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  1. main plot

    Darkness shrouded the city. The mist had filled it, the demons had invaded it, and the citizens had destroyed it. Buildings burned, and so did people. Blood flowed through the streets, the sewers. The most mild mannered people had become raging murderers. Taverns, businesses, houses, destroyed by flaming skulls and mistwraiths. Dragons flew throughout the city, torching it. But there was hope. PlasmaCore was falling. The guilds were fighting them, sending in troopers. And dawn was rising. The mist faded as the sun rose, retreating from the city. And they had a clear view of the carnage, the destruction. Those not wrapped in the purple-red haze were disgusted, horrified. Bodies everywhere, man, woman, child. Building after building destroyed, the work the Traders Union had put so much effort into destroyed. And it kept going. The monsters were still there, animal and human.
  2. It's officially been one year since I joined the shard!

    2500 rep during that time, thank you all for the support.

    6,135 posts.... I've got the eleventh most posts of anyone on the shard lol

    I've been on every day I had internet access since I joined. For now that plan will continue :P

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    2. Rebecca


      Happy Shardiversary dude! I can’t believe you’ve been here a whole year...

    3. Doomstick


      I can’t believe you’ve only been here for a year 

    4. Ax's Boyfriend

      Ax's Boyfriend

      Thank you all, really.

      It means a lot to me

  3. This is a fan club for those who love metal of any form. Except tin.
  4. Now for another round of anti-Moash (Sorry Ene)
  5. "Hey, mom, I've been considering joining a bride crew." "..." "What?" "A bridge crew? What's that?" "You know. They dribble the balls, then throw them into a hoop." "You mean a basketball team?" "Yep, just like I said, a bridge crew."
  6. Granted, but you are converted to christianity. I wish I was infinitely powerful.
  7. Murder Hobo was hungry. His mouth drooled at the mention of a cow. "Food..."
  8. Lawful Neutral. All the arguments were already made for me
  9. I learned that I have talent at drawing! I told a girl that I liked them! I'm out of school! YAY
  10. Garth coughed loudly. "I'm going to head over to the canal. Scout out the area." He went to the door. "Anyone else want to come with?" He fingered his gun.
  11. I'm really a fan of your art. keep up the good work!
  12. main plot

    Bellatrix cried. She lay huddled in a ball, sobbing. what do I do?
  13. Yeah Though chaos is more lax about rp stuff
  14. Murder Hobo rocked on his heels, from his position. "Sarah, is you suspicious?" He cocked his head, waiting.
  15. COME ONE, COME ALL If you like Subnautica, this is the place for you. We have it all, a PM, a game we like, a PM.
  16. I'm rereading the Hunger Games trilogy. Specifically mockingjay now.
  17. discussion

    I doubt gravitation will be long range. If it becomes such, the OP factor goes up 100% If you could change gravity anywhere, that would be bad. But also, things like adhesion are even more unlikely. They adhere through skin contact. Therefore, the long range would make a lot less sense.
  18. Murder Hobo cackles, beginning to climb the tree Bill is on.
  19. main plot

    The man looked at mike, eyes falling on the bloody cut. "O-okay." "It's in that letter, what I know. It started out as big as a man. Now it's the size of this room. And the building is the size of four city blocks."
  20. The main reason double posts exist (for me) is because you can't edit a quote in