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  1. I took the quiz and was assigned Willshaper. Cool. I looked at the numbers and I actually had a three-way tie between Willshaper, Lightweaver, and Edgedancer, all at 71. I really a Willshaper? Or am I a Willweavedancer? Has anyone else had ties on this thing?
  2. Story of my life: I got a three way tie between Willshaper, Lightweaver, and Edgedancer. All of which beat out Windunner by exactly 1. WHO AM I???
  3. Just putting this out there: It is understandable for the poster on Reddit, or anyone else reading this thread, to associate "Mormonism" with conservatism. However, there are millions of people, people on every continent, who practice that religion. Are there racist folks in that church? You betcha! Have the policies of that church always represented equality for people of color. No. BUT, this church is also one that has sought out to ally itself with the NAACP, and really worked to improve the way it's policies and members interact in that regard. So, it may be surprising if you aren't familiar with it, but LDS faith wouldn't be at all at odds with BLM. To my way of thinking it should be supportive of this movement, but members aren't really told how to vote or think politically, so there is a lot of variance in thought and views amongst actual members. So, yeah it is totally reasonable to equate Brandon's faith with a universally conservative world view, but the reality is that there is a lot more room for more progressive and liberal political thought than most people would assume. Utah is really conservative as a whole, but there are a handful of democrats here! I know all 5 of them! (that's a joke. there's more than that...)
  4. Llarimar had a pet parakeet that he loved dearly, but it flew away one night and managed to stow away with Vasher when he came to Roshar. It flew away from Vasher, only to immediately be caught by some Alethi warriors on their way to the Shattered Plains. They didn't know what to do with the "chicken" so they gave it to Dalinar, their high prince, who gave it to the kitchen staff. They cooked the poor thing up and it was the very chicken that Adolin ate before the fateful duel that won him a crem ton of shards and landed Kaladin in jail. Soulcasters and The Lord Ruler
  5. A great, thoughtful discussion! You gave me a lot to think about on these tropes and some of my biases. Shallan's nameless mom is another interesting look at this trope. Unnamed mother who is killed, and her sons certainly think it was their father who done it and would remember her as better than she was. In contrast, Lin and Shallan know the truth about her and how she really died. It's a different version of the trope, but still another example of Cosmere dead mom.
  6. Calvin IS ADONALSIUM! and Hobbes splintered him, and currently holds a shard that is hitherto unknown to readers... The Book of Endless Pages and Hrathen
  7. Kaladin and Raoden are secretly half brothers. Hesina was a worldhopper, she visited Sel and married Iadon but shortly after her son was born she learned that her husband was a jerk and she was needed on Roshar. She tried to flee with Raoden but was stopped and had to leave him behind. She returned to Roshar, met and married Lorin, and the rest is history. Secret half brothers! The bands of mourning and sadees the sunmaker
  8. The Sibling is actually also a sibling of Patji as part of the pantheon on first of the sun. The Sibling and Patji have a sibling rivalry of course, so Patji wants the Sibling to wake up and face off in metaphysical arm wrestling match. The winner gets to keep all the Aviar. The Girl Who Looked Up and Endowment
  9. A few things to understand: 1) we have no idea what precautions Dragonsteel are taking at this time. It would be pretty silly of us to make generalizations based on the 2 hour stream when we don't see what they're doing with the other 100s of hours. It could be that none of them interact with anyone outside that room. We don't know and we can't and should not judge based on our tiny peak into someone else's life. 2) COVID has not spread uniformally across the world in the same way at the same time. Different places are experiencing different levels of infection and different population ages and density...there is a lot going on. The part of the world in which Brandon lives is currently not overwhelmed with cases and has not put in place very strict lockdowns. 3) Let's all admit that we aren't epidemiologist, we aren't public health experts, we are caring fans who want the best for our favorite author and each other and we all have very different ideas of what "best" means and we are all experiencing a global catastrophe in very different ways. Let's be kind, and understanding, and try not to assume too much. I know you all have the best of intentions with your concerns, Cosmere fans are good people. Much love and I hope for the best for every one of you fantastic fans and your families!!!
  10. Here's how the game works: First someone posts 2 random things from the Cosmere: could be characters, events, locations, objects, or magic/other ethereal intangible stuff. The next poster takes those 2 things and creates a theory involving them. The crazier and less likely the better. Then they list two different things for the next person to theorize on. Use spoiler tags where appropriate, and don't take it seriously. Like at all. Ready! I will start it off with Kelsier and Shadesmar
  11. If you want to do some more game/debate podcasts as we wait for RoW to come out, I would love to hear a Versus match up similar to Ship it or Rip it, but it's all about people facing off in a fight. It might be hard to debate with some really OP characters, but I bet you could come up with some interesting arguments to circumvent that (master manipulators need not be physically strong, etc).
  12. What do you think our Rock would be doing? Making a delicious stew?
  13. Everyone tell me what other characters might do! EDIT: Thanks for the feedback guys, it is now multiple choice so go nuts!
  14. @Toaster Retribution, an awesome WTCC. And I guessed it before all y'all, so I am giving myself a point.