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  1. I want to add to the Alleyverse a piece of lore that is places where no powers, of any forms, work. My explanation is there was some quirk in the alleys, and these were created. ~20 city sized locations on the planet that nothing magical works, you can't tap feruchemy, can't use alleymatics, can't awaken, channel, no epic powers, cytonics, nothing. So, thoughts?
  2. Prof: David:
  3. Get to that. Welcome to the shard! Favorite kind of music/band/singer? RIP Elend and Vin. I didn't like Elend for most of book 3, but still... RIP
  4. Wow, cool! Welcome! I highly recommend you check out the RP section, near the bottom. Particularly the Alleyverse. While you're there, join a guild! I highly reccomend the Ghostbloods, but the DA is a good option too. Would you like a cookie*? *disclaimer
  5. What would happen in the CR if a nuke, or even bigger explosion such as Skyward spoilers: went off in the physical world? Would the explosion do anything?
  6. If so, Lusk probably also has that weakness. What’s with ‘usk’ names and people not liking them? No, Dusk started a giant war versus everyone but the sentinels and TUBA...
  7. The Dahkor watched his gun, his belt buckle, everything metal, fly. He felt his own body, felt the very iron in his blood ripping free. He felt pain like never before. This... this had to be the touch of a god. Only a god could do something like this. He shouted, crying out. "Dear Jaddeth, please, what have I done to deserve this? Please, please..." He felt the strength leave him, the iron in his blood coming out of his sides where it could. His bones had iron, but they were too strong to break. He was thrown away. "Please..." And then the fire hit him.
  8. Araha felt something dark stir. "Is it that man? Did he do whatever it is?"
  9. *hesitantly raises hand* Umm... what about during High/alleystorms?
  10. Name of account?
  11. probably the best guild in the alleyverse

    Yeah, the old one needs completely revamped. And we need a new Alleycity map.
  12. Yes! What he said!