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  1. Hah!
  2. I just had an image saying "The Dor is blocked on this wifi".
  3. Uh... *Stabs Whatthehoid* corpses!
  4. Mmm, nothing. I need something more... drastic. She smiled widely, enough her lips felt like they would split. She knew that one guard was still alive, barely. She smiled, drawing his corpse up. She proceeded to cut little slits in its arms. Let's see what this does....
  5. Oh, my precious, he knows, oh he knows. I must kill him, kill him. Yes, my precious.
  6. She drew, grinning in a slightly maniacal way. Then she realized the best way to experiment. She had to get him moving. She smiled, pulling a knife out of her belt. There was a few advantages to Gretta. She began cutting her arm open, dripping it in front of Alask.
  7. For the first time in my life, I thought I was included as a beautiful person. Then I read the last part
  8. TFA is back! I hope! At least right now...
  9. You're back!

    1. The Forgetful Archivist
    2. Ark1002


      Is a group on discord:P

    3. Ark1002


      Well. Might wanna check the GB pm...

  10. Krampus Inc. would like to hire you.
  11. It wasn't a joke, I just really didn't expect it to work. And the general consensus is wanting him gone. He wasn't quite accurate, but he was just stating the truth simply.
  12. See? Do you really want to be associated with someone like Fura?
  13. Sorry about the double post, but it would be rude to do it in the same. @CrazyRioter