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  1. Yeah, the spiked cookies
  2. I WIN
  3. No, no. You just have to stay away from the TUBA ones. They hand out spiked cookies.
  4. main plot

    Bella turned away from the Vortex for a second when her phone buzzed. She typed in I'm near the PlasmaCore building as well. I'm fine, for now. She clicked send, then turned back to the Vortex. It grew another foot in diameter as she watched, and a blade came out. It was yellow, a bright yellow, and similar to a shardblade. She grabbed the handle, pulling it out. Lord Ajax ripped it out of her hands, then sent a pulse of purple energy into it. It disappeared. He made a leering smile. She stepped back. "I have to go, my lord." She was disgusted at herself for saying that, but she had to convince him. He nodded absentmindedly, waving her away. She hurried out, sending another message. Meet me at the Odd Job Tavern. Text the other gang members too.
  5. Hellbent was happy as they moved into a perfect sync.
  6. Hellbent reached him. He howled a guttural howl, barging past Neo, and stabbed his blade towards the alivened half.
  7. main plot

    It turned. "Your precious diagram. And the DA resources." It spun ever faster through the insane spiral of faces, adding in the pattern of Crypitcs, random shapes not even faces. "The secrets. The secrets of the universe." @Sorana @Vargo Seldon
  8. main plot

    It froze entirely, not a single movement. It stood there ten seconds, frozen perfectly. Then it grew agitated, spiraling through faces a hundred times faster than the previous. Chasmfiend, whitespine, axehound, parshendi, larkin, cremling, crab, angler fish, shark, orca, mink, wolf, coyote, lion, tiger, bear, tyrannosaurus rex, dragon, and in the midst of it all, it spoke, voice surrounded by a high pitched sound, like a shrieking tea kettle. "What would you be willing to give, assassin?"
  9. Impossible by the laws of physics?
  10. Hey, I got my name in there
  11. Hellbent buried them, remember?
  12. main plot

    The spren's face moved faster, dragon, lion, cremling, axehound, tiger, lion, wolf, human, parshendi, chasmfiend. "We had our terms, assassin. That is what it would take for what you asked." "If you want something lesser, there is more of a chance."