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  1. I think this summarizes my opinions beautifully.
  2. That's not at all creepy.
  3. era 4

    Crow growled darkly, and threw her shardblade across the room, where it impaled itself two feet in the wall, near Branch and Fog's cage of steel. She stood, and walked back to the Wered's. "It's time we began." @Ookla the Aleatory
  4. I shall, at some point, give it a look
  5. The figure walked away, his hand, and the tattoo adorning it, disappearing into the folds of the robe.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks Kal was kinda hot?
  7. who was wearing poka dot?
  8. Zinc Compounder Elsecaller with a bunch of breaths obtained from manipulating people and selling soulcasted objects. I would achieve the seventh heightening, granting myself immortality, and be satisfied to live out my infinite days on Scadrial, or Nalthis, or Silverlight.
  9. era 4

    Crow growls, her eyes glowing dark. She stands up, muscles rippling. "You worthless bastard." The shardblade appears in her hand, and she began to spin it. "I am in the middle of something, if you can't see that." She spat on the ground, and growled darkly. "And if you want art, I will make your goddam corpse into a piece of art, you frakking piece of filth." She stepped forward, sword spinning through the air, slashing into the floor, carving it up. "Now, to teach you a lesson about interruptions." Crow stabbed her blade into the ground. "I. Don't. Like. Them." She ripped it out of the ground, and sprinted at him, slashing down through his foot- only his foot. It pierced through it, into the ground. She jumped behind him, holding the blade up to his neck. "As I said to the Wered's... any last words?" @Ookla the Heretic @Ookla the Aleatory
  10. era 4

    Crow Blackice, known on Scadrial as Raven Underdark, walked down into the room. She held the babies in her right arm, and set them in a crib-cage on the wall. She locked the top. It was aluminum and steel, aluminum on top, steel inside, and another lair of aluminum within. Her face was straight, but her eyes sparkled happily. With a normal person, this would symbolize amusement. It meant this with Crow as well, but it had an entirely different context to it. She reached into her pocket, and it emerged with something that the Wered's were probably familiar with. Three interlocking diamonds, with three symbols within. Last time the symbols were a skull on the left, a bird on the right, and a flame on the top. This time, it was a detailed chaos marine helmet on the right, a crow on the left (as opposed to the eagle of last time), and a flame made of what looked like ice on top. The Crow version of the last. As with last time, it was on a branding iron. She grinned, and strapped each of the Wered's to the massive aluminum manacles on the wall. They would not escape. She pulled out a box from her massive hoodie pocket. A box of coals. It was hot to the touch, and she set it down, pushing the branding iron into them. "Any last words, Wereds, before your new life starts?" @Ookla the Aleatory @Ookla the Heretic
  11. I didn't actually mean romantically. But that fanfiction will now exist because it's beautiful.
  12. A shadowy figure waited in the Alley. He wore a dark robe, black boots, and his face was shadowed. The only thing identifying him was the hand peeking out, which had a tattoo on it. A tattoo of three interlocking diamonds. A slash of white flashed in the darkness- a grin. An assassination. And a big one. It had been a while since the last one of these. He leaned against the wall, not noticing the stairs he got- not because of his outfit, which was not uncommon, but because of his tattoo. The people were uneasy around a Ghostblood. Always. So he leaned back, and waited.
  13. You know which Alleyverse character I think would get along great with Ember? Hellbent. My character. I might just have to do this...