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  1. Granted, you have twelve walrus-sculpture-emulating creationspren. You now see out of your ankles. I wish to have my normal eyesight back.
  2. Weŕe halfway there, woah
  3. I think these days I have a shard activity rate of once every couple of weeks, and a losing to this damn thread once every couple of weeks
  4. The Way of Kings - 4 Edgedancer - 4 Oathbringer - 10 Dawnshard - 6 Rhythm of War - 6 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 7 The Hero of Ages - 6 The Bands of Mourning - 8 Secret History - 5 Elantris - 1 Warbreaker - 9 The Emperor's Soul - 6 Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell - 4 Sixth of the Dusk - 7 Heal SotD, hurt Elantris
  5. The Way of Kings - 4 Edgedancer - 5 Oathbringer - 10 Dawnshard - 5 Rhythm of War - 5 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 7 The Hero of Ages - 6 The Bands of Mourning - 5 Secret History - 5 Elantris - 5 Warbreaker - 8 The Emperor's Soul - 6 Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell - 6 Sixth of the Dusk - 5 Hurt Way of Kings, Heal Mistborn: The Final Empire
  6. this thread is so long- though it seems to be slowing down. I remember page 1, page 100, page 1000, and probably about two hundred in between
  7. I just managed to lose to a post from 2019... like what lol
  8. Granted. Your bane is that you lose your arms. I wish for the ability to healthily eat whatever I want
  9. I'm winning (and y'all are losing the game)
  10. Welcome to the shard! You won't see me around a whole lot, but there's so many great people here!

    I don't know what you're talking about, I'm CONFIDENT this is exactly how status updates are supposed to be used.

    1. Emi




      and yup, I agree 

  12. The mods don't really like double posting, so whenever possible, try to keep it to one post (you can read more specifics in the rules)
  13. damn, that's cool
  14. Ok, let's start this off with a little lesson in sand mastery. In sand mastery, each of the grains of sand are covered in little pieces of algae like stuff. You give water from your body to these, getting them to move, and do as you command. Which leads to why slatrification makes clear sense: it isn't actually turning sand to water, per se. It is you tricking the algae, giving it a little bit of water, and instead of having it move, squeezing all the water out of it, getting water to drink, even if it is a bit sandy. How this would work: the algae is able to compress the water, fitting in an incredible amount into a small space. So for every grain of sand, you gain about three times that much water. So when you do this on a large scale, all the sand settles to the bottom, and you're left with perfect water. Perceived as "turning the sand into water". I feel like this makes a lot of sense, and would explain it perfectly.
  15. I have lost this game again, and in @Frustration I will mention @I Am A Fish.
  16. I'm not certain what thread to put this on, but this'll do: THEY ARE MAKING NEW AVATAR CONTENT Not live action, not weird, nickelodeon, the two original producers, animated. Looks to be shows AND movies!!!
  17. @AonEne I summon thee, for I hath lost the game, and must share this suffering
  18. that sure sounds like context...
  19. Nothing wrong with "they".
  20. how can you be an expert in something we don't even know the slightest bit about? Either you're seeing the future with your voidbinding, or that's not correct... 1or10/10
  21. Please tell me someone else will be watching live tonight, I'm so excited for this one! @JesterLavorre? @Comatose?