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  1. I would love to see either Lirin the stoneward or Lirin the dustbringer or just Lirin the regular human surgeon. His perspective is one of my favorites and speaks to me very personally. My mom worked in the medical field for decades and spent most of that time treating combat veterans, which has led her to be pretty anti-war. I got some of that attitude from her, but neither one of us would allow anyone to hurt a member of our family. I suspect Lirin is the same, but I may just be projecting myself onto him. Anyone who is constantly faced with the long lasting effects of a few moments of violence really thinks twice and tries any other means to solve their problems, I think. That wouldn't disqualify them from being a knight radiant, I think it would just influence how they used their spren Bond and shards. If Lift can make a shardfork, who knows what a surgeon might come up with!
  2. Umm...because I enjoy Stormlight? I'm triple excited because not only is there a Sixth of the Dusk short story I am learning about for the first time, but two other short stories that I hadn't heard about (Rock's and Lopen's) So I am now triple the excitement. It's 1+2. If I were getting short stories from Nalthis and Threnody I would be equally as excited. Perhaps you were confused by my wording "I want all the stormlight short stories" is in reference to a meme. I was not saying I didn't want short stories from other cosmere worlds or anything. I'm just saying I am looking forward to reading these.
  3. I didn't know about the Rock and Lopen short stories! Sweet. I want all the Stormlight short stories. Reading the comments just tripled the number of things to be excited about.
  4. I'm imagining a Christmas special of "Edgedancer" like a double length episode of Lift and Wyndle and Gawx. And maybe include the Ym interlude as a prologue to the episode to properly set up Nale.
  5. That would actually be awesome for a TV show. To do mini episodes released online between seasons or something along those lines. I think it makes more sense to go chronological-ish or at least have multiple viewpoints per episode if the story beats work well. As awesome as a live action series would be, I think it would be awesome-er to have an animated series, especially of it was in the animation style of Into the Spider verse. The spren would look awesome in that style.
  6. Maybe TLR was going to divide up the empire betwixt his children but changed his mind for reasons. Like maybe they were useless "trust fund" babies or something. That would be a great reality show.
  7. I can't tell if it was Brandon's books that did it or just that my tastes have changed, but I struggle to get into books that I am sure I should enjoy. I couldn't get into the Earthsea books and I think it was just the prose voice was a little lofty for me. I don't think I used to notice that but thanks to Sanderson and Rothfuss I notice and care about that a lot more now.
  8. That's a very natural way to read that word in English. It just makes my music nerd self happy to see a very musical word associated with a Singer's spren!
  9. Fun fact: timbre is a French word. That is why the spelling is confusing for English speakers .
  10. A slight twisting of the topic, do you think Jasnah would be surprised about the realities of the Cosmere? Based on her stated beliefs in book, is there anything she might learn about the shards that would have her head reeling with a possibility she hadn't even considered? She seems to be pretty good at weighing data and making an informed decision and tries not to let her biases take control, so is there something out there is is going to learn about that would really challenge her? She took the reveals in OB so well that I am struggling to think of anything that could throw her at this point.
  11. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), I can say there is a lot in Brandon's books that bring my faith to mind, but much of it is just stuff that is present in many different ways of thinking and religions. It is the inspirational themes of redemption, of right and wrong, and characters experiencing growth through adversity. In his BYU lectures he talks about how much he hates "straw man" arguments, where characters are set up to argue their view point poorly and then be proven wrong, and he was determined not to do that in his books. The results are brilliant characters like Jasnah! Me too! To the point that I am weirded out with other book series that don't really mention varied and different belief systems and how they effect society. IRL they are pretty darn influencial! Brandon is probably not going to venture into anything particularly pornographic or extremely dark because that isn't the kind of person or writer he is. I don't like reading that myself so I am grateful for it, though there are plenty of phenomenal books and authors who go there. Basically, I think it is awesome that his characters can be so diverse and varied so that they speak to so many different people. He's going to keep branching out and pushing himself and I can't wait to see where that takes us. There is going to be more and more representation in his books and I am stoked!
  12. I tend to do lots of re-reads, I see things differently every time I read a book. I have to go back and find the foreshadowing I missed, then I had to got back to tWoK and WoR in the context of OB. I like each book more as part of the whole. OB has my favorite flashbacks, but I think the other books have interludes that I like better. The most recent re-read the emotions were what stood out to me, I was crying with the characters more than I ever have, because of what was going on in my life it just hit me so hard. That is what great books do! They grow with you and remain a good friend your whole life long.
  13. I haven't seen Aquaman yet (waiting for redbox and a slow weekend) but I finally saw Spiderman: Into the Spider verse and while I was watching that I was thinking how well the animation style would work for a Stormlight movie/TV show/Mini series. Whatever the format or style, I am very interested to see if/when we see any cosmere on the big screen!
  14. Thanks for making me laugh as I spend a thoroughly crappy weekend sitting around a hospital. You do noble work!