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  1. I can't take a closer look till monday, sorry. Working with the index is a pain on mobile. I like the idea though, but I want to compare to some other powers before approving and probably read a bit about type IV awakened objects.
  2. @Gears
  3. Wita nodded, then considered what to do next. "Can you disarm them?" she inquired silently, looking back into the room, trying to come up with something good. "And if we had something like a fine powder, it might destroy their sight for a while, while we - " she paused, realizing where she might get some powder from and closed her eyes, breathing quickening. Fire. Why did it always come back to fire? There definitely would be fire fighting tools around, enough for both of them, but the thought to use it - Stopping herself she started storing again, her eyes unfocusing. Breathe. The only though left - breathe. In and out. In and out. "I'm not sure." she continued slowly, her voice drawing out the words. "Unconcious maybe - oxygen, remove -" she paused and shook her head. "I need a second." she whispered and hugged herself, pressed her eyes close. Just a moment, nothing but a moment for herself, to push it all away again and then she could think about all of it again. Just a short moment.
  4. "I don't think so." Althea shook her head. "Maybe the prisoner saw where he was going and went there to meet him, help him get away?" she suggested. If Tyrian had send a signal, it had been way earlier, probably as soon as he realized he was facing several opponents instead of only her. So he had no chance to convey his plan to use the basement to escape. The moment Max had started to riot him - he wouldn't have thought about sending a signal just like herself he had cared about nothing but getting away. A shadow crossed over her face and she jumped in surprise when suddenly a gunshot rang out, leaving her ears hurt slightly. Despite that - she was grateful for it, glad that it had jostled her out of her dark thoughts, driven them away quickly. Glancing upward she looked at the metal disk again, wondered what good a single bullet might do. Surprise made her study it for a while longer. Fascinating. "Try it." she told Max. "Can you see the dent over there? I think that could have been a lock of some sorts." Stepping back in case someone was waiting above or preparing to drop down on them the moment they opened the exit she readied herself, mentally touched the walls and the air around them. She found it easier to souldcast things if they already knew her, if she established contact upfront. It shortened the time she needed to discuss with them, to bribe them into doing what she wanted them to do. Brashen sat down on her shoulder, and watched what was about to happen. He was curious, but the fact that he was relaxed, relaxed her as well. It hinted at either a very good ambush, or no threat nearby. And while she wasn't entirely sure what she prefered it was nice to know that nothing obvious was going to happen. Keeping her attention on their surroundings she shifted her weight to her left leg and waited. Max was here, weapon in his hand. They had a Skybreaker, a very keen eyed shot with a gun and Mari. From the way she walked, moved with confidence, how quickly she had reacted to Gethen pulling the gun - whatever her skills were she definitely wasn't to be underestimated. If someone was waiting for them - they were in for quite a fight. =========== @Kings_way
  5. Hello and welcome to the shard! You'll find tons of people to discuss these books around here! Who is you favorite character?
  6. The Alleystorm was created in E0. Several characters worked together to summon the storm and to enable one of them to form a bond with the Alleyspren. The most important part is, that yes the storm replenished Investiture just like a Highstorm does. Shadesmar is a more difficult question. We never decided on how the cognitive realm looks in the Alleyverse. So far when we needed it (like several scenes with Althea) we never outright stated that the characters were still being located in the Alleyverse. While the word Shadesmar is used for the cognitive realm, it officially only refers to the one on Roshar, and that's a little what we used. If they were in Shadesmar, they were in Shadesmar. I know that this is no clear solution, and if we had a clear definition of how the cognitive realm in the Alleyverse looks like we could stop with that slight workaround, but for now this is what we have. Regarding Transportation/ Transformation: This part is a little it the same as with Aon Dor, or with Epics (depending on from when in the Reckonerverse they come). All kinds of Investiture can be accessed and the rules are the same than in the world they originated from. That is because of the Worldspike. The Worldspike is the center of the Alleyverse. It was created to form a universe connected to all others around, and therefore the different types of Investiture/ Magic work.
