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  1. @Paranoid King, a flawless Ultimate Showdown. Well done! The real question is, who wants to animate that whole thing??
  2. With all the Ba-Ado-Mishram/Sja-Anat love I coin the term Manic-Eldritch-Dream-Girl. Terrifying, unknowable, crazy, murderous...perfect.
  3. I finally got around to listening to this book (and now this podcast), and I couldn't agree more!
  4. That was a rad WTCC, well done. I am patting myself on the back for guessing it on clue 3.
  5. Happy Black Friday! I'm going to stay in and eat pie (Black Pie-Day, the best holiday ever) But here is a meme for you shoppers:
  6. This is my thought too. A really cool concept executed poorly. I assume people who loved it just loved the concept and ignored the rest.
  7. Ready Player One. People were all, "It's the best for nerds. You will geek out because of how hard it nerds. You're a nerd, you'll love it." It was the worst. The best thing I can say about it was that it was a huge improvement on the book which I couldn't even finish. It was just so...lazily written. This used to happen to me a lot, but part of it is my sisters think it is funny to make bad recommendations. If they went and saw a terrible movie, they love to lie about it to the family and convince us all to see it. That's how I ended up watching Battlefield Earth, The Scorpion King, and Anaconda. Since the internet came of age it is a little harder to pull one over on me.
  8. I'm particularly proud of that WTCC, great job on guessing that one so fast! My random thoughts: NO LOVE TRIANGLE! YAY! I want M-Bot to be voiced by Alan Tudyk. And I'mma pull out my encyclopedic knowledge of actors on you guys and be a nerd: Umm...Actually, Tommy Lee Jones wasn't in Ender's Game. It was of Harrison Ford. But the war hero guy was played by Ben Kingsley. I love Kimmalyn. Her personality is a cross between Alabama and Minnesota, but her name is all Utah.
  9. Thank you! I am really happy with how it turned out.
  10. I put this song on fan works, but it might really belong here, it's "My Favorite Things" but Cosmere! I'm pretty proud of it and Julie Andrews is my personal hero so singing anything she sang is the best. Enjoy! (Spoilers for HoA) My Favorite (Cosmere) Things.m4a
  11. 271. never back away from anything for any reason. 272. Avoid getting drunk in taverns. You will inevitably share too much about your quest too loudly and it will lead your enemies to catching up to you. 273. If you are the villain, never turn yourself into a giant anything. You think it's gonna be all cool and terrifying, but it just looks weird and it somehow makes you easier to defeat.
  12. Knowledge. Because all knowledge is important, even the useless trivia I've memorized.
  13. An R & H classic with new lyrics that I hope ya'll enjoy. I love singing anything Julie Andrews did but, I'll be honest, I care not at all for "wild geese with moon on their wings" or "cream colored ponies". But I do like the Cosmere! Some Hero of Ages spoilers, but I think that's about it! My Favorite (Cosmere) Things.m4a
  14. I figured it was about time I lived up to my name! Here is some lyrics plus recording for "Rolling in the Deep...ness". Much spoilers for Mistborn Era 1, enjoy my mediocre guitar skills and not at all Adele-esque singing. This is Vin's angry break up song to the Lord Ruler. Lol. Rolling in the Deep...ness.m4a