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  1. My bad. I meant this year. It's 2019 already.
  2. I liked that one, though I prefered his lightbringer series. And we will finally get a new volume next year
  3. From experience I would suspect a lot of his style was lost when it was translated (which is why I usually prefer to read the original version). To answer your questions: Yes, I read them both and I enjoyed them a lot. They were a tad slow, but the world and the characters were worth it. Especially the ending - it's not that it was unexpected, but the way he wrote it touched me. Though I have to admit it's been a few years and I mostly remember the ending.
  4. @Ammanas I think the discussion fits better here I know both series by Tad Williams you mentioned already. Although I only read a translated version I borrowed from a friend.
  5. *silently hopes you still plan to read the 5th season first...*
  6. Gladly! I think I'll need another week or two to finish it though. Depends on work and how much time I need for WoT. I bought it directly after you mentioned it, but then got distracted by some other books and only started two weeks ago. So far I really enjoy it. Good, classical fantasy with an interesting setting and well developped characters - exactly what I like.
  7. I'm halfway through and so far definitly. I like the setting and the characters a lot. Good enough to stop practicing with my embroidery machine and spend every free minute reading.
  8. The ember blade. It was recommended here on the shard and I decided to give it a try.
  9. I also switched back to my other book as soon as I finished chapter 16 It's really exciting right now and I need to know what will happen next...
  10. @whattheHoid No. Only the first few books, had Rhapsody fill me in on the gap and then read those by Brandon.
  11. Damaya noticed the look of horror on Nogard's face. "What is going on? What am I missing?"
  12. I finished chapter 16 this morning, and after a discussion between me and @Rhapsody I remembered why I stopped my last attempt to read the series. Though I have to admit, right now I'm highly motivated to read them all this time.
  13. Elantris. Back when there was only Elantris I needed a book for my english class. I was (and still am) only reading fantasy, so I simply browsed for any english fantasy book, discovered Elantris, liked the cover and bought it. And since then I simply read whatever he published. Actually there's no book I've reread as often as Elantris. It helped me through some bad times.
  14. Lena appeared at the harbour and fell to her knees. She felt as if her insides had been ripped apart only to be glued back together shortly afterwards. Taking a deep breath she slowly got back to her feet and looked around. The harbour. She was at the harbour. Leaning against a pole she looked out at the ocean and waited.