  7. So they didn't trust her. First nobody came along when she asked for help, when she would have needed some help, and then, then when she had talked to the prisoner they didn't trust her decision. There it was. James, Rob, Cassie. All the ones she cared for the most, the ones she held close in her heart didn't trust her at all. She was their blade, the one you used to kill, to keep the blood off your hands, but when it came to something else, suddenly her decisions weren't enough anymore. "They had a house, no more than 5 minutes away. Full of equipment, full of spies. They have people at our school, they knew when we were celebrating a marriage and attacked during the party -" she levelled her gaze at Rob, unable to hide the anger born out of disappointment, born out of hurt, in her voice. "I don't care if he tells them about the insides of our garage." "None of you talked to him." she continued, "I have. None of you even cared about what he told me - you didn't even ask." Her hand closed a little tighter around her weapon and she found herself shifting her stance, slightly changing the way her body faced. She stared at Rob. "You talk about gaining intel, but the questioning is over. I'm the one to ask now, not him." Turning back to them all she looked at their faces, one after the other, took her time to get a good look at their faces. Rob was different. He rarely argued with that much intensity. Cassie had been instable ever since Joy died and James, that he questioned her hurt about as much as Rob word's. She'd always thought she could count on his support. Rob was her partner, the one she would hand her life to without blinking without ever thinking twice about it. And James, James was the one she'd trusted with her soul. And both of them just threw it away. Not caring about why she had come to that decision, not asking her for her reasons, for the knowledge she'd gained. They walked up to the garage and started to question her. "I gave him my word that he can leave, and so he will. Unharmed, without a ransom." She knew that her posture was nothing but a challenge, the stormlight seemed to live under her fingertips urging her to use it, to inhale and then do the only thing everybody trusted her to do. Fight. Kill. Destroy. Leave nothing but a burnt patch of earth behind. She stared at the three of them daring them to break her word, her promise, to show their distrust in something more than words, than discussion. See if they were willing to fight her. Because she would. If they didn't care, if they didn't trust her - then they were exactly what she assured the Voidbringer that they weren't. They were everything she thought she saw in their enemies. Because sometimes, sometimes you needed to trust. You could question, you could ask for reasons, but there was a time and a place for everything. And that time wasn't now, not when the Voidbringer was unbound, standing on the lawn already. It was too late for that, capturing him again would mean another fight. One they started. This was the moment they needed to trust her, just as she trusted them. But they didn't. They discussed. They undermined her words by their very actions and it hurt, hurt so much to see that their enemy had been right all along. Maybe they were the evil ones. They had been attacked, but if they behaved like this - she could see it, easily see so many Radiants go on a quest to hunt down Voidbringers. And because she could see it, because her friends were doing it, were considering it, she knew it was true. It was about the way as much as it was about the goal. It was about why you lifted a weapon. There had to be reason. There had to be. She looked at them, felt as if her picture of their house, of their friendship shattered and broke apart, the pieces slicing open her heart and soul. She had considered them peaceful, unless attacked. Defending. Caring about live, able to respect others even if they were different. These were the things she was fighting for. To be accepted. To create a place where everybody could be who they were, no matter their investiture, no matter their personal opinions. A place where verybody coexisted peacefully, accepting and respecting those that didn't fit what was considered normal. Because none of them did. To change what was normal. To make it normal to be different, to remove all these labels and just be equal. How could they expect to be respected if they didn't give it back. How could they expect to be seen as individuals, if none of them was willing to do the same for a Voidbringer. They were human, just as they as Radiants were human. If they attacked Sheln now, they would attack an unarmed, peaceful person. She felt like vomitting at the thought. This wasn't the reason why she picked up her weapon. This wasn't the world she wanted to fight for, she wanted to live in. "He will leave." she stated. A fact, not a question. A decision, her decision they would have to deal with. Let them come, let them try to prevent him from leaving. She was ready, she would fight. Because it was what she did. Fight for the right thing. Her hands shook slightly when she realized what her thoughts were leading her to. Fight for the right thing. But could she? Could she fight for the right thing if it meant facing down her friends. Lift her weapon against those she loved dearly and with every inch of her body and soul? She didn't know. Mahad curled around her arm, his warmth comfortable, as if urging her to go on. The right thing. If only it wasn't that hard. @I think I am here. @AonEne @Wyndlerunner @xinoehp512
  8. "Interesting." Althea mused and took a look at what they had found as well. "I've never seen something like that before." she nodded in appreciation at Gethen's conclusion. Not human skin, another person. "So they were working together." she mused loudly to give the others a chance to participate on her thoughts. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a small device and scanned the piece of skin they had found, sending it to the lab. Maybe they could deduce some information from that. Stepping a little to a side, she opened a map and looked at the symbols on it, then requested a runner. Couldn't help to be prepared should they run into another fight. Storing it again, she found Mari looking at the ceiling searching for a manhole or something. Stepping closer Althea followed her gaze and then pointed upward. "There. You're right." It was barely visible, only a thin line set into the different stones. Focussing her attention on the wall below stepped closed moved her finger along the burn marks there. "They left, can you see the way the burn marks changed their shape and form? As if he stayed in one point for a while, before moving on." Feeling partially relieved that they would leave the sewers soon she considered to soulcast a ladder and then decided against it. Maybe one of the others had a good, and easier way to leave the sewers. Better to preserve what stormlight she had left. If the two of them were waiting above she would most likely need whatever she had left.
