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  1. That is adorable, hilarious, and accurate. I love it.
  2. main plot

    The scientist tried to move out of their grip, slowly, the gesture expressing nothing but fear. There was no real desire to flee, but all these people standing around him, asking questions, hissing at him. “It needs Investiture.” He replied hastily, tried to tell them whatever they wanted to hear, he only wanted to leave. “It sucks it up, uses it to contain itself and to create the monsters. You can feel it, when you walk close, it will drain spheres, weaken alomancy. We only tried a few things out, because then it started to grow and we were ordered away from it.” Shivering he tried to move away from the Vortex again. “I don’t know how to stop it, how to turn it off. Just let me go.” @xinoehp512 @Sorana @I think I am here. @Vargo Seldon @Darth Woodrack @Silva
  3. It's officially been one year since I joined the shard!

    2500 rep during that time, thank you all for the support.

    6,135 posts.... I've got the eleventh most posts of anyone on the shard lol

    I've been on every day I had internet access since I joined. For now that plan will continue :P

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    2. Doomstick


      I can’t believe you’ve only been here for a year 

    3. Ax's Boyfriend

      Ax's Boyfriend

      Thank you all, really.

      It means a lot to me

    4. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      I think I speak for everyone when I say that you mean a lot to us!

  4. Now for another round of anti-Moash (Sorry Ene)
  5. "Hey, mom, I've been considering joining a bride crew." "..." "What?" "A bridge crew? What's that?" "You know. They dribble the balls, then throw them into a hoop." "You mean a basketball team?" "Yep, just like I said, a bridge crew."
  6. Granted, but you are converted to christianity. I wish I was infinitely powerful.
  7. Murder Hobo was hungry. His mouth drooled at the mention of a cow. "Food..."
  8. Lawful Neutral. All the arguments were already made for me
  9. I learned that I have talent at drawing! I told a girl that I liked them! I'm out of school! YAY
  10. Garth coughed loudly. "I'm going to head over to the canal. Scout out the area." He went to the door. "Anyone else want to come with?" He fingered his gun.
  11. I'm really a fan of your art. keep up the good work!