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  1. I spy with my little eye a capital "I" Intent!! Always fun to watch Kaladin be confused by Zahel. Also, Rlain is the best!
  2. I am really looking forward to seeing Venli's character growth. Timbre is like her little conscience, trying to keep her focused on more noble, radiant-esque attributes. Also, Kaladin. How many times he gonna have to kill that guy?? I know Kaladin can kick butt with or without storm light, but the pursuer is relentless.
  3. Yeah, certainly he was aware of the Blackthorn's, shall we say aggressive tendencies? But that is kind of the Alethi ideal in some ways so I assume many aspects of that Adolin will find less problematic than we do. But Evi? I think Adolin has some feels about his mother's death. Though maybe he is also feeling sympathetic because he saw what a wreck Dalinar was after Evi died. There are lots of ways to respond to that kind of revelation, total rage makes sense. But so does shared mourning. I'm just curious about where Adolin is at regarding this. Renarin too.
  4. Would that we all had friends like Adolin and Syl. This whole chapter for me was *I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING* I really thought Adolin would react more strongly to reading Oathbringer, but maybe there is more there and he's just trying to keep a lid on it.
  5. I really hoped this is the direction Venli would take as well! Maybe because the quiz suggested I was a Willshaper myself, this chapter got me totally jazzed for Venli's arc. Free the Singers!
  6. I really look forward to the mystery of who the 4th personality is. It looks like we'll get some Ghostblood intrigue as well, so Shallan is shaping up to have some interesting storyline throughout this book. Early on in the series, I took Shallan's condition for being a disassociative fugue, but I don't feel like she really felt they were separate people until Kholinar and the death of the little boy she felt she caused. It was probably happening, but that was one more trauma to have to hide from and acted as a tipping point.
  7. I don't want Moash redeemed. He could be, but I'd rather see where else his story could go. I love having an antagonist who you can really see where he is coming from. Like, yeah, the system is messed up. Light eyes have been oppressors, that's real. His POV makes sense, even if I don't agree 100%, I get it. Did I want to crush him with my bare hands when he basically tried to convince Kaladin, the friend he betrayed, that he should go kill himself? Yes. Yes I did. What I predict from the events of chapter 8: Kaladin will have to undergo some real emotional care so he can embrace life with all it's pain. He'll have to learn to ride the lows that come with depression as best he can. Then he will be thrown into another confrontation with Moash, this time with more hope in his soul and he'll be able to face him from a place of emotional strength. And then in that moment, swear the 4th oath. It would be a nice recall to facing Moash and being unable to swear it in OB.
  8. I suspect there is some form of birth control available on Roshar. Just for the sake of the story and not having to worry about a bunch of unplanned pregnancies with all your hetero couples, it makes sense to invent some herb or something that works pretty well. IRL, most couples trying to conceive will get that pregnancy within a year, but not necessarily within a month or 3. Unless there is some magic contraceptive on Roshar, the odds are in favor of Shallan becoming pregnant or already being pregnant.
  9. Cognitive realm in the United States? Big Macs. JK, in the West where I live it would be water. We think and talk about water usage and droughts a lot.
  10. I think that paranoia and discomfort was him not being able to accept having lost an eye. He never got used to it, never adapted, so he never really identified himself that way.
  11. What? Mraize, the criminal mastermind, was lying to Shallan and using her to do his dirty work? How can it be. We never saw it coming! JK-- I think we've all been waiting for the other shoe to drop on Shallan with the Ghostbloods, and I am so here for it! Bring me more secrets!!!
  12. I wonder if the Vorin church might not largely put their finger in their ears and say "la la I'm not listening!" Anytime anyone brings up those heralds. A schism seems likely, with some finding their belief system crumbling, while others find alternative explanations for absolutely everything they are presented. Humans don't handle cognitive dissonance well, so I suspect the Ardents and church in general will do some fantastic mental gymnastics to find someway for the world and their beliefs to align. I don't k ow if it'll be a big part of RoW or not, but it would make for some interesting subplot word building!
  13. I've read each of the preview chapters as they've come out, but when the book is released I'll be reading it from start to finish. I learned with the OB release that spacing new chapters out by a week messes with my sense of pacing so much that I don't get a very good idea of the scope and focus of the overall book.
  14. I scoured the YouTube for the best, most SFW compilation of Sanderfan vines. Spoilers for SA up through OB, and enjoy the next 20 minutes of your life! I didn't make these, I didn't make this video, I am but a humble fan of great vines.
  15. My thoughts exactly. Either that or she's a Kandra!