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  1. Spoilers + random musical musings...
  2. Spoilers if you haven't finished the book, but I'm assuming if you're on the spoiler thread you either have or you don't care...
  3. I think these issues fit the bill for Lift. I am another who was none too excited. It was pretty hard to be in front of a mirror hours a day in ballet class once I had clearly developed a, shall we say, much more mature figure than all the other dancers. I had to wear several layers of sports bras and it was still uncomfortable and embarrassing. By the time I was 16 I just quit and my self esteem improved greatly.
  4. My hopes for Kaladin are now just that he survives book 5 so he can spend all the time in the gap between 5 and 6 becoming Roshar's first psychologist. I would love to see a mature mental health expert in the back 5, who maybe finds a lady love though I am way less invested in that as I am in him becoming the world expert on mental health.
  5. I have been trying to figure out why those Tukari dudes attacked Notum in Shadesmar, that wasn't ever explicitly explained. I am theorizing that they were abducting spren for Ishar's nightmare evil scientist experiments. I would love to hear any theories y'all have. What is Ishar doing and why? What the crem is going on in Tukar??
  6. I am sure I'm not the only person who was clearly reading this book waaaay too late into the night to notice one of the big reveals mentioned Yeah, I really have to blame the late night brain fog because anything else would be inexcusable.
  7. Then you seriously deserve a pat on the back! Having theories about what Dabbid would be up to was not even on my radar.
  8. I did not foresee, before reading this book, how much I would come to love Dabbid. I like that he was able to recover somewhat from his shock, but that wasn't just a cure-all. He has his own distinct set of challenges, and I do hope he bonds a spren eventually, he wants to so badly.
  9. I give this podcast 4.5/5 hordlings, slight loss of points just because you didn't mention "the delights of distant Aimia," but I love getting lore, theories, and character chat all in one podcast!
  10. Shallan does mention in RoW early on that she has been researching and reaching out to other people with alters and found that her experience didn't quite match theirs. I think this is Brandon's way of saying that she isn't going to perfectly represent real world DID because magic and plot and authorly reasons. It is really interesting to read all of the opinions and thoughts on this thread though! Thanks for sharing them!
  11. I am really hoping to see a moment in book five where Hoid/Jasnah/someone realizes that Hoid's memories have been altered and infiltrated in some way. I would much rather that than Wit secretly outwitting TOd when he didn't even know about the TOd switch in the first place.
  12. I thought the spren orgy was a little distasteful, but I really enjoyed when Bridge 4 presented their new team cheer and sang "We're all in this Together" from High School Musical. I guess I'm just into wholesome entertainment!
  13. for fun

    You're totally right. I guess I was thinking about the things that I had no expectations for. I had zero theories or thoughts about Dabbid, least of all that he was going to be a total hero and that I'd love him so much by the end. If anyone had theories about Dabbid, you get an extra pat on the back from me! And, let's face it, Taravangian? That was half "curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal!" And half "What? Wait, WHAT?? OH MOTHER RUSTING STORM BALLS!! WE ARE IN SUCH DEEP CREM."
  14. Not in school, but I did just let my kids watch A LOT of Disney+ in the last couple of days...
  15. I also loved Design/Wit interactions. I think my favorite is that upon entering shadesmar, Pattern just interrupts a tender moment between Shallan and Adolin to give them a hug and proclaim how much he likes having arms. The image in my head is great. Pattern is my favorite 3rd wheel of all.