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  1. main plot(ish)

    Hellbent smiled, looking around the lair. It was huge, the size of the citadel. Only one area was blocked off, and that was his... special project. Looking around, he could pick out famous smugglers, pirates, thieves, murderers. In other words, the scum of the earth. His type of people. And he was king. He even had his slaves. The Acute's, who stood behind the throne he now sat on, and the ones he had recruited before then. He lounged there, surrounded by the glories of his trip to the Mountain of the Gods. The Den of Thieves, home of crime, was now open. He pulled out a comm. "Dwig (@Dr. Dapper), I have need of G.U.E.S.S. Report to the Den of Thieves." He clicked a button, sending the location. Then he turned. "So, Acute's (@Silva). Would you rather stay here or come with me after Dwig arrives?"
  2. @MetaTerminal
  3. @Grey Knight
  4. Me and Ax have done that a lot.
  5. probably the best guild in the alleyverse

    Yeah, wilderness fortress! If you want a good location, I could rent you some space near the Synod Village.
  6. @Darth Woodrack Araha stood back as well. "Neither will I."
  7. This is a thread for proposals for the end of era. My proposal: Blood plague, investiture targeting, makes people go insane and murderous.
  8. xD That's solid gold.
  9. Allomancy cars? With rioting you could train animals.
  10. No, it's a location other plots use.
  11. main plot(ish)

    @Silva The voice continued. "8... 7... 6..."
  12. I've seen twisted minds. Including my own. This isn't it. This just doesn't make logical sense.
  13. Negative side affects? It comes with powers!