZincAboutIt @Blessing of Potency @kenod @Snipexe @Silva
  7. Attayl observed their banter, smiled a bit to herself. They were cute, kind of. How they tempted each other, fought with words and clever sentences. She'd never seen something like that before. Another different world. Leaning back in her chair, she looked back at Nerin, to see her reaction when he left. How she'd stared at his chest, how she behaved. Her smile widened. This was beautiful, really beautiful.
  8. main plot

    Mike paused. Then he slowly texted back. It was Bella, he had to talk to her, he had to explain that he didn't want to betray her, but that his loyalties were split. And right now... Can we meet here? I'm not sure I can head to the tavern right now. I'm responsible for some others and can't leave them alone for long. Hopefully she would understand. @Ark1002
  9. "Lisa killed Hellbent. They eye was here again, a few minutes ago. We need to decide if we stay here or leave. And we should bury Tish." Lizanne summed it up. She hadn't really talked with Jack yet, but somehow was glad he was still alive. They needed every hand they could get. Earnestly she turned back to Lisa "We'll try. Do you need something to bind the arm to your upper body?" @kenod
  10. I could offer some support.
  11. Lizanne fell silent, stared at Lisa's arm, at Renata. "But there has to be a way?" She asked, not wanting to believe that it was as easy as that. There was always a way. She hadn't given up, when she was captured, she hadn't stepped back when they hit her, when the beat her spirit out of her. She hadn't given up until she finally escaped. "There are so many people that know about investiture. Someone has to be able to get this right again?" Her voice turned almost pleading when she grabbed Renata's hand. "Anything?" @ZincAboutIt
  12. main plot

    Zokora shook her head. That was even more abstract than before. The secrets of the universe. He had to know that they couldn't provide that. In return it meant, that they weren't really willing to solve this peacefully. She turned towards the man speaking for the Diagram and made a questioning gesture, silently asking if he thought they should spend the time to go on with this farce. @Vargo Seldon
  13. Althea walked closer, observed as the three attacked Vesuvius at the same time. She made sure to have some stormlight ready to be used, but here and right now, she was unsure what she could do to help. Vesuvius was kneeling, he was attacking Max and evading the others. A thought sparked and she quietly teleported behind him, appeared again with Brashen as a halberd in her hand. He was kneeling, his back turned towards her, so she took the time to aim, moved Brashen up and then down, with all the strength the stormlight lent her body. He probably would have noticed her glowing weapon, her softly glowing body, maybe heard the steps as she approached him, but still she might have been able to surprise him a bit. @Gancho Libre
  14. main plot

    Sera hissed at the creature, wrapping herself tighter around Zokoras neck, almost strangling her. Almost. Zokora took another step back, realized, that she was to completely wrong person to deal with the spren. She had no idea what she was allowed to grant and diplomacy wasn't her strength. Althea would have known how to handle it, she always knew. And she was kind and patient, she would have discussed before rushing into a negotiation what they were willing to give, what they could give. She hadn't. She come here, waving the flag and somehow asumed that it would work out. Which it wasn't. It was a catastrophy. "What do you want to have?" she replied, hoped she could buy some time to think of something. She needed to think more, to plan and not to rush blindly into everything. She was proud of her position, but onyl now she realized how much Althea usually prepared, how often she lead her along, helped her through her notes and rules, plans and todo lists. Here and right now, she was screwed. Could she contact her? Lusk was here, but Althea would listen, she would find a solution. Wait for his reply and maybe then, she would ask for help.