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  1. era 4

    Crow approached the park as dusk fell, wearing only a black leather jacket and a couple of pewter bracelets. Any who saw her would probably assume her a koloss-blooded, perhaps a pewter ferring tapping as well. She walked into the park, and settled down onto a slide across from Compile. The slide groaned, bending at a harsh angle, but remained unbroken. Crow Blackice looked up at Compile, eyes a burning charcoal blaze. "Hello girl."
  2. oh my god necromancy time I WATCHED TWO EPISODES TODAY AFTER I THREW UP I've watched about ten in all I think, the last 5 or so, and I've started watching the beginning of the campaign 2. I'm watching episode 7 now.
  3. You know you are a sanderfan when you have made somewhere between 30-60 people read sanderson, and more because you made the librarian buy the entire cosmere (and skyward and alcatraz and rithmatist and reckoners)
  4. CRITICAL ROLE IS THE BEST any of y'all out there also watch i'm getting through quarantine by watching through the old campaign 2 videos
  5. well, the entire concept of evil is just a human construct that can be interpreted by the person themselves. So, I can prove you wrong in quite a simple way: by my definition, he isn't by his definition though, he probably is which is in fact one thing in his favor, that at least he realizes the actions he are taking are wrong, even if they're for a cause
  6. DR PEPPER IS THE BEST WHOOOOOOO but yeah, my favorite soda is doctor pepper, followed by pepsi, followed by coke I like root beer and cream soda too
  7. Granted, but your healing causes cellular mutation and gives you terrible incurable cancer wow that got dark fast i wish to roll natural 20s on all of my dnd rolls forever
  8. y'all ever notice how the shard gives you a day won, then takes it away?

    like, I had 56 after winning one on march 26th (or 25th or somethin), but now it's back to 55. It's weird -_-

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      I have no idea how I got my second day, I wasn’t even online. I appreciate it anyways. :D

    3. Little Bear

      Little Bear

      Unrelated, but is your profile picture Critical Role?

    4. Arcc1002


      @Little Bear YES YES IT IS


  9. Georgia-Grace seemed almost taken aback, as if remembering Shade is a living creature. "Oh, I'm Grace." She grabbed hold of the sleeve of Shade's shirt (if that exists) and pulled it up. "It doesn't seem connected to the clothes..." she mumbled. She subtly flared the happiness a bit higher, along with a very faint sense of tiredness. She pulled out a small camera, one of those old school ones that prints photos, and took a shot of Shade quickly. Georgia-Grace tilted her head, looking completely engrossed and fascinated with the powers. "Where did you get these powers? And what exactly do they do?" As she said this, her gaze suddenly went directly to Shade's face, intently paying attention as opposed to not really caring about the person themself.
  10. era 4

    The horneater paused, turning. "No. Crow get very mad." He chuckled, and pantomimed slitting his own throat. "That would be death." He leered down at the children. "I... will not make watch." He turned to the messenger. "And... I am sorry." He hefted his gun, and pulled out a walkie talkie. "Full guard. Basement formation." He grabbed the messenger by the collar, and started to drag him away, as clanking, thuds, shouting, and cursing, echoes from upstairs. Small holes begin to open up in the floor and ceiling, and on the walls, traps priming. The bars of the cells open up small slits, metal covering them, leaving the Wered's in total dark. @Silva
  11. wedding

  12. Georgia-Grace walked right up, looking her up and down. She leaned down, looking up from that angle. Then she poked Shade in the cheek. "Odd." Georgia-Grace did a walk around her, bobbing to look at different angles, looking for all the world like a strange bird performing a courtship ritual. "My gaze wants to slide off of you as if you weren't there. It's as if you weren't real." She rubs her chin from behind Shade, and burns a little bit of Zinc, subtly flaring her happiness, just a little. "I wonder what powers these are. I've never seen them before." She tapped the back of her head, still seeming taken aback by the solid substance of Shade. @kenod
  13. this is a cremling, correct?
  14. huh