  9. We actually had that a while ago, if I remember correctly.
  10. Wita continued to climb the stairs, glancing into the different stories. Most were dark, but slightly above them she could see light coming out of a few windows. Slowing down she crept up the stairs, pointed at the story. They were high above the streets and she avoided to look down, knew that she would get dizzy if she did. So better not. The sun reached to top of Big Ben, the first rays touching the tip of the high tower and for a moment she could do nothing but stare. Whatever it was that these people were planning to do, they would do it the moment the sun reached their story. They had minutes left. Nothing more but a few minutes. Moving close to the wall directly underneath the lit window she waited for Lewis to catch up. He was smiling. It was strange, but it calmed her down to see him that confident. Probably he had a ton of experience tracking down evil guys. "What do you think?" she whispered in his direction, and then shot a first glance into the room. There were six men standing in a perimeter around a seventh one. The seventh one stood in a circle, that was integrated into the tiles by a mosaique. He had lifted his arms, his body glowing in a strange light. She could see a few dark patches on his skin, blood drippling out of them in a few places. His eyes were closed in deep concentration and she lowered her head again, turned to Lewis. "Can you detect any weapons?" Hopefully he would have an idea what to do now. Maybe a distraction. That part had worked very well so far. All good things were three, so they had one shot left. Considering the option she waited for his reply, for his judge of the situation. @Eluvianii
  11. Shana took another step to the side, while ensuring she stayed between the Voidbringer and her friends. "You see?" she asked mostly to cover up on the uncomfortable silence. "We don't want to fight or to hurt someone. We fight when we are attacked." She left the 'when you and yours attack us' away, and instead made a gesture towards the lawn. "They agree." It wasn't exactly true for Cassie as she hadn't said anything at all, but at least James agreed. That was a good sign, he was their Bondsmith. Hopefully Cassie and the others would follow his lead and let the Voidbringer leave. "If you leave us alone, if you stop killing innocents." she added while he slowly moved forward, edged around them. "Then you have nothing to fear from us." Her body was nearly hurting from the tense set of her shoulders, from the way she stood ready to jump, to move at any threatening gesture. "Just leave." she repeated, a heartfelt wish. "Just leave us alone." @AonEne @Wyndlerunner
  12. Vivi stared when he turned, walked back to where they had come from. To help her. To find Rainbowglow. Undecidedly she bit on her lip for a moment, then rushed to the next woman she saw. "There's an evil cultist back there and he's trying to kill my brother!" she rushed the words, saw how the woman noticed her tears beneath her mask. "Please, call a lawman or someone like that?" she added and without waiting for another reply or answering to any of the questions called after her, she rushed off, ran after Reval. She heard the woman bubble more questions, continue after her and she waved, pointed in the direction Reval had gone. "Tall, weird cloths, speaks of a goddess." she shouted to her and then slipped in between the people around her. It was easy enough to follow Reval's back, she knew where he was going and the crowd shifted a little from his passing through. He had asked her for help, had asked her to cover him with his copper. She couldn't leave him alone. Not because of a stupid mistake of hers, not because- Pausing she saw something glittering on the ground and knelt down, picked her rapier up, realizing only now that she hadn't seen it in her backpack when Reval zipped it shut. She would help. She had to. So that at least one time he looked at her and saw someelse but the useless little sister loosing her toys. =============== Althea followed Max down into the hole, glad that the other three were already there. The Skybreaker had taken point and she was content to let him, although slightly worried by the fact that he'd never taken the time to answer, that he ignored half of the things she said. It meant, that she couldn't fully count on him, not if his goal and hers didn't align, not if he was looking for something else, if he blindly rushed forward, into a fight, without considering any other options. Around her, the tunnel was ragged and she could easily