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  1. main plot

    Althea nodded. She'd heard of the Scholar's Guild. Neutral and rather peaceful. Could she risk it? Her eyes rested on Max, barely able to stand without help. The last time someone had offered help it had ended with her on the ground, almost dying. "My husband is hurt." She said quietly, mostly because it would be hard to miss Max injuries. "I would be grateful if you could help him."
  2. main plot

    Mike smiled at her sleeping form and covered her with a blanket as well. She'd asked him out. Seom had asked him out. A part of him still wondered if she really meant it, or if it was born out of the situation. He supposed, he would see what happened. Quietly he stepped to the door and stood watch. ============ Althea turned to the Newcomer, her face a neutral mask. Not unfriendly, just neutral. "Hello." She greeted her. "I am Althea Tenira, Righthand and member of the Ghostblood's Triarchy." She introduced herself instead of answering her question. Max could decide for himself what he wanted to tell her. "Who are you?"
  3. main plot

    @Rushu42 "Hopefully." She replied and mirrored his gestured, held out her hand, watched the rain. The wind still tore at her cloths, and she was completely soaked by now, but there was no reason to seek shelter. She felt alive, enjoyed to hold more stormlight than she could use without having a bad concience about using it. The storm was hers. Once it was gone, she would probably freeze, but for now she was fine. "How are you?" She asked him quietly, wondered if they had to time to get him to hospital. Most likely not. If there really was an attack coming, she couldn't risk missing that as well. ===================== Mike laughed as well, and fetched a cushion and a blanket for Wes. "I'd prefer not to." He looked outside. And he would prefer to not head outside again. He knew, he had no chance to keep them back, not with the storm raging. In the end he would end up a helpless fish on the ground. Mike didn't know a lot of things about salmon, only that he waited. And waited. And one day, salmon would show him his true face. Wolf was easy to please. Squid too nice to be a serious problem. Fox scared him, but at least he knew that he had reason to be afraid of fox. Salmon though mostly kept to himself. Realizing he had been staring outside for a few minutes he forced himself to look back at Wes and Seom. @Ark's Boyfriend
  4. flamesinger theory

    She raised an eyebrow, wordlessly reminding him, that he hadn't done anything the like back in the cell. Instead he'd ignored all questions and had started whatever technical equipment he used for the hologram. "Where are we? How does this place relate to the one we come from? How can we return. Who do you report to?"
  5. first verse

    Sagitta heard him announce a break, conclude the fall testing. She hurt, slowly rolled over to her stomach and pushed herself up. Moving hurt and her head swam. She remained sitting, groaned quietly. Something wet touched her fingers and she looked at her leg. The wound had ripped oped again. Unsurprisingly. A part of her knew, that she was still watched, but the knowledge held no importance. It was simply there. She pushed up the leg of the wide trousers and removed the soaked bandage, took a look at the gash. It was bleeding, but it was better, not infected. Missing a clean bandage she rewrapped it again, pulled the cloth tight in order to staunch the bleeding. Only then did it occur to her, that she'd just barred her leg to a bunch of strangers. Blushing deeply she covered it again. Some things you did in camp with your brothers around, better stayed in camp. She cursed her head for hurting and not working properly. Strangers. Strangers, not brothers.
  6. flamesinger theory

    "I've asked you more than one question, but so far you ignored them all."
  7. flamesinger theory

    Jessy stepped into the pond, not lowering her weapon. "I'd like to have some answers." She told John coldly. @John Flamesinger
  8. flamesinger theory

    Jessy nodded. "I agree." She hefted the gun and followed John's moving form. "I'd like to have some answers now." She observed the ones he was fighting, but as he easily disposed of them with a sword, she could rip them apart any time. @John Flamesinger
  9. main plot

    Zokora gave the corresponding orders and followed Pi inside. =================== Mike nodded. "Do it?" He suggested, but his thoughts turned back to the attack Lusk had mentioned. "If we knew where they plan to attack, we could maybe prepare some trap for them."
  10. flamesinger theory

    Jessy followed Cheh and mirrored his movement.
  11. The crystal flickered, when the stone hit it, otherwise it appearen unharmed. It's roots spread deeper into the ground, but now, that most of the Voidbringer it had influenced were down, it did nothing. For a while at least. Slowly it's glow started to spread to the first human that had arrived at the scene. @whoeverelsecouldseethisandisnotunconcious @Wyndlerunner @I think I am here. @Eluvianii @AonEne @Dr. Dapper
  12. Mart stared in surprise when the Haunt's hand moved through the bear. "I know what you can do." He smiled brightly. "Go to my school and help me write my tests. They can't see you, but you could tell me the answers." =================== Lena followed Alask through the city. "Do we have the time for a quick detour?" She asked and pointed at a shield. "It's not far and I could exchange the poisons that got damaged by the storm. And maybe fetch a rain jacket."
  13. main plot

    Mike sighed and then he laughed. "So basically we'll sit here and do nothing, unless I've got an idea? Did I get this right?" @Ark's Boyfriend ======================= Althea kept her arms around him for another moment, then she stepped back from him. "It's not over. It's not gone, there are two more. And there is still Lord Ajax and his army missing." Exhausted she closed her eyes for a moment. Once this was over, they would go home. And he could hold her for a moment. Or an hour. Without anybody watching them, observing them. He'd promised that they would go home. She clung to the promise, it gave her the strength to keep going, to face this new situation. She had to. If she didn't there would be no home anymore. "Remember, when we waited for Septhis to step into the city?" She asked. Because somehow it had been the same. They had waited for something bad to happen. Had prepared, had observed, had dared the moment everything would blow up in their faces. Althea looked at the Phoenix and waited. It was all she could do right now.
  14. first verse

    Sagitta shrugged. "I have no idea how much magic I use. I simply do." She climbed the ladder and got to the top. It was high. Higher than she'd ever been and her head swam. Jumping down was a bad idea. Worse than staying here, worse than working for them. Proudly she lifted her head and let go. Her strings pulled tight while she fell and then she hit the ground. It hurt. A lot, if she was honest. She hadn't expected to really feel the impact and hadn't prepared to bend her knees to take some of the speed up, instead she ended up on the ground awkwardly trying to sort her limbs.