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  1. No.... sorry. It might take a while, the admins are really busy at the moment.
  2. "I have a hard time being alone." Temeria admitted. "Sometimes I can handle it, most of the time I can't." Falling silent she drew a pattern on the table, considered his words. She was tempted to ask about his magic, but then decided against. If he kept occupied to avoid reflecting, then she didn't want to leave him in a position where he might feel obligated to reply to her. "Can you tell me about this world? Things I should know or be aware of?" She asked instead, because hopefully it was a topic that he was able to talk about easily. @MacThorstenson
  3. Zokora stepped out on the stage and looked around over the crowd. She noted some of those that had fought bravely during the invasion, some others Althea had sent on missions. Some she hadn't seen before. She knew, she was the wrong one to be here, it should have been Althea, but Althea had decided to go to the ACE building, see what the expedition was about. And so it was her, so she was the one pushed on the stage. "Welcome!" She addressed the crowd and looked around. "Welcome to Oasis and welcome to our annual celebration. Today we will talk about heros, we will talk about the brave souls, that fought for us. We honor those that do our work in the shadow and we will offer those that want to, a moment in the light." Smiling she looked around, watched the assembled ones. "No matter, if you receive a promotion tonight, or not, all of you do fabulous work and I am proud to belong to the same guild. We are the Ghostbloods and we have earned our place here." Too much, that last part had been too much. Why did Althea always push these tasks to her? She liked to work in the shadows, out of the shadows and stay there. "I am proud, that I am the one to welcome you tonight, and I am more than proud to have the honor to announce Mr. Itiah. He will guide you through the evening." She stepped to the side, decided that she had said enough. "And here he is. Mr. Itiah." She made sure to turn the micro off, and to remain smiling, when she turned to the man, that would take over. He could only be more comfortable in such a situation. @Sherlock Holmes @Oduim's Chmapion @kenod @Truthless of Shinovar @bees? @AonEne @I think I am here.
  4. flamesinger theory

    "What is that fog?" Jessy asked and looked at Alyssa's fingers. "Should we stay clear of it?"
  5. Wita gave Quinn a quick wave and then moved closer to Marcel. Quinn was strange, he was dangerous. And he frightened her slightly. "We should go?" She asked quietly, and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. "If we stay here for long, it will be suspicious." @Eluvianii @Hope Spren @Dr. Dapper
  6. sounds like a good idea.
  7. "I was born in the Tahanadal Princedom." Temeria answered, wanted to add something, anything. But the only thing that came to her mind, was her mother, her father. Her siblings that had left her alone. "It was beautiful there, but I don't plan to return there, if I'm honest with myself." She said finally, to cover her dark thoughts, although her eyes probably betrayed her. The blood on her hands, the fear. It was good that she was gone, that she had left all of that behind. Looking down at her hands she took a deep breath, tried to stay in control. In a way Hallandran had saved her, had forced her to change to become someone else. She had needed that change, that distance. "And yes, broken." She smiled to banish her thoughts although it felt strained and added in a forced lighter tone, "You were there longer than I was. If you substract the years I can't remember, it's even more." She smiled apologetically at him and then changed the topic. "I can't imagine to live that long. To find things to do, or places to visit. It seems lonely." @MacThorstenson
  8. first verse

    Sagitta closed her eyes and then looked down. "Why should the gods care about us? I doubt any of us is as important as Ta'e'ilo and that was ages ago. Today... there are so many people, they can't listen to all of us." She sighed, tooked some dry earth in her hand. "The wars have been going on for so long, if they wanted to stop it, they would have. I think they leave it to us to sort it out. We started the war, we have to bear the consequences." Slowly she opened her hand, let the earth fall to the ground. "And then, I'm not sure, if it would work if they acted directly. They are so diffierent, just like humanity is different." With a short smile at Price she added. "Entropy's powers are incredibly useful in battle, but I'm not sure if I want to meet the god Entropy. Somewhere after my second or third battle, I kind of lost this believe that one day, the gods will come for us, will help us out of our mess. They offer us our powers and the rest is up to us." @I think I am here. @Lunamor
  9. Laughing she shook her head. "No, I don't. This world will take some time to get used to." His grin was a nice change, suit him better than the heavy mood he was in before. She watched him pack away the contract and realized, that she had missed to check how much she had to pay for the room. Same as anything else. "When I arrived in Hallandren, it was different. Especially their lifeless scared me to death when I first saw one of them, but all in all, I could pretend, that it was nothing but a different country." She shuddered slightly when she thought back at the first days there. At her desperation, at the fear, the dry blood on her hands. "At first I wanted to do nothing but go home, I looked for ships, asked about my own country, but they never heard of it. It took me a while to figure out what had happened." A wry smile on her lips she looked outside. "This time, I knew what happened, but realized that even crossing a street is awful dangerous here. I feel like a child opening her eyes for the first time and understanding nothing. In a few days it will be different, but for now..." Standing up she walked to the window, looked at the street, at the strange carriages, and the people looking into small items, or talking into nothing with their hand close to their ear. She was silent for a while, did nothing but look, tried to see a pattern in their behaviour, when they walked, when they stopped. When they crossed the street. "Have you been to Alethkar?" She asked and turned around, sat down in front of his table again. @MacThorstenson
  10. "Nothing. Leona will do the cake I think. We should talk to her as well, Jason asked her as well." Shana sighed again. "We need a band, a location, flowers, decorations, rings, food, plates, tables, stools, candles -" She stopped when she realized her voice had risen, then continued more quietly. "We have a few hours, until the afternoon. I have no idea how to do that. I want to offer them the best day of their lifes, but it's just so much to organize."
  11. "They didn't attack me." Tiredly Shana closed her eyes, rested her head against Cassie's. "You asked for the powers to protect to fight, there is no difference here." She continued to hold on to James, wished suddenly that he would hug the two of them. That Ben was here. But as tired as he had been, Ben was most likely asleep again. "I don't want to discuss who is the worst person, to be honest. I want to help you." She paused, then added slightly stressed. "I need to organize a freaking weeking. And I don't even know what you need when you get married. Everything else, will have to wait." If she messed that up, no it wasn't an option. She had to get that one right, had to offer her friends a day they would never forgot. But still there was this quiet voice in her head, that wished that they had chosen another day. A day, when she hadn't killed not even twenty-four-hours earlier, a day without Cassie on the verge of breakdown. A day when she wouldn't have to appear wearing jeans, because she had nothing else.
  12. Shana nodded wordlessly and resumed hugging her. "You aren't the only murderer here." She whispered quietly, held on to her friend.
  13. Shana smiled at them, finally slowly stepped back from Cassie. "Are you a bit better now, a little bit at least?" She asked her, her fingers fightening around James, glad that he was here.