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  1. halloween

    the cloak for my costume the year before, but with its hood cut off and cut little strips in xD
  2. halloween

    I did one of those last halloween except I spent about an hour on mine in total xD
  3. halloween

    me too. I don't know if it's the one I most want to play, as the character idea I love most would be really boring there. On the other hand, I am first and foremost a DM, so running it would be epic.
  4. Alright, everyone has different ideas for what will happen at the end. One I saw that I really liked was Honor and Odium pulling a Harmony. The first name I saw for that was Justice. I don't think it would be that, it would probably be something more like Punishment or Vengeance, or some cooler way of saying that. The presumption with that is Dalinar would take it. But you know who would fit this harsher version of honor in a really cool way? Taravangian. Taravangian would make an awesome af version of the story. Anyway, if this was to be the ending, I think it would be awesome. Odium tempered to this form, and with cultivation as a counterbalance to him. Also, he would murder Moash without a second thought which seems like a huge plus
  5. ... Yep. Of all the RPs we have, Sanderson Elimination, Reckoners, the Alleyverse, none of those made the list But you know the real original? Definitely, 100%, without a doubt, the four-month old Fellowship. Mhm.
  6. halloween

    never really played any of the adventure modules, but I've heard curse of strahd is awesome I'm gonna go to my friends house and probably watch a movie or something
  7. quick, someone, anyone

    I need an idea for pumpkin carving

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Tesh


      Last year I did the symbol of Harmonuim, and before that Bridge four. I'd say an allomantic or feruchemical symbol or a glyph would be best.

      Make sure to post pictures!

    3. Ark1002


      I did atium last year, and I was considering aons

      but instead of that I got lazy and did a sad version of the stereotypical pumpkin xD

      thanks for the input y'all

    4. Rosharan A.C.

      Rosharan A.C.

      My pleasure. Though I think I may have posted a tad too much in the beginning :P.

  8. heh I just realized how you knew that I've always been someone, both in real life and on the internet, who comes across older than I am
  9. more spoilers 113 there's pros and cons to both, I think. Here is probably the most easy to do in some respects, but discord is very well streamlined for this.
  10. *confused that you know anything about me considering how little my activity has been while you've been around*
  11. do I want to know what my meme would be?
  12. I find that idea fun I almost always watch live, so yeah spoilers for 113:
  13. Kiss Nalizar, Marry Dalinar, Kill Dockson
  14. I'll do both marry shallan, kiss vin, kill siri marry kelsier, kiss kaladin, kill vasher Odium, ruin, honor
  15. *is a freshman* I spent a while qualifying for this club tho!