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  1. Well, good game. That was quick...
  2. first verse

    Syringes could just be needles with the chemical injected. The fingernails don't have to move. If the eyes stay as one form, they could just be tattooed (they can do that with eyes) Would that work?
  3. main plot

    The building melted, step by step. Slowly, it was reduced to a slightly magical heap of slag. She turned, looking upon the city. Will I burn this too?
  4. Well, that's everyone. Shall we commence?
  5. But do you know you are here?
  6. flamesinger theory

  7. main plot

    Chaos. The Dark Phoenix screeched. It had taken the other Phoenix. The Red Phoenix. Her very soul ached at the thought of the Enemy controlling her mind, directing her, enslaving her. Then she realized something. The Alleystorm gave her more power. It also gave her more control. She changed the way her mindlinks worked, and directed them. All of them. Into the Enemy. Not an image. Not words. Just a feeling, all encompassing. Like Rioting and Soothing, but worse. Every thought would be overloaded with the feeling. The senses would shut down. The mind would blank, except for this emotion. The emotion was one thing. <Shame> The enemy would have his mind blanked for a full five seconds, and only feel shame. She howled in satisfaction, and did a small loop in the sky. Dark Phoenix would kill them. Burn them. They were ants to be crushed, a disgusting slime on the face of the earth. She would compete for the sky with the Red Phoenix, but this was more important. Kill them all. In a flash, she turned, directing all her power, all of it, toward the PlasmaCore building. Her form shrunk to a small Phoenix, maybe half of the size of the Red Phoenix. But the blast of heat, in a beam, broke the air around it. The sound of thunder resonated through the city, but it didn't stop. It. Just. Kept. Going. And the PlasmaCore building, at the top, slowly moving down, began to melt. She howled her frustration into the heavens as it burnt.
  8. Tfw your boyfriend is super old...

  9. I'm boooored Imma go draw more maps
  10. Excellent work! I like it!