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  2. "I'm glad to meet you." Shana smiled at her and gestured towards the kitchen. "There's always some in the fridge." "We've got an -" She stopped herself, "a friend of ours loves making cake." That had to be enough for now. Better not to mention the whole radiant topic before she knew what Lissa knew. "Do you also go to school nearby?" She asked instead mostly to say something, wondering why she was the one getting the new people. She was way better with fighting the evil ones, than with polite conversation.
  3. "That was incredible." Shana looked over at James and shook her head. If he could do that to a door - "well at least we won't have to worry about that guy breaking it again." She shrugged and started to turn around, to leave before could start her questioning when another knock sounded through the room. "Did anybody of you leave an ad of some kind outside?" She asked and reached for her weapon before walking over. "Strays welcome - we accept any and all kinds of magic users. Cake and a bed are free." She attempted to joke, to lightenthe mood a little. Ever since Cassie had caught her snd Rob she felt weird standing around like that. As if she didn't belong anymore. Cold wrapped itself around her and she frowned, quickly turned away facing the door. How could something that was so right, feel do wrong at the same time? But she couldn't. She couldn't leave them without protecting, she had to do the hard things, to prevent them from having to them on their own. Forcing a smile on her face she opened door, holing her weapon outof sight of whoever was standing on the other side. "Hello." She offered as some kind of greeting, hoping that this guy would be nice. @HoidWasTaken
  4. Mike considered the offer, wondering what he might grab there. And as easy as that, he had a new option. Follow him, rob the office, return here and get some spikes. "Sure. " He nodded "That is a very generous offer." Forcing a smile on his face he tried to project a calmness he didn't quite feel.
  5. He was a fighter. Shana nodded curtly, relieved that Rob had shown up, too. "Sounds as if you know how to handle your weapon. "She stated, wondering whether he might use this amberite of his. "How about a match? Friendly, nothing serious. " Her eyes darted over to Rob wondering if he understood what she was aiming at. A match would allow them a closer look at his skills, making it easier to fight him. And it would quite easily show him that they weren't ones to be pushed around as well.
  6. Shana frowned at the words. Taking down a door to know what was behind it? Even Mahad didn't go to such extremes. "And who told you where to find us?" She asked while Cassie vanished for a while. "Why this house?" It could be pure chance, or another enclave had told him where to go, or he had his own ways - there were way too many possibilities to ensure he hadn't been sent here by the enemy, but at least she could try. "We've got some cake in the kitchen, if you'd like to eat something. " She offered as some way to soften her other question. James disliked it, when she was to hard with new people. @Somebody from Sel @AonEne
  7. Shana lifted her head when there was a loud noise and cursed under her breath. Well at least Cassie was rising off, saving her from an awkward reply. "Let's leave once you're ready. I'll go and see if they need my help" She told Rob and then turned around and headed towards the stairs. Despite the situation calling for urgency shewalked slowly, wishing Cassie hat never stumbled in upon them. Breaking into Doc's office. She wasn't regretting what they had done, but still, it felt wrong now that she had seen the shock on Cassie's face. With a sigh she walked downstairs, wondering who else would know by now how many betrayed faces she would have to look into. To her surprise the reply was none. A new guy had crushed their front door and she heard another voice she couldn't place. New people. Well that was most certainly better than a trial for her decisions. She joined Edwin standing a little aside, with an umbrella - she raised an eyebrow but didn't ask, instead leaned her weapon, bladed staff, close to her against a wall. "Hello. " She greeted the new guy. "I'm Shana. And honestly, I have no idea what amberite is supposed to be, or what it can do. " She shrugged slightly, hoping to take the edge of her words. He wasn't the first one to walk in with some strange kind of power. But he was the first one to do so while destroying their door. You never knew. Maybe the Voidbringers had found a new way to get to them without using their own hands. So for now she would be careful until she knew more about him. Trust a stranger to easily and you ended up nothing but a pile of blood and bones on the ground. @Somebody from Sel
  8. Where he lived. Mike lowered his eyes and then sighed. The man wouldn't relent he knew that by now. Better to follow along, and then maybe - it couldn't hurt to have a friend like him. If only he could have someone to get him out of prison after - his head turned to the side and he looked at the spikes again. He needed them. Nothing had changed but the urge was ebbing, he could wait, see where he might get some cheap ones, or some he could steal easily. His tongue tasted the air and he nodded sharply. "I live in the old crater." He replied, carefully watching the man's face at the mention of the slum. "Although i doubt that it would be safe for you to go there. You look-" his hand made a vague gesture. "Rich. Ripe for harvest."
  9. Mike sighed. Waiting, waiting when he's just found a solution sounded horrifying and he was about to shake his head, to turn around, back to the vendor to see if he could steal the spikes when he paused. Calarian seemed to be honest, maybe he really wanted to help. And what did he plan to do with the spikes anyway? Stab himself? The thought was so ridiculous that he started to laugh. "Sure." He agreed after a short moment and then nodded. "Sure." He could always come back later, without the man, but if he could get a warm meal in the meantime and maybe a dry bed. His hungry stomach was more than appeased by this prospect and Mike fixed himself to relax his shoulders. The whole show idea had been crazy anyway. As crazy as running through a city, searching for a man you can't recall? A voice whispered in the back of his head and he frowned again. Something was wrong. Something more than just a few spikes. Maybe he was nothing more than a madman escaped from hospital.
  10. Mike frowned at Calarian. "You don't understand." he repeated. "I need them. It's not about wanting, I don't have any other choice!" Shaking his head he sighed. "Look, I know how this sounds, but they can fill the holes..." His voice trailed off and he turned, eyes focusing on Nardo. "I don't know." he answered, a hint of exasperation crawling into his voice. "I don't know. How should I? The last days, they were, it's all -" thoughts eluded him again and he balled his hands to fists. "I need them." he reapeated suddenly unsure if it was the truth. Did he really? Or maybe there was something else, something he was missing. Why did he even think that he needed them? Taking a deep, shaky breath he sighed and then shook his head again. "I don't know." he whispered. "all of it is just shadows and movement."
  11. "Sure." Mike tied his eyes away from the spikes, wondering how he might pay for them. But for now, first the question Nardo had asked. "Just leave the market and then follow the main street. There it would the easiest-" Calarian grabbed his arm and dragged him away, interrupting his explanation. He allowed himself to be towed into a more or less empty alley. The question surprised him, partially and at the same time it made sense, far more sense than anything had in a few days. His eyes moved over to the spikes again. It was as if a part of his mind had been cleared and at the same time it was still clouded, difficult to grasp if not to understand. But the spikes, the spikes, he needed the spikes. "I took a gun." he started hesitantly, voicing what came to his mind. "It was a test of some sorts but I was so angry. I don't know why, I just remember the fury, how I pointed it at him, at -" He stopped, grimaced and pressed his fists against his eyes. "I need them." He looked over at the spikes again. "There are holes where, I need to fill, I need to -" with a groan he pressed his teeth together. "They are here, I can nearly hear their voices, the urge to protect, the slyness, the fear, and then there -" shaking his head. "Something is wrong, it doesn't fit, I feel as if, I know that I need them. I need to be, to fill the holes again." Desperation entered his eyes when he looked at him, tried to explain something he couldn't grasp himself.