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  1. all eras

    So, I've noticed a lack of scenes with two people in a house. There is a few, but they end up being awkward with no thread to put them. So this thread is for if you want to have an RP in a public place that others aren't part of. So here it is. House scenes.
  2. Hellbent-Son-Palm leaned against the wall, silent. He didn't talk, didn't answer questions. No, he was too busy staring at those in the group of the female gender. None were bad looking, by his standards. Yes, maybe this trip will be fun, more than I thought. Lots of women. Slowly, he reached his dark arms backward, propelling himself into a standing position. Then Hellbent got closer to the rest, grinning lightly. He walked up to the nearest, Renata, and grinned at her widely. Then he whispered. "You look like a sunset. Beautiful, radiant, and really hot." His grin was now sly. Yes, fun has begun.
  3. era 3

    Bellatrix approached the building. A massive warehouse, run down, it had vines growing down one side, moss on the roof, and one wall looked like it was going to fall in. Her home. The home of her gang. They were in Bloodflame territory now. She approached the doors, a wide grin on her face, hair spread out behind her. A spark flew from her hand, then another, then another, floating up. That would notify them she had brought three new ones. Striding confidently, she opened a hidden door, beneath some vines, and walked in. It opened up to reveal a large space, filled with old machinery. Graffiti covered the wall, their own art. A massive replication of the Bloodflame symbol covered one wall, the flames intricate around the bloody skull. Twenty or more people moved around within, a couple of Dahkor, a man with a spike through his eye, a female singer wearing black leather. She grinned, waving at the last. "Anne, you're back! Hospital let you out early?" She laughed, waved back, and made an enthusiastic thumbs up. Bellatrix looked around, her eyes falling on the three marks below the Bloodflame symbol. A skeleton hand, folded in a fist, a green serpent, eyes bright red, and two metal nails, stabbed through a board. Those were the gangs she had absorbed, when they became too weak. Bonefist, Viper, and Railway Gangs. They all had expanded her territory, and left her with new members. Bonefist had lost men in a fight with the Forge. That brought Dahkor. Viper had come from Roshar, but been attacked by a group of Epics, leaving five survivors. That's where Anne, and a couple of others not present, had come from. Railway had spikes, victims of Syndicate Omega. Two survivors, Marge and Greg. Greg had the spike through his eye, Marge wasn't here. She collapsed on a couch near the entrance, gesturing to the newcomers. "Come in, come in. Welcome to the gang!" The gaunt man entered first, settling down beside the couch. "Come on, Freyja, Galvian." @beantheboy12 @whattheHoid @Sorana @Jaywalk
  4. When you sit there and try to pull your lamp across the room with your mind.
  5. "Yes, I believe so. It's why I'm here." @Blessing of Potency
  6. all eras

    Ambrosia grinned, throwing the together the last ingredients. "We're having tacos!" @JacobClaessen @Blessing of Potency @Darth Sir Woodrack Groot
  7. So, basically he has pewter and gold, which is 95. Then you would add the points for a complimentary twinborn, making it 105. I don't know how the light ranks, but that's already over the points, even assuming it's not really powerful healing. If it's gold compounding level it's near 200.
  8. genetics 4 life
  9. What would happen in the CR if a nuke, or even bigger explosion such as Skyward spoilers: went off in the physical world? Would the explosion do anything?
  10. Yo! Ima do the genetic manipulation! GeneCore
  11. He turns, quickly, his massive form spinning as a shardblade drops into his hand. He lets out a sigh as he sees her, and lets the shardblade disappear. "Hello, young one."
  12. all eras

    "Silas! Can you get the door?" Ambrosia pushed him slightly. @JacobClaessen @Darth Sir Woodrack Groot @Blessing of Potency
  13. @beantheboy12
  14. worldbuilding

    Everyone, me and @Clyde Froggins are making twin characters. We'll try and get them out soon.
  15. era 3

    Bellatrix looked down at them, nodding sharply. "May I discuss this with my gang?" @Nohadon @Steel Inquisitive @Jaywalk
  16. Lol.
  17. So, yeah, this is accurate. And this would be a pretty big blow, but not as much to regular soldiers. This is a big blow to invested soldiers, not as much just regular foot soldiers, or even more minor invested, like coinshots or Singers
  18. all eras

    "They could be here any time. Can you set up a table and get some plates out when you're done?" @JacobClaessen @Blessing of Potency @Darth Sir Woodrack Groot
  19. Hellbent-Son-Palm approached through the streets, entering. "I would like to come."
  20. "Let's just vote." The old lady yawned widely.
  21. era 3

    Bellatrix nodded. "I'm interested, then." She let her fire fade out, but didn't lose the cold face. He still might be with the Jackal. I won't let him survive if he is. She nodded again, musingly. "Yes, an alliance could be beneficial." She gestured towards a chair, sitting in one of her own, completely straight backed. Mark approached behind her, looming there, acting menacing. Ah, if only he was actually skilled to back it up. @Nohadon
  22. horror

    Hellbent-son-Palm @Voidus
  23. We're in a spam thread, double posts don't matter as much (though they still got merged or deleted, I see)