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  1. The bugs stopped in place, clacking it's claws together, ignoring the question. Suddenly, for all the world, it seemed to be acting like a normal bug. It stopped in place for a while, then slowly wandered over to a desk. It began to climb the desk, still acting completely normal. Just like any other bug... @Rushu42
  2. Boy 713 limped along an alley, tired, hungry, thirsty, lost. This alley was an empty one, luckily. He still couldn't get the screams he had heard out of his head. As far as he could tell, from the run down buildings, the thick coating of dust, and the oppressive silence, this one was empty. Or at least, he thought this at first. But when the eye opened... it became clear he was wrong. The entire alley was full of them. Massive serpents. Each with bricklike skin, made to blend in to the buildings. The spikes looked like nails, nothing surprising. He sprinted, in pain, and ran into the wall, his limp slowing him. And when he dared glance behind him... the boy saw something horrendous. The snakes (thought he did not know the term) where actually one, a hydra of sorts, all connected at the base. He screamed, and the snakes lunged forward, and he closed his eyes. Nothing. He opened them, breathing heavily. The snake was gone. The street was gone. But the floor he was on, the porch of a building, was still there. The building wasn't. Just the wood. He looked around confused. He was in a sleek, modern alley. This seemed to be a teleportation device, up to the former alley. He sobbed, confused, and began to limp away, heart thumping wildly in his chest. Boy 713 had no home, no name, no knowledge of the world. He only knew that he was alone, in a cruel, unforgiving place, a place known as the alleys.
  3. Just out of curiosity, @Ookla the Maybe-Existent, how many points do those weaknesses subtract?
  4. era 4

    Crow led the Wered's into a large mansion. A manor. She smiled as she led them through the pristine corridors, down into the fathomless depths of the dungeon. The building had been built in the ancient days of the Alleyplanet, back in the days before the alleyvillage had even come to be. It had been built back in Sanctuary, by a powerful man. His descendants, the Ebony line, had only recently sold it, and she had renamed it. In the deepest layers, they began to pass dangers. Traps, soldiers, the soldiers left over from the Bureau. Among them were a rare few Chaos Marines, but most had abandoned her, after the Den of Thieves. She reached the depths of the dungeon, Wered's still with her. She shoved them into the dungeon, a dungeon filled with various things. Leecher orbs that activated at random times, aluminum everywhere, cameras, no surfaces to grip except the bars, cameras at the top, with machines ready to immobilize them, torture them, or kill them, depending on what was necessary. Crow grabbed the two youngest as she slid shut the door. "I'll take these two. I'll be back for all of you- tommorow." All of the lights went off, and she walked away, leaving the Wered's in the darkness, branded, bleeding, suffering, alone. @Silva @Grey Knight @Truthless of Shinovar @Darth Woodrack @kenod @chasmfiend#1 (sorry i can't mention you two for some reason)
  5. The bug clicked it's claws together, and began to climb down the wall, towards Aln. It's eyes swirled, various shades of red, purple, and green. It slid onto the floor, walking towards Aln.
  6. Oh, I knew I was missing something big. Weaknesses: Paranoid, doesn't know how to read or write, socially awkward, PTSD, physically weak, limps, afraid of hemalurgy, afraid of nonhumans, has literally only seen three animals in his life, a lion, a cremling, and a chasmfiend, is therefore scared of any animals. @Ookla the Maybe-Existent
  7. Through a crack in the wall, a small bug emerged. It resembled a cremling, with a large spike on the back. It walked up to the ceiling, above Aln. It's small black eyes focused in on her, and its antennae twitched. It's eyes swiveled, surveying the room. The bug stayed there, watching.
  8. New character! Yaaaaayyyyyyyyy! 713 @Ookla the Maybe-Existent @Sorana @Voidus
  9. congratulations, you managed to draw a blob that is also a pokemon. Excellent kandra. (i'm kidding, this was funny and the drawing is good. Thanks for making it! )
  10. Ark had fallen into a dark place. He no longer wished to live. No longer wished to interact. No longer wanted anything but to drink. And drink. And drink. And drink. And drink... he shook his head, throwing the bottle away. It was empty. Ark was bored of this. But Ark had a solution. For Ark was Narrator, a being of incredible power. And he could become new, if he wished. Lose his memories, his shape, everything but his power and soul. Ark could start fresh. So, with a brilliant flash of light, the place where Ark had sat, in a lonely plain, was now a massive looming tree. A redwood. Full grown. And from the bottom of the tree, a new form emerged. The new form seemed to be made of bark. It's eyes were a lively green, glowing in the light. It's hair was leaves, a pale green. It had moss covering it in the places that needed covered, and among its feet, miniature ferns and fungus grew. This form was feminine, and as it moved, life sprouted up around its feet. It's feet never seemed to leave the ground, instead fusing into it, sliding along. When the figure emerged out of the shadow of the tree, it lit up. Every piece of this creature was new. Was life. Was happiness. Narrator Willow had been born.
  11. Are you going to RP in TKND? 

  12. era 4

    Crow smiled looking down at the blood gushing. She couldn't bring herself to care. She turned to the chaos marine, blade in hand. She swung it at his legs, slicing through them, severing their connection to him. They turned gray, and she smiled. "You keep coming back, yes. But we can leave you like this, with little bits of metal digging into your flesh, and blood seeping from your body. We can throw you in a volcano, and leave you to incinerate, again and again." She drove the blade through an arm. "You are nothing." She swore violently. And drove the blade through his other arm. She smiled widely. Then she turned away, face dark, and grabbed the chain. "We are going now." She pulled out a fabrial, and they disappeared in the middle of the street. @Grey Knight @Silva @Darth Woodrack