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  1. @WeebTrash @Lunamor
  2. You
  3. Yeah. @Lunamor
  4. era 3

    She chuckled slightly. "Can I use sedatives? I need to perform some pretty painful operations."
  5. era 3

    Ambrosia gave a harsh look to Dan. "And he's right. What's right for you might not be healthy for him. Let trained doctors take care of him, or you'll cause his death."
  6. era 3

    Ambrosia looked at the marines. "We have dealt with them. The rogue group is no longer at large."
  7. era 3

    Bellatrix stood up, straightening. "I am leader. You may address me as Bellatrix, or," she smiled wolfishly, mockingly, "My lord." Her black leather jacket flared outwards, dramatically, flame shooting from the sleeves, dancing in her hair, billowing under her. "And be careful, Syndicate," Her voice said it in a cruel way, making it an insult, "Or you will find a quick trip to the grave." Why is he here? Her face didn't betray her thoughts, remaining a mask of confidence, and haughty, like some strange alien creation. This better not be another attempt at getting the guild. Again, even her eyes didn't betray her inner thoughts, inner questions. She seemed utterly uncaring. She was strong. Yes, she would not be humiliated in this situation.
  8. *Wins best*
  9. So, just saying, your skin and arm would be dying as you did that.
  10. era 3

    Ambrosia hurried back, hospital attendants with her. She reached him, and got some sedatives ready. "Please, stop burning tin."
  11. That's true, but Oasis is far out, and DA couldn't really get in.
  12. guild

    The Ghostbloods walked into the courtyard, seven prisoners with them. "Shall we execute them?"
  13. giant yeti battle!!!!!!!

    Edalb spoke. "I have bested the Roar once. If I beat him again, the tribe will be mine...'