discern the part she had created from the one the Dustbringer had shaped with his powers. Nobody else noticed, or adressed it and she was glad. Far too easy to come to the conclusion that someone had helped him escape - which she kind of had. He would have gotten away anyway, but - she could have stopped him, she knew that. Extend that aluminum a little higher, box him, trap him. As easy as that. She was good at catching people without killing them immediatly. Down into the sewers they went and she looked around, tried to discover a few landmarks that showed her the part where she had been earlier. Hurrying forward to catch up with the Skybreaker she reached out for his arm, to slow him down. "I know you are eager to follow him, catch him-" she started, her voice low, intense. "But there are gangs living here and they will attack the moment we attrack their attention. We should slow down a little, proceed more carefully. The Dustbringer and the escaped one had enough time to set up a trap and none of us would want to rush blindly into that." Max words reached her while she was talking and she finished her words first, didn't look his way to cover up on the fact that they were communicating at all. I know. she agreed although it hurt to do so. I just want to avoid killing him when there can be another way. Try to find a solution that works for everybody, that maybe helps him to change his life or to remove whatever it is that turned him into the person he is. None of us knows him, knows anything about him. The only thing I do know, is that he's mentally unstable. So maybe we can help. She made a pause, considered his words again. But yes, we can't risk anybody else. I can protect you all, should Brin go on like that, rush forward without looking around, without making sure the environment is safe. I can get everybody else out should it come to the worst. But I think that can be avoided with a little more caution. Her eyes moved over the ground in front of them and she narrowed them when the trail stopped only a few steps ahead. "Actually I think we might have reached our destination." She didn't walk over, instead took some time to look at the walls and the stinking liquid mass next to them, moving slowly through the sewer. Why was it, that they so often ended up here. In the middle of a still used sewer. Well, if they ended up blowing this part as well, they might not have sewers for a long time in general, loosing a larger piece every now and then. @BringerOfLight @Kings_way @kenod
  13. "Will do." she quickly agreed cheerfully, hiding the fact that she had been burning her copper ever since the conflict started. Better to let him think, it had been his idea. She grinned at him and pointed at a wide Alleyway leading away from the place with the bonfire. It was full of stalls on both sides, vendors crying out for people to buy their wares. The street itself was full of people, heading towards the bonfire or looking at the items lying out for presentation. She could see jewellery, pictures, cheaper tourist souvenir stuff for those that only came to the city during these days. "What about that one?" she asked and gently pulled at his hand. "It lookes crowded enough that we can hide." Her fingers tightened around his when she tried to be brave and hide her fear, behind a strong mask. Unlike Reval she wasn't really good at all of this, hated challenges and their like. She prefered everyone to be happy. The man was scary. Something touched her leg and she stared down, saw her flashlight on the ground. Bending down she picked it up, stuffed it back into her backpack and froze. It was half empty, its contents scattered all over the place behind them. She had forgotten to close it again after retrieving the vial. Tears rose to her eyes when she looked up at her brother with wide eyes, hands clutching the backpack. "I lost her." she whispered and whirled around, tried to see the stones between the feet of the people. It was crowded, and she couldn't see anything, far too many people blocking her line of sight, stopping her from taking a closer look at the ground. "She's gone. And now she's alone and scared and maybe the evil man finds her, and hurts her. What if someone steps on her, or if a dogs decides she's a toy?" Desperation colored her voice as she looked up at her brother, eyes shining with tears. "I lost Rainbowglow." @Nohadon )
  14. Here you are (please not that these two don't belong to the shard and therefore aren't monitored and so on): Alleyverse Wiki Alleyverse Discord If it doesn't work anymore I'll create a new one.