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  1. quest

    I think we should visit Brightweave, ask him about the idea about improving the education in the city. I think, that if we play this right, then we don't need a formal proposal and can simply do this. [X] Visit Brightweave the Creative [Charm] Additionally I would like to find out some good spots, for first lessons. Not a full school, but maybe a hall or a building. I think about maybe starting this softly, with one day per week rotating trhoug hdifferent places, like an evening school type of thing. I would like to take Hera on this trip, as in my head our priests will play a vital role in the whole project. [X] Look for possible places to be used for educational purposes in the city
  2. No. Come to the Forge, we're about to leave. It's moving at a slow pace, but we're still doing it. Please read through the ooc comments of the last few posts and give feedback to what is written in there.
  3. Snake saw the two new ones and an idea crossed her mind. Vio was strong, stronger them he himself, but with some help, it might be possible. "Please, help us to catch him! He murdered someone and we are trying to find out who was behind the murder. We want to question him, to find those responsible." Her voice broke when she had to concentrate on moving Mike's body and talking, while she tried to get a good hold on Vio. He hadn't moved away after she bit into his arm, so she was close enough that she felt confident to give it a try. @FatherTiempo @Sunbringer
  4. "I've been waiting for you to finish packing up." Althea replied and slowly waked over to where Corette was. "Did you think about a plan, an order you want us to keep while we continue exploring?" She asked the scoutleader, curious to see if Corette wanted to change something about the way they had acted to far. It had worked, but it also had ended up with a rather lax order, leading to the fact that they regularly left a few members of their group behind. If they faced another creature like the worm, this could mean a high number of losses, especially within those unable to escape quickly. @ZincAboutIt
  5. Sorry Ark, but I disagree. Yes the weapons were an extreme example, so let's make a more logical one. Let's say a hazekiller, without any investiture. Expert with swords, expert scholarship (investiture) is over 100 points, without anything else. And then that guy maybe trained as an assassin to make it more likely to kill an invested person and suddenly we have something over 150 points in skills, that are completely reasonable. If you then picture that guy as someone who knows how to deal with basic wounds, and who maybe has a special gun as a weapon and is additionally rather intelligent, then we are close to 300 points with a logical character concept, without a single point in a magical skill at all. So in short: The points in skill don't say how skilled a character can be, they are only an ooc tool. If we allow for stronger characters, then yes, these characters can have more skills that aren't based on Investiture. Honestly to me it's more the other way round. If we aren't talking about Elantrians or Fullborn, then it is difficult to have a logical character concept that uses all these points up completely. (Hemalurgy is a way, but apart from that?) We agreed in this thread to double the points and yes, that meant that we double the 100 for skills or Investiture and we double the 50 to be used for Skills only.
  6. flamesinger theory

    Jessy nodded, stood next to him to lend support to his question.
  7. Shana dove to the ground in a role, relieved that her repositioning had worked, now it depended on Edwin's reaction if the rest of her plan would work as well. The rapier grazed her shoulder and she hissed in pain when it drew blood, while Edwin missed her completely. She hoped that with her gone, his weapon would hit Nym in her place. She finished her role and got back to her feet, faced them again, blood dripping on the bare skin of her arm. A part of her brain danced happily when it realized that she was still holding her weapon in her hand, and a crazy idea crossed her mind. She had trained with Rob, why not use what she had learned while fighting him. Carefully she inhaled more stromlight, concentrated and then slicked her chest, to take the brunt of the two blows she planned to take.
  8. I have to disagree here. We decided on a 1/3 skills only // 2/3 possible Investiture for a reason and it was nowhere mentioned in this thread, that we're changing the ratio for the prequel. So I think, that we should keep it. Additionally I don't really understand, why the skill level of these people should be the same than in Era 4. The points are only an ooc tool for us to rate a character, and how skilled a character is, is influenced by them. So if we allow stronger/ more skilled people, then of course the level for the non-investiture skills has to be higher as well, or the whole thing is pointless. An example. You could easily play a character who is an expert with nearly every weapon, which you can't in Era 4.
  9. Fascinated Temeria reahed out for the glowing map in front of her. She had seen a few maps before, but it had been back on Roshar, and she tried to gauge where she was, which world the map was showing. She felt stupid, incredibly stupid when she realized that she couldn't, that she had no idea at all. The world was round and it glowed softly from the stormlight her sister had used. "Impressive." She replied without really looking away from it. "I've never seen something like this before." Wonder made her voice soft and her eyes lit up whlie she studied the glowing world in front of her. It reminded her of a fairy tale, a world where heros strived and villains fought and, there the ocean, maybe some pirates would live there, hiding , waiting for ships they could ransom. "Can you move it?" She asked fascinated and only looked away when the man approached their table again, respectfully nearly bowing in front of Aln. He asked if they had chosen, but even she could see that it was only an excuse to come over and look at the glowing wonder her sister had created. Temeria ordered dish number seven of the woman's menu only because she liked the number and she didn't want to start reading the menu now, when the waiter was already here and waiting.