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  1. all eras

    Ambrosia grinned, sliding food onto the table, then sliding herself, into the seat. "Come on! Sit down!" @JacobClaessen @Darth Sir Woodrack Groot @Blessing of Potency
  2. era 3

    Bellatrix looked at him, sharply. "This better not be anything suspicious."
  3. era 3

    Bella grinned. "Good. Because I think this is gonna be fun."
  4. all eras

    YO! @Darth Sir Woodrack Groot @Blessing of Potency @JacobClaessen
  5. era 3

    She chuckled. "That's one yes." More people gathered, Anne, Mark, Eve, Zane. Mark was out. Anne, Eve, and Zane were in.
  6. He laughed, then winked. "There's a lot of other things I'd like to explore." Then he backed off, chuckling, towards the food. @ZincAboutIt
  7. I agree with Voidus
  8. Hellbent-Son-Palm paused. "I do apologize." He bowed deeply, grabbing her hand and kissing it. "I am Hellbent. Hellbent-Son-Palm." He straightened, grin still on his face. "Now, my lady, I couldn't help but find myself attracted to one such as yourself. Mind to tell me about you?" @ZincAboutIt
  9. era 3

    "An attack." Her face was hard. "I'm not going to force anyone to come along."
  10. all eras

    Ambrosia grinned. "Please, come, sit down!"
  11. era 3

    "We've got a job. But I want to make sure everyone is okay with it."
  12. Hellbent-Son-Palm leaned against the wall, silent. He didn't talk, didn't answer questions. No, he was too busy staring at those in the group of the female gender. None were bad looking, by his standards. Yes, maybe this trip will be fun, more than I thought. Lots of women. Slowly, he reached his dark arms backward, propelling himself into a standing position. Then Hellbent got closer to the rest, grinning lightly. He walked up to the nearest, Renata, and grinned at her widely. Then he whispered. "You look like a sunset. Beautiful, radiant, and really hot." His grin was now sly. Yes, fun has begun.
  13. When you sit there and try to pull your lamp across the room with your mind.