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  1. kiss syl, marry pattern, kill ivory KMK Odium, Ruin, Autonomy
  2. Yaaaas I finally finished campaign 2 and am just starting 1 i really love Essek and Caleb as a couple if we're going by the ones in the party though, i'll go through my top ones i like, of course, yasha and beau, but that would take a lot of healing on yasha's part jester and caleb is one that could be amazing for caleb as a whole, and i can see it, though i don't know if either of the players have thought of it if molly were still around, i like molly and fjord. Nott/Veth was never really someone i felt like shipping with the rest of the party, so yeza was good other then that... yeah i think that's it, i feel like cad isn't gonna go with any of the rest of the party (prolly) also, y'all. Jester and Cad will get true resurrection, and they know where the corpse is. we could eventually get molly back
  3. Welcome! Don't worry about language, some of my closest friends here aren't native speakers, and their english has improved since they joined.


    1. Ark1002


      i was watching through the old campaign 2 episodes and decided to memorialize one of my favorite characters :D

  5. Cheesburgers were sentient entities that preyed upon Pasta Monsters.
  6. A chemical made of condensed butter hoid
  7. *wins*
  8. i love your name

  9. yeah started rewatch three days ago, i'm so glad
  10. i don't know if any of y'all will find this as funny as i did, but this made me laugh for far too long


    1. The Last Post

      The Last Post

      I love it

    2. Tesh


      Seems an awful lot like what I've been up to... (Putting arms on birds, moustaches on axolotls, and ducklings on pirate ships).

  11. they're normally purple/pink
  12. He sold pieces of cheese that had been grilled. That was his entire shop.
  13. The judge, who had secretly been in love with uncle brandy for years, jumped in front of the thermonuke, taking the blow for uncle brandy.