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  1. Happy Birthday @Brandon Sanderson and @Ookla the Meme-Thief
  2. RatdeSda was excited that it had been given an important role in this story.
  3. Me neither! It would be lonely if we weren't here together. @Rhapsody
  4. And then you have characters that fail in both situations... But yes, it's a good way to try to compare different typesof characters.
  5. Could someone please sum up the whole voting part for me? Because I thought that a guild with more members had more votes or something like that? If that's still the case, that's another reason to support a great guild? Sorry, I miss a lot of this discussions while asleep and I try to keep uptodate, but sometimes it's confusing.
  6. Damaya slowly got to her feet and then grabbed Araha's hands. "I thought you were dead. Don't do that again. Come, I don't want to be left behind." She followed Klasten, quietly observed his body, wondered what was wrong with, or if her eyes tricked her.
  7. Do you feel like one of the characters I have at the moment is too strong for the next era? I would like to keep a part of them, but I'm not sure which (and it also depends a lot on what will happen next). The most powerfull is Althea, but she's a non-fighter without a weapon skill and has an easy-to-exploit weakness, so I'm not sure about her.
  8. main plot

    Althea followed Max and quickly put on her sunglasses again. "He's over there." She told him and pointed to a figure walking towards a city in the distance. Then she concentrated on those in front of them, her face impassive to mask the fact that she had no idea what would be wise.
  9. I like the idea. But I feel like we should try to get the guilds running first and then maybe get back to this for era 4.
  10. Cool! Thank you!
  11. Althea breathed in stormlight and reached out for Shadesmar. She brought them over and then removed her sunglasses, more out of habit than because she really decided to do so. She concentrated on the link again, and found another one, attached to Max. Of course. Solace had created a link with both of them. "Follow me. And be careful" She chose a way, that was as safe as possible and led them through the cognitive realm. Brashen kept close to her side, he didn't like it, when she had others with her. Althea realized after a while, how far away Solace had teleported. Shards, this would be easier, if she simply knew where he was. They walked and walked for hours until finally she felt like they had reached their goal. But something was different. "He isn't alone." She warned the others and then lifted her hand. "Tell me when you're ready." @Dr. Dapper @Ookla the Guacless
  12. Hi Silva. Glad you're here, too.
  13. Happy Breadmunks went on their way to conquer the world.
  14. But we didn't specify all benefits yet or how large an army would be allowed to be.
  15. I've made a flag. I mean I applied different layers of cloth over each other, fixated them and afterwards used a piece of thread to highlight the outlines and add a few details. Now I have a seadragon winding itself around a beacon. I have used a slightly similar technique before, but never with the thread for highlighting and never with a picture so complicated. And although there are lots of mistakes, I am really happy how it turned out. That's Sorana's crest, in case you're interested. @whattheHoid