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  1. I think most people in world are happy Sadeas is gone, but Adolin will face fall out for it. Everyone expected fall out in OB, but it didn't come yet so there is some disappointment. I understand that. And, hey, this will give Shallan and Adolin something to bond over. "Remember sweetie, how we both murdered in cold blood someone who certainly was a threat to society?" I say that jokingly, but I do see it as very similar Shallan killing her father and Adolin killing Sadeas. Both were gruesome, and unplanned, but the foreshadowing was different for each. If you think it was gross, then I agree. If you think it wasn't well foreshadowed then I'd disagree, but that is subjective. Everyone reads a little differently and pays attention to different things. You're right that Kaladin would never do that. It certainly isn't honorable, but I still like Adolin. I'm not perfectly honorable either so I can't say as I blame him.
  2. We all approach the stories and characters with our own biases, and there are as many interpretations as there are readers. Everyone's reading experience is personal, individual, and valid. That being said, Adolin lost his mother in his youth. That is a big deal. He doesn't seem to be as "broken" in the same way the others are, but he has still been through some real pain and trauma. As for Sadeas, they spent the better part of WoR trying to maneuver him into the dueling ring with Adolin. Adolin definitely wanted to kill him in a duel, whatever Dalinars plans. I, for one, am going to side with Adolin on this. Feel free to disagree. Sadeas practically commits treason, definitely commits murder--bridge crews, betrayals, and assassins--and Dalinar still thinks he can find a way to work with him? Adolin made the decision to put Sadeas down after the tower and when the opportunity came he took it. Call it immoral, sure, but it's also realistic. The Adolin trait I like is that he is happy for the success of his friends and family. It is a trait I endeavor to cultivate in myself and I like that about him. That is all.
  3. Things that I thing would be awesome: -Maya coming back with the help of Sja-Anat so that Renarin and Adolin both have corrupted spren. Then we could see the two of them working together to figure out how all that works. -Adolin becomes an Edgedancer and gets trained by Lift. I would like to see Adolin in a situation where he isn't good at something and has to really work on it. We're too late to see him learning how to duel, so maybe radiant training instead. Pattern said dead spren could be revived, so we know it can be done. I think that means they can be restored completely to their former selves, but if not I like the idea that Sja Anat can help heal them but corrupts them at the same time.
  4. I never knew I wanted Rlain to be a Bondsmith until now. I need that in my life.
  5. This makes me wonder if this is something that humans used to know and the information was lost. If so, and humans really did steal gem hearts from murdered singers, that is terrifying. but maybe the Voidbringers stealing hearts myth just came from humans taking gem hearts from other animals as they do now. possibly anicent Singers thought that was disturbing and it became part of their folklore.
  6. I had forgotten about that little piece of lore. It is much creepier now knowing that humans might be the voidbringers referred to in this case.
  7. I've been thinking for a long time about possible origins of the Listener's tradition of not touching their dead. Maybe it is only in there because it is a convenient plot point in Way of Kings, but Brandon likes depth to his cultures so I think this was thought out a little more than that. I suspect it is related to the Fused essentially being body snatchers. Maybe they refuse to touch their dead out of respect to their gods. Based on a history of the Fused inhabiting Singer bodies then when those bodies were killed they didn't touch them out of reverence or fear of their gods. The tradition continued after the desolations had ended and remains part of even the parshmen's cultural memories. Has anyone else been thinking about this? Anyone have some good theories and/or juicy WoBs?
  8. I like this as a theory, it adds a little more depth to Amaram, gives him some more interesting motivations. I think he is fairly self serving and single minded in his goals so I don't really buy him sparing Kaladin out of mercy or nobility. If it furthered the cause of the Sons of Honor to kill Kaladin--and from his POV it would--Amaram would have totally killed him. I guess he might have felt guilt out of killing the man who saved his life, but he didn't hesitate with the other squad men at all and they were every bit as innocent as Kaladin. This is a cool explanation as to why he didn't. There are a lot of valid readings of the text, his character is open to interpretation, but I like this one!
  9. Well worth the wait, and you should be proud! These are awesome lyrics!
  10. I've got "This is Me" As Sung by Hoid. This is always more fun to me if I get to actually sing the thing, so I recorded my version and anyone who wants to can download it! This is Me (Hoid's Version).m4a
  11. This is just too fun to not join in! Has anyone starting working on a "This is Hoid"? If not I'll take a crack at a first draft.
  12. That is a fantastic verse!
  13. I dearly want the Singers and humans to not kill each other so I am rooting for this ending of the series.
  14. @Paranoid King, a flawless Ultimate Showdown. Well done! The real question is, who wants to animate that whole thing??
  15. With all the Ba-Ado-Mishram/Sja-Anat love I coin the term Manic-Eldritch-Dream-Girl. Terrifying, unknowable, crazy, murderous...perfect.