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  1. One good restriction is forcing them to remain at the Canton, like how Devaan was extremely powerful, but never really restricted characters who weren't at the canton. Also, aren't skills separate from investiture points?
  2. The wall shattered, and shrapnel of metal and brick flew towards the Dahkor. Some embedded itself in him, though most bounced off the bone. He growled, shoving down the walls crippled remains. "You. Will. Die." He aimed the gun at Alum's legs, and fired. He wanted to cause Alum pain before he died.
  3. You should post those in the gallery as well, the skyward section is sad and lonely right now...
  4. I mean, you don’t appear to be holding back so far. But don’t prevent him from opening the barrier. I've been making sure he has some way out, if a slim one. I won't stop him from opening the barrier.
  5. 10/10 Mine was, at first, just inquisitors though.
  6. *Quietly wonders how he got four upvotes for liking someone else's meme*
  7. Don't worry.
  8. Araha felt her vision go red."You killed a child... AND YOU THINK THAT MAKES IT BETTER?"
  9. Just wondering, if there was something my characters did that Alum would die to, is that fine? Because the monk will try everything in his disposal.
  10. Hoid is correct by being correct, because she is correct by being correct.
  11. Araha stepped back. She wanted to kill the man, the island, but she wouldn't. But she wouldn't stop anyone else... @Sorana @xinoehp512
  12. Ha ha ha. (read with sarcasm) I like Dapper's. It seems most realistic. The TUBA one just seems like Archer trying to advertise TUBA.