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  1. Well, I got grounded

    might be on to post Inktober, but until it's over I won't be on much

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      Truthless of Shinovar

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  2. And my narcissism shows itself again! Anyway, at last, he is caught up! 8. Dark Alley 9. Protect 10. Tunnel 11. Ghostbloods
  3. *coughs* would you mind if I stole that drawing for the Ark also, I have no idea what his original description was, because I can't find it because it was never added to any character list! He had dirty blond hair and brown eyes, I don't remember how long his hair was, and he likes dramatic clothing, with sharp edges, high collars, etc.
  4. Bellatrix entered the tavern, face open for the world. There wasn't a thing the world could do about it, anyway. She grinned darkly, and again her crown of flames alighted itself on her brow. It showed a frightening woman, someone powerful, untouchable, godlike. Ethereal features, with pale skin and white hair, and brilliant violet eyes. She walked with her back straight, her body revealing a lithe grace, every movement calculated, showing restrained power, the power to kill. But it was all a face. Because if she let it down for even a second, her ability to be rational would crumble. She would weep at the feet of this member of the Dark Alley. Her facade would be over, because of all that had happened to her. The city, which she had attacked, used her power to kill hundreds. She had burnt down blocks of the city, watched people go up in flames. But back then, she still had Mike. Mike, with his kind words, his shy smile. Mike... who hated her. Because someone had told him who she was. A member of the Bureau, the organization the universe hated. A founding member at that. Her sins were numerous, and it was unlikely that anybody would forgive or forget any time soon. She had the mask so she could resist the urge to cry, to seek the comfort of alcohol, cigarettes, or the darker comfort... death. She would not fall to these urges. She would survive. She strolled up to Lita's table. There was another woman with her. She strained her mind to think of who Lita had been seen with. It was either Lena or... L, L, it also started with an L. Lauren maybe? She wasn't sure. She slid a stool over, and sat slowly, still maintaining the mask of power. She had power. But it could all crumble so easily. She inclined her head to Lita. 'I'm glad you decided to attend. It would have been... unfortunate if you had ignored me.' She pulled up a seat from another table, sitting slowly. 'I am the one who sent you that letter,' She said with a grin, 'Though you already know that. I am B. You will have to figure out what that means on your own. I will not tell you.' She cocked her head at Lita. 'And I'm so glad you brought your pretty friend here. Afterall, the more the merrier.' She surveyed them, and leaned back a fraction of an inch, awaiting a response. @ZincAboutIt @Voidus
  5. Did these both yesterday, didn't get to do anything today. Here's Duty and Experiment. Here is a sub-par drawing of Araha, the character I stole (adopted) from @Cyanic And here's a drawing of the experiment that Kenod's character performed on Mike. I didn't know what the character looked like, so I drew it cloaked. And the Mike drawing isn't Mike, not really. The drawing was about the experiment, not the people. Please excuse the dog and the porcupine. They kinda suck.
  6. Another inquisitor profile picture!
  8. now? about half of them also @ZK117 and @WeebTrash just lost again
  9. ok. CadCom does that work? I'll probably change it later when I actually read what's going on
  10. Sorry, sorry. I haven't actually been that active, and I have a lot going on. I've had a lot going on IRL. Hopefully I'll get to it to tonight.
  11. Ark sat there with a bottle of horneater white, determinedly getting drunk.
  12. 2 profile views, and they're me and Luna, not you.

    That's a first

    1. I ♥️ Rashek

      I ♥️ Rashek

      I had to submit my Alleyverse profile before updating the account profile

  13. I'll get caught up tommorow, but for Church of the Whiterose, just to make everyone hate me, here's a really quick sketch of The Waiter!