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  1. Trell has been a character of interest in the Cosmere ever since the Alloy of Law book. There are tons of crazy theories on Trell and Trelagism, so I thought I'd share some of mine. Trelagism reminds me a LOT of the Shardworld Taldain. One one side it's constantly daytime - Dayside - and on the other it's constantly night - Darkside. In the religion Trelagism, worshipped by the Nelazan on Scadrial, they thought that night was sacred, as they could see the Thousand Eyes of Trell, which were the stars. This could be a reference to Darkside, and it's entirely possible some Darksiders travelled to Scadrial and spread their beliefs. White Sand takes place waaay before Mistborn. Trell, supposedly an Avatar of Autonomy, could have gone to Scadrial himself. In Trelagism, Trell was the stars and Nalt was the sun. This isn't something crazy, but I connected Nalt to Nalthis for some reason. Is this a coincidence or am I connecting two random things for no reason.
  2. the final empire

    If you go to the Brandon Sanderson store, there is a detailed map of The Final Empire with a lot of small towns and cities marked with names.
  3. tinmind

    It can store pain, as well as any other sensation felt by your body. This includes Seeker pulses btw.
  4. The Rhythms always struck me as something the Seekers heard, but it is also extremely similar to when Vin burns Brass and Duralumin. She could tell exactly what Elend was feeling, and what was being Soothed by Breeze.
  5. I've been wondering recently about the Shattered Plains, more specifically about the Shattered part. From this quote: we can infer that the Shattered Plains were not always shattered. It raises another question though: who or what shattered it? The Song of Wars states that it wasn't the Parshendi or their gods who shattered Stormseat. A different theory I've seen is that the Knight's Radiant destroyed the area, but that doesn't explain how it's symmetrical. Another theory suggests that the Splintering of Honor caused a shockwave (based on the earthquake on Sel; I understand that the Splintering of Devotion and Dominion was ages before the earthquake btw), and Roshar has no tectonic plates (apparently). So, to you brilliant Cosmere fans, do you know what shattered Stormseat? I have asked a couple of people, searched through the WoBs, and now I am here. Please help me.
  6. Oh man... I guess Mistborn is much favourite, it’s the first Cosmere book I read.
  7. I exist.... what