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  1. I don't often theorize, but here we go! Y'all got me thinking. What if Cultivation has been cultivating her daughter the Nightwatcher to have a magical signature similar to her own? That way Odium wouldn't notice the difference between a typical boon/curse vs. real Cultivation intervention. She allows the Nightwatcher to do her thing specifically so that she can step in and plant the seeds she needs to bring down Odium. I also theorize that Dalinar, Taravangian, and Lift (and others as well) are all part of her plan to bring down Odium, but in such a way that Odium will overlook them until the crucial moment. That's pretty much how OB played out, he didn't pay attention to or notice Dalinar's personal growth until it was too late.
  2. Last Christmas people were asking for Cosmere themed "ugly sweaters." I sure do want me a ridiculous sweater covered in glyphs or somesuch. I would also be interested in whatever game Red and Gaz were playing in OB and gambling on that definitely wasn't trying to predict the future . It sounded pretty fun!
  3. I'm pretty sure a Takama is a robe with a deep v/open front and a skirt like bottom
  4. I think if he were a poorly written, unrealistic character he would be less polarizing. He would be a fairly universal "meh". I understand why people hate him, but I also understand him and his path. That is why he is great!
  5. This whole discussion just reinforces my belief that Moash is a wonderfully written character. Even when I think he makes the wrong choice, his reasoning makes sense to me. I can understand him. If he gets a redemption, I hope it is as powerful as Dalinars--though it will definitely be fewer words. If he doesn't get redeemed I am fine with that as long as I can still see his point of view, as long as his actions have consequences, and as long as he gets to have a highly emotional face off with Kaladin. It will be what the Stars Wars prequels were going for but completely failed at.
  6. Almost unrelated on Feather's comment on multiple "L" in English...I learned this in college, it is so noticeable when singing the difference between 'all' and 'la'. 'all' depresses your tongue in the back and can put pressure on your larynx. I tried to explain this to my friends and demonstrate and they couldn't tell a difference. They thought I just made it up, I am so vindicated!
  7. I would love to see either Lirin the stoneward or Lirin the dustbringer or just Lirin the regular human surgeon. His perspective is one of my favorites and speaks to me very personally. My mom worked in the medical field for decades and spent most of that time treating combat veterans, which has led her to be pretty anti-war. I got some of that attitude from her, but neither one of us would allow anyone to hurt a member of our family. I suspect Lirin is the same, but I may just be projecting myself onto him. Anyone who is constantly faced with the long lasting effects of a few moments of violence really thinks twice and tries any other means to solve their problems, I think. That wouldn't disqualify them from being a knight radiant, I think it would just influence how they used their spren Bond and shards. If Lift can make a shardfork, who knows what a surgeon might come up with!
  8. Umm...because I enjoy Stormlight? I'm triple excited because not only is there a Sixth of the Dusk short story I am learning about for the first time, but two other short stories that I hadn't heard about (Rock's and Lopen's) So I am now triple the excitement. It's 1+2. If I were getting short stories from Nalthis and Threnody I would be equally as excited. Perhaps you were confused by my wording "I want all the stormlight short stories" is in reference to a meme. I was not saying I didn't want short stories from other cosmere worlds or anything. I'm just saying I am looking forward to reading these.
  9. I didn't know about the Rock and Lopen short stories! Sweet. I want all the Stormlight short stories. Reading the comments just tripled the number of things to be excited about.
  10. I'm imagining a Christmas special of "Edgedancer" like a double length episode of Lift and Wyndle and Gawx. And maybe include the Ym interlude as a prologue to the episode to properly set up Nale.
  11. That would actually be awesome for a TV show. To do mini episodes released online between seasons or something along those lines. I think it makes more sense to go chronological-ish or at least have multiple viewpoints per episode if the story beats work well. As awesome as a live action series would be, I think it would be awesome-er to have an animated series, especially of it was in the animation style of Into the Spider verse. The spren would look awesome in that style.
  12. Maybe TLR was going to divide up the empire betwixt his children but changed his mind for reasons. Like maybe they were useless "trust fund" babies or something. That would be a great reality show.
  13. I can't tell if it was Brandon's books that did it or just that my tastes have changed, but I struggle to get into books that I am sure I should enjoy. I couldn't get into the Earthsea books and I think it was just the prose voice was a little lofty for me. I don't think I used to notice that but thanks to Sanderson and Rothfuss I notice and care about that a lot more now.
  14. That's a very natural way to read that word in English. It just makes my music nerd self happy to see a very musical word associated with a Singer's spren!