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  1. main plot

  2. main plot

  3. That is what I'm thinking too. I'm going to have at least one location plot going next era, might have a side plot, and am definitely participating in the GB plot. I also have five characters, so we'll see what else I do. I just want to take a step back from main plots. We've milked it for all it's worth, and I feel like we should step back lest we ruin a good thing.
  4. main plot

    He nodded. "I hope so." The grunt pulled off her helmet, letting long pink hair fall out over her face. "You? You were on the rooftop. You'll be interrogated, and either executed or freed." She looked him over. "And the second is classified." Bellatrix remained unconscious. People tend to do that after turning into incarnations of evil. @Truthless of Shinovar (Just to double check you didn't miss any of this)
  5. Waiiiiiit did the serial killer just WIN?? That's literally the first time that's happened in my SE career
  6. I'm very curious as to how you did that with Elandera's name. I didn't really get to be active in this game. I always sign up for two games and only end up really playing one The concept was really cool though! (also if someone would explain why or how I was lynched that would be great)
  7. main plot

    He smirked and shook his head, as if amused by her ignorance. "On Roshar, there's a saying." He looked at her, and suddenly his face was dead serious. "Shardbearers can't hold ground." The tail shot out, knocking him down. The creature raised it's tails, and prepared to kill him, mandibles clacking. ~-~-~-~-~ Far in the sky, Dark Phoenix still surveyed the city. She hadn't moved, just flapped in place. Her gaze sometimes zoned in on something. She had watched a battle on a rooftop, a Minotaur slaughter it's way through minor soldiers, a trap with a forcefield. A mouse getting eaten by a cat. All entertained her equally, none holding her attention for long. For she was a creature of the air, a god among ants, and the affairs of the mortals was something far beneath her. But then she heard something. She recognized a scream with the small part of her that retained any human feelings, words, memory. But why had this intrigued her? What about this scream, out of the thousands of howling voices in the city, crying for mothers, crying in rage, crying out of fear, had gotten her attention? There didn't seem to be anything special about the voice. When the scream came again, she zeroed in on the voice, her incredible eyesight moving perfectly to the source. It was... a teenage boy? She felt confusion. Why would a teenage boy hold her attention? Nothing seemed special about him. Inquisitive, she sent a mindlink to him, figuring out who he was. He had spikes. That might explain it, but plenty of those within the city had spikes. The spikes didn't affect his voice. Then she noticed something. Deep within her, a small voice was building. It was tiny, and she barely heard it. But it was there. And it was screaming. She shook her head, snorting a burst of her dark fire and literally cooking a nearby turkeyparrotbatthing. She raised her wings, and flapped up, then toward the scene, determined to get rid of this strange boy who was interfering with her mind. As she finished this thought, the screaming got louder, to the point it was giving her a pounding headache. This made her all the more determined, which made the headache worse, which, in turn, made her even more determined. Then, a building or two away, she pulled up short. Her mind had finally picked out what this strange scream was saying. It was a name, a human name. Mike. Her body shook, sparks flying out around her. The name triggered something within her. She no longer wanted to kill the handsome... her thoughts trailed off. What was happening to her? A human? Attractive? She snorted again, and prepared to put an end to whatever he was doing. But this time, the scream changed to words again, a chant. Don't kill him don't kill him don't kill him She shook her head, purple-red mist eyes moving in and out of focus. She watched as the scorlionmanbat raised it's tail to strike him down. It looked like her problem had been solved for her. The tails began moving, but the chant began again. Save him save him save him She shook her head, trying to clear it. And then it came back to her. She had loved this human, wanted to be with him, been scared that she wouldn't be loved by him. She was going to save him. ~-~-~-~-~-~ The Manticorus moved. It's tails flashed forward towards Mike, so fast they were blurs in the air. And then, inches from him, the tails stopped. Or, rather, stopped existing. The ends had been burnt off. It howled in pain, stepping backward over it's tail, falling. In the air in front of Mike was a Phoenix. A giant, black Phoenix. It stared at the Manticorus, and for the first time, the Manticorus knew true fear. When it moved, the Manticorus whimpered. When it struck, the Manticorus accepted it's fate. ~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Bellatrix dropped to the ground in front of the charred corpse, it's tails burnt off, it's wings full of burnt holes, its face a bubbling mess of black cracks. She wore no clothes, and knelt in front of Mike. Her hair had no highlights left, and was only white. Her gray mark was visible on her arm. Something had changed though. Her back now had a tattoo. Curled wings, made of fire, pitch black. Her violet eyes looked at Mike, and tears ran down her face. Her lips moved silently, no sound coming out, mouthing I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Then, naked, exhausted, afraid, Bellatrix collapsed on the ground, unaware of the world
  8. It's not a magic system... (except psykers, which I agree should be removed). It's just people with advanced tech. Chaos Marines have always been a great enemy. My other problem is that it's a guild. My personal belief is that we should limit it to guild members. But as long as we get rid of psykers, I feel like everyone here is intelligent enough to look at it and realize what it means. Power armor is basically shardplate. Blasters are... guess what. Blasters. If everyone here can understand the entire Cosmere and the reckonerverse and the rithmatist earth and the alcatraz earth and all the other stuff, I don't get how they can't understand simple tech. My other thing is: if we're sticking with Brandon stuff, he has a world with power armor. So we could easily just have the Black Crusade be people using this. We also have a world with physical enhancements. All of this can be replicated, this is just more simple.
  9. Guys, It's my character. Anthony is a different character. hellbent is the one I submitted. Hurt Lusk, Heal Wes Deteca - 5 Safire - 6 Tamika - 5 Ember - 5 Nultūk - 3 GWLU - 5 Ben - 5 Grey - 4 Brandy - 5 Butt - 7 Tom - 7 Silence - 6 Wes - 6 Lusk - 1 Hellbent - 4 Ghanderflaffle - 5
  10. Ark snaps his fingers, and a party starts. Because reasons.
  11. main plot

    @Truthless of Shinovar
  12. Umm, sorry, but no. Anthony and Hellbent are vastly different people. I can't let that change stand. Also, can I call dibs on the next Hurt and Heal? I meant to do it this time, but I forgot to ask in time
  13. PAGE 500!!!!
  14. I have a complaint with the fact that 40K is on the poll again. We already had this discussion last era, it's gonna be tiresome if it comes up every era. Also, I argue that it's similar to how we can't tone down the DA. It's longstanding lore. Sure get rid of phykers (spelling correct?) and that, but keep space and chaos marines (or as I accidentally called them in a conversation, spaos marines). There's at least two people with space marine characters, and they're established lore.