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  1. Well, it's the weekend

    So of course, I'm gonna be right here, on the shard the whole time!

    Wait, what, that's not it? I have to go to Tacoma, because it's a "family trip"?

    Well, go figure. I have to go to Tacoma, and probably won't be able to shard while there. Thanks, parents.

    1. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      *mind partially explodes*

      What are the odds!! I've got a cousin serving a mission there!

  2. Anthony tapped Tena on the shoulder "I'm going to talk to some people." He walked away, and approached Tels and Mari. @Truthless of Shinovar @kenod
  3. I was about to say you were incorrect... then Ixthos had already done that too so guess he answered this ugh
  4. Anthony walked up to where Tena was again, changing his skin to add more callouses to his feet, make them as tough as if he was wearing shoes. "Hey honey." He looked at the violinist, then looked back.
  5. Abraham nodded. "Seems so. We just opened, and we've got, what, four customers already?" He stepped back into the kitchen, and began cooking up some scrambled eggs. "You hungry?"
  6. ... *goes into shock* You can DRAW
  7. Abraham grabbed two glasses, grinning, and walked out to Alask. A bit small for his tastes, but you never know. He grinned, filling them with coffee, and brought them out. "Hey. Here's the coffee you ordered." He pushed it out onto the counter. "How has your day been?" @I think I am here.
  8. *yawns* guess what I lost again
  9. wedding